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Sunwing Travel Group Complaints & Reviews

Sunwing Travel Group / Did not get ocean view room

Jun 18, 2019

I stayed at the Royalton white sands montego bay jamaica.I booked a ocean view room at the royalton white sands in Montego Bay Jamaica, through cheap Caribbean online. We arrived to Jamaica from Los angeles and we were not put in an ocean view room. I told the staff there and they did...

Sunwing Travel Group / expiring credit

Jun 17, 2019

Key info = Booking# 1829179 Booked a trip in Sept 2018 - suffered a serious heart attack Oct 19 18 - Cancelled trip Oct 22 18. Trip cost-$4210 - immediate loss of nearly $300 admin cost Summary of issue - Remaining funds were allocated as such- $1957 cash back $1957 voucher that is to expire in...

Sunwing Travel Group / the service at the royalton santa maria

May 30, 2019

I visited the Royalton in july 2018 and it an exceptional experience thanks to our butler Leandy. I decided to return now in may to celebrate my wedding anniversary and it was a complete disaster. We arrived on saturday and we only met our butler Mario on monday late afternoon. (No one...

Sunwing Travel Group / royalton antigua

May 25, 2019

I traveled to the Royalton Antigua from May 9th-16th with the intentions of creating a positive experience whilst staying at the Royalton for the 1st time. I traveled with my significant other (with whom I was celebrating a 2-year anniversary). We arrived back to NYC on May 17th with...

Sunwing Travel Group / cancellation of flight

May 16, 2019

My self and family had booked with SUNWING to fly from Yyt to Yyz, , 4 adults 2 children, , June 12-June 20.. On May 14'got an email that our flights were cancelled, , , we had invested money on our trip with buying tickets and amusement passes, car rental, , , hotels, , , which the majority...

Sunwing Travel Group / damaged stroller on sunwing flight to aruba - april 30 to may 6 - booking no. 102572803

May 08, 2019

Hello Sunwing Representative I am emailing in regards to my damaged stroller from a flight to Aruba on Sunwing airlines (April 30 to May 6th ) flight No. WG 706 / WG 707 (coming home flight No.) Booking reference No.102572803 One wheel of the stroller has clearly been damaged, as you can see...

Sunwing Travel Group / antigua royalton

May 06, 2019

Hello We are scheduled to stay at the Antigua Royalton from May 21 - May 26th... This is our 10 year Anniversary and we were looking for a 5 star resort which looked pristine and with a gorgeous beach. We booked a trip which given being a new property they are offering $ 600 in resort...

Sunwing Travel Group / elite plus service

May 06, 2019

My wife and I flew to Cayo Largo Cuba on April 5 for two weeks. The booking number for our flight was 105839532. We upgraded our seating to Elite Plus by booking seats 15A and 15B both ways at a cost of $200. When we got to Montreal airport, we were told that since we did not speak French...

Sunwing Travel Group / delayed flights

May 05, 2019

May 5th flight 621 from Veradero to Toronto We had a pick up at our hotel Starfish Veradero for 6:45. Bus arrived at 7:30 and took us to the airport for our 10:45 departure. Arriving at the airport we discovered thru numerous converations with other travellers that we would not be flying out...

Sunwing Travel Group / not replying back to me -*as promised*

Apr 24, 2019

Sent an Email Apr 13 Auto-response was "An agent will contact you within the next two business days" I have heard absolutely nothing. I just called your travel group.. they transferred me to a Voicemail box where you state someone will get back to me within 2-3 days... I wanted to speak to a...

Sunwing Travel Group / baggage lost

Apr 18, 2019

left windsor april 4th for varadero returned to windsor april 11th missing one bag missing bag was sent to moncton by mistake..since then total mixup by sunwing.. sending very little info and the info they sent is totally wrong, . been talking to sheldon everyday and all excuses are used...

Sunwing Travel Group / all inclusive vacation package to jamaica

Apr 17, 2019

I am writing `this complaint with a heavy heart! It has been 2weeks since I returned home from my trip and I can't shake my disappointment and sadness!! On march 25, 2019 I flew to montego bay, jamaica on sunwing flt# 354 looking forward to my spring break holiday that I saved for, for 2...

Sunwing Travel Group / flight delay

Apr 01, 2019

Hello, On March 18th I flew from Toronto to Santa Clara via SUNWING. The flight was scheduled to leave at 6:15am. My travel companion and I boarded the plane. Seated at the back and waited as we drove around the tar mat and parked right back where we boarded. The pilot came on the speaker to...

