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Infinix Mobility

5th Floor, Smart Complainphone Carlcare Service Centre, Cardinal Otunga Plaza, Kaunda Street
Kenya - Nextto City Hall

Customer Service

+254 717 446 052(Customer Service) 63 29
+254 716 400 500(Luthuli) 39 13
+254 702 133 888(Meru) 5 2
+254 728 116 767(Nyeri) 5 4
+254 704 433 444(Mombasa) 6 8
+254 706 188 199(Eldoret) 12 3
+254 705 618 555(Nakuru) 6 3
+254 701 616 050(Kisumu) 11 3
Additional Offices in Kenya

Carlcare 2nd Floor, Complex House, Opposite Luthuli House, Luthuli Avenue

1st Floor of Town Mobile Center, Carlcare Service, Next to Uchumi Supermarket, Ghana St.

Prestige Plaza, Ground Floor, Room 104, Kimathi Street

Hospital Street opp Fayaz mini bakery 2nd floor Room NO A2

Dalsa Center, First Floor Room 22, Oloo Street, Block 6/14, Opposite Lincon Hotel

Shopper Paradise Kenyatta Avenue 3rd Floor, Room 06/07, P.Obox 10076/239 Nakura

Nakumatt Mega Plaza, Block D Mezanine Floor Along Oginga Odinga Street next to the Star Newspaper Office

Complaints & Reviews

infinix s4

Product is not working properly plz provide solution. And also replace my product as soon as possible, I complain a request against this previously in flip kart but flip kart peoples won't respond to my requests and they don't respond properly, I was trying to resolve but its happens quite plz help me and give me better solution on this and replace my product or else repair this


infinix s4

infinix hot 8

I just bought this phone, and i can't seem to type messages on WhatsApp or WhatsApp status or even normal SMS without it going back to the main menu.
Aside from sending messages, it also goes back if I'm using any app.
So I went to calcare in benin city and they worked on it. I've been using the phone for one week now and I noticed that the problem is coming back gradually.
And I also noticed that my alarm no longer ring when I turn off my phone.
Pls what is wrong with my newly purchased infinix hot 8..
Pls quick reply will be appreciated and I really need this alarm

infinix s4 6gb ram

597656 I had bought this phone about 2 weeks before, and it is very slow regarding 6 gb ram and internet is more worst about 1 kbs or 1.5 kbs, it shows 4G sign on top bar but gives speed...

infinix s3x mobile

597656 Dear Infinix Management Team, Suddenly power off my Mobile and after that hang up not working not opening charging only but not open visit your services center saddar Karachi wa...

infinix hot 7 pro

I bought th mobile on 12th july 2019
I was very eagerly intrested to use the mobile
When i bought the mobile a small screen defect found
Using for two months, it suddenly switched off and i contacted the service person
He told that it is defective product from the beginning
The actual cost of mobile i bought is 9999/-
But the repair person asked 11000 to change its motherboard
Completely fraud infinix mobiles
Such a worst brand i have seen
No proper service and response
Never I encourage anyone to buy infinix products and I wont allow to buy this infinix products

infinix hot 5

Good day, I bought my Infinix hot 5 phone last year march and few months back, the battery started given issues.. When I charge the battery to 100%, it gets drained within...


My name is Ahmed from Egypt

I purchased a phone infinix s4 memory 64 Giga Ram 6

Very sad because the phone does not work on the gam

fortnite and pubg And large-scale applications and games

This is due to the processor

The processor is weak, old, slow and very bad

You are using MediaTec processors and this company has very bad products

Phone lighting is very weak in the sun

The screen does not have a protection layer of gorilla glass

There is no notification light

There is no quick battery charging feature

There is no nfc

There is no USB Type-c

The phone is very hot when the phone is connected to the charger

The back and front camera is very bad

I have deceived the company infinix

I have deceived the company Telephone s4

Although there are phones at the same price with all the possibilities that I mentioned

