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Complaints & Reviews

leather den set (and 2 reclining chairs)

For over 28 months I have been told a bundle of lies from this Hoover, ALabama store--We told the deilvery personnel that something was wrong with one of the leather reclining chairs and they said they cannot take it back oncee we signed for delivery but if we contact the store they will take care of it by replacing it. I fought with this store for 14 months before they told me the store warranty ends 12 months after delivery--they would then send a "repair" man to fix the torn leather, and bent metal interior--all he did was force screw the entire right side of the chair together with long screws--it continues to rip the leather, feels like a bed of rocks, and the mechanism does not work properly. I then focused my attention on the warranty company (I was charged over $400 for this additional warranty) and they said they will only fix the issue one time then that issue is no longer under warranty--I asked them to fix the entire chair by replacing--rather than piecemeal--they laughed--they mailed me some leather skin and some metal parts 11 months ago--neither the warranty company nor the Hoover Alabama store would contact me to have this fixed. As of 5-15-09 I have been in contact with the General Store Manager (JohnnyMartin) and also sent a scathing email to the company--Johnny states the set has been discontinued and now he can only hope to fix it rather than replace it---we'll see...ion the mean time I have spent $14, 432 for all 3 kids rooms to be re-furnished (not at ASHLEY) and also over $7, 392 in other furniture (Not at ASHLEY) and also looking for a complete office suite (~$5, 000)...and yes they were told of this also--I also sent them copies of receipts so they would understand I was not just making this up...I WILL NEVER ALLOW ONE RED CENT TO GO TO ASHLEY FURNITURE IN MY REMAINING LIFETIME.


unkept promises, poor customer service

We purchased a dining room table with chairs in early January 2009. It was supposed to arrive within 6-8...


we bought an ashley den set consisting of 3 pieces; couch, recliner, and loveseat. it was purchased november 2008, thanksgiving and was delivered in december 2008. in february 2009, 2 months later, we called because the couch was broken. ashley sent a man here to look at it. not onlky was this guy rude and "common", but he was a short thin man. when he sat on the couch, maybe he weighs 140 pounds, he felt something broken too. fine, parts were oredered and delivered in march 2009. well, now the loveseat is loosing its firmness and quite frankley, ashleys products are terrible. its only 5 months old, what will this be like in a year? please e mail me ASAP and CALL [protected] as we want a new product or full refund. we are very unhappy and quite angry. please seeto it that this complaint gets to the right person and responds in an appropriate amount of time. thank you, lisa bernstein [protected]

do not buy from ashley

I ordered furniture for my living room, bedroom and kitchen. I received a phone call the night before...

living room furniture

We had been looking for furniture for months and had absolutely fell in love with a particular living room set from Ashley Furniture. On March 1st, 2008, we went to Ashley Furniture on Rockford, Illinois and picked out what we wanted. We decided to do a 90-Day same as cash through RAC and we were very pleased at that point. We were given a delivery date for the end of March, 2008. I received a phone call from Ashley's customer service on a Saturday, a week before delivery, to confirm the delivery date. That following Wednesday, I received another call from Ashley's customer service stating that my delivery was being cancelled due to a backorder on my chase lounge and that it would be an additional week. Not a problem. Then, the following Wednesday, I received another phone call post-poning my delivery AGAIN for the same reason! Finally, I received a confirmation phone call on Thursday (the very next day), saying that they would be out to deliver my furniture on Monday. Since I had to work and my husband was out of town, I had my sister here to meet the delivery men. After they were here for about 45 minutes, I received a phone call from my sister saying that they brought my 2 couches, my 2 endtables and my coffee table, but no chase lounge!!! I told her to keep the delivery guys at my house until I called back. I called Ashley's customer service and asked what was going on. I was told that they realized that morning that the chase lounge still wasn't in, and that they would have to schedule a seperate delivery date. To top it all off, I was told that I would have to pay for the additional delivery. So, I told them I was sending the delivery men back with all of the furniture and that I wanted my money back. I then called my sister and told her to make them put the furniture back in the truck and take it back. About 5 minutes later, I received a phone call from Ashley stating that they would waive my fee for the next delivery if I kept the furniture. JEEZ...THANKS!!! Needless to say, I had to wait another month for my chase lounge. Finally, I had all my furniture! Unfortunately, the aggravation was not over. After 6 months, we switched our couches around since we were mainly using only one at a time. After about a month, we started noticing nuts and bolts on the floor underneath the bottom of our recliner. Then, the stuffing started riding up from the footrest into the cushion. For 5 months, I was getting the runaround, over the phone and in the store. Ashley was putting the blame on RAC and RAC was putting the blame on Ashley. Bottom line is that there is a one year manufacturers warranty with Ashley on their furniture. I was finally told by the Rockford store location that my furniture was under warranty for 1 year from the delivery date and that I needed to call the customer service line to set up a date and time for someone to come out and look at my furniture. I called customer service and was told that they will not do anything for me! Here we go again...I then decided to go through the store again and to no surprise, I was given the runaround. Finally, I was told that my warranty was only good from the date I came into the store and purchased the furniture...NOT from the delivery date! It seems as if they did everything they could to not have to come out here and would not give me a straight answer until it was too late for me to do anything about it. I now have to pay out of pocket to have this recliner fixed. I will be contacting the BBB as well as WTVO17 news to get the word out there that Ashley is NOT the way to go. I would hate to see someone else go through what we went through. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE FROM ASHLEY AGAIN! I'd rather sit on a cardboard box.

