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Best Buy, Folsom, CAdon't trust geek squad/best buy


Geek Squad/Best Buy #845 of Folsom, California charged my credit card for actions either not actually done or incorrectly done and are unwilling to rectify the situation and reimburse me for services. Just horrible service, rude, unwilling to accept a mistake or make right, etc. In late December 2008, my computer stopped booting up and I was advised by the technician of Geek Squad that it was most likely that the hard drive was “toasted”/ruined. A few days later, the Geek Squad representative advised they had run a diagnostic and that the hard drive was gone/ruined and supplied me with the 2 disks of data they recovered. I asked the Geek Squad representative how this could have occurred and he advised that in the small laptop computers sometimes they get very hot and the hard drives literally become fried. On the evening of April 4, 2009, I contacted Dell to inquire about obtaining a new hard drive so we could use this computer in addition to a Mac we bought in end of December 2008 and the technician stated that he’d like to have us try something as this was a fairly common problem and if it did not work he would replace the hard drive as the computer was still apparently under warrantee with Dell. He advised he sees it frequently where Best Buy will try to sell a hard drive when it just isn’t needed. Within a very short time he had walked me through a few basic steps and the issue was resolved. The computer was working fine. In running an internal diagnostic and calling back Dell it appears the hard drive was fine. All of the data was in place, fine, and easily accessible. Thus I had paid for a diagnostic that was either not actually done or done/interpreted incorrectly and had paid to save data from what was supposedly a “toasted” hard drive based on the inaccurate information I had been provided by the Geek Squad. I spoke to the Geek Squad Manager (Scott), the best Buy Best #845 Manager (Natalie) and they refused to reimburse for services. The back up of date was done but under the false diagnosis and supposed diagnostic. The hard drive is NOT ruined and is working perfectly fine. It is equivalent to a car dealer running a test and advising you need a new Starter so you buy it. If they did not run the test and lied or did not run it accurately you would not have bought a starter if it was unnecessary. I filed a complaint with Department of Consumer Affairs – Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair via electronic submission, the Better Business Bureau, etc. I will NEVER spend another dime with Best Buy… all over $169.98… it’s not the money – it is the principle. I have heard more and more horror stories of deplorable service from Best Buy.


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    screwedcustomer2015 Aug 04, 2014

    Best Buy Hartsdale is just as crooked! They tried to lie their way into keeping a power supply I had brought in for a PC I had their Geek Squad fix. Also, don't ask Hartsdale for help with buying a router. They don't give a cr-p! Now, I am stuck with a router that doesn't work and a customer service network that has been patronizing every time I have called about this - completely unsympathetic and unhelpful! Best Buy sucks overall!!

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    Never Again Best Buy Jul 22, 2014

    Do not buy anything from Folsom Best Buy 2445 Iron Point Rd
    Folsom, CA [protected]. I say this
    because I have spoken with the manager, and he fabricated a story that best buy
    would not honor my warranty because he stated that "a threat was made that
    a law suit would be filed."
    Although, it is legal for people to sue companies for breach of
    contract, negligence, and fraud, which it is apparent that Best Buy employee
    and manager named “Daniel” is supporting by acquiescing to covering up breach
    of contract, fraud, and negligence, among other illegal civil torts or possibly
    criminal intentional fraud to cover up his negligent managing abilities, I am
    not sure, but the controversy is created by this breach. Best Buy has a policy to warranty for 1 year which
    is stated on my receipt my ASUS G750JW laptop.
    However, employees can develop what is referred to in legal terms animus. Daniel, who would have to explain a lot of
    negligence, created a story, he said is in “notes” that a “law suit” threat or
    action allows Best Buy to breach contracts where warranty’s exist. Whether that policy is true or not, if you are
    buying from Folsom Best Buy, you as a consumer be warned. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    So the obstacle in obstructing justice, is not Best Buy, but
    seems to be the Manager of Best Buy at Iron point road named “Daniel.” Because I contacted corporate office and
    spoke with “Andrew” who acknowledges that my warranty has not been vacated and
    is valid. Daniel told me that he was the
    “manager” and initially he seemed genuinely concerned that as many times I have
    had the computer in for repairs, he understood and was seemingly appalled that
    this could happen. But then, when my
    claims of negligence were verified by him, he said I no longer had warranty
    rights and that he could only refer me to 888 Best Buy phone number, even though
    his store employees broke and damaged my computer on multiple occasions.

