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+1 617 575 9676(Customer Service) 48 32
+1 925 266 5950(Walnut Creek Store) 1 7
+1 737 205 1718(Austin Store) 2 3
+1 (415) 402-5202 0 0
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thredUP Distribution Center, 2992 Alvarado Street, Unit A, San Leandro, CA 94577

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Walnut Creek, California
Walnut Creek Pop-Up, 1450 Mount Diablo Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Monday – Sunday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Austin, Texas
10910 Domain Drive Suite 112, Austin, Texas 78758
Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Sunday 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Complaints & Reviews

Thredupnever received credit for a bag of designer clothes!

I sent to ThredUp a bag of designer clothes of 22 items in January 2020. I kept checking my account to see what they would keep and nothing ever showed up so I emailed towards the end of January. No response. But I did receive an email that said, "Please rate your call with Jessica". So I emailed again and still no response! I can't find an 800 number. It's INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING to not have your emails responded to and to not have the ability to speak to a human being!!!

Thredupstealing clothes/ poor quality clothing

I sent a large package of pre owned clothing, many name brands. I never received a response on what they decided with regard to what they were going to purchase and/or return. I attempted to inquire but with no response. Never got any items returned and no money was sent. I have a credit with thredUP and would appreciate a check as I tried to purchase additional items however the items received were badly worn, faded and often with holes. Stay away from thredUP, I now see many of their items on Ebay.

  • Mi
    MissDisplaced Mar 21, 2020

    So they basically steal the clothes people send in, find a way to "reject" them, then sell on Ebay?

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Thredupmissing chanel scarf from my bag!

I am missing my Chanel Scarf!
i had sent them a Chanel scarf along with other high priced items with a box and everything. they sent out one maxi dress as an unaccepted item but not my Chanel scarf. I bought return assurance to make sure i get my high priced items back incase they dont accept any.
No news of it..Get help section response nothing...i have tried to contact but there is no actrual number..where is my scarf????
they bluff and say there will be a tracking number for your kit return but i have nothing...

Threduperror message appears persistently while I try to place my order

I have been trying to buy 3 items, using the same valid credit card I used just 3 days ago with ThredUp. I keep getting an error message saying that I am not providing "valid payment information." I have re-entered every box 6 times.
There is no way I can see to fix this problem. I also can find no way to reach a real person to assist with this problem. The only telephone numbers posted (on a different site) have only electronic answerers. I have been at it for several hours now, with no changed results. VERY FRUSTRATING.
I have written 3 emails, and no real response. The stock answer is that it can take from 7 - 10 days to respond. Unfortunately, my "cart" will expire long before then. And my "bundle" option will also expire. SO I'm feeling pretty defeated, and thinking that ThredUp is not a good way for me to buy or sell my quality gently used name brand clothing. 11-11-19

Thredupclothing I sent to them and haven't received any money for the items they sold.

Back during the summer I sent in about 5 or 6 bags of clothing to them. They sold some of the clothing under the pretext that I would get a portion of the money. I hit my cash out button and still haven't received any money from them.i want my money and they need to be shut down and sued for falsely advertising that when they sell your clothes you get a portion of the money.

Thredupthey stole my clothes.

I sent in a bag of clothes to consign. They posted everything EXCEPT 3 barely worn boys Under Armour sweatshirts. What happened to them when they were Included in the bag I sent? Who knows since there is absolutely no way to file a customer complaint. I am contacting the Better Biz Bureau. It's the principle of it as I am sure they are scamming a lot of other people. Keeping the best items for themselves? What do they do with it?

Thredupsupport/ refund

I have ordered clothes from them twice now and both times when some items were returned I never got refunded my money for them. I love this concept and the layout of the website, but I feel like I' getting ripped off. I've emailed, called and chatted and cannot get a hold of anyone. I work in SF across from their corporate office. Maybe I should just show up and demand some help!

ThredUp, Inc.hesche leather satchel and antonio melani shoes

Changed address on website several times, but once the order goes through, my old address came up which is where these have been sent. Once I realized that it was happening again, I tried to cancel the order (ThredUP does not allow that I guess)
but could not find a way to do so. I have also contacted them several times regarding the address change issue. The address shows on the website order page as changed, but once you hit the purchase button you can see that the old one is the shipping address. So, that is why it happened twice. I thought that I had corrected it. They have no customer service number that I am aware of.

  • Updated by Michelle Smyth · Dec 16, 2019

    I called Thred Up customer service and as well I sent email couple times.
    No one reply to my email.
    Also I did chat window and person said wait.
    It has been one month.

