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I am complaining about my block sim card requesting puk number.

My name is aloy ogbor I lost my sim pack and now it requesting. Puk number.... My number is. [protected]. Pls I need urgent help to unlock it. I normally used it for internet like facebook, whatsapp. Etc. Some times I used it to call [protected].[protected], [protected], [protected]., [protected], [protected].[protected].[protected]. [protected].

Incorrect billing and fraudulent insurance

I renewed my contract with MTN on 2 December 2019, I was supposed to be paying R379 yet I'm made to pay R704. Numerous calls and emails were made to MTN to rectify the error but only to fall to deaf ears. Further to that My phone was insured without my permission even after sending documentation that I dud not request for insurance. I was assisted by useless Lorna, Bongani Mahlangu, Tshepo and a very unkind consultant by the name of nonhlanhla ntiki all of which are a useless bunch. In all occasions they tell me that there was an error when capturing my account because the account I'm referring to belongs to Nozipho. But funny enough they continue to debit my account and not that of Nozipho.

Phone not insured for over a week and a half

Good day

I had renewed my cellphone contract with MTN Greenstone branch on Saturday the 07-03-2020. I had requested for Insurance for the phone. I was advised that the Insurance agent will call me on Monday 09-03-2020. Today being the 18-03-2020 and still no call from the Insurance agent. I have not used the phone for this period due to it not being insured. I had phoned the branch and spoken to the Sales Person Mothusi that helped me with my contract renewal.

He advised me that he does not know why I was not called by the Insurance agent and that I must call them and request for the Insurance. Is there no follow up from MTN to the Insurance agent as the details are not stipulated in the contract.

This is the first time that I have used the MTN Greenstone branch and their Customer service is not what I expected. I have a new cellphone for over a week and a half but I can't use it due to it not being insured. Really disappointing.

Thank you

Akash Sewduth [protected])


data contract

I applied for a deal with MTN on 30/01/2020 of 80gig anytime, 80 gig nightowl +20gig anytime & 20gig nightowl+ 50gig dstv/showmax data for R 599. Ive been trying to get feedback from mtn and nothing! After further investigation i saw that the incompetant sales person at Riverside Mall in Nelspruit invoiced me for another contract of R1099 p/m (my home 60gig) I did not signup for that contract!!! 🤬

data contract

Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africa


Sent: 17 February 2020 01:54 PM
To: '[protected]'; '[protected]'
Subject: RE: Re: Complaint - No notice of revised midnight data times [cell: [protected]]==REMINDER REMINDER REMINDER !!!

Dear MTN,
Does MTN have any common decent to even respond to customers????
Or is this email just a ruse when call centre agents & managers cannot explain themselves?

Your lack of service and UNETHICAL attitude is atrocious.

I received an sms from MTN stating "from 02 March 2020, the expiry time on the Night Express data on your MTN Contract will change from 00:01 0 05:59am to 00:01 - 04:59am" however again MTN and fraudulently used my day data, and call centre agents advised the SMS was not intended for me?

If that is the case, this was MTN's error not mine, and I was following communication sent by yourselves yet you expect me to be at a disadvantage for YOUR ERROR.

MTN does not even have the decency to respond.

I spoke to your customer service manager (NDUMISO ZIKALA) and reference for my call : [protected], and he advised that I should have phoned MTN to find out the correct data expiry times?
Is that how MTN operates?

MTN truly does not appreciate loyal customers, and I am so disgusted that I will not be renewing my contract (not that it will matter to a company such as yourselves)
It makes me wonder if the directors are aware of how MTN runs day to day business, or if they are just as corrupt!

From: Kribashnee Govender
Sent: 17 February 2020 01:22 PM
To: '[protected]'
Subject: RE: Re: Complaint - No notice of revised midnight data times [cell: [protected]]==REMINDER REMINDER REMINDER !!!

Sent: 31 January 2020 03:59 PM
To: '[protected]'
Subject: RE: Re: Complaint - No notice of revised midnight data times [cell: [protected]]

Dear MTN,

It is evident that MTN does not value customers I have not received a reply to my below complaint.

Today I receive an SMS stating that ‘from 02 March 2020, the expiry time on the Night Express data on your MTN Contract will change from 00:01 0 05:59am to 00:01 - 04:59am"

Therefore I take it this notice was NOT disseminated to MTN customers previously.

What about the data and MTN unlawfully depleted?? Will we be rightfully reimbursed/credited with the data?????

