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Holiday Systems International (HSI) — hsi payment for using your vacation rental

In 2018 I used HSI's cash exchange program agreeing to sell HSI the use of our vacation timeshare unit for...

Holiday Systems International — Liars, theirs and fear

I was sexually assaulted at a villas sol, guanacaste, costa rica‼️‼️‼️a resort sponsored by hsin to do one...

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I am a current employee of HSI and let me tell Craig Morganson is the most disresectful, degrading, arrogant...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Holiday Systems International — Travel Agency Scam

We have just returned from Grand Mayan vacation. We made the mistake to attend the Grupo Myan introduction to...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Holiday System InternationalSales


HSI is raping innocent tourists on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico with their "Taste of Paradise" package.

Key points tourists at Grand Mayan Riviera Maya & Mayan Palace should know:

1. Free breakfast and 1 hour tour of hotel is a scam to lure you into a day-long sales event. They will frankly lie to you to coerce you to sign. If you do decide to go, DO NOT TAKE YOUR CREDIT CARD because it will be swipe at some point.

2. HSI sales agents will arrive to harrass you after you have said "No Thank You" a hundred times to RCI sales people. HSI sales agents will lie to you to falsely represent their product as follows:

-100 year term of membership is for 25 years on the actual contract you sign. You can renew it in 25 years for whatever price they set in 25 years $$$, if they are still in business of course.

-Their sales office is at luxurious and beautiful resorts, Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace; however, these resorts, in addition to all Grupo Mayan resorts, Grand Luxe, and others, are excluded from the travel program. People naturally assume that they can use their membership at the resort where they are staying and buying a travel membership, but this is a false assumption.

-There is a $15-40 booking fee every time you reserve with HSI. Just one more fee that is not disclosed.

-After you pay the $6000 enrollment fee, you pay $99 per year for membership. They bad-mouth RCI, but RCI, a more established and older company, charges $400 for 5 years or $80/year. When you add up the hidden charges, HSI is more expensive

-After you sign and pay your $[protected] membership enrollment fee, this amount is non-refundable. If you sign, pay, but then decide to cancel within hours or days, they will tell you that you can cancel. Yes, you can cancel, but you do not get your $6000 enrollment fee back. After all, on the contract you signed where it says your enrollment fee is not refundable, and the sales agents will shove the signed contract into your face. **THERE IS NO 5 DAY RESCIND PERIOD FOR HSI**

-You are still paying your maintenance fees when you use your weeks every year. Thus, you are not reducing or saving your maintenance fees. You are just paying for them when you book your weeks. If they promise to rent your unit and give you $1700/week, they will dedcut $650 for maintenance fees; however, none of these transactions are disclosed in their contract, nor would they put it in writing.

-The burn weeks for $100 for 1 day or 1 week is basically a last-minute deal. If you can wait until last minute to book something and you have a lot of time to spend on their website or by phone, you might be able to get something for $100. This benefit is not any different from purchasing last minute deals through RCI, II, or other websites.

-They deserve the award of the year for having the most arrogant, unprofessional, rude, condescending, and sneakiest staff. How can they expect to earn the trust of people when they blatantly lie and twist the truth to their clients? If they really want people to buy into their company, then they should give them the facts, period. If they were selling a great product, then they wouldn't have to trick you by falsely representing their product.

-The small gifts are not worth wasting your whole day with these people. They will spend about $50 on you for your whole day. That's about $7 per hour-are we really that cheap? Make sure you pack your lunch and a co0ler because they won't give you anything after your free breakfast.

In conclusion, Hospitality System International (HSI) and it's "Taste of Paradise" package is just another travel scam on the Mexican Riviera that you should avoid. Keep your eyes open for the next Class Action Lawsuit against them, or they may mysteriously go out of business in few years after they've taken your money.

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    • Vida Vacations Nov 02, 2010

      Dear Viajes Lopez,

      We have been notified about your comment.

      Even though we are a separate and independent company to HSI, we ask that you allow us to intervene by forwarding your information to them. In that way, the corresponding area will be able to provide you guidance that will help you make the most out of of your vacation package with them.

      Please let them reach out to you and contact us at [protected]. Once we obtain your information, they will be able to provide you personalized assistance.

      We thank you for your time.

      Karen Rose
      Customer Support Representative.

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    • Fr
      Frank K Nov 09, 2010

      I believe your comments part from or no base...
      how can you tell "fact" of all the prcess of their sales process.. cause you are giving us exemples of people they boungth & didn´t
      tnks. to god there are happy owner like us that we have an other point of view

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    • Vi
      VianneyC Aug 02, 2013

      Timeshare scams are HUGE problem in Mexico. We purchased a Royal Elite Timeshare last year. We were promised all kinds of opportunity, while they kept serving us cold Coronas. Between HSI, RCI, and Royal Elite it seems that this is all a scam. We initially made three payments of $800, and now after Royal Elite has made a mistake with their collections back in the end of 2008, Monterey Financial has been threatening to send me to court to recover the unpaid portion ever since. Royal Elite is almost impossible to contact. This has become a huge pain, and a troubling financial burden. These are more complaints made on the Royal Elite timeshare resorts:

      We will not go down without a fight. We are working now with PROFECO and will continue to haunt them

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