  • Ta
    Tao11 Oct 20, 2019

    i cannnot generate a return label ...their process seems stuck. Am left with the alternative of paying the return postage.

    A hat i am returning was misrepresented. thredUP advertised it as 'fits all'. The reality is that there is a tag inside with a size of '0/S'. it is too small for my head ... seems suited for a child.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Smyth Dec 25, 2019

    I ordered 4 items of clothes from Thred Up and returned on 11/1/2019.
    As of today I did not receive a credito fo $83.83.
    User ID 22848997
    Order #19632089
    Return #2521675
    Please let me know.
    My email is [email protected]

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Thredupitem I ordered is not described correctly (fabric content wrong) false advertising!

Item was supposed to be 100% Cotton;it's not, it's actually 55%Linen&45%Rayon-I like natural, 100%cotton clothing, that's why I ordered it;IF I'd known the Truth about the fabric content I wouldn't have bought it-classic case of FALSE ADVERTISING!I won't buy anymore clothing from these Fraudsters!They Cheat you on resale items, too, plus lie&Steal items

Thredupcustomer service

First, I want to start by saying how frustrating it is not to be able to connect with a human being at a company that you are trying to purchase things from. I emailed ThredUp regarding another order days ago and no one has responded to my inquiry, which is concerning since the following inquiry is time-sensitive.

I just received my Goody Box but there was no invoice in the box so I have no idea how much any of these clothes cost. I can't find one in my account either.

The "response" email from customer service said it could take up to 5 days for someone to get back to me, which is convenient since this box needs to be returned within 7 days or I'll be charged for all of it.

And, I agree with others that their payout policies are BS. I stopped selling with them and now I am pretty sure I won't shop with them either. Returns cost $9, plus a $2 restocking fee. I'll stick with Amazon, I think.


Thredup — online shopping

I got burned too. I think this company steals and I read so many complaints about the way they operate regarding consignments. So the good new is I AM NOT ALONE in my misery. I...

Thredup — sent a purchase back for return and was given 1/3 what I was originally charged!

I have been ordering from ThredUp for over a year now, living in the desert you can't find much fashion near by, so yes, I have been overpaying for USED clothing, but they have a...

Thredupdonation kit vs consignment


I sent this kit in about 3 to 4 weeks ago and finally received a confirmation that ThredUP had received it, but instead of doing consignment, they decided to do it as a donation box… Which I NEVER selected at all! There are two completely different tabs on their website and I have never selected donation… Of course, this box had tons of shoes, brand new items and now no one is responding. I cannot get anyone to reply to emails or online on their instant messaging option. I need someone to contact me please to get this resolved.

Thredupstealing clothes from customers, refuse to provide information about the recycling of clothes

I sent 3 pairs of brand new never worn and expensive shoes including a pair of reppetto and a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes with the hope that thredup would buy them from me and sell them on their website as advertised. Instead they gave me 0$ and are selling them anyway on their website. They have also refuse d to send the items back or provide any information regarding their supposed recycling.

Thredup — jacket

I ordered a "faux leather" jacket. I received a real "suede" jacket which I would never buy, and it smells so bad I can't keep it in the house. I tried to do a return online to...

Thredup — I was sent an activewear rescue box instead of an outerwear rescue box-15.00 difference in cost

My order number is [protected]-I ordered an outerwear rescue box and was sent an activewear box instead. This is a 15.00 difference. At this point thred up has and is stealing from...

Thredup — coats rescue purchase

Several moths ago, I ordered $80 Coach bag rescue box and the fun box. I received the fun box however, I never got coach item. I checked my checking account andThred Up ha...

Threduplost package


A few months ago I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about a package that I sent to ThredUP that was apparently lost. After many initial attempts to contact ThredUp and get a response, I filed a complaint. ThredUp gave me $50 initially and then said that they suddenly found my package and were willing to give me an additional $49. I received $50 but not the $49. My items never made it to the site and I have not heard back from ThredUp. Before I file another complaint with BBB, can you please let me know when the $49 will be credited to me? ThredUP had agreed to pay me April 4. My BBB complaint # was #[protected]

  • An
    AngelaVH Aug 03, 2018

    #MeToo. I have a bag that was supposed to be processed on 7/18/18 and cannot get someone to respond. Just put a bag in the mail and it is not even tracking...How do I resolve?

