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Best Buy Retail Services Credit Line / it should be called worst buy!

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Once again I am asking myself why the heck did I ever go to best buy!! I mailed an overpayment of $200 to the retail services so I could begin paying my debt back quickly. Well, they "said" they didn't receive the payment ontime (I mailed it well over 2 weeks early and the distance for it to arrive in ca takes 1-2 days max). They then said the check was rejected by my bank for nsf and I was assessed $29 for returned check fee, $25 late fee and other "related" and finance charges. My account is now higher that it was at the original purchase and I over paid by almost $200! My bank on the other hand said there was no nsf at all and no attempt was ever made by best buy to cash the check. I use washington mutual, not a mom and pop organization!

I have used bb before and it is all coming back to me... They seem to hold your payment until it is overdue and then charge you payments. I knew I hated them from the past, and am now quickly remind of this illegal scheme. It is my fault however for setting foot back into the store. Now I have to have proof from my bank (An additional $25) that the check did not clear or that there ever was an attempt, only to get the $25 credited back to my account... So what, now I am out an extra $50?

Best buy is exactly opposite... It should be called worst buy.

Aggggghhh... Go anywhere else to purchase electronics... It is not worth the few bucks you think you are saving.

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  • Ja
      18th of Oct, 2007
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    I am in a similar situation with "Best Buy" and it is frustrating. Their Online payment system doesn't take you payment until 4-5 days later if made on Thursday after 4:00pm.: make it on Thursday and won't be processed until Monday for a bill that is due over the week-end, say Saturday or Sunday. They don't operate nor accept /process payment on weekend and yet they make your payment due on week-end. Twice I have been charged $38 late fees for payment made on Thursday that was due on Sunday. They didn't process it until Monday. Their costumer services is no help and can be rude and when on the phone with any of their manager you know for sure what a shark sounds like when talking... I mailed my payment with return receipt and on one occasion they received the payment on Saturday for a bill due on Sunday and yet charged me $38 late fees for/because, according to them, it was received during non-business hours... there must be a way to have a "class action suit" against this kind of business practice. The consumer must have more right that just sitting down, brooding, and taking this kind of abuse.

  • Ba
      12th of Jan, 2008
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    The same thing happened to me.. I sent my check on 12/5 /07 & Best Buy indicated on the bill that check was received on 12/20/07, 1 day after the due date. You cannot tell me that it took 15 days for that check to get there and be processed.

    What a scam... what can we do about this??

    I just wrote customer service, so will see what they say!

  • Di
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    Same thing for me. Sounds like a lawyer needs to get involved and file a class action suit against them. Too many instances for this to be a coincidence. If you hear of one doing so, please let me know. I've got several examples of them doing this to us as well. Somehow they always seem to charge that "late fee" when we pay as soon as we get the bill.

  • Vi
      10th of Feb, 2008
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    I got a behind on a payment and best buy, hsbc, called and I set up an arrangement with them to take out a certain amount from my account. We did that for the next month as well, so I could get caught up. Well, in January I phoned hsbc and asked if instead of taking 150.00 out of my account this month could he change it to just 50.00. The representative stated that would be fine. So I assumed everything was o.k. Well, about a week later I got a call from an outside collection agency demanding balance in full. I've always paid my bill. It seems like the more I pay the more I owe. I tried talking to a representative at hsbc and best buy about this and all I get is your account is with an outside collection agency. I've also been paying for the past longest time a debt cancellation and i've been trying to talk with someone about that but no one knows anything about it. If it's debt cancellation then why could that not have helped me when paying was so difficult. Now, I've recieved another statement from best buy and all of a sudden the debt cancellation fee is no longer on there. Best buy also signed me up for a magazine subscription that I did not want and then they started charging me for it. What a nightmare.

  • Ro
      23rd of Feb, 2008
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    This is a total scam in everyway. I received my first bill, and it has this "Debt Cancellation" Charge. When I call the customer service (which by the way is outsourced) they said that I have this great protection service that I signed up for. The only thing is I never signed up for any debt-cancellation service when I signed up for the Bestbuy Credit Card. The Bestbuy salesman never mentioned anything about this so called protection (scam). HSBC and Bestbuy are in this together. Either customer service is lying or the Bestbuy people are lying when they say that "you have to sign in these two locations in order to get the Bestbuy card".

  • An
      28th of Feb, 2008
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    yes. i agree with all these comment, once I brougth a brand new TV and they charge me twice, then I went to the store, they took almost 5 hours to fixt my credit line.

  • Ly
      29th of Mar, 2008
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    I bought a computer and a laptop from best buy. 6 months same as cash. I mailed in the last payment 2 weeks before the promotion was over so i wouldnt have to pay the finance charges and then i get another bill sayind they never recieved the last payment of 301.98 so i had to pay 380.18 because they didn't recieve my check due to being lost in the mail and today i recieve a new bill showing that had recieved the lost check after i had already stopped payment for that check to be cashed. The bill is supposed to be paid and now they are sending me a bill for 92.62 for returned check that i had never recieved. when i had talked to the customer service that didn't get me no where. So i think best buy is going to get whats coming to them and thats a law suit.

  • Mi
      30th of Mar, 2008
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    To whom may it to concern:

    I have reading today a very good article about lenders, banks etc fees and charge congratulations although our voices is nothing, when we are talking about the people who’s own the money, always it say the small fish will eat the big.

    Anyway my experience it is about 4 years ago I have a account with Washington Mutual a “free checking account” of course it are never free.

    Some times people like me don’t know how much money it is the account well I can see it my fault but eve so.