    Initially, in April the screen went white and would not
    function. However, the hdmi connection
    worked. Best Buy told me to back up the laptop data and bring it in. I did this and brought it in in May. They had
    the computer for almost a month. When It
    was returned, they said they replaced the lid and screen. But then there was no camera attached to the computer. Although the quality control document was
    signed off as 100 percent functional, the laptop was not repaired.

    Additionally, I purchased for several hundred extra dollars
    32 gigabytes of Ram that are specially designed for this type of laptop, and
    Best Buy installed the ram. So now I’m out about totaling around 1500 dollars
    for this ASUS G750JW and optional equipment.

    So Best Buy took my laptop again and sent if off the second
    time to install the camera that they negligently did not install, even though
    they are supposed to test these things. But when it came back the third time
    they broke the sound.

    In fact, Best Buy Geek Squad, under the supervision of Best
    Buy supervisors, signed off on a “touch screen as having operated correctly”
    and my laptop has no touch screen. So
    this is further evidence that Daniel, the manager, ignored these weakness that
    I had reported about the quality control department, and with willful intent,
    perhaps even ill will, in retaliation of my complaint, or to cover-up his negligent
    managing abilities, he has acquiesced to fabricate a story about “legal action”
    that has not taken place, as his sole basis to breach the warranty and legal
    binding contract between Best Buy and myself.

    But the problem is not Best Buy, because they have a 1 year
    warranty policy and acknowledge it is still in effect. Daniel could replace the laptop or send it to
    a qualified repair facility, because his repair facility is negligent on
    repeated occasions. Thus, it is Daniel
    the manager, who has altered Best Buy policy unilaterally, by fabricating the
    existence of “legal action” that is his delusion, because the warranty doesn’t’
    run out until September, plus the days of loss of use, I was told. There are no legal actions pending! Not yet
    anyway, and I think I would have to sue, not Best Buy, but this manager Daniel,
    because it is him obstructing the warranty. Best Buy has legitimate store
    policy for out of court redress attempts, that remain to this day within Best
    Buys policy for their own negligence and fraud handling of abusive employees,
    whatever the case may be. Daniel himself
    has put himself as “obstructing” our warranty rights, without legal basis, by
    fabricating claims to his upper management.
    The question is, well he get away with this fraud? But I was under the impression he may be getting
    this from his manager or a person he named he says is in corporate, but who
    never call me. So this is some sinister cover
    up warranty thing only Daniel is privy too, as he will not tell me anything

    Trusting that Best Buy would fix my laptop, why should I not
    trust them?, I purchased two Samsung EVO 840 ssd drives to increase the speed
    of a laptop I couldn’t use. I think this
    cost me an additional 600 dollars. After all, I knew I had a warranty, and this
    means I have rights to a good laptop, but not true, not because of Best Buy,
    but solely because of employees that Daniel Manages, and Daniel himself! I don’t think Best Buy would initiate
    negligence, fabrications, fraud, malice, etc…
    So now I am out over 2000 dollars plus taxes and I have junk and accessories
    for junk! I am in business with a
    necessity for a computer, and Daniel has caused severe dis-functionality in my
    business, even though I have a valid warranty!

    Nevertheless, I got the computer back, but again it was
    negligently “passed” by their quality control check list as 100 percent fixed. But again it wasn’t fixed for the third time,
    we had to leave it with Best Buy. For the third time My wife drove to Best Buy
    to pick it up because they said “it was repaired.” But after she got there from a several hour
    trip, as she stays in the Bay Area, after she again was told that she had to
    leave it with them a fourth time because the computer when turned on booted up
    making a very loud feed-back noise.

