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I am complaining about the late fees that they charged me on my most recent statement, claiming that I didnt pay for the month of August. I call them and told them that my account in fact says that I paid them $50 for the said month. I gave them the date when the money was cleared and the check number that I paid them with. I also provided them all my check information. They told me that they'll fix everything in 14 days. I thought everything way fine already until they told me that they're not gonna be able to take the late fee charges off of my credit card because it is I who failed to put the account number on my check when I paid at a best buy store. first of, I never put credit card numbers on my checks, I never did in the past and it never caused me trouble. second, I paid directly to best buy. I was there, and I physically handed them my check. If anything, they should have told me that I had to write down my credit card number. I hate making accusations, especially creating conspiracy theories, but this is exactly why people become leary of big businesses because we feel that no matter how much we try to be honest and of good character, people with money will always find a way to dupe us, so they'll make more money at our expense.

bad business practices

I had the repair department of the St, Catharines Future Shop store actually go in and remove my hard drive and have it destroyed. The claim by future shop was that according to my warranty my hard drive should have been backed up. The warranty says nothing about the removal of any part of my computer. Future Shop blamed Apple Canada for removing my hard drive but Apple Canada has told me that not only is that not their policy but they can find no record of my computer being repaired. All this because I had lines on the screen. I have found out that Future Shop does have an internal policy regarding repairs that nullifies their warranty agreement. If someone tells you to read the warranty, it is totally worthless. My suggestion to all who have complaints against Future Shop/Best Buy, is to submit an on-line complaint with the consumer protection branch of the ministry of consumer affairs. It will take five minutes and they will investigate the matter for you. Nothing will be done until enough complaints have been submitted. If you would like to e-mail me your complaint, I would be more than happy to take them to Peter Kormos' office personally. His office is in my home town. I will hand them over to them myself. Peter Kormos is a board member of the Consumer Protection Board for Ontario.

racist manager

To whom which may concern:

3 months ago my brother and my dad went to Best Buy store in Bellevue and looking to buy an iPad. The associate bring up the transaction. When they pay for it with the Best Buy gift card then the manager of the store pass by then told the associate stop the transaction. The manager then running somewhere and leaving them standing there for 10 minutes. When he came back he told them he calling the police and they will be arrest. Other employees at the store were suprising because their manager act. My dad and my brother walk out the store and go to the Home Depot next door.

Later on, 4 police car arrived and the manger went with them to the Home Depot. They calling on the public speaker to looking for my dad and brother. Finally, the police took them out in front of Home Depot, pushing them againt police car. Police took their ID and start writing trespass notice. My brother ask police reason why and police didn't answer. Police told them to shut up and stand around them like they were violent criminal. There alot of shopper watching and police and best by manager humiliate my dad and my brother.

I'm arrive at the scene and asking police why they detained them, police told me not to interfere with their business.

Police finally finish write up the trespass and ask them to sign. They refuse to sign and they gave them the notice and pushing us to leave or they will be arrest. There was four police car at the scene and only one best buy manager was there. The best buy manager point his finger to my dad and brother while telling police his story. He looking at my dad and my brother like they were tetorrist.

When they came home, my dad was so depressing and humiliate, he got the history of high blood pressure and he had to go see the doctor after the incident. He took a week of from work and couldn't eat and sleep.

My brother contact Best buy customer service and didn't get any answer from them. They even refuse to talk to him.

Yesterday, Aug 14, me, my sister and my mom went to the same store and looking to buy ipad. The associate bring out one and we ask for another one. They refuse to sell 2 ipad and when I ask why he radio the manager. They have more than a hundred ipad instock at that time. The same guy manager came out and not even talking to us, he saw us and going somewhere. We then leaving the store and I saw the manager was stalking us when we walk thought our car.

Police stoped us on the road and asking ID for everybody in the car which is four people. Police told me that best buy manager ask police to write up trespass notice for every one of us. Even for another brother sleeping in the car while we went to best buy store.

Police told us they just doing their job and we should go seeking some legal advice for best buy action.

Now my whole family were humiliated and we're all depressed.

