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Bank of Americacheck cashing

Went to B/A in Las Vegas, Nevada located on Martin Luther King and Washington Boulevard August 3, 2007 to cash a Credit Card Check which my fiance had given to me for $175.00. when I got to the window the male clerk took my driver license which had the exact same information (address) as printed on the check, he verified the funds then came back to the window and said he couldn't cash the check because my drivers license was not 30 days old. So then I showed him my employee cards, which are all dated and had my picture on them (Sheriff card, Alcohol Permit, Health and Tam Card he said he could accept these. I had a change of address he said he had no way of verifing that and this is bank policy. I asked to speak with the supervisor she also agreed that I could cash the check even though the funds were available unless I had a military identification card or passport, she went on to say that this is Bank of America policy. So then I went to another Bank of America they said because it did not have the Bank of America on the check they could not cash it (Rancho Drive and Craig Road), I said well the other said they could cash because my drivers license was not 30 days old. I called the call center, one person said that is not true about the drivers license and then another said it was true, that what they wanted was for me to open an account and deposit the funds into the bank. The reason I went there was because I needed the funds immediately or I would have deposited it into my account. What happens when someone wants to open, withdrawal funds they are new in the state and they don't have a military or passport how do they get their money? When their drivers' license is not 30 days old? Yet each person said that each Bank of America has their own policies as to the acceptance of check cashing, to me this is unacceptable. Bank of America is Bank of America, their policy and procedure are based on however each bank wants to do? It showed me that there is no uniformity within their system of banking.

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    • Go
      goblue5891 Jul 30, 2010
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      My 16 year old son got his first job and was paid via a check written on a Bank of America account. He went into branch and was charged $6 to cash a check written on BofA's own bank!

      Talk about gouging! The bank took no risk on cashing the check because they knew the account had funds in it. It was written on their own account holder! Then to charge what amounted to a 12% interest to cash their own check!

      Explanation given was that this was "their policy". Secondly, they didn't look at his age. I pointed out they sure looked at his ID and fingerprint! What ###!

      How do they sleep at night?

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    • An
      anyoneandeveryone Apr 06, 2011

      Bank Of America also charges fees to non customers who have a employer that pays with a Bank Of America account drawn check... They said we will waive the fee if you open a account with us and deposit money into it... I refuse to open a account with a bank that charges a fee to cash it's own checks, checks that are not personal checks. How dare they?

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    • Si
      SIOUXSYSIOUX Sep 14, 2013
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      For years I have been cashing checks that people have given me at their bank with no problem whatsoever. Recently I was paid by check from an idividual business account written on the Bank of America.
      So I go to the Bank of America in Scotts Valley to cash it.

      First the teller, Meredith, tells me to endorse the check and then asks for identification, a driver's license. At which point she informs me that being I do not have an account with the bank there is a $5 service charge. I asked to have the fee waived and was told I would have speak with the bank manager and wait 15-20 minutes before doing so, after she was done with another customer!
      The bank manager lectured me the same in a abstruse demeanor and rudely insisting that my "only choice was to pay the $5 fee or negotiate with YOUR bank."
      "You are holding up the line for other customers."
      I told her that I understood and that the person that wrote the check must be paying a fee for the account and that I didn't care to negotiate with MY bank for whom this transaction has nothing to do with. The check says "Pay To The Order Of" and
      that I just wanted to be paid without incurring some fee. I am a customer and wanted to get paid.
      So the bank manager and your teller associate denied serving me and I had to leave, without my money.

      I have had problems with Bank of America before because of so many fees. Nobody needs to be upset and act so arrogant as I was treated over $5. I can not believe a bank will not honor the checks that are written on their own
      bank without charging people a fee. With all of BOA's bad debts and their business practices I do not know how you
      ever stay in business unless the federal reserve is bailing you out?

      It is illegal for an employer in California to Issue a paycheck that can't be cashed without paying a fee. If I sue, the employer must pay all of the fees that have been charged plus penalties and lawyer fees. So if I sue my employer, after they loose, they will no doubt close this account with BOA.

      If enough people sue employers that use BOA. they may change their extortionist ways. Check out Cal LABOR CODE DIV 2 SECTION 212.

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    Bank of America — unauthorized charges

    There are unauthorized charges to bank account from this company and i want the money put back before i take...

    Bank of America — poor service!

