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Bookit.comcustomer service

Bookit has by far the worst customer service I have experienced, long hold times, clueless staff, provided me with the wrong information, will hang up on you and I have been waiting for a supervisor to call me back for over a week.

Me and some friends booked through them to go to puerta varata and I was unable to go and had to cancel my trip, I was within the time frame and should have only had to pay a 25$ fee. I expected the price would change and I was willing to pay the difference for my friends but they said if they took me off they would lose the room, which makes no sense as the room is already in my friends name. They told me to wait until after my friends leave the hotel to call and they will then reach out to the hotel dor a refund (again made no sense to but I did as they said) of course the hotel said I waited to long and therefore they would not provide me with a refund.

I made a complaint and was assured they would review the call and if the agent told me to wait they would refund my money, this never happened. Nobody will get back to me to resolve the issue, every rime I call I have to explain everything from the start, they are rude, keep me on long holds and never provide a resolution.

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    Bookit.comcustomer service false advertising

    I have been on the phone back and forth with these people, and have not received an email with my confirmation number and to book my room with all three parties they over charged me and never sent me the amenities that I supposed to have in my hotel stay. I supposed to leave on the 18th and I am horrified. I want to speak to someone in cooperate and haven't got an answer as of yet.

    customer service false advertising
    customer service false advertising
    customer service false advertising

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      Bookit.compoor customer service - no transportation to and from hotel

      Booked a 5-day vacation package online with BOOKIT.COM, the person I spoke with when booking the vacation was very nice, however, when we arrived at the airport there was no transportation arranged to the resort. My group had to find our own way and take the risk of being robbed by hiring a random taxi. Very nerve racking, to say the least as we had all of our luggage and spending money on us. Upon the end of our stay, we called Bookit.com to follow up on our transportation to the airport and the first person we spoke with emailed us a link to our ground transportation vouchers, but the link was broken. We called back and spoke to another agent and she advised us that the ground transportation to the resort was an added feature. This was very surprising as we were told that ground transportation to the hotel was included when we booked the vacation package. We asked to be transferred to a supervisor and when we spoke to the supervisor, coincidently he could not find our Booking ID, email or names in the system and gave us a phone number to call that was disconnected. When we tried to call the supervisor back, the answering machine advised that they are not accepting calls from our number and our number is blocked. BookIt.com service is terrible and we will never use the service again as they have no consideration for travelers well being and will say anything to get the sale but god forbid you to run into any issues and try to contact bookit.com, they will block your number and leave you to die on your vacation. This is my truthful experience with Bookit .com take heed.

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        Bookit.com — refund flights due to travel advisory for cancun.

        My boyfriend and I booked our trip to Cancun for this summer and shortly after booking with bookit.com we...

        Bookit.com — reservations for an all inclusive vacation to riu guanacaste

        Bookit Advertised a members225 discount for 7+ days at any all inclusive resort. Great deal I have 6 people...

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        Bookit.com — unauthorized credit card charges

        Good day. We would like to obtain more information with regard to two credit card transactions that wa...

        Bookit.com — online travel agency

        Booking ID: [protected] Dates of Service: 12/25/17 - 12/31/17 Destination: Caribe Club Princess Beach Resort...

        Bookit.com — www.bookit.com (hotel)

        On September 25, 2017 my husband Robert Metz Jr booked a hotel room in Valdosta, Georgia for Friday October...

        Bookit.comtransfer from airport to hotel.

        Booking ID [protected] date traveled Oct 8th 2017 to Panama.

        I have already spoken to your people at BOOKIT and they cannot help.
        We booked a transfer from airport to hotel, we went to the desk and no one was at it we waited around for nearly 1 hour and ended up having to get a taxi from the airport to hotel and pay for it. We had already paid for the transfer with BOOKIT so we want our $74.00 returned, we even phoned our hotel to see if they could help us and no, they knew nothing about transfers, on our way back your taxi picked us up, so they knew we had arrived the week before.
        I Have booked with your company 4 times in the past and if this is the way you treat customers it will be the last time.

        If I do not get a reply I am going to post this on Trip Advisor.

        Maureen McKeown.

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          Bookit.combooking hotel

          The pics bookit advertises looks nothing like the actual pic. Worst first vacation out the country. They get you for your money and screw you at the end. Be live Collection in La Romana, DR is Bad!!! Disgusting hotel, just nasty!!! The rooms were dirty, bathroom smells like piss, bedsheets were dirty, door locks were broke, no hot water, smelly room, broken mini fridge with bad odor, bugs under the bed sheets and it goes on. The food was disgusting and need reservations to eat. Dishes were dirty and food not properly cooked. The drinks were watered down and tasted horrible. No one speaks English or understands you which is ok and expected I guess. This place is bad and I literally cried my whole trip and tried to fly out but everything was booked. Actually scared to go back to Dominican Republic it’s so sad. Book it did absolutely nothing! One representative told me they had nothing to do with that.

