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Bought two full-fare First Class Tickets on British Airways on 8/13/09, charged to my AMEX Card.

Cancelled the trip about four weeks later (9/9/09), returned the tickets to British Airways.

British Airways claimed they refunded the tickets on 9/28/09, sent a copy of the "electronic ticket record" indicating the tickets had been refunded (no amount though), and repeatedly told my travel agent and I the tickets were fully-refunded. Nothing has appeared on my AMEX account since (it's now 10/9/09).

British Airways refuses to respond to FAX'es, telephone calls (you cannot call their "refund department"), and refuses to supply a copy of what they submitted to AMEX to process the refund/credit.

It's obvious they never submitted anything to AMEX. This is nothing more than intentional misrepresentation and fraud.

Their "customer service" is non-existent and their arrogance is intolerable. Being cordial gets you nowhere with these schmucks and being nasty gets you equally nowhere.

We filed complaints against BA with our State's Attorney General, the Department of Transportation, and the Airline Reporting Corporation (who processes their tickets/payments in the US). Next stop is Small Claims Court - for the contract damages of $1, 844, plus tort damages of $25, 000 for their fraud, misrepresentation, conversion, and deceit.

  • An
    AnnaLise Oct 09, 2009

    Do you really think that a court is going to award you $25, 000 in punitive damages because your refund got mixed up?

    And as for contract damages--you're the one who breached the contract. British Airways only had an obligation to fly you--they had no legal obligation to refund your tickets when you changed your mind.

    In a US court, British Airways would be within their rights to refuse to give you a refund in the first place.

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  • Is
    isplumm Jan 15, 2010

    @AnnaLise ... OP is entitled to full refund as he bought a fully refundable ticket ... but what I don't understand is why he just didn't get AMEX to do a charge back ..??

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  • He
    heckwithBA Feb 05, 2010

    I am sick and tired of hearing, reading stupid BA rude attitudes or careless attitudes... the airline should be punished big-time from all over the world for holding customers money and troubling and harassing the customers .. the airline should be punished for its rude and careless service to the customers ..too many complaints I am hearing.. big time they are rude. I have decided in future forget about BA… I swear.

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  • Ru
    rushing_mom Feb 18, 2010

    Having the same problem here. Purchased flights, only to receive an email the next day that one of the connecting flights had been cancelled, and I would now have a 6 hour layover. Rang BA, who agreed it was their fault and that they would refund the tickets immediately. A week later the money still had not been returned to my Visa. I then rang up to complain, and received an apology and assurance it would be put on my Visa on the same day. Yet another week has passed, and surprise, surprise, no refund. When I rang today, I was given a long distance number for the refund department. This is just insane from such a large airline - I will not fly with them again.

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  • Pa
    Pamela Kelly Jan 05, 2016

    On 07/12/15 I flew Edinburgh to London Heathrow at 1740 hours. On 06/12/15 at about 1700 hours I booked a bag into the hold on the BA website. I was informed that the cost was £20 . When I tried to pay on line I was told I had to pay at Heathrow. At Heathrow, I was told the charge was £65. I had no choice but to pay. I would like a refund.

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british airway sucks

British Airways sucks big time on the refund or change policy. We had books tickets from Dallas to Delhi. Recently we discovered my husband had brain tumor. He is in the hospital for nearly 9 days by the time our travel he will not be recovered. I emailed and called british airways on my options. They responded really rude. Would not issue any refund, the change fee is $270 per ticket and the ticket is only valid for year from the purchase to which we had planned this tip almost 7 months ago now we have to pay $270 per ticket to change or no refund. We may not be able to travel within 5 months because of my husband. I asked for manager, and the rep responded really rude either you cancel or pay change fee no other options. I would not recommend British Airways to anyone. Crazy! BTW they didn't even offer any insurance policy when I purchased the tickets.

  • Va
    Vaycaygirl Oct 07, 2009

    Perhaps you need to learn more about how this works.

    The reason for getting a non-refundable ticket for most of us is because they are less expensive than the tickets that come with the option to cancel or change. How is it fair to all the people that paid extra for a refundable/changeable ticket if you can change or cancel your ticket with no penalties? When you never paid for the right to begin with? It isn't fair, that is why the airline will and should charge you extra.

    Also, travel protection is always a good idea, you would most likely have gotten all of your money back if you purchased travel protection/insurance.