    When they bought out mbna they raised my rates from 12 to 24%, they said i missed a payment and i was a risk...

    FIA Card Services — Unauthorized electronic check!

    FIA Card Services offered a settlement payment of $570 which would amount to three monthly payments of $190...

    Bank of America — overdraft fees charged to accounts with positive balances

    Copy of letter to OCC: Bank of America charges overdraft fees on accounts with a positive balance by...

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    CountrywideFraud and scam!

    I went through Lending Tree to secure quotes on a loan. Countrywide came in the lowest. They guaranteed they could close my loan. I eliminated all of the other companies who wanted to finance my home. Countrywide took $300 from me to secure the loan and lock in the interest rate. Two and one half months have passed and they have yet to close my lone. The loan officer Hiep Hoang lies every time I call and claims he will call back but never does. The interest rates have risen while I have been waiting on Countrywide. They claimed a bogus appraisal appraised my house half of what I purchased it for although it is in a booming area. Countrywide is running a fraudulent scam.

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      • Su
        susan Mar 16, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer


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      Bank of Americaunprofessional personal bankers

      I informed the personal banker to make sure that a CD I had with them does not renew. I did the same via email as I am currently traveling and won't be back in the states until September. However, he does not read by email, nor does he stop the renewal of the CD, which has resulted in me getting stuck with the low interest CD for another month. Can anyone get me the contact details for the consumer grievance cell of Bank Of America.


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        • Te
          Teach 3 Apr 08, 2011

          BoA screwed me over, too. After spending 6 months getting jerked around by them (numerous people losing documents and emailed information, people I was working with getting "reassigned" to other departments, and my sending them a $400 application fee for refinancing my home), they canceled my application (without notifying me) and kept my money. When I finally discovered my application had been dismissed, they claimed my insurance company failed to send documentation of my homeowner's insurance though my company faxed the information on three occasions and sent the information via snail mail twice. They refuse to return phone calls or respond to emails. Since it was requested that I purchase a single-use debit card for the transaction of the application fee, there is no paper trail to prove they took my money and absconded with it. I know this isn't nearly as horrific as it is for those who've lost or are losing their homes, but it still pisses me off. I have my own financial and life struggles. I don't need the greed and immorality of the BoA employees to add to my burdens; no one does. BoA are liars and cheats and thieves. I hope they all get what they deserve - and soon. -Cheryl

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        Bank of Americalatest b o a scam

        I set my account for an alert to reach my email address five days before a payment is due. The payment date in any month is not set -- it floats. Therefore, the date on which the payment is due fluctuates.

        Bank of America offers this alert service to customers. Supposedly to help customers make their payments on time and without incurring a late fee. Bank of America took over MBNA some months ago. My MBNA account had the same alert functions and they worked correctly. I got an alert gtom B o A for the May payment. And made my payment timely. I have a record of regular and timely payments to MBNA & Bank of America.

        My account page at B of A, as of today, notes that an alert was sent in May. It has the correct email address. An alert was not sent for June. When I realized I had not made a payment, I was late by twelve hours. I checked my alert functions on my account page: they are set correctly and the list of past alerts sent does not include one for June. So B of A failed to send it.

        I sent a note to B of A on my account page noting that the alert function had not sent me the usual message five days in advance of my payment date. I objected to any late fee imposed. At the time I sent the note, no late fee had been imposed so I hoped for the best. I checked the following day for a return message but none came. My account had, by that time, been charged a late fee.

        Today a note arrived from B of A telling me what a wonderful customer I am and how useful the alert function is and how the Bank is so happy I use this and offering a "do it yourself" lesson in setting this up if I had any problems.

        The end of the message told me that the late fee was justified and I could basically forget about having that removed from my account. So what the Bank of America does is set up a system to send alerts to customers so that customers get a sense of security in using it and relying on it for a timely reminder. But if the customer pays the bill on time too often and doesn't generate late fees for the Bank, then the Bank "just happens" to switch off the alert function in the background after many months where the customer has relied upon it.

        The customer has no idea the alert function will not work as it previously did and then the Bank sends a GOTTCHA!! note with a fat late fee when the payment is late.

        The Bank creates a late fee for itself by disabling the alert function without notice to the customer. Because the Bank controls the software which runs a customer's account page, it can make the account page look to the customer as if it is properly set up for the alert function to work properly. My account page shows the function is still set up to work the way it always has in the past. But, quite obviously, the Bank has disabled the alert function "behind the scenes" so a message is not actually sent out to me. Then it charges a late fee.