    She again, for the fourth time, left it with them for that
    repair. They then called and said that
    the problem could not be repaired by them.
    So my wife for the fight time brought it home because she could not get
    ahold of me to leave it, as it was my decision.
    They told her, “Perhaps he could just get used to the broken laptop.” When she got home I called Best Buy and
    complained and they told me to return it for a fifth time and they would send
    it out for repair. They also told me
    that they had been sending to the manufacturers.

    I then contacted ASUS and they told me that Best Buy had
    never sent them my Laptop for repair.
    But Best Buy, all the while, Geek Squad told me it was being sent to the
    “factory” or manufacturer. They may be
    sending these units to some substandard fly by night repair to save money, I am
    not sure. But I intend to find out! So again more deception!

    I looked at the sound drivers and found that somebody
    checked some boxes that caused the computer to boot up with the mic and
    speakers on full blast. This had to be
    purposely checked off for this to happen.
    I unchecked the boxes, and then rebooted the computer. The computer started up without the
    noise. I thought Best Buy may be overbilling
    ASUS by creating problems, or that they were just malicious due to my
    complaints, and some sophomoric tech put that virus in it by checking those
    boxes. But I had to do my own repair
    work by a simple removing a check in a box, that Geek Squad said they had to
    send out for repair.

    Thinking all was better!
    I then started to put the ssd drives into the laptop. When I turned the laptop over, I noticed
    rattling noises coming from inside the laptop.
    I then removed the driver snap off cover. Two metal objects fell out of the
    laptop. So now parts are missing and not
    reinstalled in my laptop. I then filed 3
    complaints with Best Buy claims department.
    I was told that Galleger Basset was handling the complaints. I was given this number [protected] as his
    office, by Best Buy claims dept. I was
    told he would “be in touch with me.” I have left him two messages, and it has
    been a few weeks, but there is no message, only a recording. I tried entering his name and it says he
    doesn’t exist, I may have the wrong spelling.
    But nobody is calling me.

    So then today, 5-21-04, I turned the Laptop on. The camera does not work. Again I talked to “Daniel” the manager, if
    there even is a Daniel, I am not sure at this point. But the voice over the phone insists he is
    the manager. I listened for evidence of
    faint snickering that may be in the background.
    I thought that this is so absurd, that some techy creepy employees might
    be having a joke on me and making this a bit of sophomoric prankish fun. But this experience has been creepy
    horrible! Daniel, even though I have
    several months on warranty refused to allow me to bring it in, and claimed that
    he is not obligated due to some “legal action” he claims exists. I called corporate and they told me they are
    not suing me for complaining and that they are not aware of a legal action
    against them by either of us parties to our contract that is being breached now
    by Best Buy.

    If there are any other persons affected by a “Daniel, ” or
    from Best Buy located at Iron Point Rd. in Folsom California, please contact me
    [email protected]

    But by all means, I would not make purchases at the Folsom
    Best Buy until corporate Best Buy corrects the responsible individual employees
    named in this missive.

    I swear under the penalty of perjury the foregoing is true
    and correct to the best of my knowledge.

    Pat Hamer

    Date: [protected]

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  • Co
    Consumerist Dec 03, 2011

    Why do you folks keep bringing your broken computers to GEEK SQUAD ?
    Why not hire a local computer professional thru referrals and people you know
    who CARE about their reputation and their customers data. And they will
    do their BEST to diagnose the problem because they have the SKILLS
    to do the job. It is the EXPERTISE not the parts that matter the most.

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  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Aug 13, 2010




    (I was actually told by an employee there that the fees automatically are placed on the bill, and that they aren't to remove them unless the customer notices/requests it to be removed)


    What automatic fees? Are you talking about sales tax?! Wish I could complain and have that automatic fee removed from my bills.

    Being coerced?! Are we in a spy movie?

    Free A/V software IF you pay the $29.99 for a technician to install it. Sounds like the discount you get on the oil used in an oil change ONLY IF YOU WERE COERCED INTO HAVING THE TECHNICIAN CHANGE YOUR OIL.