Sent: 14 January 2020 05:18 PM
To: '[protected]'
Subject: Re: Complaint - No notice of revised midnight data times [cell: [protected]]

To whom it may concern,

On the 11 Jan I logged a call with MTN customer service (ref: [protected]) regarding my anytime data being used for usage before 06:00am.
The consultant advised she could see that data was deducted from my anytime data, and she has escalated the query, and I should call back in 3 days.
(You may verify this conversation since the automated answering service did say telephone calls are recorded)

Today 14/01 when I followed up on the query (ref: [protected]) the consultant advised that 1) The above reference [protected]) is invalid and 2) midnight data now expires at 04.59am and that an SMS was sent to customers informing us of this.

I am not pleased for two reasons, firstly I did not receive that SMS notification informing of the revised midnight data time, please provide proof.
Secondly, why did the consultant advise she has escalated the query if the midnight data times were revised?

I have been a loyal MTN supporter for almost 20 years, however the lack of MTN courtesy / proper service to your customers leave a lot to be desired and I will be considering changing service providers after my contract expires with MTN.

Dissatisfied customer
K. Govender

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data not being loaded correctly

Since April last year, MTN have not loaded my data correctly, as per my contract. I am to receive 1GB + 2GB...

Mobile Telephone Networks [MTN] South Africa

payment for additional numbers that I did not want or been aware of

In May 2017 I received a call from a person that identified them as representing MTN stating that I am one of 50 lucky winners and is eligible for a new phone at about R140 /month.As my contract renewal is normally in May this sounded plausible as I have been a loyal user for 22 years .As a pensioner I have to look after my cents and this represented a real saving on my existing contracts of around R600/month.Reduction to R280 will be a real saving I thought.I more than once stated I do not want additional or new numbers and was repeatedly assured that the new phones were a special thank you.
The new phones arrived and the sim cards were transferred over and nobody said anything.
In June I was diagnosed with cancer and due to an intense treatment Iprogram I did not look at my deductions for MTN.In December 2019 I received a call from MTN that I am due for an upgrade.This triggered alarm bells as I have just upgraded in May.Further investigation disclosed that a different company from Durban, sold me 2 extra lines and they can not cancel fot 24 months.I weas also two receive two extra sim cards, but never did.So totao cost that was supposed to be R280 was added to my exiting contract.
I feel that the new contracts were sold under fraudulent conditions and I am deep ly disturbed that tis happened with the knowledge of MTN as they are billing me fo the extra.
I am very unhappy about the situation and unless MTN cancel the two mysterious lines they will leave me no option so as to cancel all my contracts and internet sevices with them.

cell phone claim

My phone got stolen on Saturday 21/12/19 and I went to an MTN store and followed all the procedures to make a claim for a stolen phone.
I was told that mtn insurance would call me to process everything. Three days passed without them calling I then took intiative to call them. I was told to pay excess which I did, I then sent proof of payment on 28/12/19.A consultant then responded stating that the device had been ordered and it would take up to 7 business days for it to be delivered, the consultant even requested for my delivery address.

On the 06/01/20 and 07/01/20 I sent [protected] an email asking about the delivery of the phone and there was no response. I then decided to call them and to my surprise I was told the had not been ordered. I then pleaded with them that may they please make sure the phone is delivered by 10/01/20 because I am going to work on Monday 13/01/20 and I use a smartphone for my work which I currently don't have because of their negligence. The consultant agreed and an email was also sent to me stating that the phone will be delivered by 10/01/20.

I sent them an email on 10/01/20 and there was no response. I decided to call them and to my surprise I was told that the p20 is out of stock. I am really irritated because this wasn't communicated to me and I was told by the consultant if the device is out of stock they will inform me. The consultant said he will place an order for a p30 instead and it will be delivered on Monday 13/01/2020.

13/01/20 passed and I didn't contact them. On 14/01/20 I received an e-mail stating that they will call me before the end of the day regarding the status of the cellphone. They didn't call me so I decided to call them today and ask them about the status of the phone and they are still giving me the run around.

I am fed up! They never communicate with me to inform me about the status of the phone I always have to run after them as if they are giving this phone to me for free but in actual fact I have been paying for this insurance for 16 months without fail. I am done with this useless poor service provider. I am not going to renew my contract with them, if I do I give permission to anyone to blow my head off with an AK47.

upgrades / contract

Worst Service ever!!! I have been a client with MTN for 12 years now. For some reason, there was a problem with the debit order in December 2019. I then made the payment via EFT, I went in on the 2nd January to do my upgrade for the next 2 years and suddenly I have been placed under collection for an amount of R277.00 that was not paid, plus the amount I have EFT hasn't been deducted from my account. So now I have spent the whole of the afternoon of the 2nd to resolve this issue and today the 3rd of January 2020.
It is now the 6th January 2020 and yet I can not upgrade and no one can tell me where does the outstanding amount come from