    Please don't badmouth the airline rep's for doing what they are paid to, however nice they could be wouldn't change the fact that you were not eligible for a refund in the first place. I am sorry to hear about your husband and hope he is on the mend.

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cheated to me job offer

sir as im jameelsaman i m from india frist they r send the job offer from britishairways for flight exicutive...

poor plane conditions

Dear Sr.
Name of the passengers: Carmelo Perez Rull
Marian Fabrega
Name of the Company: British Air ways
Fliht: BA 677
From Istanbul to London
Date: 31.05.2009
Seats: 35-E and 35D.

I just want to express my sincere disappointment with British Airways regarding the following points:

1. Health and safety: When we just sat down, we found dirty knickers of an adult lady below our seat (35D)
2. Enterntainment: The tv headphones of a couple of rows where we were seating did not work. Therefore we didn't see the film making our journey a little boring
3. Environment condidtion: the air conditioning didn't work properly. As a result my wife felt dizzy because of the lack of ventilation
4. Deterioration of the plane: the armrest of the seating in front of mine kept falling on my feet because it was loose

Since I have been very loyal to your services for a long time. I think I deserve an explanation.

Yours Sincerely,
Carmelo Perez Rull
E-mail: [protected]@hotmail.com

customer service and fraud

After being charged a change fee to move a British Airways flight, I have not been told by BA that my ticket has been canceled because it fell outside of the validity period of the ticket. Remember that this is after they charged me to change my flight to outside of the validity period of my ticket. In my book this is fraud as British Airways charged me for something that they did not honour.

In terms of customer service. I was told on two occasions by customer service agents that my ticket was confirmed only to be told on the third confirmation that my ticket was now canceled, one week before flying. After being transfered to a senior agent he promplty hung up on me after apologising for the mistake they had made and telling me that there was nothing they were going to do to help me out.

Does anyone know how I can escalate my complaint to a senior level in BA? it seems phoning them does not seem to work.

I have had nothing but bad experiences in the 4 international flights i have taken with BA, I would not fly with them if they didn't offer the most direct route for my flight home.

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customer service sucks.

My one and only experience with them sucked. I went on a trip to Dusseldorf in February with 4 friends, one of whom was a BA employee, and a friend of a friend. It was he that booked this 3 day trip. On the third day my four friends left for the airport before me having not given me any flight details. I followed on the next train and discovered I had missed my flight by 15 minutes. I was then told I had to pay a further 250 euros to get home! Ok fine, I understand the policy about last minute bookings but had the BA employee I was travelling with bothered to give me my return flight details I would not have missed my flight. I was already stressed and amazed that 4 "friends" would abandon me in a foreign country. What if didn't have a card on me, how would I have got home? Would they have cared?
On my return I contacted customer relations, who were quite understanding and forwarded my claim to BA Refunds. BA refunds however, just completely ignored me. Eventually I got a reply which said the flight was not refundable because I hadn't missed it! My point was that I shouldn't have had to pay for it the first place, to which they said it was not their problem. I then relayed this back to Customer Relations, who I have been told, do have the authority to pay a "goodwil gesture" but after two weeks now, I have still had no reply.
The long and the short of it is this:
1. The BA emplyee I was with should not have left me in a foreign country to find my way home.
2. BA are taking the mickey charging me 250 euros for a single flight back to Heathrow, a completely unecessary charge in my eyes.
3. Customer relations and the refunds department are not worth the time of day. They absolutely have no time for us, the customers. You are left with the feeling they hope after time you will just go away.
Well I won't!! Hence I will post this tale on every forum I can find.
My case reference iwith customer relations is 7270723
Chris Smedley

  • Ia
    ian Apr 01, 2009

    i hate airlines that mess people around
    however your description suggests that you are totally at fault...if you miss the flight you should be on then you need to go on another one and pay for it - common sense
    it was your responsibility and nobody else's to ensure you knew which flight you had been booked on

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  • Am
    AMSmedley Jul 15, 2011

    I kinda agree with Ian - it wasn't the airline's fault that you missed the flight, and although your 4 friends could have told you the details, I'm wondering a) why you didn't ask them because, after all that's teh common sense thing to do, and b) why they would leave for the airport before you - did you upset them?!
    I guess this is one of those lessons in life - take responsibility for things like this in future.