        Scam. Complete scam.

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          • Sc
            scammedand pissed Aug 09, 2007

            B of A had similar transactions on my account. I was in dispute over a check they returned in error since the funds were there. They claim there was some funds held although my balance reflected an amount to cover the check. No one could explain why the check was returned but that I should have been notified that funds were held. I did not receive any notification by mail or e-mail.I was not set up on-line to receive ANY alerts other than to remind me of my credit card payment. What I did receive was an NSF alert by e-mail 5 days later after calling them even though I had not made any changes on my alerts!

            On another occasion I received my credit card payment alert and since I had set it up for automatic payment from B of A bill payment services I was not worried, until I saw a late payment fee for paying one day late. I called to find out why since it was paid on the due date. They claim that from the time of the day B of A sent the money from my account to the Bof Credit Card account it posted two hours after they close for the day. Since when does B of A close in the middle of the day! Needless to say I was charged the late payment fee and my interest rate went up. Talk about crooks!

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          • Hb
            hb Feb 09, 2008
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            I just canceled my BOA credit card for their "payment alert" scam. I always pay my bill in full each month and for a while the alerts worked great but then in dec/jan they stopped coming, despite the alerts being visibly scheduled online. So, I was late that month and lodged a complaint about not receiving the alert--they took off the late fee, but now it just happened again. I logged on and saw I was three days late. No alert had been sent, despite being scheduled. The customer service rep and the manager had the balls to say it was still my fault because I'm supposed to intuit their shifting due dates. I'm done with them after ten years--and I suspect they provoked my ire intentionally since I don't bring them the big bucks through running a balance. They are total con artists.

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          • Hi
            HilltopBob101 Jul 20, 2009

            Bank of America has yet another billing scam running. I use their automatic bill pay so that on the due date at least the minimum due is paid. I actually have it set to pay $50 over that amount. But here's the problem.

            If I spend enough and my minimum payment increases beyond what I have set I have to go in and change the amount. But Bank of America WILL NOT apply that new amount until the second billing cycle generates. This means that if my statement comes out on the 1st of January and on the 2nd of January I change the amount to automatically deduct from my bank account -- it will not be effective until March 1st.

            Time and time and time again BofA has caught me in this trap of under-paying. According to BofA since I supposedly get paper statements I should n=know that my payment won't be enough. Yes, I DO know. But since your system won't allow my automatic payment change to go into effect immediately what's the sense?

            I recently received a letter from them telling me that since i had a history of late payment, most reversed, that had decreased my credit line to just above my balance. It was clear that they were setting me up not only for another under-payment, but an over-limit charge. A complaint to the FTC revealed that their actions are classic predatory lending and the new law signed by the president will address. We'll see.

            When I pressed them about the decrease they also indicated that I had a negative on my credit report. I pointed out that this was 1) disputed, and 2) a notice of identity theft was on the account. The credit "manager" told me that it didn't matter because I wasn't paying on the account "aggressively enough." She even had the nerve to ask me why I was using the card. Umm... because you extended me credit because of my 780 FICO score.

            Say what? I pay the minimum due plus $50. According to BofA they expect a payment of at least two to three times the minimum due. What then is the point of having a minimum due if it isn't enough? She even asked why I was spending, any special reason. I told her, "Yes, my 7 year old daughter has brain cancer and money is tight. I need to pay certain business expenses... usually less than my minimum payment due." She could have cared less.

            BofA is the biggest scam and basically steals money from its customers. This is beyond contempt.

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          Bank Of America - Convenience Checks — funds never received!

          I have a bank of America credit card with credit available. I am continuously receiving checks from them in...

