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everpet premium dog biscuits:chicken, liver and bacon

This is completely disgusting! I have fed my baby this stuff soo many times and there is no telling how many of these nasty little bugs he ingested! I would not have known there were bugs in the box had one not crawled onto my finger! Some appear to be dead but as shown in the video i have provided, some are still alive. Some of them are nestled into the dog treats themselves! A full refund of the probably 10-15 boxes I've purchased would be great but highly not expected.

everpet premium dog biscuits:chicken, liver and bacon
everpet premium dog biscuits:chicken, liver and bacon

EverPet Dog toy — yellow rubber ball

I was really upset to learn that you all are mot making the yellow or the pink balls anymore can you please bring these back

Dangerous dog toy

123125 I purchased an EverPet Toy Variety Pack of dog toys for my 8lb. chihuahua mix. There is a toy included in the pack that is a rubber star shaped toy similar to an infant teething...


we bought EVERPET HEALTHY MIX for our beloved dog Sach, she ate this dog food for two days!! we woke u this morning to find that she had past away, it was very heartbreaking to...

EverPet Cat Food — Cats lost weight

We've been feeding our cats Everpet dry cat food for 3 1/2 years with no problems until recently. My cats all became skinny and started pestering and begging for table food...

thier toys suck

do not waste your money on everpet ANYTHING. i dont buy the food cuz it gives my animals the runs. but i figured the toys would be ok...bought my dog a heavy duty toy with a...

EverPet Cat Food — my cats are very sick

we had purchased everpet indoor cat food for my cats have four. At first there was no problem with them eating the cat food and then I noticed that one of my cats getting really...



  • Li
    liberty1776 Aug 29, 2013

    A maggot will not harm your dog. It's just a bit of protein and fat for him...

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  • Da
    Daddio62 Nov 22, 2013

    I just bought Everpet dog food. The inside of the bag was full of mold. There were also large clumps of green mold in the food. It was disgusting and I am afraid to buy their products again. My dogs are family!!

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  • Do
    Don Tarr Nov 22, 2013

    It didn't leave Everpet like that. Somewhere, somehow it got wet. Return it to the store where you bought it for a refund and buy a new bag. Open it while you're still in the store; if it's moldy show the manager.

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  • Ge
    gertrude12311 Nov 22, 2013

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  • Pf
    pfeds Nov 26, 2013

    Sounds awful. I've read a few stories about the Everpet brand, none of them good. They don't even have a website!? Have a read of pet food ratings, there's so many issues with their products -

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EverPet Kitten Food — 3 kittens died

Purchased EverPet Kitten food from Dollar General store in Hudson off Connelly Springs Road in N.C. and after feeding the 3 1/2 month old kittens they digested the EverPet kitten...

EverPet Cat Food Indoor Formula for adult cats — vomiting shortly after eating (vomit contains blood)

My name is Darlene I purchased EverPet cat food (Indoor Formula) this past Wednesday evening (May 1, 2013) at Dollar General in Lenoir, NC. The lot number which is above the...

Everpet Basics Adult Dry Dog Food — Mold in Dog Food

478497 I just bought a bag of everpet basics dry dog food and wen i opened it it had MOLD all over the food... i dont know wuts going on but i assure you this is the last time i EVER...

everpet puppy food with DHA — This food kills animals

443851 My perfectly healthy dog was given this food to help supplement her while nursing a new litter of pups. She had a complete vet check after having her pups and was in tip top...

