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Bank Of America / changing credit records with false information

1 450 American StSimi Valley, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-669-6607

Dear Officers of the Federal Trade Commission and Officers of the Office of the Comptroller for the Currency;
Fair reporting is defined on the FTC website and is echoed on each of the credit reporting agencies’ web sites. The rules are not equal for the consumer and the agencies. When I provided proof of my claims, the Equifax agency informed me they called and spoke with the reporting company and found the posting to be correct. How? I asked them to provide data backing up the claim on the report after calling the company myself as informed to do so by the Equifax employees. I was then informed that these companies do not have to provide proof, since they confirmed the accuracy of the report by phone. I check my credit reports annually and last year the data was accurate with a small error that would not affect me in any way. This year I find my report looks like someone else’s, the companies taking over previous reporting companies were able to change the report the way they wanted to report the data. My report was allowed to be changed to reflect what the creditors wanted to show and this was permitted. This does not follow the FTC guidelines of reporting rules and the data should be deleted as inaccurate. The looming question of why we are not progressing out of this recession is answered by this very document. I am not the only person affected by this improper activity.
The taxpayers, through the government, help bail out companies only to find that we the people are now at the mercy of each of these companies. I am being threatened, intimidated, and have had my entire credit report changed. We all must be told of what these companies are being allowed to do and why we cannot get the help or loans when we apply for them. Double standards in applying the rules should also not be allowed and silence by our governmental offices cannot be allowed. The governmental leaders in my state of Florida all tell me they want to help and can see my point, but the companies are outside his or her jurisdiction. Each representative did inform me of my records being forwarded to the respective governmental department believed to be proper. I sadly discovered this to be one of the only truthful statements made by the banks involved.
Now I am told I can only dispute in writing to Equifax, with no more than 100 words, while the companies posting are allowed to exceed this rule. The employees also threatened me with filing a “frivolous” claim and sternly told me to call each company myself. I did call each company and found that some did not know what I was talking about since they had no record of me. The financial institutions informed me that they could change the postings since they took over the previous reporting companies and I could do nothing to change this. Each company displayed no compassion or even gave me any indication they would go further in even reviewing my claim.
Now I did read that we the people could seek legal steps to fix the errors if all other measures failed (FTC Web Site). The problem is that even my political leaders are unable to assist me and have to refer me to the FTC. The reporting agencies and the creditors are all telling me that no one in government has legal jurisdiction over them. This presents the question of how can I get help when the FTC employees tell me to contact the Office of the Comptroller for the Currency. WHAT? Not even the bank employees all knew what the office was or how this office even has the ability to intervene in the bank matters. I am attaching my last letter to amicably fix this serious fault in the creditor’s or the credit agency’s policy. If further proof of my claim is needed, please ask me since I have records dating back to 1984. I am asking for help in resolving this problem or help me understand how I seek legal representation. My next step is to post this online for all to see so we the people, can all fix the unfair and highly questionable actions by the very companies helped with bail out money.
Billy Wayne Childress, Jr.

The third day I spoke directly with a supervisor, who like the woman on day one, was well within the guidelines of the FTC. He assured me he would review the previous days records and find out who I spoke with and insure she would not be so incorrect and insensitive to people with “health obstacles.” I asked how to get a letter on my file to prove my claims; he told me the letter must be less than 100 words. He never told me how to fax or how I could challenge the incorrect claims within my records, or even have a rebuttal to what is posted. I want to know all these questions since the economy is so bad that simply sending erroneous information to the credit bureaus could prevent anyone from getting any type of loan. If these companies are operating outside the U.S., then compliance with FTC guidelines could take a huge amount of time to investigate or enforce.
Now, let me PROVE that data from some of these companies are wrong and that they cannot possibly have any data to back up their claims posted on my credit report. First, my home mortgage with Countrywide disappeared after 2009 to 2010; when Bank of America (BOA) bought out Countrywide. The data posted below is inaccurate and copies of my 2008 payments to Countrywide reveal that I did not have two mortgages or BOA was in fact involved with me at any time up to the present. This challenge for BOA is to prove they had my mortgage in 1993, and Countrywide who posted a good payment history with autopay from my bank is not listed after 2008. The Countrywide loan information dated “04/20/2009, Account Number: [protected] is attached and contradicts BOA claim of having my home loan since 1993, or 1994. PLEASE note that I WAS NEVER late with a payment. If anyone would like my copies of the amortization schedules including the original with inclusive dates start to finish, please let me know and I will provide them with bank statements to be posted in my file. Now, look at the following incorrect data from the Equifax database:

Bank Of America

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