Although there are phones at the same price with all the possibilities not found in the Infinix phones that I mentioned

infinix hot 5

I got my phone last year April and around October the home and minimize keys and the front camera stopped working then around march this year the home key and the minimize key started working again and the front camera option disappeared and the camera isn't working which is so annoying and phone system keeps switching off by itself and later hanged without any key functioning within the phone and this situation is limiting what I can do with the phone

infinix hot 6

I purchase infinix hot 6 android phone sometime in February 2019 and had two update prompt which are thought are periodical and I followed through and the two were successful but on a third update prompt when i restarted the phone as required the phone went off and has not come up till now.
This happened on Saturday 29th June, 2019
All effort to put the phone on has failed

I am complaining about my stolen infinix phone

My phone was stolen on the 2nd of June 2019. I have a lot of private and official information's in it which i wont want the criminal to get a hold of. Kindly assist in blocking my infinix phone. My IMEI number is [protected] IMEI [protected]. I have these IMEI numbers of the pack of my phone when i purchased it.

Kindly treat as urgent. You can contact me for further information if you wish to. My email address is [protected]

infinix note 5

I purchased infinix note 5 few days ago, the problem is my handset is still running on Android 8 Oreo, I purchased this mobile believing it will get updated to Android 9 pie, there are no updates available. Please solve my problem. Will I get Android 9 update or not, Android one promises 9 pie for infinix note 5 but why is that my mobile did not receive Android 9 yet?

infinix note 5

I bought the infinix note 5 two months ago, and now it's bend from the middle and the inner part of clear seen between the display, then I consult to the technical support then they said the battery is damage and that's why the reason behind that the mobile is bend from middle, so take action on that fastly and solve the my problem fast and that's about also a customer's faith too.

Infinix Mobility x604 — I purchased this infinix note 5 in september first charging adapter got faulty and now my mobile is dead

My name is hiren vinod rathod. My mobile number is [protected]/[protected]. My mobile is not working its totally dead. When i visit to mobile service centre they told me it that...

highly charges in service centre in ongole

Hi My Name Vijay Kumar, I'm use INFINIX Note 4 is Best moblie in my Life but Recently my mobile Is broken display, I going to Infinix service centre's very good Response, After 15...

noth nazimabad franchise karachi pakistan omplain

Dear concern, I have purchase infinix note 4 mobile yesterday amount of Rs.17, 500/- Infinix north nazimabad franchise cheat with me. Now today i have checked another market...

product is not working

Today I recieved my product item no : [protected] . it was infinix note 5 mobile . when i open the box and try to use it .. it is not turn on.. i pluged it on charging . but no one option is shown at screen .. mobile have any internaly problem may be .. i contact to courier boy .. he says to contect with daraz .pk . i contect many times at your contect number but it was not picked .. i want to change the mobile .please help me in this problem

infinix hot s3 display problems

When I go to the service centre of infinix he told me call me after 15 day and he refused to take my phone to repair because my phone have 2 month only and it's on warranty and...

Infinix — volte feature on my phone is not working; infinix zero 5

Earlier my loud speaker was not working. I went to the service centre and gave the phone to the service centre. When I got my phone back I was unable to see the volte icon on my...

infinix note 4

597656 Dear sir mere phone main not charging. Ki problem. Aa rhi thi to Maine. Khurja bulandshar up main jama kra diya 1.08.2018 ko or 3.08.2018 ko phone thik ho gaya phir phone on nahi...

infinix software

597656 Your launcher is displaying ads which I haven't authorised it yet. This is a serious privacy breach because I bought an infinix phone pre installed with your launcher, ...

infinix hot3 lte

This product I bought in December 2016. The phone started giving problems within few months. It was sent to carlcare centers several times and was working for few days and wa...

infinix hot 5 lite phone

I bought a phone (Infinix Hot5 Lite) 1 week ago and the camera has stopped working. The back camera refuses to focus, the front camera is fine. I still have my receipt but bought...

infinix zero 5

On December, I had purchased the infinix zero 5, the mobile had good camera quality as well great battery life, but after 1 month use there happened to be a few issues, the phone...