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Thredup — used high end clothing

6/5/2018- I have ordered before and was very pleased with the shipping packaging and product. I spent hours looking for that something that I would love. they offered a discount...

Thredupbusiness [protected]@thredup

Hello Anthony, I referred a customer to Thred Up (Sharon Burris) who lives
in my apartment building. I followed her shopping experience along the way,
And together We come to learn a lot about the Business Practises of Thred
Up, Which are, to say the least, not in the best interest of The customers.
The problems started with Not being able to apply the 15% coupon on an
order at the check_out, And The return of items that were Misrepresented
by Thred Up. The items that were sent back for store credit (was stated by
Sharon ), Of the misrepresentations, ( on your RETURN section process).
So with her store credit she shopped and spent over $79.00.She made
additional purchases which exceeded the store credit, And she should have
eliminated any shipping charges. When she went to check out her total was
over $80.00 And at that time of checking out she was able to apply A 15%
coupon that was offered to her by Gaby. (She had been in correspondence
with Gaby) After applying the 15% code, She was charged for shipping
Now there is the matter of certain items that are
clearly over priced, I own a purse that I paid $20.00 retail for at
Walmart, It was on Thred Up for $39.00 (stating that it was estimated at a
higher price than the $39.00). "RED FLAG", Next- there were 2 dresses that
are owned by Sharon in which she paid $7.00 for each retail, On your site
it was stated estimated $40.00, Thred Up price $19.99. "RED FLAG'
Sharon did spend over $400.00 with Thred Up, After communicating with Gaby
in trying to understand your return policy, /Not able to apply codes /If you
use store credit for returned items, Misrepresented /or wrong size are the
customers expected to pay shipping? Well Gaby never answered The questions
asked, And offered a discount code to Sharon toward HER next purchase,
Totally disregarding Sharon telling her that she would gladly pay the
shipping and end business with Thred Up, And that for sure Thred Up lost a
valuable customer. What also gets lost is that shopping on ThredUP can be
very Challenging and Time consuming, And the last thing a customer need is
having to deal with E-mailing a Business that CAN'T or WON'T address
consumers after their money is spent. We also noticed MARK UP PRICES, WITH
A SLASH THROUGH THE PRICE., I would think that a lot of people understand
that gimmick, that is done in some stores, To make the customers think that
they are getting a DEAL. Why is THRED UP using those tactics? A lot of
prices on items at Thread UP can easily be Matched in a store where you can
try the items on. I will not be doing business with Thread UP again, And
I will not recommend ThreadUP to anyone else. If Gaby is the only source
of customer service she Will bring the business down. Sharon Asked her
for a phone number, Or take her phone number in order to speak with her (
Gaby), Or someone else. Gaby said. in short NO PHONES SET UP-That could not
happen. Sharon also forwarded the E-Mail correspondence between herself
and Gaby to James Reinhart, And have not heard a word from him. You did ask
"DID WE DO SOMETHING WRONG", And I have been watching and waiting to see
this through, Now I can say something.


cc:James Reinhart

Thredup — lost bag no resolution no response

I have the tracking number fedex shows it's on its way to them but it has been a month. Something has gone awry between my post office and fedex and thredup is unresponsive. Do...

[Resolved] Thredup — package not received

tracking number 4209511292748927005079000001222383 order number Order #[protected] My package was never delivered. I was supposed to receive it on 4/21. It says no access to...

Threduplack of customer service

I bought items from thredup some of the dresses did not fit i sent them back immediately. I should have received my refund back to my account by now. I am super pist i cant get any one on the phone. None of the numbers work other than giving you their web sites and then hanging up on you, the email address does not work. It states it is not a working email that can accept and receive emails. How can any company run a buisness with no customer service and no working numbers ect. This should be an illegal practice. Now who do i contact to receive my money back since they received the goods back.

Thredupreturning clothing

Thredup sounds like an ideal place to buy used clothes online at a cheap price: but be careful! You may end up spending more money than you intend! My sister and I both ordered huge boxes of clothing from the website, spending around two hundred to three hundred dollars on each box. We spent some time deciding which clothes to keep and which to return. When we went to return the clothes that didn't fit for a refund, we found that we were too late: Thredup wouldn't receive our returns. We were supposed to return them days ago. We never received any email or any notification telling us the deadline, only after some searching did I find it in the fine print. I tried to contact customer service to see if I could still return the clothes for a refund, but all I got was an automated answering machine and no answer to my message. My emails were never answered. I would definitely never recommend this scam of a website! — clothing i've sent and have been trying to reclaim.

