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received voucher instead of refund

Regarding booking #[protected], I was told by my lawyer that transport canada is advising customers that they are entitled to a refund instead of a travel voucher for vacations that were cancelled by sunwing due to covid-19. I have spoken to several rude customer reps at sunwing who will not accommodate a refund. I have travelled with sunwing for over 12 years and because of the reception I have received, I no longer want to use them and demand a refund on my credit card! If this does not happen, I will take this further and notify my lawyer as well as have my brother report this to am 640 where he is a reporter.

manager and room.

I arrived at 12.00pm I was given my room at 12.15pm the room was damp had an awful smell, paint was peeling, paint was on all the furniture, curtain was torn, broken lampshade and the balcony door couldn't be opened from outside as there was no handle. I asked for my room to be changed as the room really had an awful smell. I had to wait until 3.30pm to be shown two other rooms that was again smelling of damp or sewage smell. I asked why was this happening I arrived early to settle early and this shouldn't be happening. I complained to David Harris of my issue he went to lunch and returned at 3.30pm. I asked him why didnt he go to the room and smell it for himself. He said he didn't go because he expects each department to manage issues and if they say it is okay then he takes their word for it.

I told him that I have visited royalton in Dominican, Mexico, and I have never experiences hospitality like this especially from a manager. I explained that my biggest concern is health and safety and the rooms should not smell like this and given the current pabdemic issue I would have expected a hotel to upheld better the safety and wellbeing of the customers and so far he has offered me no reasonable alternative but to pay to just be in a room that I can sleep in with no damp or smell in. He informed me that given the issue with Corona there is no other choice but for me to pay because the hotel is losing money.

That's not my problem. The hotel should have health and safety as the paramount for customers and I shouldn't have to upgrade for a room that has no health and safety issues. My mother has heart problems underline breathing issues hence I have to consider her safety as first and foremost and you treat customers like this. Shame on royalton in Jamaica white sands to treat customers this way.

I have paid to be upgraded. I explained to David that the principle is I should not have to pay to be in a room that doesn't smell and has damp.

He only later apologised after I shared my disgust with his behaviour. I then had to wait another 3hrs to get checked into blue water and get my luggage. This is just shocking. The door on the room was not working so had to wait for the security to come and fix a door.

I paid to be upgraded to this room which then had a fault.

My safety is paramount and should be for royalton however clearly it is not and hence I want to take this further it is not right.

manager and room.
manager and room.
manager and room.
manager and room.

the agent i booked with .the sunwing agent at the resort,and the airplane

dear, sir.i am writing to put in a complante, i booked with the travile agency in cowansville.I thought I was booking a week at the playa bachata in porta plata. in the dominican. i had been there before.i wasn t told that the resort was sold and that now the bachata was called the instead i was booked at the old rio gardens.i told the agent i wanted a room on second floor and near the reseption since i was alone, she did not do this.when i finaly got there i foud out i was put way down in the back I had to argue with the front desk for a half of an hr. and finaly got a cheep room on the first floor, but near the reseption.i was so face cloths plane room, poor service the food was minamal.nothing like the last time i was there, and the sunwing reprisentative was very rude and no help.our english meeting was supposed to be at 10 am and just because ther were only 6 of us we had to wait an hour before he would do our meeting we were so upset with him we just asked for our blue papers we needed to fill out for going home 2 of the other couples were droped off at the wrong resort and the bus wouldn, t let them back on the buss they had to walk to the other resort.i had to take my luggage to my room myself. the name of the representative is (bernardo) our plane was supposed to leave montreal at 10 didn t leave untill 1pm.the reason was because the moter wouldn t start they tryed 2 booster packe it still wouldn, t start they made us get off the plane wth out luggage, said we could get some lunch in the airport.but we were locked in between the plane and the no food, then we were asked to get back on the plane. we were not offered anything for our inconvience no free lunch nothing it was 8pm by the time i got to the resort. i was tired, hungry and discouraged. i won, t book with the sunwing tourist office again, or go on a sunwing plane or go to the playa bachata resort again.i have been booking a trip every year since I have retired, and this is the first time I was so disappointed. I save up this year to take a vacation because I recently had a heart attack from stress .and my children thought it would be good for me totake a week off and just relax and enjoy myself.that didn, t happen, sincerely Barbara Thompson [protected] rue principale dunham que. joe 1m0