cancellation of sim contracts

i am not happy at all with the service from the department that cancels contracts. most of the agents are rude an d will promise feedback but never happens. i made a call to mtn on the 9th of December 2019 to cancel my sim contract numbers for early termination. the guy who assisted me wa very rude. i had an outstanding balance and paid it together with the amounts he gave me for cancellation. i paid on the 16th of December 2019 having the information in mind that 7days hasnt passed, only to find out when i wanted to confirm cancellation that i was supposed to pay on the 10th of December before invoice date. whos fault is that?? no one gave me information about the invoice date and staff. why should i pay more money to cancel as this is not fair. if i knew i was going to accept the situation b ut now i wont. this is really not fair. MTN for retentions are very rude and they dont care about why you explain to them. now i have to wait for the manager to authorise the cancellation and they are not sure how long this will take and the debit order is going through friday. all of this is really bull **** and unfair. hire people who know their story. this needs to be resolved with immediate effect as i wont take a fall for a rude employee who thinks he knows better.

mtn contract upgrade

Good day

MTN Reference: Ticket [#1058691] - FW: Upgrade [protected]

I am so frustrated with the service received from MTN and have no idea how to have it resolved.

I upgraded my son's contract in August 2019 and have still not received the handset. I have been referred from one person to the next and now have to wait for some cancellation before they can re-apply for the upgrade. In the meantime, I have been paying for the upgrade.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.




lengthy delays in processing a sim swap request & ridiculousness of 135 service

1. On Sunday 01st December 2019, I lost my phone together with my SIM card.
2. The contact number that was associated with the lost SIM card is [protected].
3. On Monday 02nd December, I got myself a new phone and immediately started requesting a SIM Swap so I could get the abovementioned number back since I have used it for far too long to suddenly change into a completely new number.
4. Upon dialing *135# from my new handset 3 times on the same Monday, I was taken through a series of security questions which I unfortunately could not get right since some information required by those questions is contained in the very same phone that I have lost.
5. As a result, I was unable to successfully proceed with a SIM Swap process on my own.
6. Consequently, I started phoning the MTN Customer Care at 135 and the first consultant took me through the same set of questions that I had already indicated I could not get right on my own earlier on in the day.
7. Not surprisingly, therefore, she did not manage to assist me with my SIM Swap request.
8. I called 135 again a few minutes after speaking to the first consultant.
9. This time around, the phone was answered by a completely different consultant and I explained to her that I was no longer keen to do this by way of their system's security questions option because it doesn't seem I will ever succeed through it.
10. It was then that this second consultant explained to me that another way of doing a SIM Swap without being subjected to the security questions is if I am going to provide submit an affidavit to an MTN Store.
11. The following day (i.e. 3rd December) I went to the MTN Store in Centurion Mall with an affidavit that I had already deposed to on Monday evening.
12. At this Store, I was told an affidavit has to contain specified statements for my SIM Swap request to be considered.
13. I was therefore advised to go and depose to a new affidavit according to the guidelines that they provided me with, and then email it myself to MTN Customer Care.
14. So, I did exactly as advised on the very same day.
15. On this very same day again, after emailing through my affidavit to MTN Customer Care, I decided to phone 135 and just double-check if my affidavit and certified ID copy have been received.
16. The consultant who answered the phone told me that MTN no longer receives emails directly from customers and that I must submit my affidavit and certified ID copy to the MTN Store, and the Store will know what to do with those.
17. This angered me a bit because it is the MTN Store that had advised me to email my affidavit through to MTN Customer Care by myself.
18. But anyway, I returned to the Store that very same afternoon around 18h30 and they emailed the documents through to MTN Customer Care there and then (and also copying me in that email).
19. On Wednesday 04th December, I passed by an MTN Store on my way to work in the morning just to get confirmation if their Customer Care has received my SIM Swap request documents; and I was advised that the MTN system indicates that my request is being processed.
20. I left the Store with some hope.
21. But up until this present moment, my old number has not been restored back to me.
22. And when I try to phone 135 today (05th December), the phone does not go through a live consultant (or "MTN champion" as they refer to them).
23. Instead, I am only made to listen to the pre-programmed answering machine which can clearly never be in a position to respond to my queries; because all I want now is a reassurance directly from the Customer Care consultants that indeed my request is receiving their attention and an estimated turn-around-time for when they anticipate they would be done processing my request.