  • Ge
    genes2 Sep 11, 2015

    I was not Happy with my purchase..they did not deliver when promised and acted like "to bad" when I confronted them. I live 2 blocks from the store and they took it 5 miles to a warehouse and now can not deliver on time because they are too busy.
    They wont be busy with my purchaes in the future!!!

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its crap

I purchased a sofa, loveseat and chair and both the proper products to clean and protect.Found out the cream to remove stains from leather also removes colour.Now about 2 yrs later I have lost colour in furniture, covered in spots and is now getting holes as well.Was told leather furniture lasted but am finding waste of alot of money and not happy at all.Will never purchase Ashley furniture ever again.

fraudulent rebate

We where offer $500 in gas rebate with a purchase of a living room set from ashley furniture store in wesley...

misleading ad.

Well we saw a circular in the paper advertising a leather sofa for $499.00. We went to the Athens GA. Store and also took a check to purchase the item. Needless to say like many other ads that are published, they didn't have any idea about the ad or merchandise. We kinda got the cold shoulder from the sales persons and left unnoticed. There are too many furniture stores needing to sell their products for this kind of experience. Maybe it was just a bad day but we will look elsewhere from now on. Sorry but we are disappointed.

ripp off

We bought three piece leather set (sofa, loveseat and chair). We were offered Boxing weekend prices. After...

Winnipeg Furniture

steal your money

Plain and simple!...bought couches from Ashley furniture(fingers affiliated company) for 0% interest for a...

poor product

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I purchased a King size Simmons Mattress in March of 2006 for $1, 200. After 18 months the bed start sagging and develop body imprints of more than 2.5 inches. Called Ashley and they send tech which took over 2 weeks. He showed and looked and agreed it was bad. He also stated that if you get the same mattress replaced, it will happen againg.

Not good, He said I would hear back in couple of days. Two weeks went by and I called back to Ashley and they said I should hear back within the week. Another 2 weeks and I got mad. Call Ashley again and now they said since the law tag was missing that the warranty was void. I said that was unacceptable and wanted to talk to a manager. Lee Carpenter called me and pretty much didn't care and stuck to the same story. Law Tag, we never removed because we don't know what it is. I told Lee, how do we know with 100% that the tag was there or the delivery guys ripped it off. They delivered the bed and put it in place and we have not moved it since. She made me feel like a criminal and that I was lying. Bottom Line, the bed was purchased from Ashely, its defective and they do not want to stand behind their product. I have purhcased over $10, 000 from Ashley and never again. BEWARE DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY, YOU WILL REGRET IT. I AM A EXECUTIVE WITH OVER 500 EMPLOYEES IN CHICAGO AND I WILL LET EVERYONE I KNOW ABOUTH THEIR PRODUCTS AND SERVICE. I GAVE ASHLEY TIME TO RESPONSE BEFORE I POSTED, HOWEVER I NEVER RECEIVED A RESPONSE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF ASHLEY WHICH I SENT A LETTER VIA FAX TO THEIR CORPORATE OFFICE. DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY!!!


Since day one we have had problems with our couch. It came in with the sewing coming undone. The first month we had springs popping off the back of one of the recliners, sewing coming undone on the couch and multiple places. Cushions getting flat and becoming bunched up. The backing or stuffing was falling out of all the backs of the seats. Our ottoman drawer was broken and the casters keep breaking. They tried to fix it by screwing screws in the casters but failed. Also in some spots instead of sewing the material they stapled it. It would be like holding 2 pieces of cloth in mid air and stapling them. There is no backing for the staples to go into. We have a bar under the sleeper mattress that is bent and the mattress itself has been used maybe a month total and has holes in it from the springs. They have lied saying our dogs have taken a crap on our couch . They said my wife said our dogs pooped on our couch and I was standing right there. It was a lie. That never happened. Our dogs are potty trained. I did lose my cool with customer service because of this. Then Big Sky Upholstery (a repair company)said it was customer and dog abuse that is why our couch is falling apart. They also said when they were here doing repairs our dogs are trying to chew through the door to get out. Also a lie. I took pictures of our couch and the door to show proof of them lying and to show the problems on our couch Here is the website that the pictures are on. (Complaint ID#: [protected]) I have emailed Sandra from the triple B with more pics they are not on the website yet.
I have tried with the triple B but Ashley Furniture refuses to go to arbitration

  • Cp
    cpullman Mar 04, 2009

    I have the same issue with my Ashley living room set I purchased only in June 2006. During the first year I had to have the repair guy out to fix a problem with a staple on the back of the sofa where I had cut my finger. Now I have the same problem with my loveseat and a staple coming out and has a sharp edge. the cushions are so flat it feels like you sit on a rail. Of course no waranty left. I will never buy Ashley again.

