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scam and stealing!

Bank of America is the worst bank in all directions of time and in every dimension. This is not an exaggeration, simply a fact! They do not credit erroneous charges even if one has proof. This has happened to me a couple of times with them. They are allegedly in bed with the Bonesmen and freemason society groups and will harass anyone if they dare say the truth about the awful business that they are!
Plus they will steal your money by not honoring the proof of the erroneous charges even when the business said they gave a credit. They are alleged thieves like Andy O'Niell who is President of Valley Bank in Helena Montana who closed my accounts for no reason other than to harass me, and then had the audacity to keep over two hundred dollars I had in one of my accounts. He is a liar and a thieve, and I BELIEVE he will soon be behind bars. And, I BELIEVE he ain't going to like the Helena jailhouse! You see Andy is on many boards that have to do with banking thru out the state of Montana. I wrote our banking committee in the Senate in regards to Andy but I believe they are just like him only in different skins! They have not helped me, and yes I do in fact sign part of their paycheck!

Truthfully, Karen Romero.

  • Br
    bradford1964 Oct 01, 2011

    I applaud your well put thoughts and SAD, every word is TRUE. Bank OF America is anything but. It should not be named as a Bank Representing Americans or for americans. They are wicked, deceitful and manipulative well taught theives. I don't like to harbor ill will toward anyone or anything but as far as BOA, I believe that they have a secret code of ethics that couldn't be made public because it would reveal their dark side for what it is.

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unauthorized draft of account!

We have a personal checking and business checking account both with various credit cards through BOA. Due to the real estate market, we became behind on the business credit card payments. My husband alerted BOA of the situation which they agreed to take 35 cents on the dollar for the 2 credit cards for business, but with a payment plan. Last week, the drafted my PERSONAL account for 100% owed on 1 card and 50% owed on the other, causing everything else I had to overdraft. I am closing my accounts. They say they are "within their right" per our credit card agreement.

  • Mj
    Mjules Mar 30, 2011

    I put a stop payment for ACH in the amount of $80 and $168. They told me that it would cost me $30 in which I paid. they said although it is 2 transactions for same company not to worry. 3 days later $168 was taken from my account along with a NSF of $35. I then called the claims dept. and said to file a complaint and that they were sorry for this should have not happened but in the meantime they would credit my account the $30 in which I did. 2 days later $80 was taken from my account. I am filing a complaint tomorrow but since when does BOA return funds that allowed to be taken out of account when I signed a waiver not to have an overdraft policy in the first place and paid for a stop payment fee. Claims department also told me that that they are not suppose to tell customers that a ACH stop payment is not guarenteed but yet they will not tell you that at time receiving there $30 fee.

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Unauthorized deduction!

I noticed on my fiancee's checking account statement that a deduction of $125 was made on 1/31/08. This was paid to the order of FIA Card Services. It was an electronic funds transfer and shows my name and address but I did not authorize such a deduction, and I certainly did not ever tell anyone to take the money from someone else's account! I will look into this further today to see what amounts of money has been taken by FIA in the past months. I see that there is a complaint listed on this website against FIA for something very similar (dating from July 2007). What is going on...

  • Ja
    Jamie Mar 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I noticed this morning that almost $300 was debited from my business account yesterday from FIA for a Bank of America CC payment. This deduction was unauthorized, however the check I viewed online had a "signatory" in the signature line and our address in the top. What gives them the right to do access my money in an account that is suppos to be secure?

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over drafting after opening a savings account!

I opened a savings account with Bank of America after having a checking account with them for the past 12 years. I have done all my banking online so I figured it was just as well to process my order online as well. I clicked on the create new account part of the website entered all of my information and requested that funds be taken from my checking account to start the new acct. I got a confirmation notice that my request could take one to two business days and that if approved my information would then be viewable online and I would get my new card in the mail within two weeks. I figured that was fine.