I flew back from Jamaica on Sat Night the Feb 2019 aboard a flight that was operated by Travel Services . On the flight I notice the Safety booklet at the back of the seat, and it displayed the Model Number of the Aircraft as a 737 Max 8 -800. My question is this plane not banned from flying.

The plane was operated by Travel Services Inc.

Below are the details of my return


Derek Seelochan

Flight From To Via Class Aircraft Passenger(s)
Sunwing Airlines
Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ)
Sat, 08 February 2020
9:55 PM
Toronto (YYZ)
Sun, 09 February 2020
1:59 AM
737 1, 2
Sunwing Airlines award winning inflight service on board this flight, operated by Travel Service.
Please visit for flight arrival and departure information or the tour operator desk located in your hotel. For assistance, your Sunwi

deep sea fishing excursion

On dec 2 2019 my husband kenneth reed and myself penny reed went on the deep sea fishing excursion where I got hurt with my left knee. I went to the veradero hospital on december 3 2019 where they said I pulled legements and fluid behind my left knee there where exrays and altra sounds done. The captain and the other man that were doing the excursion where both drinking beer while doing the excursion. The boat hand no saftey rails or anything to hang onto. The boat went three different ways which made the boat rock back and forth which cause me to loose by balance and damaged my knee. They put ice on it right away I was then using a wheel chair from roc barlevento for the last 8 days I have been doing therapy and accupucture since january 8 2020. I just found out today febuary 7 2020 that I will need surgery on my knee. I do not believe this is a safe excursion for anybody there where no life jackets as we could see. There was another lady on the boat as well who lost her balance but did not get hurt. I would like some responce on this excursion thank you n advance penney reed
Booking number is [protected]

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(regarding luggage) being opened at the dominican airport after being check at your desk after returning to peason lnternaional airport baggage pick up our luggage had our address tags /ribbon and zip tie removed / our luggage was gone threw. no explaination. (flight delays) l found that after having our flight delayed from pearson over a hour to arriving in the dominican having paid for a swim up room to be told that we were not in one that you can deal with it in the morning then the return from the dominican to not have sunwing coach there to pick us up from the resort for 45mins after the arranged time the resort was even concerned that we were still waiting for our ride to the airport only to finally get to the airport through customs to be told again the we were delayed again with no explanation as to why or when we could board our flight our flight was to land at pearson at 1:59 am we arrive after 3 am to have to sit in the plane for another ten mins then have to wait for tranportation from the plane to the terminal this was the first time flying with sunwing and it will be the last very unhappy with the service l can not imagine booking another vacation threw sunwing from start to finish it certainly was not a good experience

flight & hotel reservation process

My departure on Jan 8 was over 3 hours delayed- this resulted in us arriving to resort at midnight. I wa...

name change for travel

I tried to change the name on my upcoming travel as who I was to travel with I am no longer in relation with. I am very upset as we broke up at Christmas.
I want to take my caregiving client Terryl Francisco as she has MS and would benefit from the sunshine.
I spoke to Westjet and they said yes if Sell off Vacations would simply contact Westjet as well as the hotel in Playa Del Carmen it would all be resolved.
When I spoke to a rep at Sell off they were rude and unaccomidating.
Can someone please see if there is anyway I can change Name to Terryl Francisco instead of Robert Matte on reservation #2748659
I tried to get a hold of Stuart A Morris being that he is the GM.

