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Management and floor supervisors treat their best employees very poorly. I witnessed four of the best associates being treated with disrespect. I have shopped here for many years these employees names are ann hutchinson, alice tennet, bruce simpson and debbie blythe. These associates have been with the company at least 15 years or longer and deserve to be treated much better than they are. Lori, the shoe dept asm needs to grow up. She will not give debbie credit for the great service, great organization, and the overall wonderful job she does. Its pretty bad when the customers will give her credit and her boss will not. Lisa is also a very poor manager. She needs to give credit where credit is due to alice and ann for their outstanding service in the house dept. And to bruce in mens. These people are very known in hendersonville and are very important people. They are very loved not only by the customers but the families of their fellow employees. Anytime you see debbie all you see around her are smiles. And I believe she is a wonderful person and a very important asset to the company. I believe something should be done about this injustice.

  • Wa
    Wanda Lassiter Feb 17, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Wanda and I have a complaint

    I had my receipt on an item that was bought on Saturday. The clerk would not let me exchange a ring that was only $20.00 and on sale for @13.99. I bought 4 by the way. The one I was trying to exchange stone fell out after wearing it one day. I was told I could take it back to the store I bought it at, which is about 30 minutes away and I couldn't exchange it because I didn't have the box it came in. She said she had no way of looking it up without the box. I Had kept telling her the upc was on the receipt. To make a long story short, she would not let me exchange it. I left furious. I had spent about 400.00 in a Belk store that day (Sat) and today is Thursday (Feb 16) Had I not hard a receipt, I would understand me not getting another ring. I plan my Belk credit card off and I WII NOT spend another penny in Belk. This is not a return policy at all. Thanks... My phone # is (910) 276-3455 and I am home after 5pm. I also work in retail at a pharmacy

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rude manager

I have been treated rudely by the Sales Manager at the Burlington NC Belk the last 3 times I have been in the store. The first time, I was purchasing several suits for my son's wedding. I could not find all of the sizes I needed at one location. The sales person that was assisting me, Will, was very helpful but needed to ask the Sales Manager, Noah, a question. Noah was very rude to this associate in my presence which personally offended me. After all, I was the one who was trying to make the purchase. The next night, I went back to the store with one of my sons to try on a jacket and make sure we were getting the right size. I could not find the size I needed. Noah, the Sales Manager, was close by, so I asked for assistance. He said everything was out and turned to walk away. I was absolutely astounded that he did not offer to help any further. I asked the sales clerk to call him back over and told him that his response to my request was rude and that he should have tried to help me find the right size. His response was that he thought I had looked through all of the jackets. There must be over 100 on the floor. I told him that it was his job to help. He was not the least bit apologetic or helpfu. Additionally, he was dressed in jeans on both occasions, entirely unsuitable for someone in his position.
Today, I went in again. This time to return a blouse that did not fit. It took a few minutes to find another blouse to complete the return. Mine did not have the ticket on it for the bar code. When the transaction was finished, the sales clerk said, "All that for $8.16." I could not believe my ears. Did she make less money because she had to make a return? Isn't it her job to assist the customer? If I were her manager, she would be picking up her pink slip right not!! Of course, Noah was the manager on the floor today, and I knew it would be useless to discuss this with him. After all, she probably learned her rudeness directly from him.
All I can say is that I am through. If I can find the suits I need for the wedding elsewhere, Belk will get every piece of that merchandise back and I will never shop with them again. It is really very sad too. Every sales rep I have encountered in other stores has been exceptionally easy to work with. I don't know why Burlington's staff is so rude, but they are a black spot on the Belk employees everywhere.

  • Ma
    Marcie Jul 29, 2009

    As a former Belk employee I am sorry. Unfortunately it does not surprise me in the least. First please don't shop there anymore take your money elsewhere. Did you go to the store manager of the store just to atleast get the last say! They treat everyone rude and are a bad company to work for. I was fired about 2 months ago (after 14 years and no bad anything) for not making my instant credit goal. I would definitely call the store manager and complain...they do listen usually and practically give the store away b/c the customer is always right. Good luck.

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  • Ro
    Roy G. Biv Apr 13, 2010

    The manager should have at least tried to find the item with the ITEM LOCATER feature at the register that no one seems to care about operating. True, they don't back stock and all merchandise is on the floor but when you're going to great lenths, and spending that much for an occasion, the manager should have at least made an effort. He could have found the size you needed at another store and had it shipped to your home.

