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Best Buy At Steel Yard Commons In Cleveland Ohio 44109 / dishonest business practices

1 Steel Yard DriveCleveland, OH, United States Review updated:

I brought in my computer for the very first time into Best Buy over at what is Steel Yard Commons in Cleveland Ohio on the day of Monday of January 12th of 2009 for much needed improvement and for enhancement and for virus removal.

The cost of removing computer viruses as was explained to me from a representative of the Geek Squad for my computer was $ 300.00 flat.

Now I had been working a lot for the month of January of 2009. So normally in any given situation of my life. I would never have the kind of dispensable financial resources or excess cash just lying around to just pay this whopping amount for the computer.

However as it relates to Best Buy on this day in question. This was an exception in this instance. I reluctantly surrended my computer with some anxiety and discomforting uncertainty over to the people of Best Buy and to the Geek Squad on that day.

I was also charged the initial amount of $ 300.00 which was not including the 7.75 % sales tax upfront before anything was even done on the computer.

After having written a check. I walked out of the store on that day with the hope of seeing a much more improved and functional computer in the next three to four days later.

In my mind I had wanted to think of Best Buy and the Geek Squad as being trust worthy and reputable and honest and knowledge-able experts trained in their field.

I tried to dismiss my anxiety and distrust, and instead replace it with something more positive and hopeful.

Since this was my very first consumer experience and encounter with Best Buy. I knew nothing at all in that moment on that day of the previous horrible and notorious reputation for that Best Buy and Geek Squad have between themselves and any other of the many unsuspecting people and consumers who come into their store.

I placed my consumer trust into Best Buy and into The Geek Squad and I was later bitterly and wretchedly disappointed in the results.

When I received my computer back after about some four days later.

They put a lot of paper work and receipts into your hand as if to express and demonstrate that they conducted a fair and balanced and a honest transaction.

Reading over the lengthy paper work alone would make an ordinary person’s head spin.

But when finally I took the computer home. I could not really see any discernible improvements at all done onto my computer. The cost of removing the viruses from my computer was $ 300.00 flat.

And the cost of purchasing anti virus soft ware from them which in this case was Kasperky anti virus soft ware for which cost about $ 56.00.

I immediately after wards then took the computer back to Best Buy with all of my paper work they had given me about two days later after I had taken it home for the first time.

They provide a 30 day warranty window of time to cover what ever issues should arise afterwards. Well, 30 days is not very much time for when you work forty hours a week or more. And there are many other pressing demands in life.

So I take my computer back to Best Buy for the second time and I express my dis-satisfaction with them. The person at the Geek Squad pointed out that the computer’s power supply system was not functioning correctly.

This would have been something they should have noticed before from the first time. The fan was not functioning correctly.

Just about this time, all kinds of red flags are coming up every where. I am realizing that I am dealing with very greedy and selfish little weasels.

So now once again about three or maybe four days later. I finally get the computer back on the second time with a new power supply. For which I had to pay another $ 35.00 out of my pocket to Best Buy for.

I was so angrily disappointed and bitter with Best Buy and with the Geek Squad. That had I actually gone back to the store for a third time. I would have been arrested by the police for felonious behavior and conduct. Because I felt that I would not have been able to conduct myself in a self controlled and a law abiding way.

So instead I choose to stay away from the store.

I have warned all of my family and friends and anyone else connected to me in the Internet community to not place their trust in either the management of Best Buy nor in anyone else who works for The Geek Squad.

I will never as a consumer ever again walk through the doors of any Best Buy that exists here in Cleveland but especially true of the store that exists on Steel Yard drive in the 44109 zip code.

I am not the only person who has suffered a bitter financial sting from Best Buy and from the Geek Squad.

There are numerous reports now on the Internet that describe and characterize the poor and the dishonest manner of Best Buy and The Geek Squad that include Cleveland Ohio and many other Best Buy locations.

I would not recommend that anyone in Cleveland Ohio ever put their consumer faith and trust into Best Buy or into The Geek Squad ever again.

If paying a lot of money and receiving no benefit from it and becoming subject to terrible customer service is something you seek. Then Best Buy is the ideal place to find this recipe.

The only thing that I would like back from Best Buy but I know I won’t get back any way. I would like my almost $ 400.00 that I spent on my computer back.

I hope Best Buy will fully reap and sow the consequences of how they have betrayed the trust of the public who pay egregious costs and then walk out the door with no positive benefits or results from that excessive cost they paid.

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  • Pk
      30th of Oct, 2009
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    I had a VERY similar experience with the Best Buy at Steelyard Commons. I bought a computer package (CPU and flat screen monitor) on (my 1st mistake) and chose In-Store Pickup at the Steelyard Commons store (my 2nd mistake, and a big one it was). When I went to pick it up, I was told that they didn't have THAT monitor, but gave me a different one instead. I said, "OK, as long as it comes to the same price, that's fine". But they were unable to just make the switch that easily. But even though I had already paid $311 using my credit card (via PayPal), the only way they could make the numbers come out right (I GUESS that was their intention) was to change the price of the CPU to 262.99 and then charge me 113 for the monitor. So far so good IF that’s what they would have done. But I had already been charged the 311, then they charged me the $113 on top of that.
    I went back to the Steelyard Commons store and tried to explain it to the Customer Service people. After explaining this unsuccessfully to 2-3 people, they got the manager. She said it takes 72 hours to process, so I need to wait 72 hours. So I did. No change. Then I called and tried to explain it, and the helpful person there said “Oh I see the problem, your first order for a monitor was never closed out, I’ll do that and it should fix the problem”. Well, that refunded $1.16 to my account. She said I would need to go back to the store for anything more. So I went back to Steelyard Commons Customer Service (the third trip now) and said (against after trying to explain it to 2-3 levels of people who couldn’t even figure out what I was trying to show them, they got the same manager and I said ) “Look, I was overcharged by $113, see?” and she lied right to my face, arguing “no sir, you weren’t overcharged.” But I WAS, it was right there on paper. Trying to be nice and just get this resolved I said “Look, I paid for 2 monitors, if it is easier for your book-keeping to just give me a second monitor, that’s fine, I’ll figure out something to do with it”. And she got argumentative and said “we don’t’ owe you another monitor”. I told her “I am not coming back here a 4th time, if you don’t get this fixed this will be going to Small Claims Court”. The Customer Service Manager said “If you are going to threaten legal action, I can’t help you”. Next she called who said they are processing a refund for me (now we’re getting somewhere, right?). They said it could take up to one billing cycle for this to be processed. So I left the store thinking OK, this will be OK. But alas, it turns out the refund is processing is for a whole SECOND computer system for $311 they billed to me (on PayPal). This is currently ‘in process ‘ so I can’t file a dispute with PayPal. I would NEVER buy a thing from Best Buy after this experience. And if I never set eyes on the Steelyard Commons store it will be too soon. Best Buy is a horrible horrible company, and their retail stores are worse.

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