Belkmen's department - kerrville tx

Today I went into Belk with my fiancé to look for some clothes to him. He chose two pair of shorts to go try on so we entered the 'Fitting Room'. He went into one of the changing bays and I sat by the mirror that is for people to come out and use. After deciding that we were going to get the shorts we both walked out of the 'Fitting Room' where another customer yelled to the employees, "is this the males changing room" and they replied "yes!". So I turned around and looked up at the sign which said, "Fitting Room"... not women or men's.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Kerrville, TXNo gender specification was anywhere to be found. So I explained that I was just sitting outside of the door so my fiancé can show me what he tries on. An older lady who was an employee then made a scene by calling me out and saying "some men feel uncomfortable with other women in there! That's why we don't allow women to be in there." At this point people were gathered around listening to this employee raise her voice at me because I walked into the fitting room and sat there for two minutes. I was extremely humiliated. The lady went on to say more things so we just put our item on the table and left. I will never shop her again.

Apr 29, 2017

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