    As for the lady doing the return. Sometimes the system does give us trouble when we dont have a ticket to scan and if you don't have a receipt the register won't return the item at the price you actually paid. It will give you less (which is unfair in my opinion). Then if the refund is cash or gift card there's a screen of required information to collect from the customer before the computer will allow us to proceed (name, address, phone#, drivers lic#, ect..) It sounds from what you described that she may not have told you her wage but rather made a comment of how much trouble we have to put the customer through just to give them a miniscule amount. It's awkward for us to be put in the position of obtaining all that, just as it is for you to have to give it to us.

    Also, if the manager was rude and talking down to the staff in front of customers, just think what these employees must have to endure when you're not in the store. Anywhere else, issues with employees are handled in an office with the door shut, very professional. However, many of us are yelled at, talked down to, written up, jobs threatened, and even cussed at All in front of the customers. It's quite humiliating.

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  • Ac
    Aconcernednurse Apr 17, 2011

    Horrible manager here in Mary esther florida, rude, unprofessional and it is just plain sad. Dillard's BLOWS this store out of the water. What a shame.

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  • Wi


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  • Modern.Southern.Greed Sep 24, 2011

    Yes that is very true, but they would have to pay us better than minimum wage and spend more on payroll to add more positions. As it now, we are cashiers, stockers, merchandisers, and cleaners.

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reprimanding an employee in front of customers

Friday, june 26, 2009, I went shopping to buy an outfit and shoes. While in the shoe department, a nice young man (Charles bowden) waited on me. He's always waited on my daughter and i, he's artistic and has good taste along with being friendly. I showed him my new outfit and he was pulling shoes to show me what would look nice with this outfit. I decided to try on five pairs.In the midst of him helping me, the sales manager by the name of beth, started yelling at him and asking why he didn't get done what she asked him to do an hour before. I got so upset, I kept apologizing to him. Finally, I turned to her and said he is waiting on me! I didn't buy any shoes and told charles I was so sorry. My hands were shaking, I was so upset. If he did something wrong, why didn't beth wait till he was done waiting on me and then take him in the back, away from customers to reprimand him. I went to the ladies department to pay for my clothes and the sales clerk told me she would call the manager. I explained to the manager or assistant what happened and all she said was i'll take care of it, don't call corporate office. After she left other employees indicated this is the treatment they get from management. It's clear to me your managers and assistants need to be trained on how to treat employees with respect to accomplish tasks! What was supposed to be a carefree fun day of shopping at belk's turned into a complete daymare for me.

  • Se
    seashell1286 Oct 03, 2009

    Wow. That was awful. Still, not buying the shoes only punishes your helpful shoe's associate who gets paid on how much he sells. It's that pesky "pay for performance" rule (commision-ish). Besides, why punish yourself by not buying shoes that probably looked great with your outfit-since he's artistic in that respect.

    Here is what you should have done:

    Atfer telling the manager that she was being rude by interupting the services he was providing to you, you should have pulled one of those customer comment cards out and started filling it out about her right in front of her, narating it as you wrote. Then tell her that you would be mailing "this" to corporate offiice. Then ask her for her bose's name, business line, and the best time to reach him/her. Be totally calm about the whole thing. Trust me, the store managers hate negative comment cards that go to corporate, it puts a mark on their record. You'll see results.

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  • St
    Store manager's wife Apr 09, 2010

    Great suggestion. My husband has been a retail manager for over 30 years. The store manager's do not like the negative comment cards to go to corporate. The store managers are held responsible for the negaive ratings they get.

    I belive that they should send to corporate. How else are they going to know if there is a problem?

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  • Ro
    Roy G. Biv Apr 13, 2010

    I've often wondered if those cards actually do any good. Are they even opened and read at all? I know there have been several times customers have sent in positive feedback on those cards and the employees that gave good service we're never told that anyone gave them a complement. We find out from the customers when they return and ask if we got recognition for their comments about us.

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do not shop at belk unless you support the reasons they fire associates! do you want to be strong armed into opening a belk charge!

I am proof that you can be fired from belk for not getting enough instant credits. I worked for the company...


Looking for anyone else who might have been recently terminated or fired from Belk Department stores. Looking to see if we can get some people together to figure out what we can do. Thank You.