infinix note 2

Infinix : the charging system is faulty from the word go, I have returned it twice to customer care who have asked for exorbitant charge of more than 3/4 the purchase price. Why cant you just manufacture a good handset with a good charging system. I feel let down, cheated and dubbed, I had a variety of option and I settled for infinix. Contact; +[protected] and email [protected]

Manufacture good handsets, all my friends are complaining about infinix charging system.

infinix 603/ unavailability of the part

Hi, I am nizam from mumbai. I have purchased infinix phone recently, I dropper it by mistakenly and its display just broke.. I gave it to service centre near me.. But thay couldnt...

phone not charging

I bought an infinix note 4 about 5 months ago. All was well until about a month ago I realized that the charging process had slowed down considerably. Now it is not even charging at all. When I plug in the charger it indicates that it is charging but will not go beyond 3%. I have tried changing chargers, even changing sockets but nothing works. What could be the problem. Kindly assist me.

infinix zero 3 x552

I purchased zero 3 on march 2017... Right after a month I had some issue in my cell I submitted to carl care service karachi paksitan... They stated my cell has board problem and they repaird... Again after 2 months I felt issues in my cell again I submitted and they changed my batter as per their statement... Again after 6 months I got same problem and they fixed it too not before just 1 month of warranty period I agiain had issue in my battery charging and when I submitted they said my board has issue and it will cost me 9000 pkr bcz I cell has been openend in market... How can I open my cell in market if it has company warranty... I argued alot but they rejected it... I just took my cell and colsed my complain... Nothing to say but I recommend all never ever try new companies like infnix and many others... They offer good specs with cheap procie but remember u put ur small amount in garbage too... They never offer good service after sale and cell machanism is too dumb... I lost my all money buying in infinix kinda crap...: (

infinix zero 4 screen pixel issue or screen burn

597656 Dear Sir/ Madam I bought an infinix zero 4 (X555) in June 2016 and In the month of October it started developed a screen discolouration that seems to be spreading at the side of...

infinix hot 4 pro

I bought infinix hot 4 pro mobile in flipkart in last november 17, since the delivery time from now there is a problem persisting unfortunately system has stopped... I applied for...

call being rejected without number being blocked

My mobile is infinix hot. From the past 2, 4 days one number is constantly being rejected although I didn't even add it to the blacklist or any reject list. I checked it in the...

hot 4 pro

It's an abnormal problem with my "Infinix Hot 4 Pro" cell phone from last 10 days.Screen replacement process started by "AB Communication at windsor plaza, Vadodara, Gujarat, India" from "13-Nov-2017".

But, still I am not getting my device as in ready mode.
I think help desk personnel are not taking my problem as serious.
Even I take follow up regularly, and as per Helpdesk they are trying to replace new screen on device but the new screen is not compatible to fix-up on device.

Now, it's more than serious matter for me because I have no any alternate 4G device.
Please do needful for solve my problem as soon as possible.

Owner Name : Parth Satishkumar Modi
Model : Infinix Hot 4 Pro
Purchase Date: 30-Oct-2017
Purchase From: Flipkart

infinix hot s model x521

I purchased Infinix Hot S five months ago and all has been well till recently when the phone could not charge at all.I tried changing the chargers but nothing changed. I took it to the local maintenance team that changed the charging port but the results were short lived. The phone displays an error when the charger is plugged in and when it turns on it displays "a low battery temperature". Kindly assist

the android 7 upgrade on infinix note 3

i recently upgraded my Infinix note 3 to android 7 nougat and it hangs and has become also restarts on itself and charges for more time tan it used to . i would like to downgrade back to android 6 but i have tried going to your local shops and they say that they don't know how to do so .i have also tried flashing it but it seems not to work on it.
i have reset back to factory settings but its still android 7
kindly help on how to downgrade

infinix note 3

I was in the middle of typing a message today morning when the phone went blank. not charging, not being detected by the computer' not turning on.
I have tried hard reseting' it won't even respond to the "power + volume up" buttons.
The phone has been in a protective case plus has a screen protector and has only been charged with the original charger it came with.
I got it because i believed in the long battery life, but it's dying just a few months after i purchased it has made me reconsider infinix as a brand.