We're customer not criminals or thiefs. The way best buy manager treating our family were so violent our civil rights and racist based on us are Vietnamese. We went to their store to buy the product not to steal it and we paying for it! Even police agreed with me that it not make senses for us to get the trespass and best buy manager using his giant corporation power to again us: Vietnamese people.

The reasons for trespass written: disorderly conduct or caused a disturbance.

I'm seeking for legal advice from law firm, we're willing to pay for legal expenses to sue that best buy store and their manager.

We're later went to a different store and buy 4 ipad all together. We have the receipt with 4 ipad on one transaction. It showing proof that manager at best buy Bellevue are racist, violated our rights and wrongfully doing business practice.

We're seeking to dispute the trespass notice and contact media, local news. This story had been posted within Vietnamese's online community. This won't be looking good for best buy and their stock holder. If customer no longer shopping at best buy, soon it will follow "Circuit city".


Nguyen's Family.

  • Ju
    juicevalencia Aug 19, 2010

    Yeah Ok whatever dude. So, I guess you weren't reselling these Ipads at a higher price on Ebay right? But thats besides the point. How do you define that the manager was rascist? Maybe he just could not stand your horrible grammar.

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best buy credit card

Warning - never use best buy hsbc credit card!!! In october, I purchased a television at best buy using their...

do not even consider geek squad (best buy) for repairing your computer

Dell inspiron 8600. 1mb ram, 60 gb 7200 rmp hard drive. Error message said missing "dll" was not found when I tried to print. After a restart it would boot up to where the "welcome screen" would normally appear & then the screen would go black.

Geek squad (Best buy) charged $180.78; took 13 days to do nothing; fixed nothing and actually gave the computer back unrepaired & worse than when it went in. They retreived no data; made contact by e-mail when my computer was in for repair; did not give timely status reports (I had to initiate status contact); lost the computer at one point (& when found could not tell me the status of repairs); tried to sell me a new hard drive but could not tell me specifically what was wrong with the "bad" hard drive; e-mailed me that the computer was fixed and ready for pick up when it was still unrepaired and sent an e-mail that if I was not satisfied then I should take the computer back to geek squad (Best buy) or take it to a certified dell repair shop.

Comp usa charged $151.54; took 10 days; retreived data; verified the hard drive was good and fixed the computer that geek squad (Best buy) could not & did not fix. (Same computer, same hard drive & same problem.)

Dont even consider geek squad (Best buy) for repairing your computer! Truly lousy and unprofessional computer repair service!!

  • Sa
    Sandra59 Jul 12, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I see things haven't changed in 10 years. I had a very similar experience with Best Buy's Geek Squad, and when I complained to their corporate offices, I was basically told that all customers think they are right and that they trust their repair guys to be the best, so if there's a problem, its my own fault. In 10 years, I've NEVER AGAIN set foot in a Best Buy and I REGULARLY tell people about my experience so as to steer them away from using these rip-off artists. I've been very effective in that endeavor, by the way! And will continue to do so. I still have alot of stolen cash to make up for thanks to these idiots...

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  • Ma
    matlock1981 Sep 14, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well...i'll tell you one thing right now i am a computer repair technician and COMPUSA (I thought they were out of business) charging $150.00 for 10 days of troubleshooting and repair?...That's ridiculous! I would have charged you probably if not $30-$40 dollars less and had it done in less than 2 days!

    If you ever need computer service and support i am always available and i get it done faster than these idiots!...

    drop me a line at [email protected] if ever you come across an issue like this again!

    I wouldn't even trust these best buy/compusa guys to take out the trash...let alone work on my computer!...

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credit card charged no shipment

Order # FX24307624 placed on 6/22/10. Received e mail that order was processed, on 6/24 received e mail that...

repeated repairs by geek squad

I purchased an itouch from best buy. I have had it replaced one, and now repaired by geek squad three times, and it is in for the forth time in the past month! They won't replace it with another itouch as they claim that because they already did a rapid replace with a different one, even though it was faulty, they have not replace the same unit 3 times.
So, even though this is now the 4th time I have had to go in, they use tactics like claiming the same unit has to be repaired more than twice. I didn't tell them to replace the original unit, that was their problem... I have been in 4 times now!!!
Do not trust geek squad for repairs or buy a warranty from them.