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poor &service& bad attitude

British Airways have stopped anyone booking a seat at time of reservation unless you have a full fare ticket, whatever class of cabin you are in. Their attitude is one of superiority and whilst some of the cabin crew can be exceptionally pleasant others are rude and unhelpful. The aircraft generally need a complete overhaul and the food leaves much to be desired. The charges are expensive for the type of service they offer - sometimes like budget airlines. The chief executive is probably the worst since the early 1970's before King and Marshall made it an airline worth using. I don't think it can get much worse. Its time for a new chief executive who knows what he is doing and treats customers with some degree of courtesy. Don't ever write and expect a reply, they are unable to write letters and believe a phone call made by staff reading from a script is better!

rubbish service

I have to say that I have never been as disappointed in an airline as I am right now with British Airways (the British part being an insult to the brits i have to say)
An airline that does you the favor, considers itself to be so profitable that it ignores customer contact in reference to fully paid upgrades and doesnt bother to phone you back, why? because they are clearly too good for the likes of their customers, which I am more than sure they are losing by the second.
I spent 4 weeks on the phone to BA trying to request an upgrade for my return journey, i was be-littled on the phone and patronised and treated like a nuisance caller and after 4 weeks of continuous phone calls re this very expensive upgrade, they never bothered to call me back.
I am disgusted with BA and will never buy a ticket from them again. Heres to many flights in the future with Singapore airlines, more expensive but worth every penny!

  • Jo
    joshur Oct 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, had a similar experience with them. Never again. They are an ode to the saying " you get what you pay for, and sometimes less!"

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  • Sa
    Sadreally Mar 20, 2013

    The arrogance displayed can be breathtaking. What is interesting is that they used to be great but they aren't any more. It's as though they blame the customer for this judging by the way some people get treated. I know from first hand experience that it can be the staff who are rude when they are paid not to be. They also seem to think that they are still great. That is what is worrying. Its as though they blame the customer for the negative feedback they get instead of having a good look at what they may be doing wrong too. Smacks of narcissism, sadly. They seem to think that the paying public deserve to be treated poorly. Yes some travellers are rude but they are trained and paid to deal with that. Or should be.

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  • Jo
    john liddell Aug 08, 2013

    I flew longhaul last week on BA from UK to Singapore, i asked my company to book another airline as every time I have traveled BA has been a disaster, , , , they still booked me on BA, , , must have got a cheap deal ...the flight was aweful, the cabin stank, it was filthy and the food was an abomination, , staff were all OAPs they were cheerful enough but all just going through the motions, oh and the flight entertainment system was not working either on a 12 hour flight ...shameful, , ..., normally i fly emirates, Etihad or Lufthansa for a proper service

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  • Si
    Simon Gibbons Nov 27, 2015

    There was a time where getting onto a BA flight going back to Blighty felt like you were actually back in the UK the moment you put your foot on the plane. That ship has sailed. I`d heard rumours about what they`ve done to the crew over years, easing the older staff out, and now employing talentless newbies on far inferior contracts. Well, you reap what you sew. I`ve never known worse service on a flight. Our cabin crew guy did a runner after taking so much flack. The right side of the aircraft sat without drinks or meals for an hour and a half, before some staff came back from the club section. That was special. " Can my family and I have a meal?" Groan. "Can I have a drink?"...`You`ll have to go to the back of the plane and get it yourself`.
    AND NOW, just when you think it can`t get less impressive...UK Customer Services. They must have gone to the same training as Chris our flight attendant, as they too, appear to have vanished without a trace, or giving a toss. Soooo proud to be British.

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  • Za
    Zafrullah Hamzah Nov 22, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Worst first class service I have had was with BA . Cabin crew very poor and incompetent. Their lounge in Heathrow was a joke. First class? They must be having a laugh. I was so stupid to have paid so much for such an inferior service. I've had much better service with KLM economy and Ryanair.

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I would like to make a complaint regarding my trip with your Airline carrier.

On the flight back from Jamaica after eating the dinner (this was around 21hrs), i started having stomach pains and vomitting. I told the stewardess i wasn't feeling well so she gave me some ginger ale saying it would help to settle my stomach. I had ordered a special meal which i was told they had run out of it so i was given a salmon & pasta meal which seems to have been heated and reheated. I only ate some of it because I was hungry. I had checked in at 15:30 for a flight departure time of 19:20. After the meal i was itching likewise another young boy on the flight for whom the doctor was called. i have had diahorrhea and projecile vomittin for 3 days (saturday night, sunday and monday) which has left me feeling ill ever since.