I've been receiving emails for weeks notifying me that I must reclaim my items that didn't sell. I have done so, multiple times, but keep receiving emails. This morning the email...


I bought three pairs of shoes on thredUP and tried them all on when they arrived. One pair of shoes fit and I promptly boxed up and returned the other two. I never wore them out of the house. I received a refund for the less expensive shoes I returned, but not the more expensive shoes which were in the exact same box. I have repeatedly contacted their "customer service" via the thredUP app and have gotten no response. So now I am out the money I paid and I don't even have the shoes! I feel super ripped off!

Thredupcleanout bag is a scam!!!

I sent in a clean out bag on March 1, 2018. When I checked the tracking on it last week, it said still in transit. When I checked it today, it said, error, not found. I have sent them two customer service inquiries and have heard nothing. Honestly, I didn't expect to get much for my items, even though the retail value of the whole bag was well over $500. I was just looking to have some fun and maybe trade it for a shirt or two. I could have outfitted a mother and toddler for a year with the stuff they seem to have stolen.

Thredupquestion on missing gift card

I am happy with the customer service I've had over the past few years. My question is how do you replace a missing payment/gift card? I received my card, but somehow I lost it during a recent move. Can you provide me with the card company and how to get a replacement and.
The only "complaint" I would have is easier access to your customer service. They have always been nice and helpful in the past, hope that hasn't changed. And wish I could get more return on my bag, but you sell so cheaply, it's understable. And a I do make a few bucks, so all good.

Thredupmissing items from bag

I sent large bags to this company in November and December. I expected a delay in processing because of the holiday. What I did NOT expect was for them to list the cheapest items and not list or even acknowledge the black Chanel pumps or grey Cole Haan handbag or the Brighton wallet and other higher priced items I sent. Where are my items? They won't respond or provide any way to file a report. This is thievery and criminal.

  • Na
    Naz85 Dec 16, 2019

    missing my high priced items...

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  • St
    Stefanieleblanc Jan 10, 2020

    I lost designer brands this same way. Their response was that I did not purchase a clean up bag with return of the items they did not accept. I had the cleanup bag in my closet and didn’t think of this when I chose to clean out my closet. Jimmy Choo nude heels were sophisticated and never out of season. Brand new in box. There’s no way in hell they weren’t in a condition to be accepted. But they’re gone along with many other items I sent in.

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Thredupmissing shipment, missing items in shipment received and no customer service

For the last 4 days I have been trying to get ahold of customer service at thredup. I've spent about $200 as a first-time customer two out of three of my packages arrive on time one. However one did not even leave the facility, I'm missing a pair of jeans out of one of the packages that did arrive. I've tried to get ahold of thredup through messaging, emails and I've just called and left a message no one has replied to me. Now when I try to login my account it says my password is wrong now and I'm not allowed to reset my password either which I thought was strange. I sent a message saying, I'll be complaining to BBB, YELP, and many others to express how unhappy and unsatisfied I was a customer and still no reply. I can't log into my account now.

missing shipment, missing items in shipment received and no customer service
missing shipment, missing items in shipment received and no customer service

  • Updated by AmandaT1986 · Jan 04, 2018

    Proof is in the pudding

  • Lb
    LBF5975 Feb 08, 2019

    HOW DO YOU CONTACT THEM! After googling and SEARCHING for a number I finally found one and keep getting a recording to leave a message but it's a voicemail to a private number of a military person. Thinking I dialed wrong I tried again and got the same man. Up to now I've been very happy with them but after reading all the complaints and now not being able to reach them I will be thinking twice before I order again, I have spent a ton of money with them on brand name shoes and boots and now I have a simple question, not even a complaint and I can't contact them???? LBF

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  • Lb
    LBF5975 Feb 08, 2019

    @LBF5975 Now I"m having trouble getting this posted!

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  • Ka
    Karen V. Duhamel Mar 21, 2019

    Ok, this is my first and obviously last order. Ordered two items amounting to $44 dollars and change - only received one item, but of course, was billed for the two items. So, now I have to contact my CC company to dispute the charge because I'm sure as hell not supporting a rip-off Co. like this one. LOSERS!!!

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Thredupthis company is a ripoff!

I sent them a huge bag of clothes in a very good condition, chose the best of the best, something I would continue wearing, but I wanted to buy new clothes, so that's why I decided to get rid of "old" things because most of them I wore once and twice.
But the ThredUp thought that paying money for my clothes is not necessary.
It's been 2 months and there's still nothing from them.

