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I sold them my phone with them not paying me for it

Order # [protected]. I have sent my phone in with the promise to be paid for it. It has been over a month and still no check from them. I should have read the reviews first because this company is the biggest rip off ever. I think this company should definitely be investigated. I want an explanation as to why I have no check yet. Usell will not help me after trying everything possible to get an answer to this situation. Please help me get the money I'm owed. I have no problem going further on to get this resolved as in contacting the Better Business Bureaus. verified

iphone 7 128gb

On 9/21 offered me $140 for my iphone 7 128g. They sent me a prepaid envelope to send them the phone and upon inspection would issue payment via paypal. I sent the phone and received confirmation of delivery to an individual on 9/26 and have not heard back since. I have left several messages and emailed customer support, but no one has gotten back to me. At this point I am concerned they have stolen my phone. verified

usell iphone sale

USell no communication, no money. I woild like my phone back. Got an estimate to sell my iPhone 6. Sent it in, and USell acknowledged receiving phone.
6 weeks and multiple emails later, no reply as to status of my phone sale, no $$, no communication from USell at all. Avoid this company like the plague!! These guys are crooks, and not to be trusted. verified

brand new samsung galaxy s10e

I sold my brand new Samsung Galaxy S10e. They received the phone on September 13th, 2019. I only new that because I tracked it. They never let me know they received it. I have sent numerous emails and called many times and no one has contacted me. This extra money was supposed to help out my family. I am devastated right now. I need something done about this. verified

no contact

Terrible company have placed several calls for help regarding an order. Ive also emailed them and nothing. This was well over a month ago that I sent In 2 devices and followed their instructions to the T, I know they received them because I tracked my order. I politely asked through email to please contact me once that didn't work I tried calling.. verified

no response

I mailed my phone to I tracked the delivery and saw that it was received on August 14th 2019. They finally updated my status saying that it was received on the 19th, and they were inspecting it. I have sent dozens of emails and tried to call the phone number they have associated with I am still waiting on a response. They have my S10 galaxy phone and promised to pay $370. I want my check or my phone ASAP! verified

cell phone trade in

I mailed in a phone that was in great condition and had always been kept in a case. I received a revised offer because it was so damaged... I agreed because I didn't want to mess with getting it back and sending it somewhere else. I was told 2/26 at 7:17 am that I would be issued payment via paypal in 2 days when the buyer issued it. Never got anything. I have sent several emails to the direct buyer (gsm wireless) as well as usell with zero response. I sent a message on facebook and submitted two contact forms on their website but can't get anyone to answer me.

trade in of phone-huge scam

I recently dealt with usell trading in my samsung galaxy s4. This phone was in the best of shape... verified

purchase of iphone 6

This is the text I have just sent to the new york state department of consumer affairs. Next stop... verified


I was looking for a quote for my samsung galaxy s6+ edge that I rerplaced with a new phone. The condition generally dictates the amount that you can receive for your phone. Mine was in perfect condition with out a scratch on the screen or the case. I was quoted an amount of $187. I received the package to send in my phone for evaluation, and awaited either an estimate of what they were willing to give or a check for the agreed amount. I reciently received a check for a fraction of the amount...$25.90, in which I contacted usell with a request to return my phone. They stated that they tried to contact me that I never received in my inbox. They have since sold my phone with out my permission and has given me no satisfaction or alternative. I would either like my phone returned or offered a reasonable amout for my property, thank you verified

dishonest about pricing, once they got the phone paid only fraction of their offer

Dishonest about pricing, once they got the phone paid only fraction of their offer. I was expecting maybe a small price chance, but they offered 3 times less than what they quoted me online which was already 25 % cheaper than ebay going rate for my phone. They will keep your phone hostage according to many other people and if you ask for it back they'll send either another broken phone. I wish I read their reviews before I sent my phone

3-5 day guarantee for paypal payments - lie!

I sent usell a perfect, flawless, gold iphone 6s. They received it november 16 and immediately inspected it and posted that it was, indeed, a perfect flawless iphone 6s. They advised I would receive my paypal payment within 3-5 business days from date of receipt. Since they inspected it immediately and advised it was perfect, I really expected them to keep their promise and pay immediately - - 3 days would have been expected, but no, apparently they want to hold out to that 5th day. So be it, I thought, I just won't recommend them to anybody. Today is day 6 and no paypal received. Also, and just as important, they do not return emails (though they guarantee 24 hour turnaround), they do not reply to facebook messages and do not advertise a phone number. If you search diligently, you can find an 888 number, which is immediately answered by a machine and no option to speak to a human is given. I love the fact that I work in the legal field. This will be fun if they don't get their payment to me immediately!

