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Branch Banking & Trust Company / rip off

1 United States

M&t bank does the exact same thing. They manipulate deposits and withdrawals to maximize banking fees. This is so unfair but it is how they make their money. And the worst part is that no one cares because it only affects people who don't have money. Our only recourse is not to use them and this may have an impact. Let's all withdrawal our little money out of the banks and only use them to pay bills. Every spare dime doesn’t leave in the bank and don't use their visas. Let's revolt! I we don't use their visas for purchases then they won't make money off of visa. Or let's all get secured visas instead of bank accounts. This way we can still have the convince of using a credit card without using the banks that have turned against us. We should start a campaign that may hit these small banks that are obviously desperate for our money right in their pocket books. If we don't use them, then they don't exist. These banks make all of their money off of the poor. We are their main business. Most of the bigger banks only allow people with good credit and large amounts of money. The smaller banks, like these, are reliant on the poor with bad credit or no credit. They know we have problem managing so they exploit it and make your problems even worst. It's time to flip it. I am making resolution not to use the banks any more. There are other options and after paying more than 1000 in bank fees to m&t this year, and just switching to bbt and hearing from you that they do the same, I am looking for a secured visa account. My banking days are over. They can take advantage of some other poor chap!


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