  • Lo
    loulondon Apr 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was sick on a First class flight bangkok to london heathrow BA co share (qantas) ...I also only ate the meal as I was hungry. It tasted very suspect so I had about 4 spoons...balancing hunger with disgust! About 30 minutes later some rumbles in my tummy and I was sick.. The stewardess was oriental cold fish and I knew just be looking at her that it wasnt worth complaining. Anyhow will not travel that airline again...but unfortunately BA is not a whole load better. In the old days it meant something to travel a higher class- service.food.everything about it- nowadays its assumed you do it because you need the flat bed (true) and they abuse you in every other regard.

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refusal to change ticket to return for medical treatment

British Air CRS and Supervisors patently refuse to change my ticket to return to the US. They require that I be hospitalized in Ecuador BEFORE they will change the ticket. For obvious reasons, I prefer to return to th is e US for treatment. I have no problem paying a change fee, but they insist I buy a $1000 one way return instead.

This is not my first BAD experience with BA, but this one takes the cake.

Letter 1
December 11, 2008

Dear Sir and Madam:

I am writing to seek your assistance in a critical situation. I have tried to resolve this through Customer Relations, Executive Club, and on-line, to no avail. I have spent hours on the phone trying to change my ticket, been denied access to a Supervisor, and generally given the run-around. I booked a ticket to Ecuador on 9/8/2008, for travel 10/20/2008-1/25/2009. Unfortunately, I have become ill here in Ecuador. I am diagnosed with end stage renal failure, further complicated by the fact that my thyroid medication, Cytomel, is unavailable in Ecuador. I arrived with a 90 day supply, but the bottle was damaged in-flight and a large number of pills were destroyed by a leaking container of lotion. I tried to have the medication-t sent from the US, but the prescription was held in customs, and has never arrived. I have gone almost two weeks without this medication, and am in danger of needing hospitalization, which will be useless, as I have been told by 3 hospitals in Quito and 2 in Cuenca, as well as Dr. Martinez, that this medication is not available in Ecuador. Without that medication, I will not be able to survive, because my thyroid was removed due to cancer, I must have the supplement or I will go into thyroidtoxicosis and shock. I am under the care of Dr. Pedro Martinez here in Cuenca, Ecuador, and he has consulted with my doctor in the US. They all agree that I should return to the states BEFORE I require hospitalization, as my insurance does not apply here, and I am sure you can appreciate how unsetting it is to be ill in a foreign country where one has only a basic knowledge of the language.

Herein lies the problem. Executive Club will not change the ticket and refuses to accept a letter from Dr. Martinez, only a letter on hospital stationary.20They state that because my ticket was purchased with award miles, it CANNOT be changed, under any circumstance. Further, I have read my booking contract, and there is no clause that states that my mileage award ticket may NOT be changed. I am attaching the entire booking document to this email. In fact, there is a clause in the booking contract which states: “Where applicable, if you wish to change the date or time of your flight, or cancel your booking, the cost of doing so will generally be lower on ba.com (this feature is unavailable BA.com)…service charges are subject to change. I am perfectly willing to pay a reasonable fee to change my ticket, but cannot afford to purchase a new ticket.

Because of the severity of my illness, time is of the essence. I can provide a letter from Dr. Martinez documenting the severity of the situation, and lab tests to substantiate the critical nature of my condition, but I must return to the USA for the medication and surgery to initiate dialysis. This is not a procedure that I want to undertake in a foreign country, alone, and without complete comprehension of the language.

I urge you to review this booking contract, and your website, to substantiate that nowhere is it stated that a ticket purchased with award miles CANNOT be changed, fee or no fee. I also request that I be allowed to return to the United States for critical medical treatment before it is too late, and I am incapacitated in a foreign country.

Should you agree that the compassionate thing to do is to allow me to return to the US, I am more than willing to pay a change fee. Thank you for your kind consideration of my dilemma.I urgently await your kind reply. You may contact me at (a US number that forwards to my computer).

Letter 2

Sir and Madam:

As a followup to my previous email regarding the necessity to change my ticket for immediate return to the US for hospitalization, I have asked my lawyer to review the ticket, which is a binding contract, and the Terms and Conditions on your website as pertains to Executive Club members.

First, the ticket, which is a binding contract, states:

"Where applicable, if you wish ti change the date or time of your flight..."

Nowhere on this contract does it reference the Terms and Conditions of the Executive Club membership, therefore the ticket may be changed.