I waited not just the two but three business days before checking online and was not surprised to see I had been approved and had a new savings account already set up. However what was surprising was that it showed at a zero balance and my checking account still had all my funds without any pending transaction letting me know that there would be money being transferred to my savings as I had requested. Well after having read all of the information on having a savings account with them I knew I'd be getting fees charged without a minimum balance so I decided to request anew that money be transfered from my checking. I immediately saw this transaction as pending and my checking account now only showing the lesser amount as available so I was certain this new transaction would process correctly.

Now having a new savings account with a proper balance and my checking account still adequate enough to fulfill all of my pending transactions I did not have a further need to look into it again in any immediate time. A few days later I decided to log in once more just to ensure the pending transaction had processed and everything was indeed in order I find more funds in my savings acct than I had originally in total and a checking account in a very nasty negative red number. Altogether there were five overdraft fees totaling $175. I started to only slightly panic.

I checked my transactions and noticed that both my second requests to transfer from my checking to my savings, and my original request, which was no where to be found when I submitted the second, had both processed on the same day and were now sitting in my savings account which had suddenly swelled to a number I did not have originally in both accounts combined. The total was the amount of both transfer requests combined. I immediately realized the error, but somehow knew that if I called customer service they would see what I did and would help me get my account straightened out and reverse those overdraft fees. I could not have been any more wrong.

The first representative I spoke to, Michelle, very politely listened to my situation and placed me on hold assuring me she would find out how to help me out. I waited on hold no less than 5 minutes and when she returned the politeness had suddenly vanished and instead in a curt voice I was told that I was responsible for the error and that I would not be refunded. I asked why and was told that the error had occurred in "the online banking" and so Bank of America would not refund me.

"Well," I thought, "if the error occurred in 'the online banking' and so she can not help me, I should speak to someone in 'the online banking.'" So I asked to be transferred she, suddenly polite once again, assured me she would get ahold of an online banking representative and then transfer me and again I was on hold. No less than 8 minutes this time. When she returned, the politeness doing it's magical disappearing act again, she informed me again that the error was in my negligence and that I would not be refunded any overdraft fees because I should have known via the pending transaction that the original request was already being processed and that online support could not help me because the original transaction was done at an in bank counter.

Forgetting for a moment that I never requested any transaction inside a bank, although not to forget it completely because it is important, my original woe had been that I did not see the original transaction pending so therefor proceeded, as hopefully expected from an honest customer, to assure proper funds in my savings account by submitting a second request to transfer funds. And not only that but when a transaction shows as pending in Bank of America online banking, it does not count that amount towards the available balance so even if I had wanted to transfer more money than I had in my checking, by the system itself it would have been impossible if the transaction was indeed pending.

I knew I was getting nowhere with Michelle so I asked for her manager. She declined to transfer me because she stated her manager would not get my money refunded either. However I persisted and soon was left on hold again. No less than 10 minutes this time; the hold times getting noticeably longer each time. So next I spoke to Michael, he gave me his last name but I won't say it. Michael the supervisor politely listened to my complaint again along with the lack of logic from the answers Michelle had provided and preceded to let me know that I was responsible because I had knowingly requested the original transfer at a counter inside a bank and that seeing the pending transaction online I should have not made the second request. He never lost politeness but it was very obvious he listened to nothing of what I had said and knew nothing about the way his employers website worked.

I decided to stop there because it really was getting me no where, but I'm now really at a loss about what to do about this. I know that I should not be forced to pay those overdraft fees because it is not my fault, and I don't even know how to submit a BBB complaint because I don't know what Bank of America location I should submit the complaint against because I don't know which one handles "the online banking" for accounts in Texas.

  • Se
    Seth Aug 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also have a Bank Of America Account. I had a problem with the once with a similar problem. I sudgest you go into the branch where you open your account and ask to speak with the manager there. Tell him or her what happened. If they still say they can not help you tell them your been a loyal customer for 12 years and threaten to close all your accounts and go to another bank. They should then willing to help you. But you will probably not to need to do that last step because when I went into the branch they were able to fix everything. I hope I am helpful.

    Also here is some savings advise. If you want a high interest savings account with no fees or mininmum balanace check out the ING Orange savings account at www.ingdirect.com


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raising interest rates for no good reason!

Three years ago I opened a credit card account with Bank Of America. My original agreement was an interest...