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            Bookit.com — refund cancellation fee - booking id:[protected]

            Name: Kesha Coleman Booking ID: Booking ID:[protected] Originally, booked with Riu Palace Cabo for $1765.26...

            Bookit.com — awful company

            They are awful. They are so shady, tricky and sneaky. All in one. They want their money. It's ok. But after...

            Bookit.comnever use them

            I have already used them and almost everything was fine, except for their slow service. Recently I was going to travel and decided to book through their website. On the next day, I found out that my tickets were cancelled because the flight was no longer available. Since then I've been trying to get my refund and it's been 3 weeks. This is not a slow service anymore, this is a complete mess!!!

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              Book Itmissed excursions and poor communication

              I booked my vacation through your company online. I had nothing but problems from the beginning of my arrival to the hotel. I did not have issues with the flights or the hotel directly, just your company. The flights were as smooth as possible and the hotel was absolutely beautiful. It fulfilled every promise that the website stated.
              I booked three excursions online when I booked the hotel and flight. Those included deep sea fishing, ATV/ Ziplining, and a lobster dinner on the beach. The vouchers or website for that matter did not explain where the excursions were to take place or how long they would last. Transportation was only provided for the ATV/ Ziplining but that was a problem as well.
              Upon checking in with your company on arrival, as instructed to, we found out that the ATV/ Ziplining excursion was not even on your list and they had no idea when we were going to be picked up or that the excursion was booked for us. You then spent over an hour on the phone trying to figure out where the missing piece of the puzzle was. The people at the hotel even told us to double check because sometimes transportation does not show up for your excursions.
              Another issue that we had was that private taxis were needed for the other two excursions. Which that is ok, but the lobster dinner was an hour away in Cancun and that was not including traffic. The deep sea fishing excursion was ok because it was only 10-15 minutes away and was not that expensive.
              The lobster dinner excursion was all the way in Cancun and would have costed $85 for a one-way taxi ticket. That is $170 for transportation to one excursion that we were not informed of and would have lost due to the excursion being canceled. There was no other transportation available and your company could not help at all. Not to mention the fact that the ATC/ Ziplining excursion was that day and by the time we got back to the hotel we would have been 15 minutes late to the lobster dinner excursion, not including traffic and our excursion would have been canceled anyways.
              The excursion that was missed (The Lobster Dinner), was supposed to be a celebration for a five-year anniversary. It did not happen due to poor communication with YOUR company! I am severely disgruntled and am disappointed for the missed opportunity.
              I am requesting a full refund for the missed excursion due to multiple communication errors and circumstances around the event. Why would you book an excursion over an hour away from the hotel I booked at? Why was transportation an issue and not offered, if not at an extra cost, for the two excursions that transportation was not set up for? Why were approximate times for how long the excursions lasted on the excursions when you book them? How can you allow an excursion to be booked and not provide assistance when an issue arises with it?
              All around this experience was awful and I would not consider booking with your company again! I feel that I was wronged by your company and a vacation that was supposed to be relaxing turned out stressful and incomplete. We missed a dinner planned for our 5-year anniversary because of the lack of communication and poor customer service. For that I am requesting a full refund for the missed excursion!
              If you have questions regarding this concern feel free to contact me at [protected] or by e-mail at [protected]@yahoo.com. Once again, I am severely disgruntled with your services. I would appreciate a response back acknowledging the concern and provide a reasoning for the issues at hand as well as a full refund for the missed excursion. I hope you have a wonderful day!

              Ashley Whitacre

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                Bookit.com — all inclusive

                I book a vacation with book it for my 3 college children I request all inclusive. I call a day prior to...

                Bookit.comall inclusive vacation/airplane seat reservation

                In January 2017, we reserved an all inclusive vacation to Jamaica for July 25- July 31. We paid and reserved airplane seats at the same time. The day before our trip, we checked our reservations with the airline only to be informed no seat assignments had been reserved for us. We were told by the airline that sometimes 3rd party reservationists ( i.e. BookIt) do not convey this information. So, in order to be seated within reasonable distance from my spouse, we had to pay additional $166.71. BookIt's customer service representative said "it's in the fine print, " and there is nothing BookIt can/will do to compensate the additional cost incurred. We will NEVER go through BookIt, again! Nor will we recommend BookIt to anyone!

                This is my second posting because I am uncertain if the first went through.