In addition, while the Terms and Conditions of the Executive Club membership, section 14.1, which ambiguously states that the ticket may not be changed after travel has begun, it is not binding in the US unless personally served on the member. I have been a member since 1997, and have never been notified of ANY changes to the Terms and Conditions of the Executive Club, by mail, email or even advised by one of your booking agents.

In summary, if you refuse to change my ticket, based on my immediate need to be treated in the US for end stage renal failure, my lawyer has advised me that we will hold British Air personally responsible for any and all adverse actions that may result from your decision. In addition, if I have not received notice that my ticket will be changed by COB, 5 p.m.December 12, EST, I will be forced to air my case on UTUBE,


meal not beening provided for my child

were shall i start? on 14/10/2008 me, partner and baby boarded the plane for our holiday to jamacia, at lunch time they came round with the meals one for me and one for my partner kingsley? i said to the staff if i could get a childrens meal for my daughter who is 19months she turned and told me that one hadnt been order for her that i should of told yhem as i was boarding at this time am furious with her so basicly there telling me that my baby isnt gonna be fed in the end i was given a adults meal which she never wanted to give cause she told me that she had to feed every one ealse and if there is a spare that my daughter could have it at this time tears is in my eyes and my partner is trying to carm me down form kicking of the only reason why i never becuse of my daughter and this was meant to be a fun time in the end my baby couldnt eat tha crap cause of what it was what made it worst she was sick with a cold and b.a crapy staff had know heart then we had no proper leg space to think you have to fly with the baby on your lap with hardly any leg space how the heck did they think we could relax with the baby on our lap all the way i had to stay awake just to keep an eye on her, on the way back when we was checking in i said to the staff at the desk if my child is gonna get a meal she said yes i told her what happen on the way she seem very shock?anyway this time when boarding the plane and showing our tickets i said to the lady i need a meal for my little girl she told me who i should speak too i spoke to a man named frances he said dont worrie either way he will sort somethink out for her well well same again but this time he for got about her he was walking up and down trying not to make eye contact with me then i was given a lunch box one for me one for my partner i aksed what about the baby she said that once again when every one had she will give me one for the baby?i then spoke with another staff she said that she has a spare childs meal at the back that when she was done that she would get it for baby in the end she came back with a lunch box i was so upset she said that there wasnt one and put the lunch box down i gave it back to her i said i will never travel with british airways again you starved a child on your plane and you guys are telling that knowone could find my child a warm meal your staff just walkes around looking pretty like they give a toss but they dont next april when me and my family travel it wont be with you i have always used your airline and was always happy i should of gone first class i bet you would of had more respect for us but you treated us like dust and i will make suer to travel with virgin next year april

I want to cancel my ticket

Given the horrible attacks on Mumbai I wanted to cancel my tickets to that city. British Airways however said they couldn't refund the tickets as I was travelling after 3 Dec 08. Given the circumstances I believe this is unacceptable.

  • Am
    amandeep singh Nov 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am in same boat. My travel agent agreed to cancel the ticket for $ 425.00 penalty

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british airways are #! and so are all of their staff

British Airways are ###! And so are most of their staff!
I write this article as I sit some way above the rest of you my equally passionate readers!
Well, without further ado let us begin. It starts with a journey, a journey that was intended
to involve some serious reading, writing and laughing. This fabulous looking trip was looking
very attractive indeed, that is until British Airways (The nations darling emporium of
huge rip off fares with ### northern staff) decided my journey was one not worth investing
some customer service skills in! Now as my laptop dies for no other reason that they
simply will not power it in the last section of the plane I seek solstice in the fact that the
typewriter will have the last say. Now lets start with Michael a balding middle aged fat looking
northerner with all the charms of herpes and a good worming, when asked where the
laptop charging point was he decided of his own accord to inform half the plane that BA
have never provided this service to passengers in eco-nomy (ignorantus massivus), followed
by the fattest looking man with an equal amount of manners as he was hairy on his
very cold, shiny looking head. Andrew (aka Useless ###!) happened to be the customer service director (now that is getting close to your customers, every director I know would not want to be on this trip
with his customers), this is a man who after 3 minutes of being told about the rude manners
his staff use to communicate with members of the paying public (also known as customers
and providers of food, money, clothes, housing etc for the often deluded staff) replied
with the fact that he had been with me too long, I guess his pager had been buzzing
his bollocks off to bring someone a serving of swan up the front end of the plane. Andrew
Manning was not to pleased to hear that American Airlines (I prefer United) supply power
points to all customers, he soon left after reminding me that the option of moving to a position
where I could actually power my laptop no longer exists, and guess what, surprise,
surprise!!! This all stopped 2 weeks ago along with the ability to buy champagne or get a
vegan meal however the ### are quick enough to get you to buy branded BA ### and
duty free, well ### off Iʼm never flying with you ### again, you can join the long list of
disappointing service providers hiding behind the british flag.
Jeremy Clarkson is right, if you need to go somewhere just drive! Even if it is the other side
of the world (and you can smoke yourself to death in your own car). Anyway my laptop is
about to die and with no sign of a power point for the next 10 hours and no ### or Champagne
this looks like to end of air travel as being fast, convenient and the only way to
travel, Iʼd rather walk!
PS, guess which weekly columnist forgot his I-Pod arrrgh!!!

