Branch Banking & Trust Company / BB&Tresolution to chief complaint with regard to bb&t savings account

I received a phone call from Stacey, at the BB & T Resolution Center on 3/14/16 & was informed that I had not intended on following the policies on behalf of BB & T. As I have had a chief complaint escalated as such, I would consider that a closer look be taken within consideration of a customer with a disability, whom, within many strides, concurs an outstanding prompt attention towards any fee(s) being accessed to her account without being provided proper advice by any banker. An ideal solution towards withholding fee(s) in a savings account is to enable a balance of $300.00 towards establishing better equity in the account. Alas, while no refund was made available towards prompt & professional attribute, I am requesting favor be made on my behalf as such as I have been treated in a poor manner by regional banker, Danny Morales at the Coconut Creek branch. His colleagues need to be made aware of such conduct as this hinders the success BB & T could achieve with keeping their customers satisfied. I would appreciate prompt attention to this matter as well as a favorable resolution towards attaining better satisfaction on future clients as well.

Thank You,

Adina Newman

Mar 15, 2016

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