  • Co
    CommonSense1606 Jun 19, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Check your state's lemon laws. Some states have laws that if a product requires more than three repairs for the same issue within a specified time frame, the seller must give you a new one. Keep track of the serial number so you can tell if they are replacing it or just giving you back the same one.

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  • Lu
    lumpialover Oct 14, 2010

    if you post this in the geek squad forums on bestbuy's website ( ) someone will help you.

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tele sales rep for best buy mobile

On 04/24/10 I ordered a cool Sprint phone using the web: which it was shipped and received by 04/26/10. Such order was a Super Mistake, since this stupid company just wasted my time by sending me this smart phone that I was told it was not a smart phone and that I could order it without changing my plan. After the receipt of my cell I called to activate it, but the stupid CSR (Customer Service Rep) advised me of changing my plan to a more expensive plan based on this phone's features of a smart phone (smart ### phone, I say), I raised hell and ask to speak with a manager. After a long wait the manager desided to call me and explained to me the same b s as mentioned. I told him my frustration of a bad order since I was not to give up on upgrating my plan for a higher and pocket inconvenient plan. We are still in recession and I am not willing to spend $170.00 for the up of the plan for 2 years. I sent them the below e-mail and still waiting for a response since I got tired and returned the cell for their very incompetent service. See below...
Cancel my order! Thanks for wasting my time. I ordered this phone and now I can not activate it without changing my plan, you should train your dumb sales reps to learn how to make business and let the customer know about any possible changes before activating the phone after you ship it out to avoid a waste of time canceling such order and returning phones that should have never been shipped without a full explanation of possible changes to my existing plan.

I will open up a claim in the BBB to investigate your company for hiring very incompetent sales reps and management that care only for the customer's pocket.

Give me a call if you have questions about this complaint. I returned this phone today by FeDX. Expect to get a refund as soon as u get back your phone. I will post this complaint in the complaints board website. Thanks for nothing!!!
Call me!

late fee charges

I purchased a Television in December of 09 and opened a credit card thru Best Buy at the time of purchase with a 0% interest if paid in full within 36 months. The minimum payments have been around $15 per month and in Januarary I paid $129 . Then my next bill was due Feb 28th and I paid the bill online on March 1st ( one day late), then my March bill was due sunday March 28th so I paid it online on Monday March 29th. When I went online March 29th I noticed 2 late charges of $39 each for the Feb payment and the current March payment. One day late on 2 payments and $78 is telling me that HSBC is trying to make money off me becuase they offered the 0% interest for 3 years, not my fault. Most credit cards and lenders offer a "grace" period, but this sorry, worthless, greedy, terrible company apparently does not. I have called them and emailed them about this and they are not willing to budge. If you are thinking about getting a HSBC card I would strongly suggest you look at other cards if available. Once my card is paid off I am canceling it and cutting it up and never using HSBC again!!!

high price / very low quality

I recieved a Toshiba Laptop from Best Buy for Christmas...not being a very computer literate person, I used it maybe 3-4 hours just cheking my emails...within 2 months, a computer that cost $1, 000.00 lasted just 60 days...Best buy did take it in to repair, returned it to me saying it's home and it wasn't...back to Best buy...who, by the way has 14 day return policy...that tells you how much they stand by what they sell...Walmart has a much better return policy and I will never buy another thing from Best Buy...Back to the computer...then they tell me it will need to be mailed to California...they replaced the hard drive...can't believe it needed that... I have bought Dell laptops from pawn shops for $100.00 that lasted 5 years and I have passed them to my grandkids and are still working...this Toshiba should last 10 years or more without problems..I very disappointed and right now my laptop is still sitting at Best Buy...Toshiba can't seem to come up with a recovery disk...I have asked Best Buy for a new replacement...not a refund...they are still jacking me around. I may have to call in the bad boys for court. No more Toshiba, No more Best Buy! Hope it was worth my $10, 000.00 per year business they have now lost. I will warn everyone I meet.

  • outfctrl Jun 26, 2010

    The best advice I can give you is never buy a computer from a store that sells washing machines, vacuum cleaners, towels and other non-electronic stuff.

    Buy a computer from a computer store like COMPUSA.