  • Ga
    gabbigoo Aug 15, 2009

    I was terminated from Belk August 13, 2009 after employed 3 years from store# 244 Myrtle Beach (Coastal Grand Mall)due to on going matter I was called names and harrassed since I started; I am originally from New York and the HR manager Donna Blatton is prejudice against northeners and has indicated so at many occassions. I complained numerous times to the EXCEL line and the store mgr and merchandise mgr at the time supported me, but both are gone now. The new store mgr says I should tolerate the abuse from management and this stems down to the co-workers. All these comments made from management set poor examples to co-workers. This store has extremely low moral and the store manager Mr. Hebert, HR manager Donna Blatton, and Crystal Reese should not be managers because they insult the workers because it makes them feel superior. I was let go because of intolerable behavior to me from another co-worker and I stuck up for myself to the co-worker because everyone else is nasty to each other and management does nothing about it; so I told the co-worker to "kiss my ***" (I was not even on time clock; clocked out for lunch); and I was suddenly fired; but when I went to Ms. Blatton for 3 years about people making fun of me they never fired one person. Also this Crystal Reese who a ASM is the worst supervisor and she is the most evil human being and has no respect for people; I donot how they support or how they become ASM's. Why do they let anybody become managers in this company, it definitely does'nt require people skills or professionalism.

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  • Mi
    Missy May May 05, 2010

    Why would you work at a place for 3 years when things were so bad ? I Just do not understand. Sorry for your troubles !

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belk drops card holders due to zero balance on card & inactivity

I went to belk today to find out that belk closed my charge account. I have been a customer and card holder since 1984 (When it was called leggett's).

It's been a while since I have shopped in belk but I have always been able to go to customer service and they have brought my card and information up to date and kept me as a 1984 card holder. Today, I was informed that I was dropped and could only re-apply new as of 2009 (Not 1984). I have been with the company as a responsible card holder since 1984 and I was treated like a bum that had just walked off of the street.

One of the store clerks told me since ge corp had taken over belk that alot of card holders were being dropped that had a zero balance on their account.

Belk has really gone downhill to allow this to happen to long time customers. This is the worse type of pr for this store.

All anyone needed to do was what they did before with my account, bring it up to date so that I could shop in store with my card. Because I had a zero balance on my card - I was declined on my purchases for inactivity on my card. That's a horrible way to be treated for a responsible customer that pays off her balance.

My "since 1984" belk card is still in my purse but it gives me little comfort now to shop in belk store since they have written me off.

  • Jb
    JBSL Apr 23, 2009

    I work for Belk's. I am a sales associate. I have seen that happen before. The reason that happens is due to inactivity on your account. If you do not have any activity on your card for atleast one year they will close your account. I am kind of glad because people will come in to fill out another application for credit. Sales associates at Belk's must get atleast one credit application for every twenty hours that they work in order to keep their job. Sorry for the aggravation but, this does help the sales associates that work for Belk to keep their jobs if everyone this happens to goes back into the store to open a new account. Also, if you do not want this to happen again, at some point even if you just go in to get a shirt. Put it on your card and then turn around and pay the balance on your card right there at the register. That way, you will have activity on your card and since you pay the balance right then, you won't be charged any interest:)

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  • Fi
    FiredfromBelk Jun 01, 2009

    It is so sad that we have to be happy that our customers Belk card was closed due to inactivity and that we will get a charge application out of it.

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  • Be
    belkworker Nov 20, 2009

    It's for security reasons that they close your card. I agree that it should be able be reopened without having to apply and open a new account, but hey you get 15% off everything for reopening it, so sometimes it's not that bad. Just don't go a year or longer w/ out using it. a lot of companies do this now.

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  • Ro
    Roy G. Biv Apr 09, 2010

    I'm a belk employee. I am also a cardholder for many stores and I still think it sucks for a cardholder to have their credit score pulled just because they were a good customer and paid their bills. This has happened to me too, at another store. I think they cancel the inactive cards because they are'nt making money off of them. They love to charge interest and late fees. It's not just Belk, It's everywhere.