  • Cu
    CustEx Nov 25, 2015

    Hello, we are terribly sorry for the delay and inconvenience you experienced with this transaction. Payment normally is issued within 3-5 days; however, we encountered a technical issue with PayPal. I'm happy to report that it has been resolved and your payment was completed this morning. I checked our system and I see that our Customer Care team has been corresponding with you since last week. You should receive an email notification from your support rep, Imani, confirming your payment this morning. Again, our sincerest apologies for your disappointment. I can assure you that this was a very unusual circumstance. If there is anything else you need, please let Imani know and he'll be happy to help you.

    Director of Customer Experience

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  • Bd
    B. DAndrea Nov 26, 2015

    I received one email that was not a robot-email, and that was very early on in my communications, actually before the 5 days. They did not respond to any subsequent emails when it was past time for payment. So, no, that is not true that they had been "corresponding" with me (unless you count the robot responses, which nobody in their right mind would count.) I saw no issue with Paypal at all, either. In fact, the site has an indicator as to when they "submit" payment to Paypal, and it was not even showing they submitted payment to Paypal on Business Day 7, which was, of course, 9 or 10 days after they received it. I actually believe the only reason I received payment finally is because I began posting negative reviews. I do NOT believe they had submitted payment to Paypal and the problem was with Paypal, primarily because did not even indicate on their own site that they had sent payment to Paypal. Just an excuse in my opinion. I won't use them again.

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purchase used smartphones.

Larry johnson october 25th. 2015 @ 9:37 a.m. I filed a complaint with the united states postal...

iphone 4

This is the 3rd time I have used this company and the first time I have had a problem, but I will...

beware of usell

This was a horrific experience, I was given a quote of about 100$ for my iphone I thought why not... verified

damaged phone

I sent my galaxy s3 to usell in good condition and in perfect working order. It was returned to me... verified


After three seeks and an unbelievable amount of air blown up my behind, a bate and switch attempt, and questionable delay of payment reasons, I finally got paid. I think that is because I filed a complaint with the bbb and in so doing I found their office phone number. Something they apparently don't advertise.

To their credit, it was three days after that phone call that the issue was resolved. My phone model was questioned but they decided to refund the full agreed upon contracted amount for my phone. I think if I had let it go and not provided indisputable proof that the phone type was incorrect on their part I would have been shorted. This is seemingly a practice they are doing, as well [censored]ding funds a bit longer for a few shekels of interest.

Use them, but be on them like white on rice. The bbb will provide you with a phone number if you have to file a complaint.


Scam. They offered me $48 for my iphone 4s so I sent it to them in good faith. They receive it and... verified


Do not use this site!!! Sold phone through usell. They provided a buyer. I received the material to... verified

did not receive what I was quoted

I checked out many different sites for cash for iphone and tried to make sure I would'nt get...

scam not sending money promised

I was quoted 112 for my iphone. Since I hate my iphone and replaced it with a nokia, I thought oh well what can it hurt. So I send my iphone to them and they come back with it is not what they thought a less storage model. They give me an offer of 42.00. So I take it because I do not want to mess with scam artists. So I am awaiting to get nothing. The good news is I do not need the money, I just thought it would be a good idea to recycle. Well I hope the criminals do something right by recycling the phone.
If they do not do the right thing, I hope they burn in macintosh hell.

  • Cu
    CustEx Jul 15, 2014

    My name is Heather and I am the Customer Experience Manager for uSell. I'm sorry to hear you were disappointed with your experience. I can assure you that you have not been scammed; we are proud to offer a risk-free transaction in a safe, professional marketplace of professional buyers. If you would be so kind as to email [email protected] (attention Heather) with your order ID and the name you used for it, I would be happy to look into this for you. Once I receive your order information, I will work as quickly as possible to resolve your complaint.

    Best regards,

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  • Cm
    CMSJ Aug 16, 2014

    U sell quoted me $40.00 for my LG phone. I sent in two expecting a $80.00 check. According to UPS tracking Phones was delivered on 08/13/14 I have not heard anything back nor has u sell system been updated. I hope this was no a scam!!