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In October of 2007 my car was delivered to the Car Audio install bay at Best Buy of Mt View California. The goal was to install a simple hands-free syetm to my radio and to suggest a modification to the sub-woofer portion of the audio system. Other suggestions were made along the way which seemed reasonable given the apparent professionalism of the technician Mark Brasil.

As time went on he missed the deadlines he proposed repeatedly. The interior of my car had been dismantled so I had a choice of either taking my car and try to get it reassembled elsewhere or to hope hat Mark could get it to the state he had promised.

In the end neither of the two were available to me. I had to make numerous demands to from in store managers such as Tony and Santiago to the Corporate Consumer Affairs division just to get it in one piece again. While it may sound like the end to a long and ugly dilemma it was just the beginning.

Corporate demanded me to take my car off their premises and would not provide me with proof of service delivered. The car had serious damages to the interior and the engine alternator, the electrical system and cooling system. All had been tampered with by the technician. Currently they refuse to pay for damages and for expense I have had restoring the car to a functionally and mechanically safe condition.

I have had to spend many thousands of dollars to compensate for these damages and have not seen the end yet. More problems surface with regard to the electrical system on a regular basis that are related to the work Mark had performed. On top of that Mark was not even certified to perform most of the work he did and provided services that Best Buy refused to warranty. It is a nightmare.

Bottom line is make sure you have a solid agreement in place before any work begins. Set clear expectations so that failures will become evident sooner than later. And note consequences that will happen should those deadlines not be met. Take plenty of photos along the way to corroborate the work and have others available to verify the issues.

Best buy is a very difficult company to work with even when the local district attorney has been notified and their wrongs are clearly evident. Beware of strangers bearing gifts.


manager of the store

After being a platinum member for best buy for 5 years my husband bought a laptop,.. An hp that didn't have...

sending me new, low quality drive

I bought a Dell PC from Best Buy and the hard drive failed in less than two months. On returning to BB I found that they only covered the first 30 days and that I would have to contact Dell. Dell is now sending me a new drive. They use Seagates, which are not a very good drive, IMHO. I am wondering if it's just the Best Buy Dells which are now cheaply made and no longer high quality, or are all Dells this way? I will not deal with Best Buy again, nor will I buy a Dell. I'm very disappointed in both.

bad customer service

Traded up my sons ipod nano for an ipod touch at Best Buy in Loveland after having continual problems. Touch lasted less than a year. Took it to the store to exchange because it wasn't working. Didn't have my receipt so the cashier pulled it up in their system with my phone number. She had me verify my information in the signature pad for credit cards then typed the info into the computer. She then grabbed a new one and said it was eligible for a rapid exchange. Unable to ring the new one up in their system she called somebody over who said that even though it was a rapid exchange it had to be sent to Apple and they wouldsendme a new one in a few weeks. After 3 weeks called the 888-Bestbuy number and they were unable to find any info on it. She called the store and spoke to someone and found out the ipod is sitting in the store because they claim it was dropped off and they had no customer info!!! They are willing to send it out for SERVICE today but it will still take a few weeks! Spoke with Tim who identified himself as an asst manager and then said after I vented my frustrations that he is really like the secretary to the managers. I asked to speak to the GM he said he was not in I asked for the store manager who put a Geek Squad agent on the phone. I told her I didn't wish to speak with her I wanted the manager. After a couple rounds of picking the phone up and putting it back on hold Chris got on the phone. He was cocky and unhelpful!They are still refusing to give me the name of GM! Please don't support BEST BUY LOVELAND! They want to blame me for their untrained employees and to think the employee that messed up has the authority to handle money!

whole experience of buying a laptop at bestbuy has left me depressed and exhausted

