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Best Buy / best buy manager

1 Saugus, MA, United States Review updated:

I recently purchased a 40 inch Samsung Led tv from best buy, Upon setting up the new system, I encountered some minor problems during the inital setup. I visit the Saugus Store with the Tv manual and surround sound manual and spoke to several sales assoicates about the best way to resolve the setup problems I was encountering, Instead I was told that if I wanted to resolve my problems The store had a service that handled the installation and setup for a fee of hundred and ninety nine dollars for setting up a home theater surround system
I explained to them that I had everything working except for the surround sound and could they show me where I had crossed the connections.
The store manager told me that it I wanted to resolve my problems, I had to purchase there plan for a hundred and ninety nine dollars. I just spent 2, 000 dollars purchasing the product and you would think they would take a few minutes to try and assist in resolving a minor problem.
Instead I returned the product the next day and Best Buy just lost another customer and a sale. I repurchased the same product from another retailer and not only was I able to complete the setup without any problems, the sales associates took the time to answer any questions that I had

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  • Gn
      22nd of Aug, 2009
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    @a l mclaughlin

    You had a problem setting up your new tv and surround sound system at your house. How can you expect someone to go through troubleshooting (the system at your house) with you at the store? I'm sure the salesman went over the basics like "plugging the red cord into the red slot and the blue one into the blue slot" and when that didn't resolve it offered to have a skilled technician sent to your house. You can't know it's a "minor" problem like you say until the problem is diagnosed and resolved. And the only way to correctly diagnose and resolve it would be to have a tech sent out or (usually less successfully) assessed over the phone. Since best buy does NOT offer phone support the salesman correctly recommended the right service according to BBY.

    Bottom Line ----> You got lucky that it was a minor problem like crossing the cords and such. But what if it was a different problem like a loose solder connection on the surround sound system's mainboard? Some electronics come defective out of box. That's why it is always better from a technician's perspective to actually have a "hands on" approach to diagnosing / resolving technical problems rather than an untrained or knowledgeable description of them .

  • Al
      8th of Nov, 2009
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    It amazes me how one thing goes wrong, and everyone throws the "They just lost a customer" flag up.

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