  • Charming language. Educated Much?? I think we would all be much happier if you did drive everywhere and smoked yourself to death, the sooner the better!

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  • Li
    lilvixen69 Sep 30, 2009

    Wow. It's amazing they didn't open the door and boot you out, right there in the air. I certainly would have. No wonder you got crappy treatment...you act like an a$$hole, you're going to get treated like one. And you, Jackson, are one of the biggest, rudest idiots on the face of the planet. Pompous ###.

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  • what a sad little man you are...

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  • Ti
    TimhatesBA Feb 23, 2010

    I love his use of Anglo Saxon vernacular. Sometimes it is the only thing we have to express our huge frustration at this miserable excuse of a pathetic so called 'private' company that routinely employs otherwise unemployable half chavs who really believe that 'our safety is their most important priority'.

    I personally reserve the 'C' word for extra special annoyances. I'm afraid flying BA twice a week for the last two years (no choice) is the only time I have chosen to use it.

    Well done that man!

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the world's most arrogant airline

It's amazing to see how many complaints there are about 'the world's favourite airline' BA, which it clearly is not.

It's also amazing to see the arrogance and disrespect this airline continues to display towards it's 'customers'. Evidently, customer satisfaction does not really enter into their business model, otherwise they would simply HAVE to pay heed to the flood of complaints they are getting. As anyone who uses this airline and encounterts even the slightest problem, they do not.

An interesting observation on this: I made the mistake of trying out BA on a simple route Berlin-Heathrow Terminal Five. Instead of using the so-called low cost carriers to Stansted, Luton or Gatwick. In went wrong of course. I had to queue endlessly at the security entrance where there had been a problem with the Orwellian passenger photography system and was then rejected by their new hostile automatic time-ckeck for passing this gate late by 4 minutes!

This led to being sent back to a non-available customer service person and by the time that person had a chance to listen it was really to late. Naturally, BA then had the generosity to charge another £150 to put me on the next flight.

What was unsual was that the representative at the ticket counter was entirelely of my opinion just how horrible and unfriendly their new system at Terminal 5. And he said that most of his colleagues feel this way, but that their senior management - who are never on the front lines and fly with many privileges - ignore all such complaints. He says there are about 100 cases of this nature each day, and asked me to please write to their complaints people.

This I did though I am certain that it will have no effect. Obviously, I will revert flying to flying the other airlines which are not at all perfect but more human than BA. That's about 25 flights Berlin-London each year, plus other people at my company.

It beats me why BA should not care about this at all, especially at a time of recession, but I'm sure they do not.

  • Sh
    shona123 Jan 20, 2010

    absolutely agree with you! BA is arrogant and disrespectful. 2 years ago i was in Heathrow airport waiting for transfer flight. They were like monkeys doing camping. chatting and laughing with colleges even though customer have questions. Customer had to wait until chatting time is over. some of customers had serious problems. but they didn't pay attention to them at all. these monkeys even brought their own food and spokes with mouse full. what a disgusting people. I've traveled many countries. I've never seen anything like this before. I will never ever use BA air again. flight attendant was also very lazy. They didn't want to organize luggage in over head compartment. so they took my luggage and droped it checked in area without saying anything. my tickets and every thing was in it. computer, camera, and money. fragile and valuable things which i didn't want to let other people handle. I asked to assistant at the airport i want my luggage back. They told me we can't give your luggage back since it is in the checked in area. I told them it is flight attendant's mistake. I didn't ask anybody to drop my bag in the check in. They kept tell me we can't do anything for you. If you keep saying it we will kick you out from airport. They threatened me. so what can i do? I didn't want to raise my voice. I was upset and sick in my stomach. I had to gave up argue with them. I thought they had to apologies me at least. luckily they didn't steal my money and computer. but my bag was broken. handle and wheel was smashed. my cloth was wet. BA was the most disgusting experience in my life.

