Avis / car rental

I have had a long, complicated and exhausting time emailing Budget/Avis
and have got nowhere with them. I see an error was made on their part including very poor communication with me about parking fines.
Yet now they will take no responsibility so all the costs and stress has been put on me and my aged parents.

I live in South Africa and visited my parents in the UK July 2015.
I hired a car through which was from Budget/Avis at Heathrow.

During my holiday I accidentally drove into 3 bus lanes.
We do not have bus lanes in South Africa, so I did not know about them,
I did not see signs for them, as soon as I realised I was in them I got out.

One was in Kingston and 2 in Brighton.

I was not notified by Budget of this instead they started taking money from my account. Totalling R3225.78 which is a lot of money in South Africa.

07/08/2015 AVIS RENT-A-CA5223630000280515 -608.68

11/08/2015 AVIS RENT-A-CA5223630000280515 -595.48

26/08/2015 AVIS RENT-A-CA5223630000280515 -2, 021.62

Shocked by this I contacted who I hired car through and was informed it was likely traffic fines.

When I contacted Budget Avis they confirmed this and sent me copies of the fines. I realise they were taking money to cover the traffic fines from my card which was swiped at Heathrow.

What upset me was they did not email me to tell me about the fines until after I had contacted them. Instead they sent information to the UK address I had given them. This is my parents home, who are now in their mid 80s.

I saw on the fines they sent me that if they are paid immediately they are greatly reduced. This is what I thought had happened that Budget/Avis had settled the fines using my SA card details.

However several months later I got a very upset and angry message from my dad who I understand had received threatening letters from Brighton authorities demanding two fines of £97 be paid immediately or else action would be taken. My parents being old and easy to scare paid the money.

The Brighton fines were originally for £60 reduced to £30 for early payment.
I thought these had been paid long ago by Budget?Avis at the £30 rate.

When I wrote explaining all this to Budget and asked that they repay the extra £134 that had been charged for late payment they denied all responsibility. Yet I understand they have charged me about £90 admin fees. Yet to me it is very clear they did not fulfil on administration duties and requirements to notify me adequately of the fines.

Nor did my parents receive notification of the fines being raised from £30 to £60. Instead they jumped straight to £97 with threatening letters
- for fines I believed had already been paid.

I can send you correspondence with Budget/Avis if this will be useful.

This has been a very unhappy and tiring set of events and I am now worn out not only by their incompetence, but their lack of understanding compassion and willingness to admit there were errors on their part.

I would appreciate any assistance you can give to achieve a satisfactory result to this sorry state of affairs.

kind regards
Judith Briant
24 De Stadler Ave, Capri Village, Western Cape 7975, South Africa

Feb 26, 2016

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