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Banggood Complaints & Reviews

Banggood / Zeblaze Thor Pro Watch

Oct 14, 2019

Hi There, I ordered (Order # [protected]) Zeblaze Thor Pro watch from Banggood. As promised I received the product on time. However while charging the product on the same day I received the product, I noticed the product doesn't charge at all. Not sure if the charger is faulty or the watch...

Banggood / tvboxvid_[protected]_[protected]. mp4

Oct 11, 2019

I would like a full refund or another working ppTV box. The excuses, delays and lack of action have been continuing since I received the non working item in June! Please help as all I get is a stone wall. Thanking you in advance. Regards Maggie Plum Dear maggie plum, Thank you for your...

Banggood / Sunflower seed

Oct 10, 2019

Scam website. Do not order here. Our item is held by customs because it was incorrectly declared by bang good, and they wont give us refund. Terrible, useless and rude customer service too! they dont read emails so they say the same useless [censored] all the time. They kept asking us to pay...

Banggood / item not received

Oct 09, 2019

BEWARE:- Please be alert with purchases made on the BANGGOOD online platform. The delivery of items shipped by Banggood is untrustable or unreliable, although they publicise that all items lost or undelivered are eligible for a replacement or refund after the expectant delivery period of 60 day...

Banggood / shipping services

Oct 06, 2019

My order number [protected]. Banggood has delivered 8 orders before this order at the same address but now they are saying that my address is somehow wrong??? Also the shipment never reached India as per tracking and they know sitting in China that my address in India is wrong!!! And they...

Banggood / missing order

Oct 02, 2019

Order id [protected] dtd 06/09/19. Ordered and watch and charger and order got shipped on 08/9/19 vide tracking no ALJCR9250000069YQ. but after a lapse of more than 20 days. There is no update in the order. And expected date of delivery is also expired on 02/10/19. Kindly send the material by...

Banggood / scam

Oct 02, 2019

BanggoodHello! I received the item 1 oktober 2019 (order number: [protected]), but the item not working and not new. The light on tray does not turn on and mobile phone battery doesn't charge. To se video: The item is used, not new, because the bottom of the tray and the...

Banggood / h96 max x2

Sep 28, 2019

BanggoodThey send me box with missing remote control and HD cable and payment already made in full but now they say that I am lying with regards to missing items. What a customer service gesture? Wish all the curses to all the responsible people at bang good for eating my hard earned money and accuse...

Banggood / unethical behavior and I got frustrated

Sep 26, 2019

You guys are scam and I lost my credit card and I said give me money back in bg pay or reship my order while I checked out with my local post office but they said the item is prohibited in my country I want to change my address as well but they said show us my personal documents you guy...

Banggood / high power supply led driver...100 watts

Sep 25, 2019

The tracking status shows that the product is delivered...But it never came to me. The delivery agent ECom express shows wrong information and there is no one from the Banggood side to review the complaint. Very sad and dissappointed with the service. I want Banggood to check with the...

Banggood / eachine e52 quadcopter plus spare parts

Sep 18, 2019

The worst mistake I have made was to make a purchase from Banggood. My order was delivered with vital pieces not included/missing. On the face of it, you would think this is easily fixed. Not if you're dealing with Banggood! So far, I had to supply the same information on more than 12...

Banggood / customer services cannot understand what I want

Sep 14, 2019

Have asked several times What batteries (18650) do i need for the product you sent me. The instructions do not tell me what rating, whether it should be protected nothing other than 18650 In the instructions it tell me i need 2 batteries yet there is also a reference to 3 batteries. The unit...

[Resolved] Banggood / order [protected] from 17th august was never delivered.

Sep 10, 2019

Dear Madam and Sir, On 17th August I bought a Drone and a FPV Google as birthday present to my son, but the product never arrrived in Germany or hand over to DHL. Only after my 4th complain on 6th August, they wrote me to inform that they need 3 days to identify the problem and reply. Now...

[Resolved] Banggood / purchase of a laptop

Sep 10, 2019

I ordered 2 laptops from Banggood. Aside from requiring me to chase them up to get them to eventually ship them, they arrived 6 weeks later than promised. In trying to use 1 of the machines, I found the audio and video out didn't work. Banggood initially instructed me to find a local...