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Fraud: me and my wife both have an account with bank of america but the accounts are separate no joint. I...

late fees

I refinanced my home in California last May and before I could make my first payment my loan was "bundled"...

Increase in mortgage!

These guys like to raise your mortgage and then give you the run around why they do it. I just bought my...

scam and fraud!

I did a wire transfer using bank of america in baltimore MD johns hopkins branch to my own account in India...

stealing my money

Mailed my payment 14 days before the due date to ensure no late charges. Check never cashed and they charged...

Claims process

December 28, 2007 I discovered that mine and my daughters vehicles had been vandalized. I immediately called 9-1-1 and my insurance company to start a claim. Today is January 7, 2008 and my vehicles are still sitting in my driveway, undrivable and unrepaired. How long does a claim normally take? All that was done was the windows were busted out. I have complained to my insurance and they assured me that this is normal. We are still looking at 1-2-3 days before anything can be done. I am so frustrated!!! I have never witnessed anyone having this kind of problem with insurance. I call 3-4 times daily trying to find out what is going on. I leave messages with no response. Noone ever answers their phones. And noone wants to pursue my complaint. Any suggestions?

  • Co
    Corie Kennedy Jan 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Typically, a claim such as yours should not not more than 3-5 days, if that, however, with all the floods, wildfires, 84 tornadoes so far in Jan alone, the claims adjustors are stretched to their limit. I am not sticking up for them, and I recently have been in your shoes too, but we must remember that there are only so many of them, and many more claims than they can handle in the usual time frame. I know it is hard, but please try to remember that they are not trying to ignore you. I am sure they are as frustrated as you are.

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terrible customer service!

I've never missed a payment with Countrywide Home Loan's Inc until November 2007. I am ultimately...

Terrible service!

I find that communication between Countrywide Home Loan Inc. and me the customer is severely lacking. I don't want to distract anybody from the fact that I missed an $18.00 home equity loan payment which is my responsibility whether I receive the bill in the mail or not. What really angers me is Countrywide taking such drastic actions such as refusing to honor checks written on this home equity loan without ever contacting me and pointing out that I was in arrears.

The delinquent payment of $18.00 was for November 2007. I had completely paid off this loan in October 2007 and assumed that there would be no payment necessary for November 2007 this I assumed being the reason I had never received a bill or because I had just signed up for electronic payments and was expecting an email reminder.

Mind you I was completely clueless about a payment being completely missed and for as long as I've been with Countrywide I have never missed a payment. I was making the next months payment for December electronically. There was a $6.00 charge included with my December payment, at first I was confused because I had never seen any mention of fees for electronic bill paying when signing up.

I refused to pay Dec. bill electronically and I wrote Countrywide a nasty email concerning this fee and how they could believe someone would pay this fee in order to pay their bill electronically.

I don't remember the exact response I had received, but I know there was no mention of a payment being missed. Mind you I'm still clueless after a month in arrears. I even call a Customer Support person who tells me the fee is because I'm late on my payment. I looked at past payment dates in my checkbook, I could not see how December 2007 payment could be late.

Even after talking with a customer rep I had no idea the late delinquent payment was for November 2007. So basically Countrywide would much rather screw a customer financially by not honoring three checks written out from one of their home equity lines of credit instead of calling the customer who had never missed or had been late for any payments before and communicated this problem to that person.

Maybe they thought that $18.00 was way out of my payment possibilities. This $18.00 payment has now cost me hundreds of dollars. Thanks Countrywide I'll surely not come to you for my refinance because I want far away from the likes of you.

terrible experience!

I had opened a Bank of America credit card with an APR of 13.99%. In April 2007, the APR had increased to 27.99%. When I called to find out why, they told me that because I had been making minimum payments, the increased my APR. What kind of logic is that??!? By increasing the APR, they are making MORE money off of me and less of my payment is going to the balance. I am trying to get it lowered and so far nothing. However an article written Dec 4, 2007 quotes Bank of America spokeman stating that customers have a right to say no to an increase YET I was given no warning and I certainly didn't give permission.