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refuses to honor return ticket

I had purchased a round trip ticket for to and from Lusaka, Zambia between Chicago, US. I used to portion for...

lost luggage claim

My husband and I flew BA from Heathrow to Boston on September 2nd 08. On arrival at Boston one of our bags was not on the carousel. This was reported to BA staff at the airport and after being asked to wait for approximately an hour for them to check if the luggage went on the plane we were told it had and had indeed been unloaded at our destination. We were told due to the length of our stay in the USA our claim would be dealt with over here. Now 34 days later I have received a check which doesn't correlate with out of pocket expenses and no explanation as to when the missing items will be compensated for.
I find the business practices of what is supposedly our National Airline reprehensible and feel thoroughly embarassed for anybody, especially a non UK citizen, who is treated in a similar fashion.

wet suitcases

WE, me and my husband Moshe Vered, arrived at London Heathrow airport on the evening of 6.10.08 from New Ark in the U.S. The flight number was 0186.

Next morning, on the 7th of October we flew to Tel Aviv with flight number 0165.

The suitcases stayd during the night at the airport. It rained during the night and the morning .

When we arrived at Tel Aviv and opened the suitcases the contents were soaked with water. Clothes, shoes, books, medications.

We were very distressed and we are expecting an explanation and a compensation.

Ruth and Moshe Vered

disability discrimination

I have a disablity that means that I require a certain type of alocated seat on an aircraft. A GP has provided me with a letter stating that I do require a special type of seat ( due to an awful case of Claustrophobia)

Despite calling BA 4 times over 5 weeks prior to my flight to Mexico (11 hours) to pre-book my seat I was told I could only do so 72 hours before the flight. I called within 72 hours to be told that all the seats had been either sold or given to 'Frequent Fliers' and that they had put me in a 'special seat'...WITH A BULK HEAD RIGHT IN MY FACE.

I was however told that if I paid to upgrade, that I could have a medical seat. I am about to travel around the world so to 'upgrade' would cost a total of ���£4000.

As someone with a diagnosed medical condition this is discrimination in favour of someone who is a 'mate of the airline' incredible! I am possibly going to have to cancel the first leg of the flight and sue BA. All my details were on my account booking.

And yes, you have guessed it...Kate The Manchester Supervisor Q4 refuses to escalate the call and says, 'you will have to rebook'.

Please dear god if anyone has a contact in the Senior Management Team within BA, can you ask them to get in contact before litigation starts...great start to 32, 000 miles of flights with BA.

These guys are supposed to be the best in the World at customer service but from what I have seen Thomson Fly and even Flybe are streets ahead.

Incredible that in todays position active discrimination is permitted in favour of mates and people who pay for a medical seat when there is nothing wrong with them.

I even missed my own leaving party as this took 5 hours to deal with and still remains unresolved.

  • Ja
    JakeT57 Sep 18, 2008

    A 'medical seat' ? What are you on about?? Oh, you must mean an emergency exit seat. For goodness sake - get real. You are not special. Everyone wants an exit seat. I want one becuae I am tall. Frequent flyers want one because they spend a hell of a lot of cash with the airline and expect recognition. If, heaven forbid, there was an actual emergency, I don't want someone with claustrophobia being responsible for getting the doors open. I want someone who is fit, able bodied and not suffering from some kind of mental/medical condition. My faith in BA is strengthened if they refuse to sit you in an exit row.

    Flying is not compulsary. You need space, then pay for it, like everyone else does.

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  • Mi
    mike Oct 27, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You sound like a right knobhead.

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they crushed my guitar and wont pay for it

on may 25 2008, i flew back from madrid on british airways, arrived at lax, and noticed my guitar case was crumpled. The BA counter was closed. I tired of waiting for them to open and looking for someone to help me and went home, called the BA 800 number right away, and was told to file a complaint online and did. I was given a reference number and told I'd be contacted by email. 6 weeks later I get an email from PETE TAMBURELLO telling me they will be in contact. 4 weeks later I get an email from PETE TAMBURELLO with instructions which I followed; fax relevant documents. 5 weeks later I get an email saying I have to get a property irregularity report- I call the BA 800 number, they say my online reference number is the same number. Now PETE TAMBURELLO emails to say without the property irregularity report from the airport at lax or they won't honor the claim. The clerks at lax won't give me a damage report form or number because I already have an online reference number and because it is now august and not may. It is august and british airways has not paid for my crushed guitar! DO NOT FLY WITH BRITISH AIRWAYS WITH MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS!

