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Bell Canada / at bell, the customer is always wrong!

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Last July ,2006, after 4 years of explaining to Bell that my line house to pole in road was not functioning properly, and buying/replacing (unnecessarily) expensive equipment: I used my cell phone to tell Bell off handedly that I wouldn't need their service any more- as I wasn't getting any- and the line was dead anyway !
They came (again) and found- surprise- that the line from the house out to the pole was - "dead". They changed it.

Since July ,now, began another epic- they never credited my account for my July bill- paid-like all my others. After calls each month- I just calculate it myself- they found the glitch in October- but- still haven't fixed it.

So, maybe in 4 or 5 years...

At Bell, the customer is ALWAYS wrong.

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  • Ja
      22nd of Feb, 2007
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    I am writing about a complaint I have towards Bell Canada. At 25 and just starting to have to order a land line for my home, let me tell you I am not very impressed and do not plan on being a long-time customer. I would switch Internet service providers too in a second, but of course they are the only ones that can provide this and the phone service in my area in the condo I live in, so lucky for me! Not.

    Already having Internet service with Bell, we had a telephone number, which was inactive because we used our cell phone (not with Bell Mobility thank goodness) as our main home line. After recently being robbed, we will be installing an alarm connected to a central and therefore need a land line. We had to postpone the alarm installation because upon ordering the land line and confirming our credit card information, my partner was told it takes 2 weeks for the line to be activated (which was supposed to be Thursday January 25th). If it wasn't working then, a technician was scheduled to come by Saturday January 27th to make sure it worked, in time for our alarm installation happening on Monday. We contacted their Technical Repair Line (310-BELL, you talk with Emily, and finally get through to someone just as helpful as an automated voice recognition device, since their "real" Customer Service is only opened Mon-Fri) first thing Saturday morning to confirm that indeed a technician was scheduled to come and connect our land line. We were hoping to get a time, but of course they said yes you have a technician scheduled for a phone installation and they could come anytime before 6pm. We called a second time after lunch, just to see if they had any news, we live in a condo so maybe the technician might have had some problems and wasn't able to get in, but of course the same response, they confirmed the phone installation but anytime before 6pm.

    6:30pm rolled around and still our phone line wasn't working. We called again and spoke to their Technical Repair staff and the lady was not very clear. She said the technician never came by, but that the technician noted in our file that the phone line should be working by 10pm if not to call them back. I made sure their just as good as automated voice recognition device technical support staff would be there, because if come 11pm and my line was still not working they would be sure to receive my call.

    11pm still no line so I called again. This time the lady explained that in our file there was no order for a phone line installation, but for an Internet line cancellation as of January 27th. I was quite surprised to hear of this. After having called three times throughout the day and each time confirming that a phone installation was to happen on Saturday and now to hear that there was never such an order in my file, but that my Internet was being cut off (which is not true because I am currently using it to write and send this email and have been surfing the Web all Sunday morning) I was quite irritated. I explained to her that this didn't add up. I had been calling all day, the order always being confirmed and that I had an alarm installation scheduled on Monday and was depending on this phone line to have it all settled. I was trying to understand where this order for an Internet service cancellation had come from all of a sudden and she told me she wasn't trying to "debate me" but that that's what she saw in my file and to contact Customer Service on Monday 8am for more information. I wasn't debating anyone, just explaining my situation, but a little empathy from Customer Service 101 would have been nice.

    My boyfriend called them back, maybe another rep would have been more pleasant to deal with, but he got the same response, no order for a land line, just an Internet cancellation and to call back Monday 8am.

    Sunday morning I decided to call yet again, maybe the morning staff has access to some other information that the graveyard staff doesn't. The lady explained that she saw the note made in our file that if the line wasn't working by 10pm we would call back and that there was also an Internet line cancellation order in the system scheduled for the 27th. I explained to her that it's the 28th and that my Internet was still working fine, but was trying to understand that if she saw no order in our file, then why would there be a note stating that if the line wasn't working by 10pm we would call back. Her reply: call Customer Service Monday 8am. I will definitely be calling them tomorrow 8am. Now my alarm will be installed tomorrow but I need to have them come back once my phone line is hooked up, that means more time off work, more money to the alarm company and Bell still wins in the end.

    I just wish Bell would get their stuff together. Why would there be an order in our file up until after the technician never came? I have a theory that someone from their just as helpful as an automated voice recognition device Technical Repair staff changed the info in our file. My partner did not order a cancellation, but an installation and confirmed our credit card info! All I want is some clear, consistent, true information on the status of my order. Staying home all Saturday for a technician who was never going to come was the reason we called 3 times in the day. Note to Bell: your customers appreciate truth more than false hope. If no one is ever going to show up, you just have to let us know. And please do consider investing in a weekend "real" Customer Service staff, who have access to your customers' orders.

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