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soldier/sailor relief

To whom it may concern,
My name is cpl golding.In sept. 2008 I was approved for a credit line for a belk credit card, and made a small purchase.In late october 2008, I was deployed to iraq and am still here as a matter of fact. I informed the company that I would be deployed until may 2009. I checked my credit report, and found that my account was in bad standing from nov 08 to about jan 09 at which time I paid off the full amount. I am requesting that the company contact the credit buraeau explaining such and that my account wasn't supposed to be in ill standing, thus fixing my trade line. If this were to be done it would be greatly appreciated. I can provide whatever information necessary to include deployment orders. Any information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Golding, andrew, s.
Cpl usmc
I can be reached by email at: [protected]@yahoo.com

employee rudeness

March 27 2009 I made several purchases from the belk store, after the transaction I asked the clerk to direct...

treated badly

I guess you are right about belk. That is right belk is the worst place to work. I had a same problem and we had been treating like that. You right about if you are known person for manager you will be treat good or if you not then they put all presure on other. I work at traingle town belk I had so many complain about those issues but they did not pay attantion. So I was tired with all management like richard, tony, lauri and linda but they don't so then I decide to call excel line. I called and talk about that. Now they called me and said why you call on hot line and said you lie to them with out investegate our problems so store manager was telling his own story and seems like they want to get rid of me because I complain about them. So they were asking some non sence question to me which is not belong to me and also they lie if they have to save somebody's job. Well I decide to quite from there and if somebody wnat to fix that problems over there so they should fire there management not emplyees. I am going to complain about this labor department soon about descrimanation.

  • Co
    cosmeticgirl Mar 20, 2009

    I have worked for Belk for a few years. I recently left. They do treat their employees badly. When you take steps as outlined in the handbook to get help to resolve issues--you only create a big red target on your back. I was out on FMLA leave after my child was in an accident. When I tried to return, I knew something was wrong. Long story...I will post exactly what happened soon.
    You are right, the people that are treated the worse are the associates on the floor. Management is twisted and some people in loss prevention are too. One LP person quit because she said she couldn't take part in "setting up associates" like her LP boss wanted her to. Me, along with other current associates are wondering how Belk gets by with all the devious behaviour by upper management?

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  • Ro
    Roy G. Biv Apr 13, 2010

    Labor Board

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no credit card upgrade

I have been with belk department stores since 2003. I have always paid my balance off every time I use the card thus having a perfect payment history. To get an upgrade on their credit card you must spend 600.00 per year. Well my husband just lost his job in july and does not have an income. We use my money to buy much needed winter wear due to this cold front. I called to get an upgrade on our credit card so we would get a good discount on the clothes and was told no you have not spent 600.00 this year. It is only january. She refused to give me credit for the money I spent over the period of 2003 to 2009. She did not care that our payments were paid perfectly and always on time. Her answer was simply "no". Maybe if they would look at a customers payment history and how much money they spend without seting such a high limit during such hard times they would have more customers. The stores are almost always close to empty. I like to shop on line since I do not drive but their site is limited and use the macy.com site instead. I am a good customer of belk but am considering canceling my cards and just sticking with macys. Belk needs to know if they cannot make their customers happy they will not be around much longer.

  • Fi
    FiredfromBelk Jun 04, 2009

    Just complain to management and they will give it to you for free :-) I stopped a girl who was known for ticket switching and her mom was an "elite" customer and the store manager called her the next day and gave her the dress that she switched tickets on for FREE!!!
    Next, I am proof that you can be fired from Belk for not getting enough instant credits. I worked for the company for 13 years and never was written up for anything!! I missed my goal in this wonderful economy by 2 and am now unemployed. I can not believe what a horrible company they are. The other thing is they did a major pay cut and pretty much brought most employees down to minimum wage...
    Glad you cut up your card. To those that aren't having trouble now with instant credits unfortunately some of those employees are racially profiling and giving free gifts away knowing the person won't be approved but wants the gift (cosmetics). People are taking credits applications to the streets to save their jobs!! Sad and SHAME on BELK

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  • Ye
    yezzenia Aug 20, 2009

    Even to buy at the Store and don't talk abut their credit card. Belk Credit card it's the worst credit card you can choose. They charge you even if you do not used. I had JcPenney card and they never used that policy.

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  • Jo
    JoDub Jun 14, 2010

    DO NOT get a Belk card. CAVEAT EMPTOR: they have no way of tracking payments though electronic funds transfer. I made my payment through my banks (very reliable) online bill pay service. Three weeks later I received a bill from Belk with late fees and warnings that I had not paid the previous month's bill. When I called customer service and gave them the date of the transaction, the amount, the EFT number, etc. they told me they would "file a statement" but that I was responsible for paying the whole amount again as they have no way to track electronic payments that come into them.