    Bank will have to tell you hey you don’t have money in the account or when you are going to buy or to withdraw some money just reject the buying process and inform that something is wrong,

    But the bank doesn’t want to do that because this way if not they cannot steal your money. Washington Mutual charged me 10 times $38 that mean 380 without tell me anything, after try to fix the problem and try to call them several times, and try to speak with their manager never, ever try to help me.

    This is my little history with this big and “wonderful bank Washington Mutual “

    Miguel Frias

    Small fish

  • St
      13th of May, 2008
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    Likewsize I have also had a "Debt Cancellation" charge added on against my expessed desire not to. I do not know if they simply filled out the area and had me sign it with out reading (yes I had been standing in line for 45minutes with a toddler and did not take the time to read the 4 pages of fine print) or maybe they forged it later but HSBC started billing me 12% for the debt cancellation. Note here that my visa is only 7.9% and BB wants 12% "incase I'm unable to pay". HSBC also has a little trick they use to make it seem like nothing. They only refer to it as 1%. Only if you nail their ears back will they admit that it is 1% per month wich of course is >12% per year. They also claim that the percentage is 0 if you have no balance. Real slimy!
    HSBC did honor my request to cancell the fee going forward but not the fee's incured. I will not pay the fees incured but I did pay off the money I had put on the card and every month tell hsbc to go fish. Meantime they add on anohter couple of bucks to what they want me to pay. Interestingly they did send a form letter acknowledging my dispute but nothing has ever come of it. The best Buy manager apparnetly has heard this a lot before. He didn't even bother to get my name to look into anything. He just put all the blame on me for not reading the form and catching the "error". I suppose I will have to file in court but I figure my odds aren't good as I am not sure what happended to my copy of hte paer work and even so Iit would do littel to support my claim as it is my word against theirs unless I can get some internal documents from BB.

  • Te
      28th of May, 2008
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    I have boycotted Best Buy for the last 6 years due to problems with their credit card company they use (HSBC). Let's just say I was charged fees that should not have been charged. Fees in excess of $300 on a $500 purchase. The store card has been canceled long ago and I will never shop at Best Buy again in my life. With the internet there really is no need to. Especially since Best Buy over charges for most items anyways.

  • Hi
      7th of Jun, 2008
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    It sounds to me like you have a problem with the bank that provides the Best Buy card (HSBC) not that actual company. Learn to direct your anger toward the right company please.

  • Sm
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    My name is Sean McGrew, and I’m a Legal Assistant to attorney Dan Bryden, with the law offices of Sprenger + Lang. We are conducting an investigation of Best Buy and HSBC’s “Account Shield” debt cancellation program. In the past, persons have posted on this blog regarding their issues with Best Buy and/or HSBC. If you would be interested in communicating with a law firm regarding this matter, please contact me at Thank you.

  • La
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    You only HAVE to sign in one place on any application at Best Buy for a credit card. Account shield is generally outlined in a green box. If you do NOT want account shield then you must sign on the line below saying "No thank you." There is paperwork done the following morning that requires the opening admin to check for accuracy to ensure that someone was not signed up for account shield when they declined out.

    The reason why the employees in the store and managers for that matter get miffed about credit card issues is because honestly, there's nothing they can do. They would call HSBC on the same number the customer would and would have to be put on hold just the same. Best Buy does not have a direct line to bypass all the waiting and nonsense. Once they get on the phone with someone HSBC will not speak to Best Buy on behalf of the customer due to customer privacy regulations. The long and short is that you're better to call HSBC directly and duke it out with them because at the store level they are useless when dealing with that outside party.

  • Qe
      7th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have an account with Retail Services (HSBC) and recently mailed in a check for $300 well in advance of the payment due date. Yet the payment wasn't posted to my account until the day after the due date. Hmmmmm. I just checked my account online and they charged me $39 in late fees! What a surprise!

    So is there a class action lawsuit against these clowns or what? If so, what's the details? I'll sign up immediately.

  • Oc
      11th of Aug, 2009
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    I too, like so many others I am now seeing, have repeatedly been a victim of Best Buy's Retail Services. My payments are mailed in a minimum of 5 business days before the due date on my statement and yet my payments always seem to post the day after the due date with, of course, the $39 late fee. We are all being ripped off and somebody needs to do something to stop them.

  • Hi
      18th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also have an account with Retail Services. They are constantly like every other month changing my due date on my credit account. I have figured out they are doing this to get an extra $40 a month out of me for late charges. I can't even keep up with the due date anymore. I pay my bills electronically through my bank and get a confirmation number and everything but Retail Services of course is the only one it takes 3-4 days to get and somehow they always change the due date enough that I miss it by like one day and they have the audacity to charge a late fee after it! I thought legislation was suppose to be changing the laws so credit card companies couldn't do things like this!!!

  • Un
      12th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Does anyone know if there is a lawsuit against Best Buy? I have read numerous posts regarding the same topic, but where is the lawsuit, stop complaining and lets do something about it. They are messing with our credit, our money and our lives. Without a good credit history we can't buy anything and that affects our lifestyles. That affects our families lifestyles. WE need to do something, tell me where to sign up for the lawsuit.

  • Wh
      21st of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    This is the second time these crooks have stuck this fee on me! I just sent them this email perhaps we should look into a huge class action law suit.
    Over three years ago I cancelled that damn "Debt Cancellation" crap you charge me for each month it is my fault that I have not paid attention because I have made the mistake of trusting your company, I demand you stop charging for this garbage as it is preventing me from reducing my amount on my account. Charging my for this service after my having canceled it over three years ago is "Deceptive Trades and Practices" on your companies part if this scam is not stopped immediately I will be forced to file a complaint with the Texas A/G's office.

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