The whole experience of buying a laptop at Bestbuy has left me depressed and exhausted. I went in to fix a laptop but was quoted $250 for it. I then bought a new compaq for only $365 on sale, but had to wait till the next day to take it home because geek squad had to remove the pre-installed software. I then returned the computer 7 days later because the touch pad was freezing up intermittently. I had to prove that it was freezing up first by sitting there surfing the net for hours until it froze. I had to come back in 5 days to pick up a replacement because none were in stock. My replacement turned out to be a dusty floor model from another city(the employee at the service counter tried to tell me it was new at first). I still took the unit because I really like the computer and it was a great deal(the manager sold it to me as a open model after I told her it was a used model, and she also threw in a two year Geek sqad protection for free but the price came out to be about the same). I was very happy with the computer for 8 days, then the touch pad froze. I had to surf the net at Bestbuy for an hour before it froze so I can then return it. I told one of the supervisors about my ordeal and he offered me $50 off on a Gateway for $699 or $649 after the discount. I was happy about my purchase for 6 days, then the CD drive started to make a loud noise. I tried to exchange it but was told that it's supposed to be like that by Geek squad. I was not happy at all for being taken as a fool so I asked for the service manager Bob. I showed Bob the video I took of the computer making the loud noise, but he simply said that it was not making any noise now and he can't take the exchange. I told him that this was my third laptop that didn't work and I was very unhappy. He said that he will do a stress test for me for free($75 usual charge)but it will take over night and if it comes back damaged like I've stated then he will allow me to exchange it(he did this because I was disturbing the flow of business now-to put it mildly). I came in the next day and had to wait two more hours because the test was not complete yet. I was then told that I was right and was permitted to exchange the laptop. My instinct told me to just take my money and run away and never look back, but the nice manager(Alex)who gave me the $50 off was called over by customer service to speak to me. After telling him what I had to go though just to get the exchange or return he told me he would give me $60 off on another brand of my choice if he can. He couldn't do it on a Toshiba I liked, or an HP that was out of stock(I told him he should pull it from the shelf), but he did offer me the $60 discount on a newer but slower HP model. I took the deal for $890 after tax and with a two year service plan(Geek squad takes better care of customers with a plan-I witnessed). I just hope this one won't have any defects.

Bestbuy can make my buying experience better by selling better products. Why are all the laptops damaged or defective? I came back within the 14 days period all three times, why was exchanging a product so hard and so humiliating? If not for some of the employees and Alex the supervisor, I would have left Bestbuy angry and without a computer. Re-train or get rid of the service supervisor Bob, who made me feel real small and insignificant. For the amount of time I've spent and the aggravation I went throughout in buying a laptop for way too much and not even the one I wanted, the cost for shopping at Bestbuy was simply way too high.

  • No
    notnicetopointfingers Mar 01, 2010

    Laptops have problems. I think people really take the price of laptops for granted nowadays. If you buy a $299-$349 dollar laptop that would have cost $2000 4 years ago. You are gonna get what you paid for. A computer should seen as an investment. It's like buying a SUV and expecting to get 40 miles per gallon. If it's not your first laptop, then try to shop for quality (reliability) over quantity (price)

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  • Hu
    HuntressMinerva Nov 10, 2010

    They could of just returned it for you but if they didn't take the time to make sure it was actually defective you would of been charged a restocking fee. Think of how much time they gave to you instead of just making you pay the restocking fee and be done with you. They did you a favor.

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this store is unprofessional, unscrupulous, and unsafe

After purchasing a printer from the Washington, DC Best Buy at 4500 Wisconsin Avenue NW, an employee from the store accessed my account information and made several charges to my account. After realizing this, I spoke with a manager at the store. The manager did NOTHING to help me. This store is unprofessional, unscrupulous, and unsafe. If you want to protect your account and avoid fraud, DO NOT SHOP at the Best Buy in Tenelytown on 4500 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Washington DC.

  • No
    notnicetopointfingers Mar 08, 2010

    Best Buy employees do not have access to any account information from customers. Perhaps your card (I assume you payed with plastic) got skimmed. Which case, it happens, this is why Best Buy provides card readers so you don't have to let it leave your sight. Else if you payed with your BBY Credit Card, bring the actual card with you and stop being lazy and typing your social security number on the key pad.