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  • Cu
    CustEx Aug 21, 2014

    Hi CMSJ, uSell is no scam, I promise you. If you would be so kind as to email [email protected] with your order details, I'd be happy to look into your order for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,
    Customer Experience Manager

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no customer service at all

Got a quote from on september 4, 2013 to sell my iphone 4 via a "buyer" on their website "second hand cellular." they say they will mail a free postage paid shipping package and label to you in a few business days and that "5 days" after receiving your phone the buyer will issue payment. I received the mailer on saturday, september 14, 2013, ten days after requesting it. Oh well, I think, let's get this sent. I drop the phone off at my local post office on monday, september 16, 2013. Seven days later and it's september 23, 2013, and no word that they received my phone. I send an email, no response, I wait a couple days, send another, no response again. After a week of trying to contact and second hand cellular, I finally get a generic, "the buyer will pay you when the phone arrives" email from I contact usps with the tracking number I finally get from the customer service rep. Usps says the package left a sorting facility in brooklyn, ny (it's final destination) on september 21, 2013 at 4:00 am. 6 days ago. Usps says the package was probably either lost or stolen. I need to give me information regarding the shipping label to file a lost/stolen package complaint with usps, but no one will contact me via email. I have sent a total of 6 emails in the past week and no one ever responds. Total lack of customer service. Never use, they will ignore you forever if anything goes wrong. Now I am not only out the $131 I was quoted for the phone, I no longer have an iphone. Should have just traded it in to apple...

  • Us Mar 11, 2014

    I have not got my money from my phone. I sent it 3 weeks ago to was wondering when will I be getting my money .

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  • Le
    Lenora Cooper Jun 22, 2014

    My name is lenora cooper in i sent my phone in 3 weeks ago in i need my money my.moNey if u dont give me my money i will call the police my brother is a cop i need my moneY my email adress is [email protected] contact me now.

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  • Su
    Suq Madiq Jun 22, 2014

    post your social security number too so we know it's really you, lenora

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  • Su
    Suq Madiq Jun 22, 2014

    Just so we know it's really you, Lenora (if that's your real name) please post your social security number. just to be safe...

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never recieved the check promised

I saw a commercial stating they buy cell phones so I went online and got a quote for a lg my-touch...

scam/no offers

This site is nothing but a scam. They say top dollar for phones & its accessories, but it's not. They barely offer anything for phones. If the phone is older that a year, they offer most times recycling sites. They do things that they never discuss in the commercials. This is a terrible site.

  • Ju
    jukebox912 Jul 10, 2012

    The majority of complaints about uSell date back to transactions that were made prior to June of 2011. Furthermore, uSell has an A- rating with the BBB. All of the customer issues have been resolved and the company is focused on providing customers with an easy and secure way of selling their unwanted electronic devices.

    uSell acknowledges that they did make some mistakes in the company's early days, but they have done and continue to do everything that they can to make it right for every customer. If you have an issue with a current transaction, uSell strongly encourages you to contact them directly at [email protected]

    For everyone who is concerned about uSell's credibility, here is some information about what the majority of uSell customers experience with the company, as well as links to customer reviews of their partners:

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this is a straight up scam be warned

This company say they'll buy your old cell phones. I sent in my phones on march 9th it is it is the 28th and no response. It was no problem for them to send my so call kit for me to send in my phones free postage. That took three days but I tried to report maybe the phones were stolen in the mail because they claim to reimburse you if anything happen and I haven't got any response. There's no phone number on the website, no address, just an email they don't respond to. This is a straight up scam be warned. I should have done more research before I sent my phones.

  • Do
    donald dry Mar 02, 2012

    i sent in a phone 2months ago and never got my check either did it before and got my check but what can we do about this donald dry .

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usell is a fraud

I'm not going to say much other than the company is a fraud ( they will send you the requested envelop in order to ship your phone to them, but that's the last thing you will ever receive from After months of saying they have not received my phone, I finally said enough with the back and forth, just file a lost phone claim and be done with this aggravation. Then they go silent for weeks and won't return my emails. I filed a complaint with the bbb and suddenly (after the bbb sends them correspondence) the company acknowledges they have my phone and will send me a $58 check within 7-10 days. That was over 30 days ago. How is this not a crime? If a person gave me a phone and I agreed to pay them money for it, but then just walked away - I could go to jail for theft.