Lindiwe Mvuyana
Email: [protected]

my airtime not being credited

MTN refuses to fix their errors

I'm so angry and disappointed with Mtn. I have 2 contracts with them yet their service delivery is utter rubbish. On 27October I bought R99 airtime via my banking app and apparently MTN had problems with crediting airtime. I've phoned them every week for the past 3weeks with no solution. I've emailed them my proof of transactions and notifications from my bank but still they refuse to credit me with the airtime I paid for. They keep giving me reference numbers and referring me to the bank but I've sent them proof that the transaction was successful. I'm so sick and tired of their incompetent and I cannot wait to leave their network. My money has gone down the drain and I'm just fed up I wish there was a way of reversing my transaction. R99 is not small money in this day and age

mtn service

It Started with MTN Kolonnade Branch 5 months ago, Worse Experience ever, the staff is rude, when you phone the phone gets put down or it does not get answered, I eventually got through and they don't even answer professionally. When asked to speak to the person who handled my query in store the person was busy and I was told that he would call me back, it did not happen. I then Called again and got through to him now I need to go back in store to re-do everything again as so of the paper work got missing, so now I have to go back wait the whole day to be helped by another rude staff member. I filled in a debit order form at the Branch, however it never got processed as the money did not debit off my account. Fed up with this service, I started emailing Customer Care. I requested that the debit order gets processed and filled the debit order form again on 2019-09-19, they only responded 2019-09-26. Then again on 2019-10-02 the debit order has not gone off my account, I complaint and MTN customer care Mishack Mavundlha responded saying "Good day Kaira, Thank you for your email. We apologize for the delayed response and any inconvenience incurred. kindly be advised that the debit order will go off on the 1st of November 2019." Today is The 5th Of November and still this is not resolved.

sim card puk number

My name is Salami Adejoke. I recently put a password on my MTN sim. My phone went off on its own and on...

my cell phone not properly repair

on 21/03/2019 my husband bought me a Samsung Grand prime + from Edgars. On 03/07/2019 I take the phone in for repairs because the speaker was at fault and the charger got very hot when I charge the phone. I waited 6 weeks the got the phone back. A week later I take it back because the speaker still not right. When i make or receive calls the people can hardly hear me. I waited for another 6 weeks then I got it back.
A week after I receive the phone for the second time, the people still complaining that they can hardly hear me and when I want to phone and all my icons on the screen swim around. I have to restart the phone so I take it back in. for the past 3 weeks, edgars help me to phone MTN to replace the phone because it is the third time whith nearly the same problem. No feedback was given. On Tuesday 22/10/2019 MTN told edgars that the phone is repaired and ready for dispatch and it shoud be at edgars soon.
My complaint is, why everytime repair the phone as it give me the same problem everytime? Why not just give me permission to get a new phone, then I could pay extra money for a better phone. i am so dissapointed with MTN and Samsung

new contract application

MTN Phoned me for a new contract application on Monday 2019/10/21. We completed the application over the phone and I asked them to call me back in about an hour so that I can write down the email address to where I should send all my supporting documents. I never received a callback that day. The next day I received a call and the wanted me to do the complete application all over again at which I replied and said I did the application yesterday so they should retrieve that application and give me the email address so that I can send in my documents. The application got lost and the manager got rude over the phone and told me either I redo the application or they will not help me. Nice way to do Business isn't it. This is not acceptable!!!
I think MTN should relook at satisfying the customer.

fraudulent contract

Good day

My name is Salamina Langa, on the 20th of August 2019 I went to MTN Polokwane Mall of the North to apply for your 80G SIM only contract which was successful as I was informed.

I was informed I will get the data on 13th of each month, today on the 13th of September I only 20G and I called your customer care and I was informed that is what they see on their side and there is nothing they can do.

Unfortunately this is not what I agreed with MTN. I feel defrauded that now I have a wrong contract which I would have never applied for the only reason I applied was because of the promotion and the data I will not pay R300 for 24 months for something we did not agree upon. Please investigate and fix it or cancel the contract because this is fraud . You cannot advertise something while you know very well that that's not what you are offering.

Salamina Langa

  • Po
    Portia MAgazi Nov 13, 2019

    I have the same issue with MTN my contract is correct but the DATA they are loading is only 10GB during the day which is supposed to be 40Gb a day and 40GB a night

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sim card blocked -

I change my sim password yesterday 08/10/2019, unfortunately while I was busy with a work on my system, my...

mtn insurance

I have 3 devices on insurance with Pinnacle Marketing through MTN SA. On the 29th of Sept 2019, one of my phones got lost and because it was a sunday afternoon i was only able to report the phone lost and blacklist it on Monday morning. This was done and i was given a ITC number. I even did an affidavit and a case was opened for me at the police station. Today my claim wa rejected because according to them my devices have not been using the numbers they are insured with, which is UTTER NONSENSE and a lie. I asked that my usage be checked and i can verify what numbers i called and received calls from before the phone got lost and all of a sudden the call center agent cant assist me and her system is down. I asked to speak to a supervisor and none of them were available. I refuse to be taken for a ride when i so comfortably took them on as a provider. I will continue making a noise until i get to the bottom of this. My device used the number it was insured with until it go last. I have never used any other number in it. Pinnacle Marketing you are liars ...

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