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Bank Of America - Credit Card Holder Security Plan / I payed 79 dollars for nothing!

1 United States

One of their representative sign me up for Card Holder Security Plan I asked her, "You are saying if "you" Become unemployed" If I am not employed then it will not work for me but she said No It will and Mama you have 30 days money back guarantee to review the papers we will send you.

Ok I received that packet after 15 to 20 days. I try to call cardholder security plan on weekend; I came to know I have to call them from Monday through Friday. I just thought if they do not have access for customers for weekends must be 30 days means 30 working days, and on December 18 I was able to talk to a representative I told him! Plan is not what at the day of enrollment she told me at the day I talk to that representative and instead of cancellation, he was willing to convince me I have to give it second thought and I have more days for trail. I hang up. On December 20, I call them again for cancellation. I came to know My ENROLLMENT starts from November 17 and I am calling them after 30 days I asked why they charge me before 30 days answer was because plan starts from 17 of November. charge after 30 days It was about refund and now 30 days passed you are not able to get those 79 dollars back we charge you been fail to call us in given.

In short I pay 79 dollars for nothing that plan was not for me I told that lady I do not have job I do not think this will work for me she told me no in event of divorce we will do this and that you do not pay minimum payments for card just like unemployment. When I review paper work that was not this and I receive that paper work after fourth of December in this case I have only 09 working days to call them but because they count down weekend also and I am tired of that person when I call for cancellation why he urge me to think more they just care about their commission not about customer at all otherwise they have to be available on week ends when We not have college and other things to do and call them.

I am in California and from here when their 10 PM starts ours 8 PM and this time is most busy time for a single MOM. However, who cares.


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