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reward points stolen

I bought over $3, 000 worth of electronics from BestBuy.I had trouble activating my account. By the time the...

customer service / unauthorized disposal of personal property

I am currently experiencing a very disheartening issue at the Baton Rouge Best Buy Location near the Mall of Louisiana. I apologize for the long length of this issue but I feel that is of heavy importance that I articulate the entire experience in a detailed manner so that the situation is fully understood. I wanted to surprise my husband for his birthday by getting his GMC Yukon audio fully functioning. We were robbed over a year ago and parts were missing. I made an appointment for the installation. I was asked to pay beforehand. I explained that I would feel more comfortable having someone inspect the vehicle first so that I could get a more realistic estimate as well as be sure that the work could be in fact performed. I knew that damage had most likely been done by the thieves but was not sure how much. My husband is the one who usually deals with everything auto related so I knew I would need help figuring out what would be needed. While the technician examined the car I remembered the importance of a working alarm system for the protection of that equipment. Rather than have him double back and inspect again the existing car alarm I made sure to go back into the inspection area and request that he also inspect the car alarm because we would need to get that repaired as well. I made very clear to him that I was unaware of the parts necessary as well as the extent of damage and would be relying on his opinion as to what I needed. He said that he may not have time to add an alarm but would inspect the vehicle and then let me know if it was needed and if he had time. After inspecting the vehicle he came out and said, "Ok we can go ahead and do the alarm, what kind do you need? One with automatic start?" I assumed that with that statement I must no longer have an alarm or it neede to be replaced. I assumed the thieves took the parts or damaged them completely. He had me look at the alarms in order to choose one. I told him that I would have to take the less expensive alarm because the prices were just adding up. I had previously suspected that only parts would be needed to repair the existing alarm. Had I known that my pre-existing and much higher quality alarm presently in the car was fully functional I would have never agreed to install a less comparable one. In addition to this I was told or asked whether or not it would be ok to remove my old alarm and dispose of it when it still had value. I later found out that it only required the button push key and that the issues could be diagnosed and resolved for a much cheaper price. The installer did not inform me that I would be charged an additional fee to remove my already functional alarm. He just did so. At the time I was simply relying on and trusting in his expertise. I feel as though my my lack of knowledge was used to take advantage of me. When I arrived at home to surprise my husband he was initially excited until he inspected the work. He turned the sound on to notice that the front 2 speakers were not functioning. He then looked at the new keys and said why did they give you these, they are the wrong ones for our alarm system. I told him that I asked the young man to see if I needed one and he installed this one. My husband was furious after finding out that after an inspection of the alarm system that I was told none of this pertinent information and his high quality alarm was deactivated. It was not until he went to the site that he was told that it was actually removed and trashed. He asked to speak with a manager after getting nowhere with the initial salesman. He was joined by two other salesmen as well as the manager Greg Newman. All of the men talked to my husband simultaneously causing him to feel threatened. They cut him off and would leave back in forth and speak amongst themselves continuously changing the details of there roles as well as store policy. One of the salesmen told my husband that I was lying to him and I simply walked in knowledgeable and requested a stereo and alarm with no need for an inspection. All of these tactics made us feel humiliated and insulted and as if they were being deceitful. They then told him that since he was not there he did not know what he was talking about, even though we spoke extensively about my discussion with the salesman. I then spoke over the phone to the salesman as well as the manager. When speaking with the manager he refused to listen to my explanation of relying on feedback from his employee in order to make an educated decision. At no time was I disrespectful to Mr. Newman. He however decided that he was done listening to my explanation of the ordeal and simply put down the phone and walked away. My husband picked up the phone and said that he just walked away without evening making sure that a resolution was reached. My husband then informed that salesman that he was not satisfied with this service and that he wanted to contact a supervisor over Mr. Newman. They refused to give him any phone number for customer service. Then as my husband was walking over and asking a floor associate for the same information, Mr. Newman told him that even if customer service agreed to resolve the issue that he would not touch our vehicle or allow any of his employees to touch the vehicle and that nobody from customer service could make him do it. Then as my husband was walking away the other salesman continue to tell my husband repeatedly that I was a liar and that if he was not finished there that he was ready to handle it (basically he was challenging my husband to fight with him). My husband left the store and we immediately called customer service. I have never experienced anything along these lines. My husband was threatened, teamed up on, verbally insulted, and humiliated in the middle of our neighborhood BestBuy. It is incredible!!! Customer service is of little help at this point. We simply wanted the front speakers repaired, the low grade alarm returned and our alarm back initially. After experiencing this it feels as though we would have to be entitled to something more if not for the sake of our dignity. At this point we were contacted and told that most of the parts of our old alarm system were dug out of the trash (it's now inoperable do to the method of extraction and disposal) and is waiting for us at the front of the store because they want us no where near the department as if we are horrible people. The hostile BestBuy employees are continuing to add fuel to the fire by refusing to deal with customer service. Frankly I am afraid to return. If they feel comfortable enough to speak to my husband who is a rather large guy in the way that they did there is no way that I am setting foot in there ever again. At this point there is still no resolution. No one with any actual authority has contacted us. Someone from customer service said we could go back to the same location only and repair the speakers. That’s not happening! And we were offered a $100 gift card which is only a 5th of the cost of our old alarm and is not even half of what I had to pay for the new alarm that we supposedly needed.