          Countrywide MortgageUnorganized company

          I have a complaint against Countrywide Mortgage.I live in Southeast Texas which was the area directly hit by hurricane Rita in September 2005. While we were evacuated I called Countrywide and notified them of what was going on and they suspended our payments until January 2006. We then began our regular payments as advised in January, and months later we were notified by Countrywide Mortgage that we now needed to pay them back for the three months we did not have payments. Countrywide then set up a repayment plan that began with a payment of $800 and the for the next six months we paid $650.05. Our regular monthly payments are usually $450.00. We made all payments to the exact amount and on time as advised. We finished the repayment plan in April 2007. At that time I was told our regular payments would began again in May, so I made our regular payment in May and then again in June,all payments are now current. The problem is ever since I finished the repayment plan I am being harassed by Countrywide because they will call or send letters saying I haven’t made a payment, or that we still owe 269.99. I have spent so much time on the phone with them trying to figure out where the error was made on their end,and no one can figure it out.On June 6,2007, I spent 1hr and 45 minutes on the phone with four different people, two of which I could not even understand because of their strong middle eastern accent. All four people I spoke with could not figure out where the error was made or give any explanation as to why I owe $269.99. I then get another phone call last night from a man who was calling from Countrywide to ask where my June payment was? I told him he must be kidding and gave him the confirmation number from the June payment. It seems like no one with Countrywide has a clue what is going on,they take my money every month and do who knows what with it? I am then put in a situation of not knowing what to do. I am not paying the money they say I owe,because they have no explanation for it, but yet they could easily report me to the credit bureau. What kind of company is Countrywide? I do know they are very unorganized, especially in the escrow department, because I have had problems with them even before the storm in 2005.I hope this story will be read by someone who is considering using Countrywide, and it will change their mind. I would advise them to use someone local who is easy to communicate with and with whom you can trust with your money.

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            • Ja
              James Apr 24, 2009

              We were pre-approved for a home loan thru Country Wide in February, and since that day, we had 4 closing dates. The day before our 4th closing date, which was the 10th of Apil, we were denied the loan. Due to a couple of overdrafts in March. They had us feeling up and down for 3 months. It went as far as the loan processor typing us a letter to take to HR Block showing a closing date on the 10th of April! Thank goodness we didn't take it with us when we did our taxes! Now we can't even think about buying a home for who knows how long. None of this being our fault. We were even approved for a VA loan! The office we went through is in Maitland, Florida. They are being taken over by Bank of America on the 27th of April. We are going to seek legal advice.

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            Bank of America — problems with flood insurance!

            When our mortgage was sold to Bank of America, we were almost immediately told we would be required to carry...

            Bank of Americapremium line of credit

            I or rather my ex-wife (whom is a employee for Bank of America as a loans underwriter) gained access to a 10,000 line of credit in 1998 in 1999 it was at it's limit of 10k since we have divorced and I have been paying the thing down to @ 4k as of late 2006 apparently my efforts were not sufficient and when a payment of 95$ was made in December 2006 it broke the camels back. A letter was sent to me stating that the money was received but actually 97$ therefore the account would remain "In Default" It is important that you know that I have had a commercial account with Bof A for over 20 years, I own 2 carwashes in the DFW area and I bank there no less than twice a week, the paperwork just dried up in the fall od 2006, I made repeated efforts to transfer monies using their online banking when I tried to transfer money it insisted I need to open an account, hell I already had to many, and it would not recognize my LofC account number, I tried often to reach the Lof C dept but they were Closed For the Evening,to say the least I am a very busy man single, home, 2 businesses that are open 7,24,365 get it. So on Feb. 11 of my own accord I called the line of credit dept and a lovely lady answered the phone explaining that the others had gone home but that she could assist me,finally a actual human with blood in their veins... she explained to me what was necessary to get their online banking to recognize one of it's own accounts (WHAT to HELL) and told me she would be glad to assist me in making a payment, I told her I would like to pay $235 and she transfered the money immediately, she then explained that after looking at the details of the account saw that if I and I Quote" would just pay an additional sum of @ 3o$ my account would be IN GOOD STANDING AND ALL WOULD BE WELL so like a good soldier I DID JUST THAT thinking finally I would have online access to my account and could resume paying this thing off... good rideounce, of course if the junior teller at the new branch 2 blocks near my home would of told me I needed to pay 2$ extra in December or how to "REGISTER" my LofC account online none of this happens... but that's not all oh it gets worse... 5 days after this payment is made I receive notice that indeed my account had been sold to United on a Bof A letterhead telling me to contact them, and that if I've made any payment recently not to that it could greatly increase the amount owed to united and that it was sold on Feb 9th 2 days before my payment that was at the time about 7 to 8% of the loan amount... the money had been taken from my account but the total had not been posted against my LofC balance... On early three months I spent 1 to 2 days of the week trying to retrieve rundown freaking find my money always a confirmation # was issued and a promise to resolve this quickly Diane Hicks lied repeatedly to me and never got back with me I was repeatedly bumped form dept. to dept... THE TREE as they call it each one saying it was the others DEPARTMENT... I finally got the EXWIFE to call in EARLY MAY and of course she got the real skinny... loan sold to united deal was made back in January of 2007 sold 4100$ not that united thought was secured with assets for 3167$ they claimed (even told my ex-wife) that they transferred the funds immediately to United Mortgage... United tells me that they received the money on MARCH 22nd and that at the current interest rate of 13% I now owe including the @270$ payment just over 4,500 dollars remember that balance was just over 4,000$ on January 1 of 2007-minus 270$ payment on feb 11th @13% (was never that high, variable rate at Bank of America). They are now calling like incestuous whore's insisting that they need a speedy one time payoff... the Loan was UNSECURED and personal, not secured and Business as united thought, see they even lie to each other... Hell I don't have that and refused to be bullied by these carpet bagging son's of bi**hes, I will pay when a judge determines that a FAIR recognizing has been made and yes I still for this moment bank there... Gerald L kannady.