[Resolved] Banggood / didn't receive my package & banggood don't want to refund me

Sep 10, 2019

I ordered a package from Banggood on 7 July 2019. The last time that the tracking number updated was 24 July 2019 Now 2 months later, when I ask Banggood to help me track where my package is, they just tell me its my problem. I want to get a refund as I suspect they are a fraudulent business & just taking people's money & don't care to help at all

[Resolved] Banggood / late delivery with high fees

Aug 27, 2019

I opted for free delivery and got confused that my order was separated into multiple shippings. With each shipping sometimes carrying goods worth 1 to 5 $ upon receiving the delivery guy told me there is 20$ worth of fees per each shipment. I got confused i contacted banggood twice without any...

Banggood / projector

Aug 26, 2019

BanggoodTO, The concerned . I have received wrong & damage product . I have ordered projector with advance features ( wifi, andriod, bluetooth ), but i got a simple projector, that too damaged product . Please replace the product with fresh piece which was ordered by me, Or if please return by money...

[Resolved] Banggood / chuwi laptop

Aug 21, 2019

Ordered 2 pcs Nov 2018. Tho they immediately took payment and said despatched, 6 weeks later discovered that wasn't the case. Eventually received machines 3.5 months later. One was broken (sound and video out don't work) and was advised to get fixed locally. Looked for 5 weeks for somebody...

[Resolved] Banggood / My request regarding delivery of spy pen product.

Aug 20, 2019

BanggoodHelo, i have ordered for 32gb hidden pen hd cam car camera video usb dvr recording on 13th august 2019 and the order number is [protected] and tracking number is ALJCR9226000115YQ. ON today 20th august 2019 by mistake i have pressed the confirm delivery button without receving the above...

[Resolved] Banggood / refund

Aug 16, 2019

I ordered a dinatone 2019 GT R 349 racing drone and flysky mini receiver on the 4/8/2019 after approximately a week passed bangood emailed me saying that they didn't have the items in stock and would I likes a refund . That's when the fun starts as the links they provide you with do not...

Banggood / Broken and unsafe item "50×65cm engraving area 3000mw laser engraving machine diy kit desktop laser cutting"

Aug 14, 2019

Fan mount is broken and missing fan blades, the cables are far too short and they lie down in the cutting bed which is a very high risk of cutting through the cables and the control board has no protective cover. Video and...

[Resolved] Banggood / package not delivered

Aug 11, 2019

I ordered a AU$166 battery charger from banggood well over a month ago (order number: [protected]), and it never arrived. I investigated with Australia Post and discovered it was delivered a month ago to the wrong address. The resident then returned it to sender. Australia Post is insisting...

[Resolved] Banggood / object not delivered and no refund by banggood

Aug 06, 2019

Purchased a phone by banggood, after 70 days they still not delivered the phone and they don't give the right indication from the phone location. the don't have a clue from the phone locattion. After so much time I do not want this phone anymore According Banggood policy after 60 day...

[Resolved] Banggood / no information regarding order status, support agents lying to customers

Jul 27, 2019

BanggoodOn July 7th of 2019, i placed an order on the Banggood website. The payment was processed and the money taken from my bank account, and the Expected Shipping date was now [protected]:17:20. After more than a week, the order was still processing and the shipping date was still the same...

[Resolved] Banggood / the product received by bangood caurier agent is not well. it's empty

Jul 25, 2019

Bangood scam with me . 2 month ago I ordered a product drone . On 24/07/19 package received by courier agent is empty there is nothing in the package . please help me by refund my money back on my Patym -[protected]. Caurier agent is abusing with me and say there is no help providing by u...

[Resolved] Banggood / electronic product delivery

Jul 20, 2019

I had ordered on the 25th of June, order acknowledgement of next day says shipped out and delivery within the 16th of July. All is fine and according to what was offered at the moment of ordering. Following day I was checking the relative tracking nr. and it showed on pending, from thi...

[Resolved] Banggood / missing contents of package

Jul 18, 2019

BanggoodI had ordered one Xiaomi MI box on 08.06.2019 (at; order no. [protected]. On 8th Jul' 19, I received the package with item missing. There was a folded magazine inside instead of the ordered item. Also, there was a note from the Customs Officer (Kolkata) wherein it is clearly...

