Brinks Home Security6yrs customer - responsible for 3mths of charge even after canceling

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I have been a Brinks customer for 6 years. I called to cancel the service a while ago but they kept sending balance due notices. I called again to cancel and the guy talked me into signing a contract for $180 a year and issued a "Credit" for the earlier balance due. After I received the contract, I decided not to pursue it as it was still expensive for me for the level of service I was receving. I called to inform them that I will not be signing the contract and to cancel all the services. The lady was really nice when she was still trying to sell me the contract. But when I insisted on canceling, she put the earlier balance due (that was "Credit"ed by the other guy) back on my account. I kept saying that I called earlier to cancel but she wouldnt listen because I am no longer a contract. They dont have a "record" me calling them to cancel. Is that my fault?

In summary Horrible customer service. If you treat a customer of yours for six years (paying every month like clock work) like this - not sure how you will survive in this down economy. I am for sure going to tell everyone I know and all the websites I can complain on.

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  •   Jul 07, 2009

    To my understanding, the credit on the account was given in lue of the new contract. But upon declining the new contract, technically in my view, that cancels the credit issued.

    Your best bet, would be to call them back, and ask to speak with a Manager.

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