Sunwing Travel Group / customer service

Mar 23, 2019

We just got back from cayo coco. There are many complaints about the property we stayed at but the most important one was at check in. We were a group of four. We checked in together so they took our passports and scanned the first two and gave us a room key. We then were waiting for the...

Sunwing Travel Group / elite plus is not elite

Mar 20, 2019

We have been frequent travelers with Sunwing holidays over the years. We booked a Sunwing vacation package and flew Sunwing Toronto to Ixtapa on February 21/19 on WG223 departing at 3:00 pm.#104848463 1. Upon boarding the Elite Plus passengers were NOT asked to board before anyone else at...

Sunwing Travel Group / customer service

Mar 14, 2019

Sunwing/Nexus We are very dissatisfied with Sunwing and feel that financial reimbursement is in order. Not in the way of travel vouchers. Six of us were to fly out to start our vacation with Sunwing on Saturday Mar 2 @ 10:15 am. The flight was delayed till 6:15 pm due to technical...

Sunwing Travel Group / redemption of voucher

Feb 25, 2019

I was given a voucher for four nights free accommodation. The voucher was with travel smart a part of Sunwing. I have tried in vain for the past three months to redeem this voucher only to have my emails ignored or to be fobbed off by people saying it is not part of their role. I have been...

Sunwing Travel Group / customer service/baggage

Feb 13, 2019

Our family flew in from Winnipeg to Orlando on January 26. Flight/crew was great as always. Waited for our luggage, never came. We were told to go to the other side of the airport??!! Took us an hour to figure out where we needed to fill out a baggage claim! My youngest was getting upset...

Sunwing / travel itinerary - not followed

Feb 04, 2019

A group of l0 (including 1 small child) were travelling to Cancun, Mexico on Jan 23/19 for a destination wedding. Getting there was not the problem, our issue was the return flight. Half way threw the vacation, I received an email message from our travel agent advising that the flight...

Sunwing Travel Group / unethical behavior

Feb 03, 2019

This vacation was "not as advertised". There were many things that went wrong. 1) I booked an excursion with your company in Mexico, ("Mayan Treasures" from the Sunwing office in the Grand Princess Hotel/Riviera Maya) which was falsely advertised by your Sunwing representative. It wa...

Sunwing Travel Group / completely over charge for a cancellation I had cancellation insurance one

Feb 03, 2019

Jan. 18, 2019 To: Mr. Colin Hunter; CEO, Sunwing Vacations, Andrew Dawson; COO, Sunwing Vacations, Stuart Morris; General Manager of Retail, Sunwing Vacations Fax: 416-620-4433 27 Fasken Drive Toronto, Ontario M9W 1K6 Dear Sirs: I am writing to you in order to have the situation I...

Sunwing Airlines / delay of flight and baggage loss

Feb 03, 2019

On Jan27th we were returning from Cuba to Vancouver airport and were delayed do to a drunk being able to pass security and board our flight. Then, the decision was made to have him leave to aircraft and we waited further to find his luggage. We finally arrived at Vancouver airport and...

Sunwing Travel Group / booking 106010833 cayo coco jam 23,2019

Jan 30, 2019

Sent to Sunwing: Dear Sir, On Wednesday January 23, my girlfriend and me we were booked to leave Toronto for Cayo Coco-Cuba with Sunwing flight WG600, Cuba for a week vacation to Memories Beach Caribe resort. Our booking was n. 106010833.We made the check in online and we selected our seat...

Sunwing Travel Group / service

Jan 27, 2019

There are 3 major concerns I'd like to outline during my week vacation. I've attached a detailed outline of my experiences as well as evidence to support my claims. 1. Our direct flight from Montreal to Cancun was extended by more than 3 hours after we landed at the wrong airport more than...

Sunwing Travel Group / delayed flight

Jan 19, 2019

My two daughters and I were travelling from Toronto airport to Cancun Mexico on an all inclusive trip through Sunwing. We were staying at RUI Caribe Cancun. We flew out from Toronto Ontario Airport Dec 30th 2018 and returned Jan 6th 2019. Our flight was to leave Toronto Airport Sunday Dec...

Sunwing Travel Group / billing, elite plus

Jan 18, 2019

We just got back from Naasau... but I need you to about my concerns.. we have used Sunwing for over the past 10 years We have been traveling with another couple each year First, My credit card was billed 3 times, for my portion of the trip ref booking 101755183, invoice 6915423. When I called...

Sunwing Travel Group / airplane no air conditioning, flight changed on way home, and elite plus service, riu hotel service

Jan 18, 2019

Hi I recently went to Punta Cana on Jan. 4, 2019 flight WG406 flight WG407 Jan 11, /12 2019 and there is a few issues. Going to Punta Cana we purchase the Elite Plus in this service we prebook our seats and the luggage is or should be first on and off as well as usually when boarding they...

