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Ashley Furniture / cancel order

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I placed an order for a couch/loveseat that was ordered through interest free financing and received credit through Citi Financial. I in turn canceled the order as I found better items through another store. I was told that the order was already on its way and that I would have to pay a 20% restocking fee or take a store credit. Obviously I will not pay a restocking fee, and a store credit is just not an option as I don't need any further furniture (I was told I had to use it within 60 days of "purchase"). So I called Citi Financial, who shows my account at a $0 balance. I canceled the card completely so no purchases can be placed on it. Has anyone else ever had this situation, and if so, how did you handle it? I worry that they will now try to charge a closed account or bill me for the balance. Also, as a side note, they are trying to get me for a store credit that includes sales tax as well as warranty and delivery charge, adding an additional $332.43. These items are not merchandise and should not be included in what the store deems as placing on store credit.

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  • Ma
      5th of Jun, 2008
    -3 Votes

    so, , , you thought you can walk in another mans business, run up several hundred dollars in purchases, , then not pay for it when it arrives?

    That store has to buy that furniture from the factory, and so they need to rely on you to do what you said you were going to do. You should have done all your shopping "before" you bought.

  • Lc
      5th of Jun, 2008
    -5 Votes

    Ashley has everything written in plain sight on everything you sign when you buy their furniture. They let everyone know that there is a restocking fee if you choose to cancel your order. They do not usually offer a store credit, so consider yourself lucky. FYI: they can seek legal action against you for the restocking fee that they can no longer charge to your account because you closed it. This can go on your credit and affect it.

  • Gg
      14th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    When we purchased our furniture from Ashley, financing the whole thing, we were informed that we would not be charged until the product was delivered. If this person cancelled, prior to delivery, the purchase price was never charged. Therefore, this person never paid anything. If this person had cancelled after delivery, than yeah, they owe a restocking fee, but this person went in, prior to delivery, when the company is still in pocession of the product and the consumer paid nothing, to cancel. Doesn't make sense to charge a restocking fee...And I will not by the whoe special order bit. There is so much wrong with that coming from the largest ( if I am to believe my salesperson) manufacturere of furniture in the United States I don't even know where to begin.

  • Su
      4th of Mar, 2009
    +2 Votes

    ashley owns the factory.

  • Al
      19th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I'm in the situastion where I put a down payment for bed frame, drawers and also office furnitures with Ashley Furnitures. Total cost is around $2000. Before I put my down payment I have doubt about ordering office furniture from them but the salesman told me that I have 90 days to cancel my office furniture.
    He never informed me and my wife about restocking fee, or cancellation policy which we finally found out is written as "all purchase is final".
    Yesteday I called to cancel my office furniture since I was told I can do that by the salesman within 90 days, but I was told different ly now, my order can't be cancelled since it has past 48 hours.
    The 48 hrs is NOT written on the contract but they insisted merchandise can only be canceled before 48 hrs.
    After finding so many complaints about Ashley furniture on the web, I'm eager to cancel all of my pruchase. As I was told that I have 90 days to pay off my order, before 90 days my orders will not be placed than at this moment they have not even order the merchandise.
    JC Penney furnitures department adviced me to call my Credit Card company and ask them to mark may payment as in dispute...Has anyone experience something like this? how can I cancel my purchase after putting down payment. We're pretty sure we ar a victim of dishonest salesman from Ashley., Please help!!!

  • Sa
      3rd of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    The worst place to buy furniture, I was in the same situation and got the worst end of the stick from the Ashley. They were not supposed to charged me prior to the delivery but they did, and when I called to cancel the item I was reminded of the 30% restocking fee. Not only that, I was approached by the worst customer service at the Hurst-Ft Worth, TX location. STAY AWAY from ASHLEY. The worst place to buy furniture.

  • Xx
      13th of May, 2009
    -4 Votes

    Wow! You are dumb!!! They have a cancellation policy that you sign at purchase that requires a 30% fee if cancelled! You got off easy in my opinion! You are the one that ripped them off!

  • Ih
      1st of Nov, 2009
    -4 Votes

    You gotta love people who make commitments then back out blaming others. Although the quality of Ashley's furniture is just above junk status I gotta side with them on this complaint. What did you purchase for in the first place.?? You are one of those customers who is never happy! Make a purchase then keep shopping, then get mad at the store you bought at! Why did you go in there in the first place, did the salesman put a gun to your head in the parking lot and force you into the store??