  • Cc
    CCcoper Dec 02, 2009

    I bought a $500 Sony camera at Best Buy that broke within six months. When it broke again (the same way) 12 days outside of the one year warranty, Best Buy refused to stand behind it or have it fixed again.

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  • He
    Heremin Dec 09, 2009

    I will never shop here again. Their return policy is ridiculous. I bought a $50.00 charger for my digital camera becuse I thought I lost mine, well I find my original charger and take the one I bought from Best Buy back. Unfortunately, I lost the receipt but the charger was in the original packaging which was untouched. These people wouldn't take it back or even give me store credit! Even clothing stores will let you exchange an iteam.

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  • Ka
    Kathy Stein Dec 09, 2009

    I purchase a lap top battery charger at Best Buy on Ridge Rd in Greece. The charger did not work - the receipt was lost. The manager said sorry nothing we can do, yes I do know the charger is new but that is our store policy. I called Best Buy in Henrietta, complainet about the manager. Customer Service said we are sorry, the manager should have exchange the battery charge since it was brand new. Customer Service told me to come right in and pick up another one. I will never go to Best Buy in Greece on Ridge Rd. Try the Best Buy in Henerietta. Customer Service was awesome.

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  • Ze
    zebra kitty Dec 09, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They will accept a bank statement in leiu of a receipt.

    Being a popular electronics store, they have to have some proof of purchase to avoid buying back any possible stolen merchandise (or things bought cheaper at another store).

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  • Fo
    Foller Jan 21, 2010

    Bestbuy Greek Squad should be changed to unreliable tv broke 6 months ago and the tech that was supposed to come fix it has cancelled on me 4 times...everytime you ask to speak to supersivor they can never be found... Never get a warranty from them..dont waste your time...there is there warranty places out there that are just as good with better service.

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  • Fa
    faint Jan 22, 2010

    That sounds about right for Best Buy. Now that they have little competition, they feel they can do whatever they want with no recourse.

    Do you have any consumer rights advocates on your local news channels or newspapers? I would go to them. Maybe the threat of bad press will shame them into doing the right thing. Good luck!

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  • Ki
    killbinvol3 Jul 17, 2010

    wow, I returned a 3dtv today and they told me i could not get refunded for the geek squad ste up, holy ### the mother###er did nothgin in my house.
    when I complained, the Manager Brian, called me a liar and called the cops on me, holy ###, in Greece, NY. I have spent thousands of dollars in that ###ing ### hole, this is the second time they have done something ###ed up to me, and thats why wallmart will get my money from now on

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  • Zo
    zoidberg Dec 21, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Returns and cancletions not being put back on as credit ?? 544.00 and some change.

    Put it back on the credit card please...

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  • Ka
    katbrennan Feb 28, 2014

    Oh my gosh, I can't even believe that. It's really unfortunate that you had such a horrible customer service experience. Anyone who works with the public for a living should never deal with an issue in the way that they did. Frankly, I am surprised that you weren't reimbursed more for the damage to your original alarm system by the main customer service employees. I mean, why would they really think that you would want a gift card to spend more money at the establishment that has caused you so much grief. I hope that there is some way for you to resolve this, or at least for their employees to learn how to treat their customers. Kat Brennan |

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poor cs and warranty assistance

In November 2005 I purchased a 50” LG plasma TV from Best Buy in Dover, DE. (#842). In May 2008 while...

best buy trade-in scam

So, DealTree has a partnership with where DealTree facilitates video game trade-ins. The website says that you can cancel a trade in and pay shipping costs to have the item returned to you. So, i send them two video games and attempt to cancel the order within their definition of what is acceptable on their website. 1. not been processed yet, and 2. no gift card sent to me. Even though both of these were true, DealTree was not willing to return the items to me and pointed to something in their Terms of Service that was not and is not there! They said that video game trade-ins cannot be cancelled. Totally contrary to the information on their website. Even if it was in the Terms of Service, the contrary information on the website should be enough for them to admit some blame here. It is a shame that companies like that can survive. Beware of that company as it looks like they are only out to make themselves happy and unwilling to make common sense decisions.