Sunwing Travel Group / hotel certificate reservation

Jan 11, 2019

I recently stayed at the Royalton St. Lucia. It was overall a wonderful stay, aside from the aggressive sales pitch we were lured in to sitting through (which ate up half of our last day)...with the misleading promise of a free four night stay. Upon receipt of the certificate we realize...

Sunwing Travel Group / elite plus seating and hotel room

Jan 06, 2019

Booking #103896402 Dec 20 - Jan3, 2019 Wanda Flood 1. Flight 251 from Puerta Plata to Winnipeg 2. Emotions Hotel in Puerto Plata 1. I always PURCHASE my Elite Plus seating as I am a larger person and also travel with Oxygen. I usually travel a couple times a season to various destination...

Sunwing Travel Group / sunwing group weddings

Jan 02, 2019

Hello. My son is having a destination wedding in Cancun Mexico, staying at the Royalton Riviera, Jan 14-21 2019 via Sunwing Group Weddings. Booking 101893915 Approximately 28 people are going. Somehow, approximately half the group was split up on 2 different flights with about 2 week...

Sunwing Travel Group / royalton white sands jamaica

Dec 27, 2018

Me and my daughter arrived at Royalton White sands on 12/12/2018, i have been to Jamaica 16 times and this was my first time in Trelawny. We got to our room, couldn't fault the room, although the sink was leaking and there was 2 half drank bottles of water in he fridge (no other drink...

Sunwing Travel Group / price drop guarantee not claim refused

Dec 04, 2018

My booking number is 102669883. Serge and I, Michelle, will be travelling to Cayo Coco from North Bay on Feb. 19th, 2019. We have been travelling to Cuba for the last 7 or 8 years. The first year, we met a very nice couple, Constance and Robert Freitag, whom we've been travelling with to...

Sunwing Travel Group / flight delay of almost 3 hours

Dec 03, 2018

Our flight back from Antiqua - WG117 Antigua (ANU) Toronto (YYZ) November 30, 2018 16:10 20:35, was extensively delayed (arrived in Toronto at 11:35). There was no explanation for this delay. when I got on the plane, one of the flight attendants said it was a crew scheduling issue? Not...

Sunwing Travel Group / customer service

Nov 02, 2018

Flight from Toronto to Montego Bay WG 732 There were multiple issues throughout my vacation from the very start to the very end which I will summarize. And I am sure you will have many complaints from different people about these issues. Delayed flight WG 732 with no instruction as to why, which...

Sunwing / flights, hotel and representatives

Oct 21, 2018

I was quite upset with the service when I arrived in Cuba, the hotel staff were incredible rude and very disrespectful. When I would ask simple answers I would receive the wrong answer along with the staff members yelling at me in Spanish. When I was dropped off they had said that my...

Sunwing Travel Group / the sunwing rep that screwed up my vacation

Oct 13, 2018

To who ever screwed up our trip, We arrived October 4th at 3:00pm, arrived at the hotel around 4:30pm. We approached the check in booth of sunwing table that was set up towards the back of the lobby. We showed of papers and he said we weren't supposed to be at this hotel (Riu Playa...

Sunwing Travel Group / price drop guarantee

Oct 04, 2018

Our group of 4 women booked a trip to Cuba Cayo Coco with the Price Drop Guarantee. Sure enough, the price dropped by $140. I submitted our claim but was denied because the agent said the exact room we had booked was no longer available, therefore our claim was denied. When I submitted our...

Sunwing Travel Group / luggage damage no refund after 8 months of waiting

Oct 02, 2018

This is now getting ridiculous, your company destroyed my suitcase, Apr 18, 22:12 ADT Hi Deanna, thank you for your communication. I am sorry to learn of the damages to your bag. In moving forward, please go ahead and purchase a replacement bag. Please submit to me the original receipt...

Sunwing Travel Group / voucher 36297 randy and cindy friesen

Sep 20, 2018

My husband and I have been a happy Sunwing clients for over 18 years of travel. We booked a Trip to Mazatlán in February 2017 to take my father in laws ashes to Mazatlán to be spread where my mother in laws ashes were spread.. that was his dying wish. Unfortunately we had to cancel the trip...

Sunwing Travel Group / royalton white sands/blue water trelawny/montego bay, jamaica - poor sales/customer service

Sep 15, 2018

We are planning to hold a milestone birthday event at your Montego Bay (Trelawny), Jamaica resort in 2019 in which circa 150 guests will be looking to stay at your resort, flying in from all over the world. Each time we phone the hotel to speak to an event/reservation manager we keep...