  • Valerie Dec 13, 2007

    This is more out of general wondering than anything else. My wife and I opened a joint checking account in early November. I have direct deposit, however, at this point in time, she does not. I have been with Bank of America since 2001. In the past year at least, I have been depositing her paychecks via ATM into my personal checking account. As long as I deposited it before the cut off (it was 6 PM, now it is 8 PM), the check was posted/cleared and funds were available at 12:01 AM the next day. However, my wife deposited her paycheck on a Tuesday morning. The date of the check had the date of the deposit on it. She used a deposit slip and went into the branch. The check posted at 12:01 AM Wed. morning, but the funds were not available (actually, 100 bucks were available).

    I have been going back and forth on mail w/BoA and they said it says on the receipt that the funds won't be available till 2 days after the deposit was made, and after 5 PM. My wife said that the receipt does state the date, but no time. Is this legal to do with a payroll check? This has never happened before, and I am wondering what people think is the real issue. I can't find anything in the agreement we got as a welcome package that mentions holds. I always thought it depended on the amount (the amount is under 4 figures).

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  • Ju
    Judy King Jan 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had never heard of holding payroll checks for days after depositing them until now. We opened our account with them in October 2007. They never give us credit for the full amount until the check clears. My husband deposited his check on Friday and it is now Tuesday am and none of it has been posted. I'm about sick of BofA. I called them on Monday morning and was told it would be posted Monday evening. So far it is not showing up. I would like to be able to pay my bills but they are causing me to be late paying them.

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  • Sc
    Scott Kitchen Jan 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bank of America/FIA Card Services is doing the exact same thing to me beginning at the end of Feb. 2008. I did recieve a notice letter, on the back of the letter they state that info contained in a credit report recieved from TransUnion was the basis for the increase. So I ordered a report from TransUnion to find out exactly what is the reason for this. According to my local bank which I do all my checking and loanings with says my credit is excellent. I think BOA/FIACS is doing a blanket interest rate increase and are just using any excuse to justify it to raise their profit margins for the next quarterly report. What I wonder if there is anything we can possibly do to stop this under the law, it seems from what I have been reading is national banks are pretty much untouchable. I used to think insurance companies were ###, but now these big national banks have won that title. They are starting to remind me of the old mobster style loan sharks.

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  • Do
    Donna Yenna Jan 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had a lot of trouble with Bank of America in the past. I was charged for some thing I did not receive and they would do nothing to help me, I went to the BBB and filed a complaint and then they said that I never contacted them about this matter, they lie so much it isn't funny. I will never do any bussiness with them again, even if they are the last Bank on Earth

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  • Jo
    Joe Schutt Jan 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My accounts were with MBNA and I didn't mind that BOA had purchased them because I have all of my accounts with BOA. I like the Web Banking and it is the best in this area. I looked at my statement and saw a 10% increase in my rate. when I called them to get it lowered, second time they did this to me, they said there was a letter sent to me in October 07 stating that there was going to be an increase and that if I didn't want it I had to call them. i feel they are sneaky by putting yet one more piece of paper in my statement. I pay all of my bills on line and transfer my payment from checking to Credit Cards within BOA. They told me there was nothing they could do because I wasn't paying more then the minimum and it wasn't that kind of account. Well, so much for maintaining a banking relationship: 2 personal DDA'a, 2 SAV, 1 business DDA, HELOC and until recently a BOA retirement account. BOA sucks!!

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  • Ed
    eddie Jul 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i had a simple slush fund direct deposit of 200.00 per pay check to cover cell phones, my car insurance, my meals on duty and incidentals. my wife wanted me to remove my money from the credit union where i was paying about 20.00 per month in atm charges and move it to Bank of America to save 20.00 .
    They hold some checks, not others, don't immediately show cashiers checks as cash, have a nightmarish amount of online hoop jumping and have to be closely monitored or they'll bang you with fees.
    While the local check holds, you think you have money so you use the debit card that STILL WORKS !
    By the time your direct deposit goes in, they have it gobbled up in fines. Meanwhile you know you just put 200.00 in by direct deposit so you buy a few burgers and a few coffees and then you find out that ALL your money got eaten by their fines and you actually owe them more money just to be at a zero balance to close the account. In my 41 years of life, I never had a financial boomslang like i got in less than 1 year with Bank of America. Back to the credit union that honored local checks and if a hold was on a check, the card would stop working when I was out of money.
    It was my fault to not check the balance BUT
    that is the gimmick. They know that regular working people don't have the surplus of time to always navigate their terrible website so a certain percentage of customers are going to generate revenue through fines.