  • Ih
    Ih8guitars May 20, 2009

    I absolutely HATE guitars! I've already set two classical guitars on fire. My dream is to get an acoustic bass guitar, fill the soundhole with gasoline and attach a fuse to it. I'll have a telephoto lens on my camera to record the glorious event! I can't wait! Whenever I hear or read of some goddamn guitar that's been crushed, smashed, burned or destroyed in any fashion, I get a really satisfied feeling within! Kudos to British Airways for eliminating one more guitar from this world:)

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  • Ma
    maledettonyc Sep 27, 2009

    I Agree... Do not fly British Airways at all... They do not honor their words... My baggage was lost for a full week... I was left with NOTHING in the middle of Florence, Italy - where I had to pay Euro for everything (which costs basically double in dollars) I was told by numerous customer service employees that I should not worry, that I will be reimbursed for my unexpected expenses. Peter Tamurello is denying this and thinks $400 which is LESS than 200 euro's is a "reasonable reimbursement". These people are criminals if they think they can abuse their clients like this. Never again British Airways!

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terrible treatment by staff

I took my husband away for a surprise Birthday holiday to the wonderful Italian resort of Portofino staying at the exclusive Spendido Hotel. We had a wonderful holiday and was looking forward to returning to our children in the UK on 11 July, enjoying a glass of wine on a BA flight to end a perfect holiday. With my fear of flying, intolerance of heights and having been very sick numerous times when sat at the back of a plane, we arrived at the checking with nearly 2 hours to wait. We checked in asking for a pair of seats as close the front as possible.

On seating a BA cabin crew told us we could not sit in these seats as they were for club only. I explained that it was not our fault that the ground staff had booked these tickets. We asked that we sit together and were told firmly that there were no two seats together only in row 25. I informed the staff that I got very sick if sat at the back of the plane, that it was not our fault that we had been given the wrong seats, that it would spoil the holiday to be sat apart and that I didn’t think I would be able to as I have such a fear of flying. At all times we were polite!

Your cabin girl told the Italian ground crew member to move us to row 25. He did not speak much English but understood my problem with row 25. Your cabin crew by this time had other passengers shouting at us in a very aggressive manor. My husband offered to pay for the upgrade so that I did not have to sit alone nor in row 25. But no your staff would not hear of it! By this point I was frantically pump herbal calm relief into my mouth, my heart felt as if it was going to pop out of my chest, I felt faint and was close to tears. The next moment the BA Captain told us to move or he would have us removed from the flight.

My husband and I moved towards the back of the plane with no help from staff. We found that there were two seats in row 13 and row 16 so we did not have to sit in row 25 after all. Had your staff behaved in a more professional and understanding manner there would have been no need for all the upset. I spent the rest of the flight in tears. I arrived home, did not see my children as I had to go to bed with a migraine, I have not had a migraine for more years than I can remember.

It was not my fault for the error in seating but at no time did your staff see if there were any other seats available other than row 25 nor did they explore moving single passengers. As it turned out there was not need for us to sit in row 25 as there were pairs of seats free closer to the front. I might also point out that there were no extra passengers waiting for our seats in club!

Your staff completely ruined our holiday! And your Captain should learn to land planes again as a BA flight I was on that took two attempts to land at Manchester in high winds, fog and rain did a much better job than the pilot of BA2689 from Genoa to Gatwick!

  • Li
    lilvixen69 Sep 24, 2009

    Sounds like one of those nasty people who just isn't happy, no matter what. I don't understand how you could feel sick sitting just nine rows behind the seats that were actually empty but whatever. Spoiled people just can't be dealt with...

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  • Cu
    Customer Service Slogans Mar 09, 2014
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    BA is hamstrung by procedural indifference to passengers. Even is staff wanted to help you they are constrained by an overbearing management culture of relying on systems of rules rather relating to customers.
    Such systemic failure is not uncommon in legacy companies that have not been born into a true customer service ethos.
    You get the odd one in many different industries, but BA do take the bidcuit.

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  • So
    So You Want to Complain ? Jul 12, 2014
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    BA are now supporting regular direct overflights of this lady's house.

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