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AT&T Wireless / overcharged & interrupted service

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I bought a Samsung Blackjack II in February from an ATT Wireless store in Lewis Center Ohio. I was very specific with the salesperson that this phone needed to work in Europe as I was traveling there the next day and would be traveling back and forth several times this year. She assured me that the phone and texting service would work with no problems and that I wouldn't have to do anything when I arrived in a different country except maybe turn the phone off and then turn it back on. She also told me that I had free wireless internet access for 30 days, unlimited and then I could purchase a plan later if I wanted to. She told me that she signed me up for a special rate deal that would give me better rates while in Europe.

So, the next day, I get off the plan in Amsterdam and turn my phone service. I have a 9 hour layover and had planned on getting in touch with my friend in Sweden to let her know when I would be arriving. I tried turning it off/on, etc. and nothing worked. I couldn't contact customer service because it was in the US and they would charge me some outrageous fee to talk to them. So I had to buy a phone card to call my husband to let him know that I had arrived safely.

Then I landed in Denmark later that evening, did the same thing with the phone and had no service. My friend was waiting on the other side of baggage claim not knowing that my bags had been d elayed and that's what was taking so long, since I couldn't CALL her or text her to let her know! After about 20 minutes, I got a text message from Vodaphone telling me I was in their service area. Then I continued to get these text messages about every 30 seconds until I turned the phone off.

Once we arrived in Sweden, I turned it back on and immediately got a signal. And a text msg from Telia. in fact, I got SEVERAL of them, I couldn't turn them off. Later that week, we took a ferry to Germany and I continued to get text messages letting me know which service area I was in (this never happens at home). I wasn't USING the phone, I just had it on. I was there for 2 weeks and was able to receive incoming phone calls from the US and from my Swedish friends, but was not able to call out. When I arrived back into the US, my phone quit working all together. Took it to ATT and they said that the SIM card went bad because it had tried to update itself while I was in Sweden, then again in the US and that screwed it up (???)

Imagine my shock when the first bill arrive and I was charged $46 for downloading something while I was in Amseterdam (though my phone didn't even WORK there), plus a couple hundred dollars in text messaging, all from those networks! After a bunch of arguing, they removed most of it.

Then we went to Europe again in June. My husband had his Blackberry and we travel around The Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden for three weeks. Again, I got dozens of those stupid text msgs, but he didn't. His phone very easily switched networks (LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO!). I hated turning my phone on, but sometimes we were going to be apart and neither of us speak the languages very well, plus I have my currency converter, translator, clock, etc. on my phone so I had to have it on, even though I never made a single call with it.

When we got home, our bill was nearly 1, 000!!! They charged us for calls and text messages that would have placed us in three different countries at the same time, yet they can't see how this is impossible. They kept saying "they're working on it" and we've been in constant contact with them. Now 2 weeks ago, they cut off our service, though we have been paying our monthly bill, just not the disputed amount and it's on the record that it's disputed.

Crappy service, uncaring customer service...after 10 years with ATT, Cingular then ATT again, we are DONE.

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  • Co
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    Me too! I am done with AT&T. My husband traveled to India and Panama and had $100's of charges for calls to and from numbers which were not even in service.

    We accepted a re-rate on the India trip but have refused on the Panama trip. All they keep telling us is that it is on our bill, they are valid, and we should pay the bill.

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