unethical behaviour

Sunwing Airlines

Camaguey (CMW)
Wed, 18 December 2019
11:10 AM

Toronto (YYZ)
Wed, 18 December 2019
2:50 PM (YYZ) 737 I was supposed to come back from Cuba on the flight WG611 schedule for 2;50 pm arrival we finally arrived in Toronto Thursday morning at 2h am. Of course I want some money back. My name is Eddy Jobin my email is eddy.[protected] Thank you

our flight



Je vous contacte concernant un événement qui s'est produit à moi et ma conjointe lors de notre destination vers Varadero le 20 décembre 2019.
Lors de l'embarcation de l'avion . Nous nous somme installé à nos sièges. Cependant le monsieur à lavant de nous avais son siège descendu malgré le règlement de le garder en position assis pour le décollage . Nous avons essayé de discuter avec monsieur et celui-ci à refuser de coopérer . J'ai alors mentionné l'inconvénient à l'agente de bord passant mais celle-ci n'était pas contente de ma perception et ne fut aucunement compréhensive. L'agente n'a pas fait de mention du règlement à suivre au monsieur en avant de nous et elle est parti sans même lui avoir dit un seul mot. Nous avons mis cette situation de coter et somme rester assis en attendant le décollage jusqu'à temps que nous voyons un agent de sécurité entrée dans l'avion nous demandant de sortir devant tout les passagers. C'est une situation inacceptable et humiliante à faire vivre à un passager qui n'étais aucunement violent et qui voulais simplement que le règlement soit respecté pour le confort de tout le monde . Dû au stress et au pressement de vouloir nous faire sortir . Ma conjointe a oublié son téléphone cellulaire à bord .

Nous travaillons fort toute l'année pour pouvoir ce payer des petites vacances bien mérité pour Noël . Voyageant beaucoup depuis de nombreuses années moi et ma conjointe, je n'ai jamais vécu de telle situation cauchemardesque avec aucune autre compagnie . Je demande un remboursement complet de notre forfait et de mes billets d'avion ainsi qu'un dédommagement pour la situation que nous nous sommes fait infliger ainsi que le téléphone rester dans l'avion.
J'espère que vous comprendrez l'exagération du résultat de la situation qui nous a été fait subir et que vous allez pouvoir trouvez une solution à tout cela.


André Leroux
Roweida Faour

Vol WG456
Booking number [protected]
Direction Varadero

Envoyé de mon iPhone

royalton resort

From day one, we were in the diamond club but were never introduced to a butler nor did we receive the "personal service" Diamond Club Guests are promised. In addition, the service throughout our stay was horrendous. The beach area was deserted- no staff to get us towels or drinks. We literally had to chase for someone to service us every day of the week in all areas of the resort. When we finally would get someone to request a drink, they never brought it to us, and blamed other staff, saying someone else was suppose to bring us our drinks.

In our fourth day we complained,
about the rooms because the bed sheets were damp from our first night. Their solution was to bring a anti-humidifiers or down-grade us to another room with no ocean view.. they brought the anti humidifier but that did not solve the problem. We had to sleep in damp bed sheets every night. and thought after it, the service would get better. We were wrong. It was just as bad. Front desk and customer service desk staff were playing games on their phones instead of assisting us. I lost my sandals and no one knew where to guide me. They simply said "if it's not there it's lost" i ended up just giving up on finding my sandals because i felt i was wasting time with the staff as they didn't want to assist me and i ended up buying new ones at the shop Edwin, a staff member would see us waving at him to bring us a drink and he would pretend he didn't see us but would just say Hola and avoided assisting us.

One of the nights we decided to order room service dinner. We called it in and mentioned we were really hungry. They showed up to our room past midnight - 2 hours after we had placed our order. By this time we were half asleep!

We are so disappointed with everything overall that had to leave the resort and book a separate hotel for the remaining of the week to enjoy what was left of our vacation.

