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thredUP Complaints & Reviews

Thredup / Scam

Richelle Levy on Oct 22, 2017
It's a scam! I decided to share my clothes with someone who would really enjoy it and to refresh my wardrobe at the same time. So I sent two bags of great clothes (I'm not overrating) of a great quality to them. Looking at the clothes it's impossible to say it was worn. And honestly speaking, I...

Thredup / this site is a big mess

George Ivan on Sep 4, 2017
Their website is terrible and buggy. It's not profitable for anyone. Neither for sellers not for buyers. Their system is often down and it may lead to different bad situations for everyone. Their "sales" are fake, most of the items are often out of stock and I suppose their quality i...

Thredup / Not worth!

Tabita on Mar 3, 2016
I sent them a huge bag with over 35 items. Some clothes were never used and even had tags. 25 items were accepted and I was credited about $20! So they actually gave me cents and then they were selling my things for higher prices! I got less than a dollar for each item. Absolutely...

Thredup / This site is a total scam!

Fiona on Feb 3, 2016
I sent them two bags of clothing and everything I sent was in good condition, no tears, no stains and on their approved brand list. Before sending the clothes I checked their approved brand list very carefully. Items I sent were brand new designer clothes, mostly jeans and shoes. There...

Thredup / Do not send them your items!

Todod34 on Feb 2, 2016
I sent them three huge bags of clothes. All the things I've sent were brand new designer clothes mostly women's jeans and dresses. All the clothes were new, never used and had tags. They decided to keep only several items and paid me only $20. Only later I discovered that the jeans alone...

Thredup.com / Fraud

Mirina on Jan 6, 2016
I sent them brand new designer stuff and they gave me cents. I paid hundreds of dollars for those things and never used them! When I asked for my things back, they refused and told they'll keep everything. Very unprofessional company. They would not tell you ahead what they will pay. First...

Thredup.com / Save your time and money!

Adelle on Jan 5, 2016
Before sending my things I went through their list of accepted items. I checked everything very carefully because they have quite strict rules. I put two brand new designer dresses in the bag ($150 each dress). Well, five weeks later I finally got a message stating they received my item...

Thredup.com / Stay away from this site!

Cutie on Dec 16, 2015
I sent them two bags with very nice clothing and footwear. All items were new and had tags on them. My mother bought all those things for me overseas, but I just didn't liked them. Few weeks later I received a message from thredUP. They told that none of my items met their standards. That...

Thred Up / Useless info

Dacais on Aug 10, 2014
I ordered from the company Thred Up. I paid about $100 for the order and postage, but the seller provided only useless confirmation email, which didn’t contain anything helpful. I sent several emails, but no response. After 3 weeks my order hasn’t been delivered. The seller...

Thredup / Thredup is stealing clothing & money from consumers

Leanne F on Aug 1, 2013
Thredup is an online resale shop. The premiss is you order a bag from their website and fill it with quality clothing then send it back and thredup will pay you for the clothing. However, what they won't tell you is that you will receive only pennies for brand new clothing you send...

Thredup.com / They even have an F rating on the BBB

Imion on Sep 21, 2012
I would only go to this site to use your free $10 credit and then run! But whatever you do, do not get scammed into sending them your nice name brand clothes in that handy huge bag they send you for free. That's how they get ya! They sent me a bag and told me to stuff it full and send...

Thredup.com / Avoid this place at all costs

Likren on Aug 29, 2012
So I guess this site use to be some sort of bartering service. Now it functions more like a childrens re-sale clothing store online. So basically you send in your high quality kids clothes, get credit and choose items you would like to get in return, or there is the option to sort picture...

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