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              • No
                No no Jul 26, 2007

                I recently wanted a car loan in which my car i owed 19k on and was getting 15k for it and the dealer was giving me 4k more than what my car is actually worth and and i know dealers like to bu***hit people but i looked it up myself on kellys blue book and its worth 11k with the miles i have on it and so i was trying to get a car with 40k miles and was 26,250 the as***les denied me.

                But check this.

                My credit score is 734 and i have 2 jobs and my father co-signed for me... He has 2 jobs also... The dealer place was enraged i mean like red in their faces all the way because nobody understood why and the bank of America people would not give a reason.

                U know what i am neverrr going to bank of America and anyone that asks is getting a bad referral from me.

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              • Jc
                jc12 Nov 20, 2008
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                This one is good. Same with this one: http://www.financecreditline.com

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              Bank Of America Visa Billing Systembofa visa is setting up its customers to fail!

              There are three practices of their billing system that increase the likelihood of its customers making late payments. This increases BofA profits but ruins the credit of its own customers.

              1. They have shortened the billing cycle to 20 days instead of thirty days. This is according to their customer service rep. My statement still says 30 days.
              2. The Payment Center is across the country where regular mail takes 5-10 days.
              3. The statement comes in an unmarked envelope which looks like junk mail and can easily get tossed or shredded.

              My recent billing cycle close date was 04/04. I received the statement on the 12th (8 days later).
              The due date is 04/24. I must recognize the unmarked envelope as my statement, open the statement immediately, make the payment right away and get it into the mail in order for the payment to travel across the county by the due date. If there is a weekend or holiday or inclement weather in the East, I will incur a late fee and a late payment will be reported to the credit bureaus thus lowering my credit score. No waiting for the weekend or first of the month for bill paying day. Don't take a vacation or you will be late by the time you get home.

              I have been caught once, I am wiser now and am complaining.

              Send your complaints to:
              Kenneth D. Lewis, Chairman, CEO and President
              Bank of America - Executive Relations
              100 N. Tryon St
              Mail Code: NC4-[protected]
              Charlotte NC 28255

              Contact Congress by writing Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit

              Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney
              2331 Rayburn HOB
              Washington, DC [protected]

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                Bank of Americamisleading and fraudulent ad

                During the past month, I decided to transfer my balance from my Capital One credit card to the BOA Platinum Plus credit card. The reason I did this was for the 0% APR for 12 months, as well as the 0% balance transfer fee. I completed a request for a BOA Platinum Plus credit card online, but had to get help telephonic with BOA Credit Card Services group due to a software issue. At the time of the application, I was confident that this credit card would indeed be 0% APR and no balance fees, as indicated on the application and in the terms and conditions.

                During the phone call with BOA credit card services people, I also told them that I had $750.00 in my BOA Advantage checking account that once the balance had been transferred from my Capital One card to the new Platinum Plus account, I wanted the $750.00 transferred from my checking account, and the rep said he could do this. At no time did he ever indicate there would be a fee for doing this. If I had known there would be a fee for doing this, I would have waited for the credit card to be approved, then used my online banking to directly transfer the $750.00 to the credit card. Why would I spend $15 when I have online account pay and did not have to?

                Imagine my anger and displeasure when I looked at my new credit account online and found that I had been charged $435.00 for a balance transfer fee and $15 for a phone transfer fee. Despite several phone calls to BOA credit card services group and speaking with Luz, the account manager, (who I had to ask to speak to me in English), I was told nothing could be done and that the fees were clearly spelled out in the terms and conditions for the credit card.