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  • An
    angry May 13, 2009

    I purchased furniture from the Ashley furniture company at 3297 Dredge Dr in Helena on March 22nd 2009. My sales contract states that the furniture would be delivered in 6 weeks and the salesman stated that current deliveries were taking 4-5 weeks. I am currently at 8 weeks and have now been told they "guess" another 2 weeks! I have to call the store repeatedly to ask where my furniture is (as no one has bothered to contact me) only to be told 1.) their not sure (???) 2.)that the delivery date I was given was when the furniture would go from their warehouse in Wisconsin to there shipping warehouse somewhere else in the midwest. As of today I will be looking at it POSSIBLY being in my home in 12 or more weeks. The contract covers refund policies which, at this point would due to the time it has taken them, will cost me a few hundred dollars to go somewhere else to get furniture. I have also found that the State of Arizona brought a successful action against them for fraudulent practices (decided in favor of the state) in January 2008 for the same reasons and more that I am inquiring about. I have attempted to contact the company to no avail and cannot get any information from the Helena store.

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  • Al
    AlexTX Jul 16, 2009

    Ashley furnitures prices are considerably less than competitors, and yet you expect the same quality. They say you get what you pay for, and it applies here.

    We purchased an Ashley Couch and oversized chair a year ago, and they've done their job. They're not fantastic, but they're not aweful either.

    I say all of this because I don't want people to get the impression that it's not worth shopping there, just understand you're not buying something that will last you a lifetime.

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  • Mo
    Montanalars Jan 18, 2010

    Alex seems to think that because Ashley sells cheap furniture they should also get a pass on misrepresentation and out-and-out lies.

    Nobody expects their furniture to last a life-time, but it should last longer than it takes to deliver - which in my case is also over 12 weeks (13 to be exact).

    The repairman was out to repair the defects, said he'd order parts and get right back to me with a status update...still waiting to talk to him as he's ALWAYS out of the office.

    Alex, you don't always get what you pay for, and less expensive or not, $1200.00 is a significant sum of money for the CRAP products and non-existent service you get from Ashley.

    They will NEVER get another penny from me, and if by some chance they do from'll get what you deserve.

    Alex doesn't want you to "get the impression that it's not worth shopping there". I don't want to leave any false impressions either.
    IT'S NOT WORTH SHOPPING THERE! Unless you like being cheated and lied to.

    caveat emptor.

    Oh, and Alex, just a note.
    You can buy furniture with twice the quality for half the price and none of the BS by shopping at Costco.

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  • Cd
    CDJTX81 Aug 20, 2011

    Don't ever buy from Ashley Furnature Home Store. I bought a leather sofa in July 2011 that has already been replaced once due to the leather breaking and cracking and now the second one is doing the same darn thing. Customer service manager Megan is a joke and wants to send a tech out to "fix" the problem. I'm sorry but I don't want it fixed I want my money back! Megan told me I can't have my money back because it's been more than 14 days since I purchased it. Hello it just started happening! You would think Customer Service would be a little better than that I todays economy. When you spend $3000 on furniture you would think it would last a heck of a lot longer than 2 months!!!

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ashley furniture sucks - read this

Do not buy ashley furniture... It is basically high style crap. They offer a high style "look" to mass consumers at an affordable price; albeit the "look" does not fool me... It still looks cheap because it is cheap.

I grew up in a home filled with ethan allan furniture, purchased in the mid sixties. I believe my father spent around 25k to purchase an entire household of “traditional” furniture. Interestingly, after 40 plus years of service, almost every piece of that ethan allen furniture collection is accounted for and is still in use today. My parents divorced in 1990 and the collection got spread out to the family when my parents downsized their real estate and went their separate ways. I have at least 4 pieces of this furniture in my home today. I recovered two very comfortable "big" rockers in the mid to late 90's at a cost of $800 total and they are still in my living room today... Very comfortable too! Fyi... Ethan allen is not the only “quality” company out there, in fact I suspect that even ethan allan has lowered their quality to be competitive, like everyone else, these days. But if you do your research, you will find that there are “quality” furniture manufacturers out there.