  • Ro
    Rocsin Jan 28, 2012

    Domain service provider: web domain registrant information for
    Technical Contact:
    Technology, Information [email protected]
    Upstream Worldwide Inc
    200 E Broward Blvd
    Suite 1200
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
    United States

    ISP service provide: This domain translates to an IP address of This IP address is owned by:
    Name Cloud Loadbalancing as a Service-LBaaS (ORD)
    Handle C02752681
    Street 9725 Datapoint
    City San Antonio
    State/Province TX
    Postal Code 78225
    Country US
    This is company has no abuse but is provided service by ([email protected]).
    Here's what you do, send an email to the following addresses:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    In the email state that you are informing them of fraudulent activity conducted by their customer "" and that by providing service to them they are enabling this activity. Request their help is stopping this activity. Detail the issues you have and point them to links on the web showing the scam. Try and keep it to the point and matter of fact - abuse departments get 1000's of emails a day.
    In addition here are the contact details for -- call them and complain.
    Chief Executive Officer Doug Feirstein
    Office No.: (954) 915-1550
    Chief Financial Officer: Daniel Brauser
    Office No.: (954) 915-1550
    Chairman of the Audit Committee: Grant Fitzwilliam
    Office No.: (954) 907-1209
    Outside Legal Counsel: Michael D. Harris, Esq.
    Office No.: (561) 478-7077
    Whistle Blower Hotline:
    Toll free North America:
    Toll free Outside of U.S. and Canada: Toll free fax (North America only):
    (888) 883-1499 (203) 557-8604 (866) 253-5201.

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I want to take this to judge karen court

My name is augustine booker and I want judge karen to hear my case about usell because this is the 3rd time that I send them a message and left my phone number because I send them my used sell phone over a month ago and they left a message on my phone stating that they was prossesing my phone and if it was not for cash they will call me and ask me if they can recycle it and it been over a month now and they never did call me back so I want to know when will I get a check in the mail my phone number is [protected]

I want to know where is my check

I have a complaint against my name is augustine booker I send in my old sell phone over a month ago and called my phone and left a message stating that they was prossing my phone and if it was not for cash they would call me and ask me if they can recycle it and now it been over a month ago and they never did call me. I send them a message last week ago with my phone number and they never did call me back this is the second time that I send this complaint to you all please call me at [protected] and let me know a answer I want to know what day in july will I get my check and how much will it be thank you. verified

a total fraud

What total frauds are. After making an initial posting about about the extended delays, the host of excuses about why it was taking so long for my iphone to be valued, I get an email from the usell ceo dave feirstein saying my phone was worthless. A fully funtional iphone less than two years old, and checked by at&t store prior to being sent. I attached the email below. Goes to show that the complaints posted on this site and others about the outright fraud usell commits ring true. Save yourself the time and effort and use a vendor other than usell or simply donate to a worthy local charity.
We can't give you money for your phones.

But we will recycle them for you for free.

Darn, your phones have no value. We understand this might be a bit disappointing to hear so please allow us to explain. Unfortunately, they may not have powered up, they may have been cracked or had a badly damaged screen or, they just may not have had any resale value because they're obsolete models.

But, good news. We'll recycle them for you free of charge so you can sleep well at night knowing they haven't ended up in a landfill. Now that's worth something, right?


Doug feirstein


P.S. Have other environmentally conscious friends? Tell them about us and we'll recycle their phones too.

  • Cm
    cman123 May 21, 2013

    ### cause the phone parts are worth some value like the battery.

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  • Hp
    hpcy Dec 31, 2013

    IFf they can give you any money for it. Why not send it back to owner. Recycling other person property . This is totoal violated your right.

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  • Hp
    hpcy Dec 31, 2013

    Correction (if they can't offer you any money)

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  • He
    HeebieJeebies Jul 16, 2014

    A jew is the CEO, should be a dead giveaway that it's a scam lol

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  • La
    LadyTaj Jul 21, 2014

    That is so messed up, recycle ur items wow they need to send it back to where it came from, u can get something for it off of eBay or Craigs List, they need to be exposed

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Do not use!!! I had switched from t-mobile to verizon and no longer needed my samsung...

complete scam

I sent in a small box of phones to usell after they sent me a quote for the phones. About a month... verified

so far not so good

I saw a commercial for They promise to give you a reasonable quote for you gently used...


I tried the website knowing that it was probably a scam, but I figured it wouldn't hurt...