                Clearly, the offer that I responded to states, both on the application itself and in the terms and conditions, that there are NO BALANCE TRANSFER FEES associated with this offer, and I was not informed of any phone transfer fee. To now insist that these fees are proper clearly indicates to me that the offer I responded to was fraudulent and misleading, and is a growing indication of the downward spiral BOA is engaged in with its present account holders.

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                  • Sa
                    saga27 May 03, 2012
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer


                    Ask any question related to Bank of America, you will get revert within an hour or 2...try it once..

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                  Bank of Americamost unethical practices and rude customer service reps

                  I became a member of MBNA Credit Card products 14 years ago. I did not have any problems since MBNA became Bank of America (BofA). The BofA has the worst customer service. So called the account managers can bang the phone on you without thinking twice. I called to request the interest rate review/reduction which started at 10.9% and was increased to 22% without my consent. The account manager told me to consider the home equity loan and talk to their mortgage department to pay off my loan. I consider it not solving the problem and trying to to avoid the issue. After talking to three different department that last department told me that they do not do business in the state I live in. Very next day I called to check the balance on my account and found out that all of my accounts (I have three) were closed. One does not deserve this kinda service and response from a bank that you have been giving business to for fourteen years. My recommendation is to stay away from this bank. They are highly unethical and very rude when it comes to resolving issues.

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                    • Fr
                      Frustrated Mar 25, 2009

                      I Had a credit Line of 8000, Intrest rate of 12% fixed after I was approved in Febuary 2009, I contacted the site stating i would like to do a balance tranfer, they told me no problem, I stated I would call back later, And I did this time I got another customer rep, who said that I had credit issues more then 6 years ago, I said yes, I improved my credit score, havent missed a payment, applied for the Bank of america card in 2007 was approved into rate and payed it off as planed then in 2009 got the 12% intrest rate. He then stated well I am not like the other people in my group I think diffrent then they do, LACK OF STANDARD, I dont think I can approve you for the balance transfer, in fact I am going to close your account. He said times are diffrent, I told him if they were so diffrent why did they give me the account and the intrest rate adjustment, he said that well I am different from them.

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                    Bank of Americahome equity line of credit

                    The incompetence of this bank is truly sobering. A simple call to check the status of a loan application resulted in a three hour phone tree ordeal. I used the number they had provided for this purpose. The one department that might have been able to answer the question closed during my phone tree debacle! The phone message still said "please continue to hold, your call will be answered in the order it was received" long after that group had left for the day. The result was that I never even got an answer on my original question. I was repeatedly invited to participate in a customer satisfaction survey, but each rep claimed they were unable to transfer me to the survey as instructed. Tomorrow I plan to transfer all my accounts to a smaller bank!

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                      • Lo
                        LORI RICKETTS May 22, 2007
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        May 22, 2007
                        Volkswagen of America
                        Lithia VW of Reno
                        Lithia, Medford Oregon

                        Re: 2002 VW Turbo Beetle

                        I never thought I would be writing a letter like this about a Volkswagen, how very disappointing. I bought my first new VW Beetle 5 speed in 1999 from Lithia VW of Reno. I had regular maintenance and a few recalls; I liked the car so much in 2002 I bought a new 2002 Turbo automatic transmission from Lithia VW of Reno, “BIG MISTAKE”. I live 40 minutes away from Reno for service. I have to have someone follow me going and picking up. It has become very costly in gas and sometimes I have had to miss work. This car has only 42,000 miles, less than 9,000 miles a year and has been in for problems more than I can count. I go in every couple of months for some service light that goes on, such as air bag (3 times) within a year, coolant, engine. I have had a new catalytic converter, water pump, alternator, headlight brackets, headlights, temp. sensor, MAF sensor, etc. etc.

                        I have spent $40,000.00 or more at Lithia VW of Reno on two cars, lifetime oil change, extended warranty. Good thing I bought the extended warranty or I would be broke. I still have had to pay $200.00 deductible plus extra cash for this, that, and the other, it is getting ridiculous. Just today I had to pay $372.00 on the airbag again, what is the use in having an extended warranty if you have to pay more than the deductible every time you take the car in.