I realize that not everyone can afford expensive high quality furniture and I also realize that we live in a "throw-away" society, but the fact remains that quality furniture that “lasts” will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. What you spent on entire suite of furniture is probably what it would cost to buy one "significant" piece of “quality” furniture, such as a sofa. Beyond that, most reputable stores will tell you that people actually replace their furniture, especially heavily used chairs and sofas / couches, every 7 to 10 years. Subsequently, there's a huge market to sell mediocre furniture at affordable prices. For these reasons, companies like ashley exist; people simply don't want to pay a lot and they don't plan on keeping it that long. Even manufacturer’s like thomasville, flexsteel, bassett, broyhill and lazy-boy (The one’s you see advertised all the time) are not that great, in terms of quality; while they are better than ashley, for sure, they will end up in a land-fill, much sooner than buying a “quality” piece of furniture. What’s most important is the fact while those manufacturers quality may be good, you’ll end up being dissatisfied with the look and performance of these pieces, much sooner than if you’d bought a “quality” piece of furniture.

Recently, i’ve been looking for some new furniture (A leather sectional) and I have been doing a lot of searching at stores and on-line. I actually stopped in at an ashley store in kenosha, wi, last weekend, just for the heck of it. Having never stepped foot in an ashley store, upfront, I believed that it would be crappy quality, but I figured I would check it out anyways…w're all trying to save a buck these days and I figured if I could buy something cheap it might be worth it. Well, I spent about 5 minutes in the store and walked out realizing that i'd be throwing my money away because i'd end up replacing it (Or wanting to replace it) within 5 years.

They say "quality is long remembered, long after the price is forgotten" and i've lived by that mantra in everything I buy... I've actually owned 2 cars in the last 20 years, but I bought the car I wanted and got every option I wanted, both times. So when it comes to my upcoming furniture purchase, i've decided to stick with what I know and buy the quality piece. I've looked at upholstered sectional couches from $1100 to leather sectionals upwards of $7000. I want leather and I want quality, so I am honing in on an internet retailer, club furniture (, which offers high quality at a reasonable price, albeit it's still going to cost me 3 to 4 thousand dollars. Of course, i'm going to try to beat them down on the price, especially in this market, but i've realized that this piece will probably be with me, for the rest of my life, even if it winds up in a basement rec-room. If I buy a cheap one, I know I will end up tossing it to the curb and buying something else, down the road, which, in the end, will end up costing me more money; that’s just the way I roll.

Sadly, there are not as many people willing to pay for quality these days; that's why the “mass marketers” have been advertising what we want to hear…”that we can have it all for cheap.” with that in mind, do your research, save for what you want, even if you have to “wait for it” and remember…”you get what you pay for.”

  • Ca
    caidin Dec 16, 2010

    Thanks for the insight. I will never shop there again. I was given the 0% interest for 2 years and after 18 months all of that interest was applied. The store said the sales rep put in 18 months for the promotion instead. to top it off the furniture is crap.

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  • Sp
    Sprmom23 Mar 05, 2011

    I bought a whole house full of furniture spending $11, 000. cash. Before it was delivered I asked for a refund on part of the furniture realizing it was not of good quality and I was told there are no refunds. It took them two months to deliver the furniture and when I got it, it was crap! I have had the furniture for 9 months now, four broke beds that won't stay together so my children are sleeping on mattresses on the floor. Every week I call for a service tech and they tell me someone will call me next week to come out. I never get the call. I have been taken advantage of and have no more money to spend on furniture. I hope people read these posts before buying from this company. Ashley furniture truly does suck!

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  • Pa
    Paula Iantorno Patafio Apr 25, 2016

    Ashley Furniture is CRAP. We purchased a dinning room table and chairs. When it was delivered it was wobbly and as were some of the chairs. When we called the store we were basically told there was nothing that could be done because we accepted delivery. This was in 2013. The condition has gotten progressively worse. When we called the warranty company they were beyond rude. Manufacturer's defect is what they called it -- and not covered. Call the store. The store put me on hold, and then disconnected the call. When I called back I ended up in a voice mail system. Left me information -- but never got a call back. My last dinning room set lasted 25 years and was still going strong but was outdated. Big mistake going to Ashley Furniture for a replacement. Tell your friends and family to stay away ... Ashley Furniture is disposable garbage.

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  • Lo
    Lori V. Jun 10, 2017

    I completely agree with PMC. Coincidentally, we still have a Club Furniture leather chair and ottoman that is probably 20 years old and still looks amazing and is super comfortable. I found their customer service to be as top notch as their merchandise and would highly recommend them for any future leather furniture purchase.

