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BB&T / customer billing and credit reporting

1 North Carolina, United States

Around 9 November 2016 I contacted BB&T to arrange for deferments on two vehicle loans. Seeing that I had to stop working to take care of my wife 24 hours a day after she was seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident and there was no way I would put her in a nursing to wake up everyday not knowing who she was, how she got there or who all the strange people were. After receiving a TBI from 3 skull fractures and other injuries she needed to be in a surrounding that would best aid her recovery. I contacted the bank because I had to have time to get my finances in order and come up with a plan that would keep everyone paid and not ruin my credit. I figured if I bought a few months so to speak I could refinance my house around April of 2017 and borrow against the 100, 000 in equity and that would keep my credit score of nearly 780 intact and provide the best care for her. Anyway, the deferment was approved on 16 November 2016, exactly 31 days after my one vehicle loan had been due for payment. It never even entered my mind that they would report it as a late payment seeing as it was approved to be deferred, WRONG.. Seeing that I was sort of busy about 24 hours a day taking care of my wife and children I waited until January 4th 2017 to go online and check my statements. Both vehicles showed the next payment due as January 15th and 23rd. At that point in time I paid $700 on one and $420 on the other leaving a small amount to pay at the end of the month when I received my military retirement. Around 4 February I again went on line and when I looked at the right side of the statements it said I was already over 40 days late and it did not show what had happened to the money I already paid. It did show under the amount paid year to date, but not were it went and not why it wasnt credited to January like it should have been. After numerous calls to BB&T and with no one being able to explain or care to figure it out, I finally had to complain to the better business bureau and consumer affairs. After a brief wait, over 3 months, I finally received an explanation from BB&T that the information on the right side of my statements was wrong and the payment had been applied to December. At this point every month had already been turned in as a missed payment and even with being provided inaccurate information and being told why it was so important that it not be on my credit report they did nothing. To stop the continuous hits on my credit I attempted to redo the loans thru BB&T at their suggestion and after about 2 weeks had passed was told it was denied because my income was too low?? Thats why we were doing it in the first place. When I asked why I was told it was handled by a different department... So once again I had to resort to asking for the second deferment for the months of May and June 2017. After making sure all the payments due up and including April 2017 had been paid, the deferment was once again approved. At that point when I had been told by their employee that I needed to pay $240 on one of the vehicles to complete Aprils payment that the remaining $400 from the money I sent in would be applied to the July bill, only to have the July statement have all kinds of conflicting amounts due and showed I still owed payments on the months I deferred. So once again due the their error I was right back in the same spot as before and still receiving statements that had conflicting information. And yes BB&T told the Better Business Burea back in April that they were diligently working on fixing the issue. Not only did they turn in the months of October through December 2016 as late payments, they likewise turned in the entire year of 2017 as late even though they caused every bit of it. Due to 14 missed payments they turned in after I contacted them to make sure I did not end up with any, my attempt to refinance my home was denied because my credit score had dropped to under 600. Since that time they have gone back and removed the months of Oct thru December 2016 as late on both vehicles and they have removed May & June 2017 but have done absolutely nothing about the fact they totally destroyed my credit and made it impossible for me to get any type of loan to keep other bills paid and take care of my family. The executives at BB&T couldnt care less about what harm they caused and have done absolutely nothing to correct what they did and to this day I still have inaccurate information on my statements. So please feel free to spread this information across any public forum out there and to show exactly how poor of a choice using BB&T to finance anything would be I will attach the exact statements I received from them. Seeing as they dont feel any obligation to help with the financial harm and stress they caused my family at a time we were already dealing with a wife and mother that woke up everyday for over 4 months not knowing she was in her own home all I can say is I feel obligated to ensure that anyone considering using this company to finance anything better think twice.

Seeing as all my statements are in pdf form I will gladly send them to anyone that wants them.


Elden Ray Gillespie


Aug 21, 2018

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