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  • Bu
    burglars of america Jul 17, 2009

    Same thing happened to me - someone needs to sue theses greedy ###. I paid my credit card bill on time every time. They raised my rate to 25.99 % and I was not making minimum payments. I called them and they said the same crap about a latter sent out to me . I told them I did not get it so they say we will send you another. So I waited and when the letter arrives I call them and say I want to opt out- Sorry the deadline is past. My bills were about 50.00 dollars a month and I was paying 100 or more now they are 130 or more and I can only afford that. Crooks of the best kind they will take your last dime and watch you starve.

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bank of america breaches equity line contract

Fixed Rate Option at Bank of America unulaterally breached in Home Equity Line, without notice. The Equity...

Bank card service

Amplify Credit Union recently contracted with FIA card services to handle the Mastercard and Visa cards they...

Appraiser I want independent appraiser NOT one owned by Countrywide!

I applied for a second mortgage with Countrywide due to being solicited by them as pre-approved/ no closing...

overdraft rip off

Bank of America - www.bankofamerica.com

I've been ripped off by Bank of America charging my checking account overdraft fees several times. It is terrible how they can get away with charging these fees with no recourse from the consumer. My most recent story goes like this: My daughter, who was out of town, deposited $400.00 cash into my Bank of America Checking Account at a Bank of America branch office inside at a teller station. She did this so I could withdrawal the money to pay her car payment since she was out of town. When she deposited the cash the teller assured her that the cash would be immediately available for withdrawal. My daughter deposited the cash on a Thursday, and so after being assured by the teller that the money was available; I withdrew the cash and paid my daughters car payment. I also used my ATM card to make 2 other transactions from my checking account that night. On Friday evening I checked my account status online, and noticed that the cash withdrawal and the 2 ATM card transactions that had been done AFTER the $400.00 cash DEPOSIT transaction had occurred, were debited from my checking account but the cash deposit had a "Counter Credit Hold" placed on it, so conveniently the bank had manipulated my daughter;s cash deposit and my withdrawal activity so that the cash deposit that was placed on hold put my checking account in a negative balance, hence the 3 overdraft fees. I went to my local bank office in person on Saturday to inquire about these charges and after I explained my issue, the bank employee did refund one of the charges out of the goodness of her heart. I am thankful for that refund. However, the bank representatives advised me that the reason I was charged these fees in the first place was because my overdraft protection was not listed as being active on my checking account. I had never cancelled this overdraft protection. I have had my credit card account linked to my checking account providing overdraft protection for over 10 years and the protection has been utilized by Bank of America in other incidents. I am still being charged 2 $35.00 fees. I have written 3 emails to their "customer service" and I have been told that they will not refund these 2 remaining charges. It's a big racket with this bank and their fees. Too bad the answer couldn't be to switch banks, they pretty much all are crooks with poor service and unreasonable bank fees.

  • Ch
    chad Whitman Dec 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    B of A now holds my wifes direct deposit all day Friday in pending to cause overdrafts to my account.

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  • Ch
    chad Whitman Dec 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thy also hold small debit transactions in pending (days at a time ) this one is $6.20The last one is from over 2 weeks ago,so they can ding me. They he run largest to smallest debts to get the maximum fees.

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  • So
    so sadd Oct 30, 2008

    we all need to get together and make the gov't regualate the rules for banking. they are allowed to clear checks in any order they wish, so in turn they clear the largest check and nsf the others for more fees and more money in the pockets of their executives!!! Corporate america! Look at wall street.

