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I was a loyal customer to Bell for more than 15 years, even their services are more expensive than others. However, what happened recently had forced me to change to another service provider for my internet services.
I was having technical difficulties with internet a few months ago. I called their customer services department for technical support. The person who assisted me asked me if i want to upgrade my service for free of charge. I told him no because i'm currently getting unlimited internet and I'm happy with it. The Bell technical support staff told me it won't affect the GB and there is no limit on internet usage if i upgrade it and there won't be extra charge and the speed with be FASTER. I confirm with the Bell customer service staff that the usage will remain unlimited and there won't be extra charge for the upgrade 2 times during our telephone conversation.
2 months after, my bill raised from 50 dollars to 85 dollars. I called and enquire what happened to my bill? the staff told me i upgraded to a 60GB plan so the extra GB i used will be charge.
I explained what happened that their staff educated me that this new plan will be unchange with the cost and usage limit. The staff said it is not true but unfortunately they can't switch me back to unlimited and I have to paid this amount from now on. They did not help me at all and they didn't try to problem solve or what they can do to get the customer back. and instaed they transfer me to the cancelation line to cancel my service
I decided to cancel this service and use Teksavvy because it's cheaper.
I think the Bell staffs need to be more educated on their company services and not to tell customer anything they want to get them into another plan.
I am currently using bell canada telephone service. Once my internet is all set. I will consider to get ride of all the services I had with bell, including my home phone and cell phone. I'm very very disappointed with Bell Canada, one of the biggest telecommunication company. The worst thing with this recession and fiancial crisis happening, there are so many competitors out there that they can provide the same service as Bell Canada and they are trying all their best to get their customer back if anything goes wrong.
I feel like i'm in a scam to transfer to another plan to pay extra 30 dollars more each month.
Bell Canada should learn from other company like Rogers, when there's any cancellation, they offer you something and make you feel good about staying with Rogers.
It is very unfortunate that, as a Canadian, we would love to stay with the Canadian company but unfortunately, i think the trend is to stick with the American company who respect customers.

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  • Oz
      Jul 25, 2009

    That's what exactly Bell Canada did to me. I already paid for the extra that they charge and I'm going to cancel at end of this month because that when my contract is finish otherwise I have to pay fine for early cancellation. In that situation can they still ask for fine for the cancellation even though it's their mistake ? Can they go to collection agencies? Yes, It's like scam to me.

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  • Ri
      Nov 12, 2009

    Over usage charge, not once with Rogers have i been over 60 gb in 7 years. Since bell was giving such a good deal i switched.One less kid in the house when i switched to bell and all of a sudden im up to 85 gb per month.
    Looks like im back to Rogers, at least when there is a problem they assume responsibility.

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  • 12
      Nov 13, 2009

    Do not sign up with Bell. Staffs are very irresponsible. I think the sale person who scam me into the plan get commissions so they lie about anything to get money from me. Very unprofessional. Bell canada is not doing anything about it. I wrote many complaint letters to them but no response. only receive email from them saying that they will get back to me. BUT they never did. They are not following through complaints. I don't think they care. Spread the words to ur friends/family ... do not sign up with Bell, switch to other company who value their customers.

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  • Ha
      May 10, 2010

    This post was very helpful. I went through a similar experience this week with Bell. I was asked by a tech rep. at Bell if I would like to upgrade my line. I told him I had people calling from Bell for over a year asking me the same question. My response to these solicitors was always the same. No thank you my line is great and very fast. The tech rep went on to tell me there would be no charge for the upgrade. I asked him 3 - 4 times to repeat that there would be no charge which he did. Today a Bell tech showed up at my door, without an appointment to install a new potsplitter I think he called it for the new high speed line. I was very disturbed by this, as no one had mentioned a home visit, or pre arranged an appointment with me. After he left I called Bell Canada to confirm there would be no charge for the upgrade, after talking about bundles and cost efficiency all of which had little to do with my question she confirmed there would be an increase of ten dollars. I was so confounded and upset by this I actually hung up on the rep. which I do not do to people. I called back a few minutes later spoke to another rep in the billings department and told her to cancel the whole thing, which she did. I asked if I would be getting the old speed back at the original price and that there would be no cancellation fee, she confirmed this as correct. She also gave me a confirmation number and her id lets hope my bill hasnt changed, when I recieve it next month. I told her I was very very disappointment in these shady business practises and that this tech rep flat out lied to get business from a customer has stuck by Bell loyally for more than 25 years, even when they were a monopoly. So yes thank you for this post, it helped me to realize this wasnt just me but appears to be a very bad sales technique on Bells part.

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