BB&T Bank / the whole hiram georgia branch

Hiram, GA, United States
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This Bank has turned into the most disgusting place too Bank at. Complaints have fell on deaf ears. Who ever is in charge of this outfit has more money than they do sense!Too put it nicely. No one cares, about waiting on you, I have waited for 30 mins the bank was not even crowd. I DO NOT see how this branch is even open for business. Every time I go its wait, NO LIE. I have tried too cut down my visits too only twice a month. Still they could care less. They have forced me too look for another bank. These People DO NOT Care about customers. Please don't let them waste your time. Even cooperate don't care. I am tired of waiting and waiting to give some one there my hard earned money. This branch needs to go ahead close the doors. No one there cares about customers nor service. It does not take a rocket scientist too see that.

Jan 14, 2016

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