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Bank Of America / boa not helping with home modifications

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My house was foreclosed on in September. Six months before the foreclosure of our home was to occur, we secured full time jobs and immediately contacted Bank of America (BOA) to start the home modification process, as we were more than qualified to pick up and start our house payments again. BOA told us we qualified, and would send us a packet of information to fill out by FedEx. We never got those papers. After calling time and time again, BOA would not return our phone calls, send us the requested forms to be filled out, nor assist us in any way after that first conversation. We hired an attorney to assist us and even BOA's attorney here in Denver tried to help us, but nothing happened. I kept a list of everyone I talked to at BOA for those months and what they said.

BOA called me today to tell me that Fannie Mae now wanted to help us get back our home. Fannie Mae would pay any costs associated in doing this. After thinking about this, I am wondering if Fannie Mae is just now getting clues of how BOA has been screwing over people who are qualified, yet not being assisted, in receiving the home modification program. Clearly, BOA has denied (or not assisted) people that could have stayed in their homes by using the President's modification program. Having said this, has Fannie Mae been foreclosing on a lot more houses than it seems like it should? I bet you it is because BOA is not doing their job. Look at the thousands of websites on complaints against BOA. The consumers are complaining about the exact same thing I am talking about. No wonder BOA is having states filing class action lawsuits against them.

I just wanted Fannie Mae to know that there has to be a lot of people like me that could have kept their home and not have had them foreclosed on and dumped back on to you at a loss. (I was willing to continue paying my loan if they would have just tacked my missing payments to the end of the loan.) My house is still on the market and they currently have it listed for $60, 000 less than I was willing to pay to get the modification.

I have written our State Attorney General regarding this as well. If you are aware of this problem or need help in pursuing BOA's inaction to assist its valued customers, please let me know. I would be happy to help. After the grief of losing our home, I would be more than willing to assist.

Anyway, I wish you much luck. With BOA denying qualified people their home modification loans, I believe you are going to continue to be saddled with a lot more homes to come; homes that should not have been foreclosed on.

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  • Kc
      20th of Apr, 2012
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    Hi I need help to make a very long story short we purchased our first home in 2004, in late 2005 I lost my high paying job.I called Countrywide dozens of times to let them know of my situation they denies us any help at all. We found another company who got us a refinance and were promised the world, However we were lied to and given a bad loan once again through Countrywide who sold our risky mortgage to Bank of America who gave it back to us. For over 2 years now we have been working on getting a loan modification with no results every month paperwork re-submitted our rep keeps changing and the same story over and over again. I have contacted the office of the President they cant help I called my local state and A/G no one can help we are going crazy trying to get help some one please help

  • Ka
      24th of Apr, 2012
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    You have my condolences and understanding. I also knocked myself out working almost 20 hours per week or more at times to try to modify Countrywide loans only to have them fold and all went to B of A. From my reading it seems Countrywide sold most loans as securities in bundles which means that groups own the loans and they are not held individually as they used to be. Even though they sold the notes B of A has servicing rights which is why they always emphasize they are a debt collector. They are out to collect the debt and I don't even know if they have authority to rewrite loans that have been sold as securities. It is a big mess and I can say I was asked over and over and over for documents I already sent and it seemed just a stall. I got a big run around and now feel certain they never were sincere in their communications but only were stalling me until they could do foreclosures. I had six of them and now they are coming back again to re-foreclose on one they must have made mistakes on because they have the title in my name still though they did take it back.

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