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                  Bookit.comcustomer service

                  We booked our vacation including the transportation to and from the airport.
                  In our way back no one pick us up from the airport and we tried to call no one answered and we couldn't get hold of anyone, we had to call a cap!
                  When we came back I tried to call and complain about what happened with us and get my money back and I got the worst customer service ever and very much been told that no manger will speak to me for any reason! They hanged up the phone on my few times.
                  That was my first and last vacation with bookit.com
                  We travel a lot and never had any problems with any other site, what I experienced with bookit.com was the worst ever.

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                    Bookit.com — trip to cancun

                    I wish I could give them 0 stars! This is the most unprofessional company I have ever worked with. First...

                    Bookit.comall inclusive trip id#[protected]

                    I booked a trip with bookit for now Onxy in punta cana from April 23-28 (5nights) flying on westjet. Flight down to punta cana on April 23 was fine. When I arrived to to airport on April 28 (friday) I did not note any westjet terminals or flights listed on the board. It took me 40 mins to find someone that spoke a little English to tell me there is no westjet flights on Fridays. You can imagine how we felt being in a foreign country with no one speaking English or very little.

                    I called bookit and was advised by a female this was not bookit's fault it was the airline that changed the flight on april 27 to fly out on the April 27 cutting to trip a day short. The female also advised me it was my fault because I should have checked the flight schedule on the 27 and would have know it changed. That is a rediculas response for one I was on a excursion and had no means of checking flight schedules and didn't dream my fly would be the day before the scheduled one and if that was the case I expected I would have been notified in advance and would have expected bookit notify the hotel and reimburse me a nights stay. I actually received a email from bookit advising me of the flight change at 115pm on April 28 as I'm dealing with this mess. At no point did I receive any notification that the flight was changed to April 27th.

                    Next I called west jet and advised them of the issue where I was told that the airline notified bookit in jan of the flight change and had attempted to notify me but it was learned that the email bookit provided them was inaccurate and bounced back to them. The girl I talked to advised that the only flights she could get me on was flying from punta cana to Detroit on April 29 then Toronto on April 29th night, I would have to stay in Toronto over night then catch a flight to Montreal in the am with 4 hours sleep and then to Moncton getting me home on April 30 at 3pm.

                    To me this is highly unexceptionable, I had a child and a dog that got sick and was staying with my mother that I needed to get home too. My boyfriend missed a day of work. I know weather can make delays but this is rediculas.

                    I don't know who mess up our flight but I do know it was not mine me. And I believe something should be done. You just can't mess up someone's life and think it's ok and no big deal. I literally started to have a panic attack when I learned there was no flights and I would be two days later getting home. And would have to find a place to stay in a foreign country that I know nothing about and there were no west jet representatives even working at the airport to help.
                    Also I have bad sinus and it kills me to fly and now I don't have two flights I have four to get back to New Brunswick. I have booked many trips with bookit and haven't had any major issues, I have never flown west jet but it will be a long time before I use either again this experience just ruined a great trip. Then on top of everything we get our bags at the Moncton airport and our suit case does not come out the baggage pickup then it's finally the last bag out and it is all mangled.

                    These are the expenses I accumulated

                    Hotel on 28th night in punta cana-$215.65
                    Supper punta cana-1772.80(pas) $42 us=$58 Canadian
                    Dinner on 29th-$23.21 Canadian (in Detroit)
                    Hotel on 29th in Toronto- $145.77 Canadian
                    Supper on 29th-$21.90 Canadian
                    Cell charges for using my phone in punta cana to call airline, bookit and hotels-$20 Canadian
                    2 extra days parking-$28 Canadian
                    Loss of work- $400 Canadian
                    Suit case-$100 Canadian

                    all inclusive trip id#[protected]
                    all inclusive trip id#[protected]
                    all inclusive trip id#[protected]
                    all inclusive trip id#[protected]
                    all inclusive trip id#[protected]
                    all inclusive trip id#[protected]
                    all inclusive trip id#[protected]
                    all inclusive trip id#[protected]
                    all inclusive trip id#[protected]

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                      Bookit.comall inclusive vacation package

                      My name is Rita Shapiro and my email is rita.[protected]@sbcglobal.net.
                      Dates of our vocation March 29, 2017 – April 5, 2017.

                      My son and I bought an all inclusive vocation package through your site. We went to Occidntal at Xcaret Hotel in Mexico. First of all we had to pay for tax from airport and to the hotel and back from the hotel to the airport. We paid total of $300.00 cash and also our booking listed a deluxe room, but we were not provided with any complimentary toiletries. So we ask for reimbursement for what we had to spend for the taxi and for inconvenience in the amount of $500.00.

                      Please respond via email above

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