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  • Su
    Summer Designs Jul 22, 2017

    What in particular did you find ro be crap? Which lines did you see.. They have three levels of quality at Ashley. Were you in corporate Homestore in the Atlanta area?
    Ashley Furniture exceeds that of competitors dollar for dollar. I could get technical but you can call storess and ask a Sales manager for specs.
    I have worked in furniture for 30 years as a designer. Im very very picky about quality but not everyone like yourself has a budget for high end. Price doesnt always mean quality and I understand that too.
    Ethan Allen is a moderate by the way, not exactly what I would call high end and definately over priced for the level of quality but they carry a specific style and have tried in the last 5 years to catch up with the market. Their quality has suffered because they have sacrificed aome quality to be competitive wuth online furniture sites.
    I have seen subpar construction in all of the upper.moderate lines like Thomasville and Ethan Allen.
    Basically Macys, Havertys, American Signature sell similar construction quality. I would personally buy Ashley Millennium over any of these. The reason is they all use other manufacturers overseas .
    Ashley at least owns their own plants in the US and a own a couple oversees. No furniture manufacturer but Ashley owns all of the plants that manufacture their furniture. NOT ONE.
    Ashley has basically three price points and levels of guality in upholstered and case goods.
    Good, Better and Best (Millennium). Their Millennium line is select hardwood and comparable to better lines such as Henredon, etc. Actually in a few of the sets its better and a third of the price because they actually own the forests the wood. No middleman. Last time I checked they manufactured the cardboard shipping boxes, nuts and bolts.
    Not bad for a guy that started by building furniture in his baen with only a highschool diploma.its still owned by this man and run by son and grandson in Wisconsin.
    Out of the top 10 furniture manufacturers in the world not only is Ashley number one but sells more than 2 thru 10 combined.
    I would buy from an actual Ashley corporate store through. Lots of stores sell Ashley but only corporate stores sell only Ashley and resolve issues better. I think these stores are mainly in the Atlanta area.
    If one side of the store is Ashley and the other side has another brand, its a reseller and not corporately owned . Most issues are from resellers.
    I have designed interiors for residential amd commercial spaces ranging from small college apartments to mansions for hundreds of people over the years. I have designed furniture for a few clients.
    The author should take a look at the leather Transistor recliner series at Ashley when looking for leather seating. All Ashley recliners have steel construction on moving parts that exceed industry standards. These also have three levels of quality. All have a minimum 2.0 high density foam and hardwood frames. The higher price points have 3.0 high density and some have coil seating.It ain't cheap to go for the higher quality lines there but should last many years.
    Recliners dont usually last for generations if used heavily or by heavy people. That should be considered when looking at price. I would always purchase the 5 year extended warranty on power recliners by the way
    Just saying.
    For other readers, always ask a Sales Manager to give you the specs on the items you are considering. Compare apples ro apples when shopping. There are so many brands that used to produce quality furniture that no longer do.
    Dont be mislead into thinking Soild wood is the best either. There are new composites and veneers that withstand warping, stress and will last longer. Actually high quality veneers cost far more than a hardwood. It takes a level of skill and the veneer might be great on a surface but not so great in joints.
    Look for French joints and dovetailed. Ask about the type of adhesive used, they type of coil in seating, type of clamps. Eight way hand tied has given way to serpentine and if the serpentine wire is made of a mulitstrand coiled wire, its hard to beat.
    But what do I know. I have only been at this for a lifetime.

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cost/sale prices

Seven days after purchasing over $2500.00 worth of furniture, this company advertised a sale on the items I...


Buyer beware! I used to be a fan of ashley furniture. Not anymore! Their quality and service has gone downhill!

My husband and I purchased several pieces of furniture there and immediately had problems with several items (The quality!!). Ashley furniture wanted to repair but not replace the items. Our sofa and loveseat were eventually "repaired"., but not to a new or even satisfactory condition.

So... I called a manager who promised to call me back. Weeks and weeks went by, no phone call, so I called again. Next, a different manager called saying they were looking into it and even tells me that several other customers have had similar problems with their same sofa and loveseat! But... More time went by with none of my calls being returned even after several messages. Now, a totally different manager calls and says it is too late to replace them. She says she had no knowledge of me speaking to the other managers... And to top it off this manager was extremely rude on the telephone! She finally did admit and see where I had called but would not back the product or offer a feasible solution. I tried to be super polite, biting my tongue, hoping it would help get this issued resolved. It didn't help...

I was appalled at the way that this lady and ashley furniture have handled this matter. Ashley furniture gets an d - in quality and an f in customer service from me!

broken sofa and spring box

We bought Two sofa sets (one of them was Leather and other one was Mircofiber) and Mattress/Spring Box. They...

bad customer service

Catonsville store has the worst customer service ever! I bought a dresser and chose the option to pick it up. The sales person convinced us that the dresser will fit into a mini van - but we realized the furniture was too big for the van when we went to pick it up. I spoke to the manager - thinking I'll be able to find some solution but the manager was so rude and kept saying it was none of his problem! It looks like their customer service ends the moment they have our money in their pocket. I understand that it was none of this problem but it the store's responsibility to not misinform the customers in order to just do a sale. The whole experience would have been better if we would have been treated nicely. The manager also had the audacity to suggest that I should just carry the dresser at the back of the van and let the end of the box hang out!

