Belk / unfair

Birmingham, AL, United States

I have worked for belk for a while now. The company makes a ton of money; however, they do not pay employees fairly. They want belk to be a place where people want to work but they don't want to pay anyone anything either. Their loss prevention positions do not make any money at all. One of the lp's I work with made multiple stops, felony cases, and investigates a lot and only received a 10 cent raise! That lp has saved the company more money than he makes a year! They base the lp's review/raise on what their stores shortage is. If your store doesn't meet the shortage goal you do not get a raise. So that tells you it doesn't matter how many stops or cases you've made they won't give you a raise. ### place i've ever worked for. As soon as I can find another job, i'm out of there.

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