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I traveled on a American Airlines flight from Chicago O'hare, July 17th through London Heathrow connecting to Dusseldorf Germany with British Airways on Monday July 18th. Flight numbers AA046 and AA936. Upon arriving my luggage did not appear on the carousel. Using the attendant at the BA luggage carousel I reported my luggage missing and was given file reference number DUSAA10487. 5 days later I am still working with BA on retrieving my luggage, however, BA is unwilling to help me for the following reason.

1. The file reference number was erroneously created by BA staff/representative as an American Airlines (AA) reference number. BA acknowledges it is their error, and that, as the last carrier, the file reference number should have been opened for British Airways.
2. American Airlines has an electronic record of passing the luggage to BA at LHR. Date and time stamped and visible on their website.
3. BA is unable to process any claims on the missing luggage until the file reference number is changed to a BA file reference number
4. BA customer service agrees that BA needs to change the file reference number - but they can not change the file reference number at the baggage customer service call center
5. After 3 days I found someone at the call center willing to send an email to the Dusseldorf airport trying to get them to change the file reference
6. After another 24 hours I asked the call center to repeat the request to Dusseldorf airport.
7. 5 days later, still no change by BA, and BA call center continues to insist they can not help even though they acknowledge all the mistakes are made by BA personnel.
7. I have 7 days to file a claim for compensation - but guess what - you need a BA fie reference number to claim for lost luggage.

Summary: BA lost my luggage. BA opened the wrong type of tracking file. BA won't/can't correct the file. I can't file for compensation as long as the wrong file number is open. In short, BA through gross incompetence or cunning procedure has misappropriated my luggage for 5 days and counting.

Jul 22, 2016

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