Metal shavings in food

I aquired a cat recently and as there was a DG handy I went in there for some cat food. I picked up several cans of EVERPET CAT FOOD. He ate it at first, but didn't really seem to like it and I had no idea of what he had been eating so I didn't think to much about it until he started throwing up. I had part of a left over can in the fridge so I thought I would put it in the micro for a few seconds to warm it up a little. When I started the micro the sparks flew from the meat. I tried 2 more cans and the sparks flew out of these cans. I guess they put everthing in this product so everbody be carefull of this animal food from DOLLAR GENERAL. I wonder what all they put in peoples food that they sell. The only information as to who makes this is someplace in Tennessee and I think all they do is put the label on it so it looks like it is made in the USA...Not sure who a person could turn them into, but there has to be someplace...I'm going to start looking so if anybody has any ideas let me know...[protected]

  • Co
    conscerned citizen Jun 07, 2012

    The food and drug administration also takes complaints on dog and cat food. All my animals just got sick from that pet food, which was the first time ever purchasing it . I Contacted the store where It was purchased, then called their corporate store. From there I filed a complaint, then I was contacted by the manufacturer of the pet food. Then I contacted the FDA and filed a complaint there as well. The Store where I purchased the pet food originally wanted to immediately make good and refund my money or substitute another pet food, Same thing with their corporate store. The manufacturer however it was a different scenario, they wanted all evidence shipped to them at my expense. That is when I went to the local FDA. You can call the local FDA or go online to to file a complaint. You will need samples for testing for the Vet, the FDA, and the manufacturer. Do not ship all evidence back to the manufacturer or you screwed yourself. The FDA requires a sample and it normally takes at least 10 days before they decide if they want a sample sent, so you have to hang onto it for a few. My problem was the classic and gourmet dog and cat foods (dry) and the dog treats. Good luck to you, and I will think twice about switching up brands on animal feed because of circumstances.

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  • Hr
    Hre Aug 18, 2016

    Opened a can of Tuna cat food for my cat he begain to eat i looked down and seen large chunks of bone, large enough that my cat could had chocked on. It worried me, but I am thankful that I caught this before anything came from this matter.

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EverPet Cat Food — sick cats from eating this cat food

I recently purchased everpet cat food in the light blue bag. After feeding my cats this food they began to throw up the food and blood. My cat is the sickest. once we stopped him...

Everpet Cuts N' GravyAlmost Killed my puppy

I have a puppy that I have been feeding Everpet Cuts n' gravy wet dog food on the back of the can it says it is for dogs and puppies. My puppy got sick it almost killed my puppy. I had to take her to the vet and it cost me over 500.00 for them to save her life. This occured in a matter of over night. If we had not got her to the vet when we did she would have died. I think that there should be a lawsuit filled on this dogfood, and it should be taken off the market. THIS IS A KILLER DOGFOOD REMOVE IT FROM THE SHELVES AND STOP KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS.

  • Lo
    Lori McDonald Jul 28, 2011

    she woke up one morning not moving she could not even stand snd had loose stools with blood in it. So we took her to our vet we were sure she wa dying and thet ran all kinds of test found that she was dehydrated, hypoglycemic and had a below normal body temperature. She stayed over night and had bolises of IV fluids running in her. Had it not been for me taking some of the food we were giving her to the vet because they could not get her to eat we would have gone through the same thing again when she came home. Fortunatly for our puppy named Dora the vet looked up the food on the internet and found that it had killed outher puppies. The vet did a good job with her she even took her home with her to care for her overnight. She is still not out of the woods but she is standing up and moving around I have to feed her with a syringe every two hours and give her pedilight along with Karo syrup mixture. I sill am praying that she will make it. The store I returned the cans I had to did not want to take them ack and I told them they are selling food that kills the puppies and dogs and it should be removed from their shelves they did agree to send thee print out from the vet to their district office. So at least hopefully I can help stop this from happening to someone else.

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  • Lo
    Lori McDonald Jul 28, 2011

    A the time we were financially struggling, and it was cheaper and our dogs seemed to like it.Tere is no amount of money that isn't wort spending on food for my dogs. They are innocent in this, and the companies that have complaints should stop making the what I consider killer dog food. however; from now on m dogs will only get the best thank you.

