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I am planning a trip to Las Vegas for myself and my husband at the end of the month. I unfortunatly assumed that a travel site of this calibur would be legit, and have some idea of a clue how to book an actual flight, and reserve a hotel room. I was sorely mistaken.
I chose my departing/return flight, and hotel room, entered my personal & credit card information and hit the 'send' button. A page popped up that read 'An unexpected error occured, please call [protected] or go back to try again'. Being that the card was valid, and I entered my information correctly, I decided not to book with I then checked my bank account...$639 charged from from Panama City Florida!!! I called the customer service number, which is complete BS. I had called twice previously and requested to have an agent call me, rather that stay on hold until 2015, I still have not received that call back. So, I called back a third time... I was on hold for 47 minutes!!! After telling the man on the phone the situatuon, he looked up my info, and said that the trip had gone through. He transfered me to Customer Service. Another 36 minutes, I speak to a lady, who, again, cannont help me, and she transfers me to the Payment Department...21 minutes later, I speak with another lady. I explain my situation for a third time. She couldn't understand why I couldn't give her a flight number, or booking number. She said that's the only way she could look up my information. I explained to her that I never got any numbers, just a page that said 'try again'. She said that had no record of my name, address, or credit card number. This is completly frustrating, seeing that I now have a $639 charge from them. My bank will not release the funds without a statement from confirming that there was no purchase, but has no record of any transaction.
This is complete BS!!! Stay far far FAR away. I could only imagine what would happen if I actually got to Vegas, and I needed assistance regarding my trip. If they can't even get the 'payment' part right, imagine what a nightmare it would be getting anything else accomplished.
I'm surprized there hasn't been some kind of investigation regarding their business practices.
Will keep you updated to see if I get my money back for a trip that doesn't exsist.

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  • Bo
      13th of Jan, 2011

    Dear Valued Guest,

    Please accept our sincere apologies for the situation you described. At® we take Customer Support very seriously. In fact, one of our core values states that if our customers are merely satisfied, we haven't done our job. Without knowing all the details it is difficult for me to make specific comments regarding your situation. So, if you would kindly fill out your information at, one of our Resolutions Representatives will personally assist you with your concerns.


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  • An
      27th of Jan, 2011

    DEAR VALUED BOOKIT.COM COMPANY HUH?, the company always comments how they are "apologizing" for what they did. HUH? IF YOU are that sorry, why haven't you guys disappear OR refund all stolen money to the users (even to the users who didn't notice their money is stolen by your company)? These problems have been occurring since so many years ago. BOOK IT. COM IS UNRELIABLE. THEY ARE FRAUD. THEY STEAL MONEY.

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  • Bo
      27th of Jan, 2011

    As stated on our website are number 1 core value is Guest Elation.

    "At® we take Customer Support very seriously. In fact, one of our core values states that if our customers are merely satisfied, we haven't done our job. Total customer elation is our goal, and we work tirelessly to ensure that each and every customer is so elated with their experience that they stop conversations to tell others about us."

    We also pride ourselves on being a member of the with an A+ rating. If you have personal concerns with our company please fill out our form here, and we will assign a Resolutions Representative to you.


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