In sight of this terrible experience with the Royalton, we fell a compensation is the least that can done and honoured to my friend and I. We will never return to any Royalton a and hesitate on booking or recommending any sun wing vacation to our friends and family.

worry free cancellation insurance

Basically you float Sunwing extra money for the entire length of time until you are able to rebook your vacation.At that time you have to repay the deposit and they will refund that money in 4 to 6 weeks.It is a matter of clicking a few buttons to do the return of funds.Their line is they are very busy.If they do this to 100's or 1000's of customers Sunwing will make money off of their customers funds sitting in limbo until their overworked staff are able to complete the transaction.

flight miss form

Yes I was on flight wg407 on oct 16 2019
Returning from the Dominican republic to Toronto. We left hotel as they pick up our group of over 21 people to the airport at 7:40 am
We arrived at airport at 8:05 am then I recurved a email that the flight was change to 12:50
Wow so must fun at the airport
We had to used our own funds to get good
But that's the all
We didn't take off until 2:08pm as we were waiting
For cargo
Not passengers but cargo
We were not offer any food from this time from the morning
Plus we had to pay for food on the plane
I understand
But waiting for cargo
Not passengers
That's sad
I I feel our group should be compensated
We booked with you people on good faith and you disappointed us dearly and another thing at the Joel on the weekends the locals come
The hotel overcrowded the line ups for food was disappointed
Plus these locals
Cut in line and at the pool bar you couldn't even get a seat as he bring their kids with them they're don't even paying attention to their kids how can you enjoy your vacation like this I understand children and people on holidays but I didn't understand the locals come and they take over the place
We were a wedding party
Trying to enjoy ourselves
So I think we should be compensated for late flight and for the hotels conditions
thank you

Irene Knapp

We left October 9 to the 16
We stay at the Riu bambu

unethical / deceptive practices

SCAM--the "tour/presentation" through Royalton / TravelSmartVip
Absolute sham. We were approached on the 7mile beach to come tour the Royalton Negril, as their marketing dept was allegedly looking to advertise its new resort. Once there, we toured the property and we enjoyed an amazing lunch- the food was excellent and fresh. We were told we would receive a future 4 night stay at any Royalton resort to use within a year (of course after we had to endure a timeshare like presentation). This was their way of "thanking" us for touring the resort and considering it as a future vacation option.
Now as we are trying to book the bogus 4 night stay, it is ironically NOT available for the all inclusive option- the certifcate is only valid for the room, and you must pay for the "mandatory all inclusive rate." I advised the rep that we were open to booking any date at any resort within the next 9 months. I was told it is unavailable for any date, from November to May, at ANY resort; and it is only available for the highest room category. The rates he quoted me for the 4 night stay were anywhere from $1, 900 to $2, 800!
Meanwhile, I searched for a room directly on the Royalton website, for several of the resorts and dates that the rep was quoting me. I found prices much lower than the prices he quoted me- which included the room and all inclusive option- WITHOUT having this fake certificate! What is the point of having the certificate if I can book directly with Royalton and get better rates and more options??
This is a complete scam and false advertising. Shame on a high-end resort brand like Royalton for using this type of gimmick. I will never stay at a Royalton resort for this reason alone.
BEWARE- the person that will approach you on the 7 mile beach in Negril is wearing a polo shirt and hat, both with the Royalton logo. I was told "John Williams" and "Mr. Tune" are the directors for this program at Royalton. Although all the promotion occurs at the actual Royalton Negril, the third party travel company and certificate are Travel Smart VIP.

  • TravelSmartVIP Oct 11, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good Afternoon Nah31, Once again, we're sorry to hear you have been experiencing difficulties redeeming your complimentary accommodation certificate. As stipulated in the Terms & Conditions on the certificate itself, the all-inclusive aspect is mandatory in order to redeem the certificate. As we responded to your previous messages, if you could send us the number of your certificate, we will look gladly look into the situation for you and ensure that the rates our team provided to you were accurate and any doubts you may have as to the usage of the certificate can be clarified for you. Please keep in mind that the preferential rates provided by the certificate will vary depending on the resort, room category, and dates chosen.