                        I was going to give this car to my 16-year-old daughter but she is a student and couldn’t afford the repairs. I’m wondering that when every service person I talk to says, “these things happen”, that maybe a got a LEMON FROM THE GET GO?

                        A very unhappy customer on VW performance and service.

                        Lori Ricketts
                        1792 Mathe Drive
                        Carson City, NV 89701

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                      • An
                        ann zehnich Oct 07, 2008
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                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        The bank is horrible. My step-father received a dividend check from his investment and deposited in good faith. However, when he went to use his ATM card it would not work. We went in and inquired about not being able to use his account. Well, they couldn't help that day due to "the block was put on today and the full information is not available yet". Today, my step-father goes down to the bank and was told that he can no longer do business with the bank due to the check that he deposited was fradulent. What in the world? He doesn't have a history of fraud and he is an elderly man. The worst part is he just received a loan for a home and cannot purchase it because the loan is approved to be deposited in a Bank of America Bank only. AAAGGGHHH!!!

                        I have also had bad experience with them. They allowed electronic checks to be cashed against my account with the wrong name and address on it. How much obvious of a fraud is that and all they did was credit my account and told me to contact the company doing this. Sickening.

                        I hope no one else has to go throught this mess.

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                      Bank of America — unauthorized withdrawal of funds from my checking account

                      On the 15th of February, I logged on to my Bank of America (hereafter referred to as BoA) net account to...

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Bank Of America Credit Card — balance transfer fee scam

                      I recently applied for a Bank of America credit card. The offer that was mailed to me specifically stated...

                      Countrywide Home Loans — late fee rip-off!

                      This complaint is against Countrywide Home Loans. Countrywide posts there payments late to intentionally...

                      Bank of Americaillegal charges!

                      I had a no annual fee credit card from Bank of America, but I haven't been using it since 2001. I have not received any new cards to be activated, and no mail or phone calls of any kind related to my credit card account from Bank of America since 2001. My balance was $0 every month in 2002, $0 every month in 2003, $0 every month in 2003, $0 every month in 2004, $0 every month in 2005, and $0 every month in 2006 until September, when I was charged an annual fee of $39, and my balance became $39. There have been no statements sent to me, and I have found out about my balance when checking my credit report in February 2007. Not having an active account and no communication with the bank for 5 years, the sudden charge charge is illegal. The bank keeps adding interest every month, so that my balance almost doubles every 2 months. In addition, they reported the account as being delinquent, and damaged my credit scores. I am currently seeking legal action against the bank.

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                        • Ka
                          Karl Wolff Feb 26, 2007
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                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          I have been using my card for nearly the same amount of time. Only one late payment and that was 3 years ago. Then all of a sudden, my rates went from 0% to %15.99%. Pure, unadulterated usury. And this is after I've been paying more-than-minimum payments and even paying when I was given a "payment holiday" for two months in a row. They need to be stopped. I'm working hard to pay off my card, but their finance charges are making that extremely difficult. I've learned my lesson, now I want to get on with my life.

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                        • Fl
                          Florence Nunziata Jul 15, 2007
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                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          Unaware that money was drowned out of my account? Why? I would like a refund unless with a reason.

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                        • Ro
                          Rosie Aug 21, 2007
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                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          I had the same thing happening, my account was closed for almost a year and I was finishing paying off my credit card, they charged me the same amount that you mentioned, I called them and simply told them that my account had been closed since a year and they refunded me. Good luck!

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                        • To
                          Tom Smith Jan 28, 2008
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                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          Barclays Finance needs people in the usa and canada area that have equity line of credit or e-trade account that will enable our clients customers in the usa and canada area to receive money on their behalf and takes a commision of 10% at each receipt. contact Tom Smith on [protected]@yahoo.com for more details.

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                        • Ca
                          Cammeehelen Jul 16, 2009

                          have you been able to seek legal action I had been sick and had a few emotional problems asked the bank to work with me and not return my check etc because I would at times duplicate pay on line . they said they paid the largest first which ment a cup of coffee cost me 36.00 intstead of1.00 and for 3 years I could not keep up with the additional overdraft charges incurred to pay my bills and was forced into debt management being 68 one day I went to another bRANCH AND THEY asked why I had this account and put me in an access account which I beleive I have more controll over. and they return the checks that are not being paid which helps and alerts me they also showed me ways to limit my debit card but why did it take 3 years I also would like to get in touch with a lawyer

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