  • Re
    reasonableguy Dec 30, 2009

    Lesson learned for you: Once you drop mail in the mail box, you can't get the mail back.

    I looked at the site and did not see anything that says you can cancel a trade-in after shipping it. I did see term and conditions that clearly indicated that you could cancel a trade-in if you have not shipped it yet. IT SAYS "Cancel a trade before shipping the item".

    Seems reasonable to me. Did they pay your for the value of the trade-in once they got it? That would be the only expectation I would have.


    The site says:
    How To Cancel A Trade-in
    To cancel a trade before shipping the item, use the Trade-in Support contact form, include your name and trade-in number, and specify what you want canceled in your transaction. We will send you an e-mail confirming the cancellation. You may be asked, but not required, to provide a reason for canceling the trade.

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  • Gr
    graffka Jan 05, 2010

    I've also faced an issue with Best Buy and the DealTree trade-in. I sent in my old desktop where there original quote was $34, but after they received it they came back with a $2 quote. First off, just scrapping the machine would garner way more than $2, but the machine wasn't even that old. In corresponding with them, they said that either I could accept the $2 or pay $48.95 to have it sent back to me. I'm obviously frustrated, but it just goes to show that they have the power when they have your goods.

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  • Mo
    mommak1971 Feb 09, 2010

    OnlyWantFairness, you have to get the original quote before you can cancel, but you might as well accept it because they will not only charge you return shipping, they will also charge you the cost to ship the items to them if you used their "free" shipping label. These costs are OUTRAGEOUS!!!

    reasonableguy, you can reject their "quote" and cancel the transaction, but you have to wait until the item is received and "validated." You then have to pay the shipping costs to have the item(s) returned to you (plus the cost to ship it to them-see above), which is more than the original quote.

    I seriously doubt they will EVER give you what their original quote is on an item. I just sent them in a PS2 and a Sony CyberShot camera...both were in perfect working condition. They said my camera was in "fair" condition and showed signs of "use" (what "used" item DOESN'T show signs of "use"?) and dropped that by $8 and my PS2 didn't work AT ALL! I know it worked when I sent it because my kids used it to test the games I sent in! The never honored my request to "revalidate" the camera and said when their "senior validator" retested the PS2, it still didn't work and I would have to pay $19.30 to have it returned to me. Why would I pay to have something returned to me that THEY obviously either A)damaged or B)switched? When I told them I was going to file a claim with UPS, they told me they would not cooperate because they didn't want to "jeopardize their relationship with them." WHAT? Fortunately, UPS honored the claim and is paying me the $21 for the PS2 (more than the local GS was going to give me to trade it in).

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  • Ma
    marcontour Sep 01, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Stop me if you've heard this before... I sent my old Toshiba HD DVD player to Dealtree/BestBuy after the site indicated I'd get a best buy gift card in return. The day before I sent it I was watching a DVD on it just fine. So I get the email from them that the disc tray door is broken and does not open. Surprising, considering I wrapped the unit in bubble wrap and packaged the unit in a a laptop shipper w/ the Styrofoam top and bottom - and used the shipping label THEY provided.

    So I get it, they don't want to pay me money. Fine then. Lesson learned, just send me back my HD DVD player and we'll part ways. No chance. They now want to charge me shipping to get the unit back - shipping that costs more than the quoted trade in value. Shipping both to and from - even though they offered prepay up front.

    If they just send me back the unit then no harm done, I'd just walk away. They've stolen my HD DVD player so now I have to post this message everywhere and tell everyone just because the guy that opened my box decided he wanted to take home an HD DVD player.

    Next time stick to Craigslist and local selling. Avoid Dealtree and any of their scams under different names. So I'm out an HD DVD player, but karma will catch up with Dealtree soon enough.

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