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October 8, 2019

To Whom it may Concern,

I am reaching out in regards to the vacation my family of four just returned from this evening. We vacationed at Royalton Blue Waters Montego Bay from October 1st to October 8th. My husband and I have been travelling for several years. We've vacationed with Sandals and Beaches and after researching Royalton Resorts online we thought Royalton would be a wonderful company to vacation with. We were so drastically disappointed and upset that I don't even know where to begin. I've tried to categorize the biggest issues and problems we had during our trip but please know there is so much more. I sit here tonight writing this email being extremely tired and worn out from our holiday but thought it was important that I send this right away.
To begin we purchased our all inclusive vacation package through Air Canada and added on the Diamond Club Feature. Simply put that was a complete waste of money. Our trip started off in a frightening way during our initial flight to Montego Bay we experienced terrible weather and were not able to land in Montego Bay but instead had to land in Kingston Jamaica. (Flight AC1804 October 1/19) We then sat on the plane at the Kingston Jamaica Airport for 2 hours with no word on what was happening. We were not allowed off the plane to make other arrangements to get us to our resort nor were we updated on what was going to happen next. Finally we were advised by the pilot that we were going to again attempt to take off and land in Montego Bay. After a second terrifying flight from Kingston to Montego Bay we finally landed at our destination airport.
Upon our arrival at Royalton Blue Waters we were exhausted, hungry and dirty. We were the first off the bus to enter the lobby and the last to be checked in even though we had arrived with non Diamond Club Members. Our butler was not there to greet us or take us to our room and no room orientation was ever given to us. Our first entry to our room presented with no robes, garbage in the bathroom and shower and a condom wrapped in the dresser drawer. Looking forward to taking a hot shower I was instead greeted with no hot water and only one working shower head. I contacted the front desk right away. A maintenance worker arrived about 30 minutes later. He told me to let the hot water run for 2 minutes. I advised him I had already down that but for 5 minutes. He then advised me they hotel wasn't having any hot water issues at the time and left. I contacted the front desk again and they advised me of the same thing and that was that. We had luke warm water for our entire stay. Room service was not anywhere near efficient. The toilet was never cleaned during our stay nor was the balcony.
The maintenance issues at the hotel ranged from elevators not operating creating up to a 10 minute wait often and climbing seven flights of stairs up to our room wasn't an option for us to different water features not being in service. One of the main reasons we chose this resort was because of the kids water area and water slides. The 4 large water slides weren't in operation 85% of our stay due to mechanical issues. My son and daughter were able to go down two different slides at the same time once during our stay and both smacked their heads off the side of the slide causing them to need to go and lay down due to being sore and dizzy. The kids water park was not in operation the entire time we were at Blue Waters.
The main pool had terrible service both at the bar and with the servers around the pool. We witnessed large groups of non Diamond Club members and White Sands guests receive impeccable service while ourselves and other people received nothing. Pool side were only served once during our stay and we were at the pool every day multiple times. The one time we were served was by a very young man that when asked by my husband for a second drink (he had about two sips left of his current drink) told my husband that he could have another drink once he had finished his first one. He then never returned. Swim up at service was also terrible and we were constantly ignored at the bar. We tipped everyone as we thought this might help us receive better service. It did not. The pool was closed before 6pm every night which is the time it's supposed to close and not because of poor weather although it was closed one night early because of weather. One night it was closed just after 4pm as a large wedding party was having their wedding reception in a tent next to the pool. There is mold growing on the sides of the mattresses that are in the middle of the pool. We used our snorkelling masks the first time in the pool but took them off after seeing what was floating around in the water.
Napkins, cups and garbage. My twelve year old was ignored at the swim up bar. Every time he had to wait close to 30 minutes to even be acknowledged. Groups of people often swam in the pool at night creating a loud ruckus but no one working seemed to care. The bartenders at the swim up bar kept serving my 16 year old daughter alcoholic drinks even after I informed them that she was underage and that they needed to be checking her bracelet as she was trying to order non alcoholic drinks. My daughter also participated in one of the beach games which she ended up winning. She was awarded with a bottle of rum which was extremely inappropriate. The lifeguards at the lazy river we hardly ever present at their posts and when they were there they were sleeping most of the time. We had to literally wake up one lifeguard 5 times during one swim as there was many kids present in the river.
We attempted to enjoy the beach where we felt not safe AT ALL! We were constantly accosted by locals selling various things and by Royalton Security asking us for money. We did not return to the beach after that.
Butler service was pretty much non existent. We had to ask several times for our complimentary bottle of alcohol. We barely saw the butlers. We were escorted twice to a la carte dinner and that was that we were on our own after that. Upon arrival at the two a la carte dinners we had to wait 30 minutes for our table we had reserved. Our butlers also interrupted our last dinner at the resort to let us know we needed to fill out a survey. We advised them that we didn't want too. Upon check out we were once again presented with the survey. Our a la carte dinners were disappointing as well. Ranging in stray dogs begging at our table at the Italian restaurant to hot food off the grill at the Zen restaurant being flicked into my sons eye burning him. Different restaurants were closed different nights making booking reservations very hard. Service at the buffer was non existent for us as well. Food from room service took hours to arrive and the food was not good.
Bars ran out of alcohol in the evenings. The sports bar was serving drinks that were pretty much just alcohol leaving guests extremely intoxicated. At the lobby bar my husband waited one time for 45 minutes to be served and after not even being acknowledged he left without a drink. The bartenders were extremely sexually explicated with both myself and my teenage daughter.
Large groups and wedding parties were largely flavoured during our stay at the Royalton and were called up to participate in activities an dances instead of couples and families. We were informed by staff members that they are only paid $60 a week by the Royalton and that they live off of their tips which I found very uncomfortable to be having such information passed on to myself.
Cannabis use and underage drinking was also a big issue on the resort. We understand that a lot of people smoke Cannabis in Jamaica, however we weren't expecting guests and staff to be smoking it at the entry ways all over the resort. We were informed by a lifeguard that another lifeguard had been fired that particular day for selling Cannabis to a guest.
Honestly there is so much more I could add to this email but it would take a great deal of time and I am very tired. I expected to return from this holiday feeling refreshed and relax but regrettable I feel just the opposite. As does the rest of my family. My husband and I were looking forward to booking a holiday for this coming February when we were returned from this one to Royalton Negril but after this experience that won't be happening. I have summed up the contents of this email for a review to post to Trip Advisor as well as my online blog but would like to see if Royalton is willing to make this right for us instead. Thank you for your time and patience for reading my long email.