  • Hu
    hussein essahussein_ Sep 17, 2017

    Dear complain manger

    My name is Hussein Essa. I bought a Infinix device note 3 pro 6 month ago. I must admit it is one of the best devices I have ever had. I dropped it in the sea. I went to Carl care in Cairo to repair it. I was shocked how irresponsible they are. They asked for 1500 E P to replace the mother board and I was shocked that:
    1- They told me it would take 15 days to repair it.
    2- On 24/8 I went to receive it. They took 1500 without any payment receipt.
    3- I wanted to try it, but they told me it needs recharging. At home I discovered the device is dead.
    4- 27/8 I went back they told me they would repair it in 48 hours because its RR2.
    5- More shocks they told me that the person who took the money from me was fired.
    6- There is no document prove anything for me.
    7- When asked them to turn the camera back to the date 24/8 to see that I paid the money they said the Chinese people only who have the right to do so.
    8- I witnessed many people paid money without giving them any document.
    9- One of the stuff told me that they would print papers that I have no right to ask for my money and not to waste my time and just forget about it.
    10- One of the stuff said "Why did you buy this Chinese cheap device?"

    Really I m proud of using your device good technology cheap price and easy to use. It could be challengeable in the wide Egyptian market. Yet Carl care destroyed all the opportunities for your company in the wide Egyptian company. Tens of customers are suffering and deceived daily by Carl care.

    You can send someone to secretly investigate it.
    I'm ready to witness whenever you need me.

    Hussein Mohamed Mahmoud
    Serial no :359974075130156

    Mobile no: 01005607019

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infinix note 3 pro

I am having difficulties in turning off screen overlay. I was given two ways to turn the screen overlay. 1. Going to settings, chosen app, turn off screen over lay which I did not...

note 3

Dear All, Kindly note that I have bough the Infinix Note 3 from 8 months, and from one month ago, it started to restart by itself and sometimes when I plug the charger, the...

infinix note 3 7.0 update

I recently got notified that Infinite Note 3 X601 has a new update 7.0 Nougat. So I download and updated it and now my phone automatically restarts every 10 to 20 seconds. I...

Infinix Mobile — infinix hot 3 mobile phone

I just got the mobile phone not up to 6 months now. In the second month, of purchase, the charger consisting of the Adapter and the Chord spoil without any trace. Not quite long...

replacement mobile set required - infinix note 3 pro - imei# [protected]

597656 Dear Respected Sir, I have faced an issue regarding the Infinix Smart phone set Note 3 Pro. When I purchased the Infinix Note 3 Pro on dated April 05, 2017. After purchasing the...

Infinixmanufacturing defect

Dear Infinix team,

I bought infinix zero 3 phone three months ago suddenly my phone is deid and won't charging. I went to Union mobile stores your agent in Egypt (the warranty) and I informed the customer services employee that I urgently need the data saved on my mobile and I emphasized not to remove my mobile data without reference me. The informed me that the technical support team discovered that my phone has a manufacturing defect covered by the warranty and they changed the motherboard andy my data on the old motherboard and they will not give me my data back. additionally my phone is back in a bad condition with a small scratch on the screen which is not exist before. When I complained they shouted at me and spoke in avery bad way. I refused to receive the phone in this condition and please I need my data back I need my contact my memories which mean alot to me. I trust your company and I was very happy with my phone . I have no sin to lose every thing due to your manufacturing defect and you also do not accept that your clinet treated with this bad way and be shouted by your ugent in Egypt when I was claiming of my right.And I should not receive my mobile with scratch made by the support team.

Thank you in advance. I will leave you all the information that may help you to slove my problem.

my name is Miraz Soliman. I live in Egypt, Cairo city and my address is 4 Nasr street first of May building, nasr mobile number : [protected].

my phone data is infinix zero 3 model X552 serial number [protected] condtion still in warranty.