[Resolved] Thredup — lost my bag and now won't respond

I sent in a like new Gucci bag in pristine condition taking great care to package it well to ship within the black Luxe bag. A month went by, heard nothing. I contacted them as I...


It's a scam!
I decided to share my clothes with someone who would really enjoy it and to refresh my wardrobe at the same time. So I sent two bags of great clothes (I'm not overrating) of a great quality to them. Looking at the clothes it's impossible to say it was worn. And honestly speaking, I would never send anything terrible, I'd be just embarrassed.
However, the ThredUp paid nothing to me for no reason. So my wonderful clothes were just stolen.
I am writing here because I can't get in touch with them.
Please, be careful. It's scammers!

  • Hl
    HLin Dec 01, 2017

    Call the District Attorneys Office and file a formal complaint I already did that a few years ago regarding the same thing, they were investigated

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  • Mi
    MissDisplaced Mar 21, 2020

    Similar experience here. They basically stole a used-once Longchamp bag and did not put it up for consignment and tried to say they only accept the "best" quality. Bullshit. THIS IS STEALING

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Thredup — this site is a big mess

Their website is terrible and buggy. It's not profitable for anyone. Neither for sellers not for buyers. Their system is often down and it may lead to different bad situations for...

Thredupnot worth!

I sent them a huge bag with over 35 items. Some clothes were never used and even had tags. 25 items were accepted and I was credited about $20! So they actually gave me cents and then they were selling my things for higher prices! I got less than a dollar for each item. Absolutely ridiculous. And also I never received back the items they did not accept. I'm totally disgusted with Thredup! I tried to contact them many times but never received a response.

  • Hl
    HLin Dec 01, 2017

    Call the District Attorneys Office and file a formal complaint I already did that a few years ago regarding the same thing, they were investigated

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Thredupthis site is a total scam!

I sent them two bags of clothing and everything I sent was in good condition, no tears, no stains and on their approved brand list. Before sending the clothes I checked their approved brand list very carefully. Items I sent were brand new designer clothes, mostly jeans and shoes. There also were several gorgeous and very expensive dresses. I had never worn any of those things and they even had tags. I sent in total of 30 items. Two weeks later I received a message from them stating that they won't be able to accept anything. It was strange, because all 30 pieces met all their standards. They never returned my items and did not pay me a dollar! I'm extremely disgusted with thredUP!

Thredupdo not send them your items!

I sent them three huge bags of clothes. All the things I've sent were brand new designer clothes mostly women's jeans and dresses. All the clothes were new, never used and had tags. They decided to keep only several items and paid me only $20. Only later I discovered that the jeans alone were sold for $30. I paid them extra money to have the unaccepted items returned but never received them back. Not to mention that when I checked my account that little amount of money they had paid me just disappeared! No words can describe how disgusting and ridiculous thredUP is! People, read the reviews and don't make the same mistake I did. Check their Facebook page, it is full of negative feedback's from people they've ripped off. Horrible!


I sent them brand new designer stuff and they gave me cents. I paid hundreds of dollars for those things and never used them! When I asked for my things back, they refused and told they'll keep everything. Very unprofessional company. They would not tell you ahead what they will pay. First you need to send everything and only then they will think about the prices. And they pay sellers only 10-15% of the price they decide. The they sell if for a higher price. So this company is actually a fraud! You need to make a little research through the website to obtain this information and read their policies very carefully. Don't waste your time, money, and don't send them your stuff!

Thredup.comsave your time and money!

Before sending my things I went through their list of accepted items. I checked everything very carefully because they have quite strict rules. I put two brand new designer dresses in the bag ($150 each dress). Well, five weeks later I finally got a message stating they received my items. Then I received another email saying they are paying me $10 for my two dresses! My items were sold in few days, but they did not pay me anything. I have sent tons of messages, called many times, even sent a complaint, but there was no reaction. So two months later I have been paid nothing and I feel like this whole website is a scam. Save your time and money!

Thredup.comstay away from this site!

I sent them two bags with very nice clothing and footwear. All items were new and had tags on them. My mother bought all those things for me overseas, but I just didn't liked them. Few weeks later I received a message from thredUP. They told that none of my items met their standards. That was strange, because I red their strict rules before sending items. They promised to send them back to me, but I never received anything. In the meantime I don't have a clue where my items are. I contacted their customer service and after the agent told me he does not know anything either, he asked me to write a review about his service. That was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard!! Stay away from this site if you want your nice items put up for consignment.