    Stay way from LikeItOrNot12. He is a typical n00b and most people have figured it out by now. Awful, awful comment!

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  • Li
    LikeItOrNot12 Jul 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is ridiculous! Does it even make sense? $79, $99 or $169... for WHAT? To tell you that you could have spent $60, avoided the headache, and just ASSUMED worst-case scenario and bought a new hard-drive?

    I'm sorry, but I've experienced the same scam-like service over and over and over from Best Buy. I had to deal with it because of a Corporate Account, that I got my company out of the first chance I had. But let me tell you - bogus 'service fees' that magically appear on you bill without your knowledge or consent, (I was actually told by an employee there that the fees automatically are placed on the bill, and that they aren't to remove them unless the customer notices/requests it to be removed) excessive Geek Squad fees, being coerced into purchasing services for fear your computer won't work without them, loaded software you didn't approve, but yet somehow end up paying for, and my personal favorite... You get FREE anti-virus software, but oh wait... you have to pay $39 for service fees. (?!?!) No thanks, keep your software!

    Stay way from Best Buy. This is typical and most people have figured it out by now. Awful, awful company!

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  • Mi
    Midknight5 Oct 02, 2009

    Sounds to me like the Agent did his job. Just as the above comment the GS Agents run different type of test to help get a better idea of what could be the problem with your computer. If the Agent ran DFT, PCcheck and the like and they all flagged HDD errors then yes, I most likely would have assumed the same thing. However you cannot blame the agent for not knowing a "trick" for your Dell.

    That is the problem with cleint's coming in to see technicians of any kind. They expect them to know everything about everything. To know every trick in the book about every type of computer. Just as the person above said: Find a tech you like and trust and stick with him. But even he will not know everything. I ALWAYS recommend clients to call the MFG BEFORE we do any work incase a situation like this comes up. If it works then hey, I just saved you about $100. If not, well then im still here to help.

    Either way, sounds like the Agent did his job and did it the way he was taught.

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  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Jun 11, 2009


    Here's Geeksquad's SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) flavored attitude towards harddrive's and diagnostics.

    Geeksquad runs 3 programs for their diagnostic. The first is pc check by eurosoft. That program's result screen displays pass fail on different parts of a harddrive: HD Read, HD Read Verify, SMART Short Test, and HD Write. Depending on what parts fail on this program gives a clue as to what is wrong with the harddrive. The second test is DFT (Drive Fitness Test) made by Hitachi. This program doesn't work for all harddrives but works for about 80% of them. This tool's result screen displays a code. There are 3 codes that an agent will typically see 0x72, 0x70, or 0x00. 0x70 means that the drive has corrupted sectors, 0x72 means the drive's SMART feature detects a problem and the drive is "toasted", and 0x00 means no problems detected. The last tool is memtest 86+ which is not our concern in this case.

    So here's the most common scenario. The agents ran pc check and it showed that HD Read and HD Read Verify both failed. They ran DFT and it came up with a code 0x70. So an agent can conclude that it has bad sectors. Geeksquad's corporate attitude is that bad sectors is a sign that the drive is gonna fail so they "train" their agents to think like that. Now that is true for about 60% of all cases; I've seen a sector repair work for the other 40% of cases but for that 60% it is usually a bandage on an open wound. So the agent recommended a backup, rightfully so because bad sectors can corrupt your information and depending how severe it is you might not be able to recover it. In your case it sounds like you only had a few bad sectors that weren't severe and that the dell technician walked you through a sector repair which worked for you! Glad to hear!

    ****Bottom Line**** --> You paid $69.99 and got a diagnosis of what they thought was wrong with your computer and $99.99 for your information. Different agents have different skill sets and knowledge levels just like mechanics. Find a computer technician who you trust and stick with him/her. This problem would be more equivalent to a starter on your car working intermittently and the car dealer recommending that you replace it so you don't have any more troubles.

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