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wouldn't reverse fraud

One day I go online to check my account balance with BOA only to discover that a check was written by someone else but the funds had come out of my account. Yes! Imagine your best friend writing a check from their check book with their name, address and everything but the money comes out of your account! This was clearly a case of fraud so I contacted them and was told it would be reversed and that "when I have a chance to close the account." My checking account remained open for a few weeks but as always I kept very little funds in it mostly just to pay my credit card bill as I'm very weary of BOA after several issues. Sure enough a few weeks after the first incident more checks were written taking money from my account. When someone from the check fraud department finally got back to me they told me they would NOT reverse any of the money STOLEN from my account because I should've closed it. The rep clearly stated they had no responsibility to me after advising me to close the account and they wouldn't return any of my lost money. I guess this is how BOA helps it's customers feel safe and secure with their service, by letting criminals steal money from the customers they should be protecting from fraud. I will never bank with them again and hope to close my cc with them asap. Absolutely dispicable!

  • Da
    Dante P. Gonzalez Oct 12, 2009

    I have a brand new checking account with Bank of America branch on Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock, California. I discovered that $2, 500 was taken out after I received my first statement. Not all people check their account periodically, I'm one of those who just rely on my monthly statement. When I notified customer service, they blamed me for not reporting it any sooner. Then, the runarounds began. I filed a complaint, they denied it after a month. Reason they gave me was the amount was withdrawn using my checkcard and my PIN. How in the world could that happen other than an inside job? I have my checkcard, my PIN I would think if someone had access to it is no other than their teller, but how was the amount withdrawn without a card and without them asking for a pictured ID prior to releasing the amount. Now, they're totally ignoring me, they couldn't even show me a video of when I withdrew the money they're alleging I took. I am taking the matter to court and I will make sure they pay me back the $2, 500, plus attorney's fees, costs and compensatory damages. I immediately transferred my account to another bank. I am telling everybody my horrible experience with them. Word of mouth is the most effective advertising. They are unreliable and big thieves.

    0 Votes

fraudulent advertisement

Fraudulent advertisement - World Points Master Card to get consumer to apply with false promises of Bonus Points

Website with the rewards was no longer existed. I do have a print out of the web page

I never receive my bonus worldpoints for applying for the University of Iowa Platinum Plus credit card with WorldPoints Rewards two months ago. I was told on 10-19-07 that since I applied by the phone they would not honor it. This is a total lie. The online website also provided a [protected] number to apply by the phone with a priority of FABHTN for the promotion. In addition, When I applied for the credit card, Customer Service Representative assured me that I would receive the promotional point by providing the priority code. I also have a print out of the web page.

10-19-07: I contacted the BOA CSR (A. Perez) again, I was told that I was given the wrong information when I applied and there is nothing she can do about it.

This is what I call a Fraudulent Advertisement.

It seems like again if you are only an insignificant consumer, you are on your own.

  • Jt
    jt Feb 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    BOA has done the same thing to me, it was over 100.00 check which was to be delivered after I was approved and purchased 100.00 or more on my card. The CS department has not been able to retrieve any information that is helpful. This is a poor situation, and unfortunately i don't think there is much recourse that can be done to resolve it.

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  • La
    layton lang Apr 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had the same experience with this program and it has been validated as a Fraud Case. Bank of America still advertises that you only need 25, 000 points for US air travle. But when you ask them about the details of the program, they can not tell you anything about the hotels or airlines that are used. Here is what I have found out . the real price is 42, 800 points per round trip ticket and there are hidden additional fees. The primary air carrier they use is Airtran which has filed for bancruptcy. This scam is run by a company called World poitns and Carlson Leisure travel.

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  • Ki
    Kievfrisco Jul 23, 2009

    The same i have experience today spending an hour of my time to find an answer about Basic points and how to book it. The web site for airtravel from San Fransico to New York gave me 52, 400 point per round trip ticket. Agreed totally with previos post!
    Bank of America still advertises that you only need 25, 000 points for US air travel. But when you ask them about the details of the program, they can not tell you anything about the hotels or airlines that are used. Here is what I have found out . the real price is 42, 800 points per round trip ticket and there are hidden additional fees.

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