Ashley Furniture also has one of the worst return policy. There is a 30% restocking fee for cancellation and you will only get the remaining balance as a store credit! Make sure you read all the fine prints before you sign on that final receipt paper. I will definitely not step my foot into any ashley furnitures anymore!

  • Al
    Alec Mar 19, 2009

    First I went to Ashley for my furnitures need dues to the BBB symbol they poste on their website. I have also write a serious complaint to MD BBB about misleading and dishonest business practise using their symbol.

    My wife and I visited Ashley Furnitures 2 weeks ago to buy some furnitures. The salesman, DJ, looked at me hesitating on buying their furnitures started to convinced us about their 90 days policy. He explained, that within 90 days if we can change our mind if we put 10% down.
    After spending about 1 hr in this store and talking to DJ repeatedly about cancellation policy, DJ did not mentioned anything else but 2 things:
    1. the 90 days policy:
    10% down to hold the sale price for 90 days
    The store is not ordering until we put down
    50% or more

    2. extended warranty:
    DJ and the cashier keep selling us their
    extended warranty eventhough we made it clear
    repeatedly that we don't need it.

    2 weeks later, I changed my mind, partly due to their products, price and numerous complaints about their services.
    We proved to ourselve that those complaints we read over the internet were 100% right.
    We were told that :

    A. we have passed the 48 hrs refundable policy,
    which was never mentioned during saling
    B. 48 hrs non cancellation policy is NOT
    explained during saling process AND is NOT
    written ion our contract!
    C. DJ also failed to disclosed about non-refund
    able policy because he was busy selling the
    extended warranty.
    D. On the phone he denied everything and threw
    my called to a different person whom also '
    intidated me with 30% restocking fee if I
    cancel the order

    The order is clearly has not been made as I
    was told in the beginning that the order is
    made ONLY when I put 50% or more down.

    Noone in that store is willing to help or resolve
    this issue honestly and professionally.
    I know that we are in a bad economic state but should a company make profit by cheating, deceiving, lying, ripped off your right as customer? How can BBB allowed such company to display the symbol????

    I'm NOT willing to spend my money to a company that have taken out the joy of my shopping away
    even if I have to ruin my credit history!!!

    I've an excellent credit history for 21 yrs and if because of this incidence my credit history is ruined, SO BE IT!!!

    I strongly suggest everyone NOT to have anything to do with Ashley Furniture! You'd be better of sleeping in your floor!


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  • Ad
    a dissatisfied ex-customer Jul 10, 2009

    I strongly agree with both of you...I will not step foot into Ashley Furniture again. Poor customer service and bad return policy. You get what you pay for!! General Manager did not have the courage to call or email my numerous requests to speak with him. Skip Ashley Furniture if you're on Rt. 40 in Catonsville, Md.

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  • Un
    Unhappy!!!!!!! Sep 08, 2009

    Ashley Furniture has HORRIBLE service. After we spent $1000 on dining room table they sent us the wrong pieces. Then when we called to inform them of this they made us bring in the wrong furniture. Mind you we live an hour away. Then when we got the new piece it had scratches all in it. We finally just took the floor model. THE USED FLOOR MODEL. When we went to put the benches together they never sent the correct screws. Then they refused to call me back after I called to ask them to send me the right screws. PLEASE FOR YOUR SAKE NEVER EVER GO TO ASHLEY FURNITURE. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER!!!

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  • I ordered $2K worth of furniture from Ashley Furniture in Catonsville...I was promised a quick delivery also. The invoice that I received after placing the order stated that special orders could take up to six weeks...which my order wasn't "special" when I paid for it. I have been calling weekly for the past few weeks and each time I call, they push the delivery date out even further. The estimated delivery date is now 9 weeks; which is more than the 6 week worst case scenario stated on the invoice. I inquired about cancelling my order and the customer representative, Treesa said she'd be glad to cancel my order for a 30% cancellation fee...on a $2K order, that's $600!!! She insisted that this information was listed on my contract--which I told her that I never saw a contract because I ordered it on the phone...she said they mailed it to me-which I have yet to recieve a copy. This business ought to be ashamed of theirselves.