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  • Lo
    Lori McDonald Jul 28, 2011

    Thank you, and on my end I will continue to do what I can to see that they remove this brand from the shelves. I am not saying that I will be successful but I will give it my best shot. Thank you for your concern, today she is eating on her own so hopefully she will continue to improve.

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Everpet Basics Dog Food — DOG DIED AFTER HALF A BOWL


Tainted dog food

I noticed people were trying to find out who makes EverPet dog food; here is the number to call: [protected].
The number is to DolgenCorp. (Dollar General). I had the same thing happen with my dogs; one has died, the second is severely sick at the vet as we speak, and the third was just sick. DolgenCorp. is supposed to contact me, we will see if they keep their word because we need to get this stuff off the shelves.

Just in case you were wondering Pro-Pet is the manufacturer of EverPet.

  • Ma
    marysaunders08 Aug 08, 2011

    I bought Everpet Moist soft food. And it was as hard as a rock. My little Pomeranian couldn't even eat it. I am very dissappointed it this product. i will be sure to tell my friends not to purchase a product that false advertises like this one. Moist isnt the word for sure

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  • Le
    Leland Dula Nov 01, 2011

    I purchased a bag of this dog food for my two apbt's. One is (was) 50 lbs and the other is 70lbs. My smallest dog, who is very active, has lost a significant amount of weight since being put on an everpet diet. This dog food is most certainly less than desirable for anyone who cares for their dogs. It makes me sick to be honest, and I would demand my money back had I not thrown away the reciept. I will include a photo of my dog (buddy) after being on everpet for a week, maybe less.

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  • Za
    ZackeryRowan Oct 17, 2012

    my dog has red poop. he is a 3month old rottie/aussie shepard mix named anderson jones. he has been on everpet dog food for two weeks. strangely enough i lost a puppy 8 months old two weeks ago, her poop was red bu t she had parvo. his poop is the same color but acting normal and fine. is it the dog food that is making his poop red?

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  • Us
    User8515830 Oct 19, 2012

    Your dog has stools like that and you're posting to a complaint board? Get it to the vet!

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  • Me
    melissa 123456789 Oct 22, 2013

    what should I do when a 5 week old ate some of your everpet kitty litter and then its made of clay granules and she is acting funny- sick like?

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  • An
    Ann Cerniglia Oct 30, 2013

    EverPet kills! Two of my dogs got died. Vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, then death. Look up EverPet food...then complaints. You will be surprised...Unfortunately, I was too late finding this out. I was using EverPet gravy dog food. Don't use this product!!!

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EverPet Dog toy — squeaker broke within 2 minutes of giving small 7 pound dog the toy

i just bought a everpet dog toy for my chihuahua and within 2 minutes or less the squeaker stopped squeaking, i paid $3 for a tiny stuffed toy and it lasted all of 2 minutes, very...

Everpet Gourmet Cat Food — Overcharge

Last week I purchaced 5 bags of this cat food. Checkout scanner invoiced item at $7.50 each. Shelf price clearly marked at $7.00 each. Yesterday I asked store manager for return...

EverPet Cat Food — Horrible Quality

I bought Everpet dry cat food from Dollar General for my cats, they would not eat a single piece of it. I looked inside the bag only to find that it was full of green clumps of...

Everpet Dog Foodquaility

I feed my dogs Ever Pet Dog Food. Before eating any of the dog food they were completly healthy. After a couple of feedings, TWO DIED and the other two became seriously ill. Fortunately, the sick ones pulled through and are now eating a different dog food. I will never feed Ever Pet Dog Food to my pets again and would strongly advise everyone else who cares about their pets not to use Ever Pet Dog Food.

Everpet Dog Food — made my dog ill and he died

I used ever pet wet dog food for my 2 year old American Bulldog. He got real sick with the run and throwing up, before we could get him to the vet he started having seizures and...

