Budget Car Rental / poor service

Denver Colorado, United States

I had reserved a midsize car with the Denver Airport location late May 2015. Upon arrival at the airport, one of our passengers fell down the escelator and was rushed to the hospital. We rushed to Budget to get the car since we couldn't ride with her in the ambulance. I told the representative we needed directions to Denver Health Hospital in downtown Denver. He told me he had no way to look up directions and refused to ask any of the other desk representatives as they were helping other customers. He offered to put us in another vehicle that had a navigation system and would only charge us for the use of the navigation system. With my Sister rushed to the emergency room, I was about ready to hitch hike there. After we arrived at the hospital, I noticed the "use of the navigation system" cost me an additional $ 128.00 !! Days later, hours before I returned the car. I phoned ahead to ask that someone drop us off at the airline terminal instead of taking the shuttle bus since my Sister's injuries were too great to make the big steps up into the shuttle bus. They acted like I was requesting a ride to the moon. They did send someone out. He spoke little English. We clearly told him the name of our airline and he repeated it back to us. We saw the directions for the terminals and watched him head for the wrong one. When we told him, he got rather short and said, "I be here 5 years, I know where to go." After he slowly rolled under the terminal canopie, reading the signs for the individual airlines he said, "I no see Southwest." We told him it was at the East terminal and he had taken us to the West terminal. He shrugged his shoulders and said, " I no know how to go there...good-bye." REALLY???? He wanted us out right away. I told him I needed to get a wheel chair for my Sister. He gave me a sour face and told me "I go back work". A poliveman helped us get her into the wheelchair while the guy sped off. We had to go to the complete apposite side of the airport. What a LOUSY way to treat new customers. After I complained to Budget, they affered to send me a credit coupon. I don't have a Budget center in my town. I would have to drive over 30 miles from my town just to use the coupon. Wow. Won't ever use Budget again.

Jun 9, 2015

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