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  • Re
    reid24 Nov 04, 2012

    i strongley agree with you all i spent 2400 dollars at ashleyrt 40 and the quality is no where near what it should be but thats besides the point couch and love seat was damaged and i let them know the same day they said send us pictures and i did so they say we couldnt see them i said well ok now what they sent a tech out 5 months later and he fix the couch but leave back of the couch kinda open and wrinkled i told him he wasnt fixing the love seat because the frame was broke he said ok so i get a call 3 weeks later and they say we will be sending a brand new love seat i said thank you so much well guess what its damaged to so i guess i have to wait 5 to 6 more months for them to decide what they want to do im so done with ashley furniture and to think i have been doing buisiness with them for over 11 years never again i just want my money back so pissed

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poor quality, safety concerns, no customer service

I purchased a loft bunk bed set (Qunitessentials B190, beds, loft desk, loft bookcase, and loft chest) in August. In the store, we were told the bookcase/chest and desk were interchangeable, and could be swapped right/left. We were unable to try out the ladder, as it is blocked off with a banner in the store display (other bunk sets' ladders in the store are not blocked off). On delivery, we found that the bookcase/chest and desk were NOT interchangeable, making the set a bad fit for our room. In addition, the ladder is very difficult to climb becuase the rungs are metal tubes-- extremely hard on the children's feet without shoes! I called and was told there was nothing Ashley could/would do about it. Later I realized the side rail on the bed is too low for a standard twin mattress, making the top bunk unsafe! (we are using the same twin mattress from a previous set on bunk beds-- it was fine with the other bunk bed/rail, and no one at Ashley pointed out that the display bed set has a very thin non-standard mattress!) In addition, the bottom bunk is on casters, so that you can move it to make the bed (it is not displayed with casters in the store) but when the bed moves, it creates an entrapment hazard-- my son has woken up with his head between the desk and the bed frame! Last week we found that the bed was no longer shifting because all 4 casters had shattered beneath the weight of the bed!! This bed set is of very poor quality and completely unsafe for children!! When I called the Customer First Center, the call center staff seemed very understanding of my concerns, but said the final decision was up to the regional manager, Glen. He has offered only to replace the original casters on the bed. He said he is not at all interested in my concerns about safety or the poor quality of the bed-- it is sold as displayed in the store (which is not true-- casters, blocked-off ladder, thin mattress), and they only address defects. In the paperwork I recieved, it says "Ahsley Furniture HomeStore stands behind our products and will address any concerns you may have with your purchase." That would include not only defects, but also customer satisfaction-- I've paid for a bedroom set my son cannot safely or comfortably use!

Bottom line, very poor quality/functionality, and they have a "you've bought it, it's your problem now" policy! I got the runaround for a week, now it's just the brush off!

Their prices look too good to be true-- and they ARE-- but it's not free-- there's a cost, always a cost! In this case, my kids' safety! Don't do business with this store, and if you've been burned, report them to the BBB and to your state's dept of consumer affairs, or attorney general's office, and the local news!! In this economy, they should be out of business-- not ripping people off!

peeling leather recliner

I purchased furniture worth $ 5000 from ashley furniture last year as well as 5 yr extended warranty. Everything seemed fine till my leather recliner started peeling a few months ago. From then started my ordeal with the furniture company. Since it is over a year it is out of manufacturers warranty as per them. But I have extended warranty, which according them does not cover this particular defect. I have been to the store and calling the customer service but no one is helping me out. I am getting ready to launch a complaint with the bbb.

nothing done for 2 months about bad furniture delivered

Order Furniture which was delivered on 10/28/2008
Delivered in the rain hence Media Dresser and Dresser back cardboard got wet.
They do not ready Delivery Release Form!
I had to call them on 10/30/2008 to complain about the same.
They sent a service specialist with wrong information (cardboard is loose!).
Specialist came saw the stain, took pictures, and went back.
I called again after 2 day (they did not call) and again they send service specialist with the wrong information (btw, you have to schedule a date, cant get weekends, so all this requires you to take a day off! notorious 4 hour window). So you pay and wait for their mistakes. Guys could not do anything and took pictures and went. Recommended replacement of media dresser. Dresser he felt was according to manufacturing standard.
Called back next day. Nov 4th, 2008. Was told they will put a order in for cardboard and broken drawer (yes they had delivered broken furniture).
Nothing came in for 3 weeks. Called back today and was told the service manager (Cassandra) dropped the ball. She fells cardboard should not be replaced based on the picture. She will replace the media dresser as it had a broken dollar. I mean I payed $90 for delivery and they said I should just live with the water stain. Yes there is no one to excalate to. Complains on website does not go anywhere. An automatic email does come to you.

  • As
    AShley Furniture Dec 09, 2008

    At Ashley Furniture HomeStore we strive to make your shopping experience far superior to that of the competition.  Our ultimate goal is to provide 5 Star Service to each and every customer, if you feel we have fallen short of our goal please contact our customer care department at [email protected] or 732-658-8850 and our customer service representatives will make every attempt to address your concerns. Thank you.

