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Bell Canada / overbilling

1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I have been Bell landline customer since 1979 and yet I have had bad to worst service. There was no other company because of their monopoly I have been helpless. Now it has become so frustrating I dont know where to go and complain. Therefore I am writing to you hoping to get help I would appriciate.
complaint #1
Since May of 2007 I disconnected my long distance service from Bell for that service I used to be charged $2 every month. Bell kept on billing me $2 each month. I called them in October 2007 and again in May 2008 but they wont stop billing me. In March this year aventually they stopped but they would not give me the refund for 22 months and over and above they charged me another $5 for cancelling the service.
Complaint #2
In August of 2008 they billed me $199 for some collect calls made from Mexico. I asked them from where they are billing me as no one called here to any one in my family from mexico. When I asked them to furnish me with all the details they said that they dont have anything to tell me that who made those calls. They have untill now have not given me any evidence to date. Since January 2009 they are sending me threatening letters every month asking me to pay or they will disconnect my connection and reconnect only if I pay them the outstanding bill. I have called them several times but I could not resolve anything with the agents when I wanted to speak with a supervisor or anyone incharge they simply cut me off. Please if you can provide to me any address or name where I can write to them and resolve this bill or if they have any office like ombudsman.

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  • Te
      10th of Oct, 2008
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    Was offered a new cell phone plan through work & was advised to check with current provider first re whether current provider (Bell Mobility) would match offer. Called BM & spoke to rep who was emphatic that they do not match competitor's offers. Fine.
    Was moving, so called back and spoke to 'Bob' to ask him to change my mailing address. During this call, I mentioned the Roger's plan I was being offered & he advised they absolutely have a hardware upgrade program that I should look into as it would provide me with a $250 credit to stay with them. All I had to do was go to a BM store & talk to the salesman.
    At this time I asked about what I needed to do/know if I was going to switch to Rogers and if there were any conditions I needed to be aware of. Bob advised no.
    Ok, so I went to the BM store & was advised that the same phone I was being offered thru Rogers for $50 was $350 with BM so, after the credit, I would still have to pay $100+ (btw, Rogers offered me a $60 credit so I came out ahead).
    I've just gotten my 'final' bill from BM and have been charged an additional 30 days for the 'required' notice period. I called BM & advised I had verbally asked & been advised there were no conditions to me changing services. The rep said too bad if I was given wrong info -- it is written in the service agreement. I asked to speak to a 'customer care' supervisor & was advised she had to get special permission to have one call me 'because this is not a valid call due to the fact that nothing was going to be done for me anyway'. After being on hold for 12 minutes, she came back, advised she had gotten permission & someone would call me -- persumably to advise me that even though I had been advised by one of their staff (funny how they don't record that in their files) that there were no 'conditions' to switching to Rogers, it is in the fine print & I'm on the hook for service not provided.
    Shame on Bell Canada!

  • Da
      22nd of Jul, 2009
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    I switched from Bell to a local ISP and a separate VIOP provider May 15th 2009. Including all charges from the high speed internet and VIOP services, it saves me $7 per month and support is local. The services I have now are great, and I no longer had to deal with Bell again in my life!

    I speak too soon. As it turns out, I'm still being billed the monthly charges that I had paid Bell before, even though they clearly are not providing me the services that they are billing me for. I've told them they are no longer providing me phone services. I even had my phone number ported over. The still are billing me.

    In this case my options are possible one of three,

    1) I spend 2 minutes on the phone with Bell collections department and they clearly understand the situation and clear all charges and stop billing me.

    Ya right...

    2) I take my latest bill to my VOIP provider and they resolve it in a respectful manner and are charges are zeroed or paid by the VOIP provider, if determined it was their error.

    This will probably work for me because I have my Internet Access and VOIP provider as witnesses to the process my service went through (with documents).

    3) This is the legal road.

    a - Fraud (criminal charges) - in this case billing or accepting moneys for services not provided or can not provide is a criminal offence (reference section 380 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment. My documents support this as well. If you have the documents, then just take them to an officer with the OPP or RCMP in the Fraud department. Talk to them.

    b - Tort (civil case) - basically, you have been wronged and you can prove it. We are talking small claims court. Since they have no records, as you said in your position, and since cases are won with evidence, you would certainly win.



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