[Resolved] Banggood / a complaint about my purchases from banggood

Jul 16, 2019

Sinc last the 2nd june, I have ordered 4 items from Banggood. They should be delivered on the last 22nd of june. I have recieved just one item no:6720940 I haven't received anything else. Every day I contact with Banggood with emails and phoned their agent ZAJL to recieve my parcels. I...

[Resolved] Banggood / website : sensitive information displayed

Jul 15, 2019 My name "ED" is displayed on the link above and i don't want that. Please remove the feedback or change my name to "ED" Please, this is very...

[Resolved] Banggood / 0.5mhz-470mhz rf signal generator meter tester for fm radio walkie-talkie debug

Jul 11, 2019

BanggoodReceived the unit in time . Thanks. This Signal generator is not working. Tested with Oscilloscope and by a Frequency counter also. Please advice me what to do next. Shipment details, Dear Dulip Colombage, Thanks for shopping with us. We are glad to inform you that your order [protected]...

[Resolved] Banggood / 1. [protected] sunvell t95q android tv box. 2. 66958741blitzwolf handheld vacuum.

Jul 05, 2019

N. b there are 2 complaints - see below 1. [protected] sunvell t95q android tv box. Received but not working - please see and act upon all previous correspondence 2. [protected] blitzwolf handheld vacuum. Company said would be delivered in june but then changed date and still not...

[Resolved] Banggood / 3d printer creality ender-3

Jul 02, 2019

I made a purchase of a 3d printer (ender-3) on 04/23/2019. order number:[protected] Before the purchase I asked banggood if they would declare the value below the purchase value. they said no because this was illegal and would cause problems. I did not want them to declare value below the...

[Resolved] Banggood / mi pad 4 tablet

Jun 20, 2019

BanggoodI ordered the tablet from this company and it was stolen during the delivery. Since I was paid extra fee for delivery I requested a refund. In every email they wanted a new evidence that I really didn't recieve the item. I've sent them photos, videos of unboxing, the email confirmation of the...

[Resolved] Banggood / they sent me a defective product

Jun 12, 2019

I have ordered redmi airdots from the I received it but when I opened the parcel it was slightly crushed product seems good from outside but when I connected the airdots to my phone I have detected that the left airdot is low volume and noise of electronic sound in that and...

[Resolved] Banggood / lostisy shoes

Jun 10, 2019

I purchased a lovely pair of sandals. The size as stated on the shoes is what I ordered, but the product itself is not. They are far too small. I ordered a U.K. size 10.5 the ones that arrived are marked up correctly but they are closer to a U.K. size 8 This is a con. Banggood does not have...

[Resolved] Banggood / po [protected]

Jun 05, 2019

The first camera you supplied was faulty and you sent a replacement. I have just installed the second X28 camera and it cuts out the audio as much as 6 times in a 30 minute drive! Audio loss can be the radio or USB music. After each cut out a female voice says "We pay attention" which I...

[Resolved] Banggood / cell phone purchase

Jun 03, 2019

Promised cell phone works fine in USA; it does not. Won't work my carrier TMobile, even TMobile said it won't work. Cost $212.29 plus shipping and return shipping. PayPal told me to ship it back to the address name Han Tai? I asked who this is to Banggood and refuse to answer. Now I've been...

[Resolved] Banggood / shipping

May 31, 2019

Banggood is siding with lies perpetrated by systems. As a paying customer they keep telling me I provided a wrong delivery address: the address I live at for years, invite friends to and do official business at. All this because the local post office is not doing their duty of delivering...

[Resolved] Banggood / warranty repair lost

May 29, 2019

Order [protected] ALLDOCUBE Tablet This Tablet was returned for warranty repair as asked for by Banggood Banggood received it on the 25/2/19, as of the 29/5/19 there is still no information about about it's return or where it actually is. Have contacted the manufacturer directly and they...

Banggood / no order confirmation ulefone armor 6

May 24, 2019

I placed and order online with Banggood on Wednesday 22 may 2019 for a brand new Ulefone Armor 6 (Black, EU model) mobile phone. I paid using a Barclaycard and have since confirmed that the money £245.81 has been taken. I supplied all my contact details and have not received an order confirmation...