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Below all my complaint and they are not even responding. I sent emails to ceo and customer care but no answer since 9/28/17

TO THE CEO 11/17/17

I have no choice but to write directly to you. At least 50 emails backwards forward including at 10 I never received reply.

PLEASE REFUND my money of 144.73 DOLLARS because I never received confirmation on booking.
I gave up on sending emails to because they never answered to my 10 emails since October. It was not even rude or offensive. so I called And the person told me that I have to deal with the hotel that charged. Well never sent me the confirmation and Amel the very first person I talked to told me that because the email address was spelled wrong [protected] and not [protected] and it had BOUNCED back so that's why I NEVER RECEIVED IT.

I understand you are the largest online company and that you have to meet the profit but in my business as well if I make a mistake I will pay for my mistake.

Here are below all the evidence of emails. The emails went through as [protected] and [protected] As a courtesy they could have called me which email they should send the email again if they saw it bounced back.

Also contacted the hotel today and the manager told me that they will not refund me the money because is the one responsible for a confirmation.

Also I have been booking on I have a music academy and I have reservation for 9 rooms at Madison Hilton. You can see we r ongoing customers for years with your company not to mention that last year made 1600 dollars charge on Wyndham hotel accidentally advertising wrong deal and the hotel took my money out. It took me a whole week and lots of embarrassment from other company when my account empties out for the wrong reason from mistake. It ruined my xmas holiday as well because I didn't feel like going to that hotel again for your mistake!

So I think 145 dollars especially not my mistake please refund my money. I work hard for my money already spent at least 2-3 hrs on sending you repeated emails AND I DID NOT USE THE SERVICE NOT GET A CONFIRMATION OF ANY KIND SO PLEASE REFUND ASAP. CHRISTMAS IS CKMING AND I NEED MY MONEY.

Thank you for your attention in this matter

Pls let me know where I can send you the proof of statement proof of phone calls ets

Hello Magdolna Berezvai,

We received your request to cancel reservation [protected] at Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Santa Maria and contacted the property for you.

As soon as we receive their response we'll share it with you. You can always review the terms and conditions in your confirmation email or on our website.

There was indeed a tipo in the email address you provided [protected]@cemala.con. That is why you did not receive the confirmation email. We also sent you a confirmation via text message 27 Aug 2017.

If you need anything else, we're always here.

Best wishes,


Nov 28, 2017

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