Kathleen Maroney

hotel staff

The complete vacation was terrible. Staff was incredibly rude and unhelpful. We were diamond club members and...

my booking number [protected]

I originally booked the flight leaving Toronto on 11:30am and returning flight departing on 4:15pm so that I have more time to enjoy the resort. Now the flight is changed to 6:15am early morning, which is a terrible schedule when traveling with kids. And the return flight departs at 10:25am, we lose the last half day enjoying the resort. And unlike Air Canada, there is no compensation for such change. It gonna ruin the vacation.


Booking # [protected]
Booked on Jul 20, 2019
To whom it may concern
I booked our family vacation to Punta Cana requesting a direct flight from Toronto and back to Toronto. Thinking I was paying for all direct flights I got our e-documents only to find out that our flight back was via Montreal making our flight back a 7.5hr journey. How do you sell an all direct flights a d surprise your customers with a stopover???

I really do not appreciate this sneakiness. Before I write a review on Tripadvisor in giving you an opportunity to explain how I ended up with a stopover in Montreal when I asked specifically for an all direct flight vacation package. And don't you dare putting this on me.



unsanitary room conditions, including bed bugs!!

Warning...this is a long post! I have been at the Royalton St Lucia since Friday, 8/9. Since my check in, I...

royalton white sands jamaica

I had a group of 20 book with the Royalton white Sands June 20-25, 2019 for a vow renewal. Their experience was very unpleasant...dirty rooms, broken balcony doors, being switched from room to room 2-4 times and one guest even had a strange man walk into her room. I have reached out to Royalton since June 27th and no response. Royalton has showed a lack of concern for their guests. As a travel agent I have lost faith in Royalton and will never book there or recommend them to any clients or any of my fellow agents. It should never take over a month for a resolution.

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