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  • Dl
    dlent Aug 03, 2009

    That is one problem with one store. I have bought from Ashley Homestore many times as well as everyone I know and we dont shop anywhere else!!!

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  • Dl
    dlent Aug 03, 2009


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  • Ei
    Eileen Laffan Aug 21, 2009


    Had furniture delivered 08-21-2009, furniture fine, polite fellows who delivered furniture, only thing upsetting me they don't take the hugh box's away . The 2 guys said this company don't take their box's away .What is wrong with a company to leave these hugh boxs that are so heavy how am I suppose to bring to the curb . I am not a young person. I Ihope garbage men or women take these.. I am so dissappointed now I no I have to ask this ? when I buy my next to sets of twin size bedroomsets ur done I WILL NEVER buy again don't care how inexpensive u are. If I had asked this ? in ur store and they said don't take box's I would not buy ... Never to old to learn... Eileen Laffan Fords N.J.

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  • Je
    JesseP Nov 16, 2010

    What a lame response from Ashleys. If you want to fix the problem, then contact the store named in the complaint and have them look up the order on the dates mentioned and the problem. There should be record of it. Just blabbing here on the site doesn't help anyone. and for those of you who had a great experience, good for you. If you really cared about anyone than yourself, you would've offered to help the person resolve her issue or show some support. Otherwise, you're just dismissing their problem and making them feel worse.

    There are hundreds of complaints about Ashley Furniture on the web. If there's hundreds to be found, then that means there are thousands who didn't take the time to complain. There's obviously something rotten about this company's customer service when their delivery goes wrong; it seems they don't want to fix the problems because that costs them money. If your items were delivered by a good delivery person, then you haven't had to contend with these kinds of issues, so there's nothing to compare between the service you received and the lack of customer service someone with damaged goods receive. It seems to me that those who like to condescend with their "wonderful" experiences are owners and managers or friends of the salespeople, just trying to cover their butt, or lack any sense of compassion and just like to dismiss someone else when they've been ripped off. I myself am the friend of an Ashley's salesperson and have heard enough of their disresputable service from the "inside".

    If Ashley's actually had good customer service, people wouldn't be so upset from bad service, that they'd feel they'd need to warn others, period.

    P.S. A reputable company would take their own boxes away. Best Buy does when they deliver appliances.

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  • An
    ANA catarina Dec 20, 2010

    I purshase my sectional sofas a month ago from Linden store, where the sales representatives had an argument in front of me and my husband about who was going to take the sell.
    About 3 weeks ago we went to pick up the sofas, as soon as we got home we noticed the sofa had a left side arm instead of left. We called the office right away and 3 weeks had passed by and this useless sofa still inside of my beautiful living room, while we had a housewarming party and now Christmas season with people coming over.
    Ashley representatives from N.Brunswick keep on sheduling the deliver week by week, and I keep on taking days off to be at home so they sofas gets deliver, but unfortunally after 3 weeks I still dont have the item that I paid for :(
    I was working with Bob's Furniture and Contemporary Furniture at the same time I was working with Ashley. And I did get a wrong item delivered from Bob's but was resolved within 2 days. This is my first and last time purchasing furniture from this company.

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  • Je
    Jeff novak Jan 20, 2015

    I purchased a new sofa and love seat on January 1 2015.
    It is beautiful and we love it but didn't notice a pull in the back
    of the couch until last week. We would like for it to be fixed.
    Attached are pictures of the back of the couch where it seems to have been pulled.

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  • Ms
    Mshah1 May 31, 2016

    I recently purchased a bed from the North Brunswick store. When I went to the store I told the sales person i have 2 requirements: i need a low profile bed as it will be used for an elderly person and I need it delivered within a week. The sales person confirmed both requirements and placed my order. I paid for the bed in full. The day of the delivery, the wrong item was sent so i went back into the store, spoke withe Ed the sales manager and Paul the district manager...both had attitudes and could care less. After spending 2 hrs at the store, being ignored for 1/2 the time, I was promised the bed I ordered will be delivered the next day. Instead they bring in am extra high profile bed. I immediately contacted the store, the customer service rep "bibi" apologized and said the issue will be resolved asap. Until then my eldery grandma used the high profile bed for a few days, almost fell off the bed while getting on and off. We immediately moved her to just a mattress, the poor lady is struggling as she has to bend so low and try to get up.
    A week later they send yet a wrong part. It's been 2 weeks and i still don't have the bed I ordered. The store refuses to credit my account and pick up the bed. I have tried to contact the sales rep, customer service rep and get no response. They are ignoring my calls, msgs. I have finally contacted my lawyer. I would never recommend this store to anyone. All they do is harass their customers and steal their money. It's a scam...the managers, sales rep and customer service ppl are very unprofessional and rude.

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