EverPet Cat Foodmy cat food was green and there were clups of stuff in in

i buy several bags of cat food at one time because i have 6 cats, i feed them the first bag and it was OK i opened the next bag and started to feed them that and then when i got half way down the bag it was green and there were clumps of stuff in there so i opened the next bag and that bag was green and more clumps of stuff was in there. I'm so upset, i don't even know if they ate some of that stuff in the other bag that had it in there, i have proof of it because i still have the bags i don't have a cord to put the pics up, i cant find any contact information for them if someone could please help me if my cats dye from this there's gonna be hell to pay my email address is [protected] thank you..

Everpet Basics With Tuna Cat Food — Cats violently sick

I have been giving my four cats your food for as long as i can remember. I had recently bought everpet basics with tuna and my cats have been violently throwing up and i think...

EverPet rawhide knotted bones — they are made in china and cause sickness to dogs

These dog treats are very dangerous and hazerdous to give to your dog. NEVER EVER GIVE THESE TO YOUR BEST FRIEND. I purchased these from Dollar General (of course at doller...

Everpet Basics — Dog food possible bad

My friends year old dog mysteriously died today and his last meal was Everpet Basics dog food from Dollar General. Although I can not confirm that this was the cause of his death...

Everpet Basics Adult dog fooddogs feces isnt right always wanting water

I was feeding my dog and remembered the blue comparison commercial and i decided to have a look. Everpet wasn't even on the list. I have read all the complaints on the Everpet dog food and wow im def switching my dogs food back. I have noticed hes always hungry and always always wanting water. As he is still a growing puppy hes still uses bathroom inside some and i have noticed that his #2 just falls apart and crumbles like cookie crumbs and thats not how its suppose to be. When i read the back of the bag it states ground corn wheat middling corn gluten feed rice bran corn distillers mean and bone mean what the heck is that animal fat preserve with BHA choline chloride copper sulfate cobalt carbonate riboflavin supplement all vitamins are supplements pyridozine hydrochloride (vitamin b6) what the heck do these people make there food out of. My pet depends on me and wow i didnt know my dog food was this bad I'm for sure switching this is crazy so many animals getting sick I wish the best of luck to all you who file complaints as i will be filing one on there website as well Im so sorry for those of you who have lost pets to this horrible stuff they call dog food...

EverPet chicken chips dog treats — Feeding warning to humans

I am truly concerned; I just read on the back of EverPet Chicken chips dog treats, that I am to wash my hands with soap and water after feeding one to my dog. If it can be harmful...

EverPet Cat Food — Several cats won't eat it

Bought a large bag had to return it because there were big chunks of mold joining the food together. Second bag had no visual or aromatic signs of mold. However my cats would only...

Everpet Basics With Tuna Cat Food — Cat food

This cat food made all 5 of my cats extremely sick. The dog even got into one of their bowls and it made her just as sick. All six animals have extreme diahrrea. So much to the...

Everpet dog food — Poor quality

We were given a large bag of this dog food by a friend whose dog's refused to eat it. I had never heard of this brand before but looked it up after my dog snubbed it too. I...

Everpet Dog Food — quailty of product

I`ve been buying everpet dog food for awhile.I stopped buying because your company changed it all up.Know it looks cheap makes my dogs get sick ect.I think it is sad that your...

Everpet Moist and Meaty dog food — Dogs refused to eat it

I recently purchased a box of EverPet Moist and Meaty dog food from the Dollar General. My dogs refused to eat it and it is not like them to ever turn down food. I paid over 3...

everpet rawhide — BAD PRODUCT

The everpet rawhide chew chips has made all four of my dogs very very ill they all threw up and had runny stools if they need to continue to see the vet for not retuning to their...

rawhide dog chips

I bought the Everpet rawhide chew chips for my dogs, all three of them got sick after eating them and threw up all over my carpet.What a mess and they are not feeling good at...

everpet rawhide — made my dogs sick

I bought the everpet rawhide from dollar general. Ever time i gave it to my dogs the threw up and had runny bowl movements. There is a major problem with the product and i really...