    I have no time for flakes like you. Do Ashley a favour and tell all your friends not to shop there, flakes generally hang with flakes. It will save them a bunch of time dealing with idiots and it will save your friends the restocking fee.

  • Di
      12th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Our local Ashley Furniture Home store attitude toward customers is appalling . Although we did see "all sales are final" we knew that our measurements for a home theater was correct and there would be no problem since we liked this particular sectional. We purchased the item on Sat @ 7:48PM. When I went to install the projector, I discovered that there was a hidden duct that did not let me place the projector properly. I contacted the home store Monday at 10 AM and told them that I wished to cancel that order come down and select something else. To make a long story short, they were totally indifferent to my plight, claiming that they were Factory Direct and the sofa was already ordered in in the warehouse. How it got so quickly is beyond my comprehension. Since I did sign a contract, of course I have no legal action, however the Claim "Factory Direct" made by the manager is false and misleading, tending to make customers think that they are getting factory direct pricing. In fact, each store that has their name is simply licensed and can set their own policies and pricing much like any other furniture retailer. If any one of you experienced this misleading claim, I would like to know so I can file a complaint with the FTC.

  • Wi
      9th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes
    Ashley Furniture - Canceled order fee
    United States

    Buyer beware!!!

    If you place an order through Ashley Furniture stores be aware that you will be asked in your glassy eyed enthusiasm to sign an agreement that says you will pay a restocking fee of 20 % if you cancel an order even if it has not even left the warehouse in California (or wherever in the East). If you decide a few hours later to cancel, you will still be asked to pay. I had to threaten to cancel my entire 2500 order and never set foot in their store again to cancel a 700 dining table that would not fit ultimately in our dining room.
    I can understand if the order had shipped but that was not the case so technically, ther was nothing to "restock".

  • Mi
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes
    Ashley Furniture - Let The Buyer Beware
    Ashley Furniture
    Carle Place
    New York
    United States

    I purchased a couch from them. When it was delivered it couldn't fit in the room so I just refused the delivery (which all reputable companies will allow you). I was later called and told there would be a thirty percent (30%) restocking fee or I will have to pay an additional $150 to break it down and reassemble in the room.
    Since I had no choice I paid the additional $150 and was promised a delivery date and time. The time frame was between 12-4 pm. When they didn't show by then, I called and told it is an all day delivery time and they will get there when they get there, and if I :00 pm wanted to reschedule it would be another $150. They finally showed at 7:00 pm.
    This is the shadiest company there is. My recommondation would be to never purchase anything from them and to tell all interested not to ever purchase anything from them.

  • Ri
      4th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    I purchased a sofa, loveseat and dining room table in Jan 2017. I have been told three times I would be called with a delivery date. It is now March and no furniture. They do not bother to call you on the dates they say will be a delivery date to say no delivery, you have to keep calling them.
    I am finally going to call the Corporate Office on Monday to see if they can give me a straight answer. Yes it clearly says on the paperwork 6-8 weeks delivery. I asked the salesperson if the sofa, loveseat and dining room table and chairs were in stock and how long it would take to get delivery. He said yes-he checked it for me and gave two weeks as a delivery date. What a crock. Stay away from Ashley Furniture. They are the worst.

  • My
      12th of Jun, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Ashley Furniture customer service is the absolute worst. Stay away from the nations largest furniture store. Once you purchase it, no matter what the issue is, they consider it yours. They do not stand behind what they sell. I purchased an accent chair, paid over $900 could have purchased at on line stores...the exact same chair for half, purchased from Ashley Furniture as they were local and promised to deliver in 2 days. They called to schedule delivery on 2nd day for delivery on 3rd day. When it was delivered, the fabric had a raw edge that was concerning it would fray further so I called immediately. They sent a repairman who totally ruined the chair. It has a hanging lining now, a pleat where it should not..I called again, they sent a 2nd repairman. He says he cannot repair any better. They then refuse to do anything more, I contact BBB and their corporate office. Their customer care calls and they will exchange the chair. They will inspect before it is shipped from warehouse. Chair arrives, didn't check for frayed or raw edges as the pattern was totally off center. I refused, supervisor on the phone wants to debate that all the chairs have off centered patterns...not true, the damaged chair does not. I send a photo to prove the point. They will call me and let me know if they have approval to refund from Corporate. A week later, no call. I call them again, they offer another chair, they will send me photos and let me pick the one with the best centered pattern...this has been going on now since March and we are into June. Save yourself the stress and inconvenience, not to mention, poor quality of furniture. Shop somewhere else. We work too hard for our money to give it to companies who have such little respect for their customers.

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