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH BELK. I've been patronizing them for 40 years and it stuns me how much their customer service has gone down hill over the past 5 years.

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payment on line

Your website is the most difficult of any other sites I use to pay my bill on line. I couldn't remember my...

marianita montero

I have worked for belk for the last twelve years, we always had problems in our store but things really went...

horrible company

I worked for belk and let me say it was the worst company I have ever worked for. I have never been so...

employees are treated badly

I have worked for belk in florence, south carolina for two years and they just terminated me because of...

non service

I stood in three lines for a total of 28 minutes to check out at the local belk's. I wrote tim belk, ceo, but, of course, no response. I won't be shopping there again. Unacceptably poor service and customer response.

  • Li
    lili Nov 16, 2008

    You should have stayed in one line the whole time. If you go changing lines, you are automatically pushed to the back of the line. I am an associate at Belk. Unfortunately, they don't give us enough help. Often times, I am the only person expected to cover 2 separate departments, with no one to cover my lunch break.

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  • Mi
    missalina Apr 30, 2009

    Also, writing to Tim Belk is kind of silly over something so trivial. I know it is important to you, and I would be angry too--but do you really think Tim Belk has time to read every little complaint? I mean, I know CEOs SHOULD care about stuff like that, but they have way more on their plate to worry about. Next time write or call someone a little lower on the hierarchy and maybe something will get done.

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  • Se
    seashell1286 Oct 03, 2009

    3 lines. 28 minutes. So, about 9 minutes a line? You got to tell the whole story. How many people were in front of you? Was there some lady in the front of the line that spent eight of those minutes looking through her black-hole of a purse for her credit card... or worse: the check book.
    (on a side note. why does no one ever know who to make the check out to?)
    Also what day and time was it? Monday morning: should just take a couple of minutes. Saterday afternoon: there might be a bit of a wait.

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terrible service

The employees (Sales) at belk should be reminded that they are not hired to judge customers. Customers come...

credit charges

Did you know that people get fired at Belk department stores for not opening charge accounts? It doesn't...

terrible service!

While doing some shopping after Christmas, I purchased what I considered a set of really nice red Bath Towel...

unable to make my payment on due date because of your system!

I tried, unsuccessfully to make my payment timely on the 20th of octocber. Due to your system, I was unable to do so. This was approximately 11:45 p. M. Eastern time. Due to this inability my payment will be late and I will incur a late fee.

Beware all!

  • Ja
    Jane does -2 Sep 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    FYI- if you call the number on the back of the card and talk to a representative they usually remove any extra charges/ late fees if your story is plausable enough (the system being down is usually a pretty good reason). Just dont come off hostile. They are alot less willing the help if you are yelling and insulting them.

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  • Be
    Bernadine Eimer Sep 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have problems continuously making prompt payments on line and then simply go to the store and pay. This is very inconvenient.

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  • Bj
    bj Sep 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • La
    Laurie Nov 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Belk cards are handled by GEMB

    GEMB violates Federal Lending laws - this is another excellent example - they want you to make online payments - then make it impossible to do so.

    Watch your statements carefully. GEMB deliberately posts payments as late to increase the fees and interest they can charge. GEMB also does not even try to resolve their billing issues.

    You may also find fraudulent charges, address changes, missing statements etc. GEMB IS TERRIBLE
    If you have had any of these problems - contact the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision immediately.

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  • Ro
    Roy G. Biv Apr 09, 2010

    They are too cheap to upgrade their system so they keep adding to the original software that came over on the mayflower. I find myself having to make excuses for the store, that the customer does'nt want to hear. Our system also does'nt accept gift cards from visa/MC/Amex. The balance has to be transfered to a Belk gift card and this is a small, but time consuming thing that upsets customers. Even our price guns are terrible. How can we set our sales and do markdowns if we don't have working equipment to do our jobs.

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poor service!

They let an employee get away with keeping a customers social security number, drivers license number, name birth-date and credit card number, for herself. Why would a store want to hide something like that? They didn't do a thing about it. Is it safe to give out your social to stores now? Can we trust them not to take our identity. It so easy. I think everyone should think twice about doing that. You never know who your really giving that information to. And whether they are going to keep it or not. Don't trust belk.

  • Ro
    Roy G. Biv Apr 13, 2010

    How do you know she kept the information for herself?
    It does'nt surprise me that they don't care. They know she was probobly trying to open a credit card and they don't care how dirty you have to be to open one.

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