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I am writing this complaint in regards to coffee tables purchased at Ashley Furniture. I purchased these tables in December and I received them defective. Ashley Furniture sent a repair technician to my home to repair the furniture. The furniture was unrepairable and required for a new set to be delivered. The second set arrived at my home and the delivered Coffee tables were still damaged. I spoke with Ashley Furniture and was promised a new set. Two weeks later Ashely Furniture contacts me and notifies me that the Coffee Tables are in the warehouse but damaged. They would call to reschedule. A month later I haven't heard anything so I decided to call Ashley Furniture. Ashley Furniture had canceled the order and refuses to replace the damage furniture. I purchased the coffee tables in December and paid the full amount on my American express credit card. Ashely Furniture has received full payment but still refuses to do deliver undamaged coffee tables that I purchased. I had an issue with Ashley Furniture 2 years ago where I disputed an amount with my credit card company for the damages that were done to my home. I sent my credit card company pictures and estimates of the damages caused by Ashley Furniture. The credit card company did a full investigation and reimbursed me for the amount of damages that Ashley Furniture had done to my home. Ashley Furniture is holding my order until I pay them back for the disputed amount. Ashley Furniture has been very unprofessional and hard to work with. They don't care about there customers but about money. No one at Ashley Furniture will return my calls or speak to me about this matter. I have contacted Ashley Furniture over 20 times in the past month and had the phone shut in my face. I paid for new furniture in December 2006 and I received damaged furniture. In the past 2 years I have spent over $12,000 with Ashley Furniture. I do not recommend Ashley Furniture to anyone. I will be sure to let everyone know about my relationship with Ashley Furniture.

Mazen Kawasmi.

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Nov 16, 2021 3:51 pm

I just received a delivery the other day. The guys barely spoke English. I offered water and they accepted. Before they removed couch from the box I said I wanted to see the color (to make sure it was per the photo I saw online because they didn't have the set I wanted on display in any of the stores & I was told if I was not pleased with furniture do not sign and turn away delivery and I would get full refund with no re-stocking fee). He was rude and said "its blue". They came in, no coverings on the their shoes, made a little bit of a mess (which isn't a big deal b/c I was going to clean after they left anyway but its the principle as it was unprofessional) and lightly dirtied my wall bc they brushed big box against it. They were in such a rush, I understand they have other stops but still. I was trying to ask questions and he was already out the door leaving. After they left I was cleaning and moved couch where I wanted it and noticed there was a rip/slit in fabric on the corner bottom of couch and one pillow was defective as there was a line in fabric (which the guy had thrown pillows on couch and turned them opposite way/backwards, not sure if that was done on purpose). I called to report the damage and they told me it would be a process and they need to check if it can be covered under warranty and that I need to send photos and they will have someone get back to me. I sent photos and label and waiting. I hope they can have it fixed. I'm a little nervous after all of these reviews about them.

Feb 04, 2019 9:30 pm

Ashley you need to style up you idiotic fools.They should stop stealing from hard working people.who by the way owns Ashley?What kind d of stupid business is this.Don't they care about their customers.They just stole from me and I can tell you Ashley you have lost my business and are soon going g down!

Feb 04, 2019 9:26 pm

Ashley furniture is the most stupid furniture store i know and are thieves indeed.the have very cheap furniture and they have the most ignorant customer service.what a bunch of fools.I will never go back to them ever again.Please don't shop their.They need to learn how to answer their customers.

May 15, 2018 12:15 pm

Ashley Furniture online ordering system is a scam for stealing! I supposedly ordered something and they supposedly delivered it to me and opps, they forgot to bill me for over a year and now they expect me to pay for something I never got. They can't even tell me what it was! No photo, no SKU! No one will let me discuss this and they keep sending me an email telling me a payment is due. I cannot even access an online account! I can't get the entire account number from them even if I wanted to pay the bill.

They are thieves! I am going to small claims court and then see if anyone else has ever had this happen. Maybe a Class Action Lawsuit! They have wasted my time and caused me so much stress.

Jul 25, 2013 11:28 am

New recliner was delivered and within the first week back pulled apart and you cannot even sit in it because the chair will not hold its shape. Never been able to recline, the chair will lean and almost fall over on its side.

Nov 04, 2014 3:56 am
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Jan 22, 2014 7:45 am
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This is all to common I am afraid and it seems when a furniture supplier gets it wrong they really get it wrong. I have been assembling furniture for ten years and to try to do something about this i have recently started selling furniture online. To avoid damage and customer complaints, I personally deliver and assemble everything, that means I take care of it. You can see what I sell at Andre Victoire ( I am trying to do somehting about it and improve the service offered.

Oct 21, 2009 3:04 pm
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Ashley"s Furniture is a "rip-off" and some of their employees are "con artists" summarizes a portion of how my family feels about doing business with them! We purchased one of their so called leather sofas and matching recliners. We also purchased thier insurance on the furniture for it sounded like a good investment. WRONG! After we had the furniture for a short while, these areas started showing a distinct discoloration on the sofa and recliner. When you looked at it closely it appeared like when you buy patent leather anything and the surface color comes off their is a light color underneath. Cheap imitation is what I call it. We called and reported the problem. They sent two men, one who stood on the other side of the room and took a picture and the other guy just talked to me. When we did hear a reply they said they did not cover "scuff' marks" in the insurance policy. At a later date when I was in the store and wanted to find out if they maybe sold a product that could be applied to the area that would match the color so it wouln't look noticeable the manager said go to Lowe's to see if they sold something that would help. If that wasn't enough, before we experienced our problem our daughter who was building a new house bought several pieces of furniture and they were storing it until the house was completed. Well when she called to tell them they could deliver it they said the manager had SOLD IT. Well she was furious because no one had contacted her in any manner whatsoever. She went to the store and had a "nice" talk with this manager who was thankfully able to get replacement furniture for her. She has spent several thousand dollars at Ashley's Furniture but will not spend one penney more after that experience! We have chalked it up to learning the hard way but want to inform others of our experience to hopefully keep it from happening to them.

Oct 11, 2009 10:07 pm

812 days ago by Benjamin [send email] 0 Votes


To say that Ashley Furniture is a bunch of thieves or that they don't care about their customers is ridiculous and shallow. Each store is independently owned and just because you have trouble with one store doesn't mean they all have the same customer care. Ashley Furniture stores have become the #1 furniture retailer in the country this year and they can't do that by mistreating people. Furniture is made of wood and cow hides and much of it is shipped from overseas so there will be damage and imperfections with furniture no matter who sells it. If you are not getting proper help then you are not speaking to the correct person at the store. They usually have plenty of managers and there's one that can help. I've got a house full of Ashley Furniture and it has been exceptional the past few years. At the price I paid I could even tolerate an imperfection if there were any. Anyone with a complaint should talk to a manager in a friendly, understanding way and you'll get results. Give it a try.


You are dead wrong about this. Even though each store is independently owned, all of them are serviced by the same Ashley Corporation. It is Ashley Corporate who takes over everything once you sign for your furniture. These stores are nothing more than go betweens, They don't even handle delivery. While we are on the subject of delivery.. They can not make one without damaging the furniture. Of course Ashley outsources their delivery to third party companies which do not care about the customer, or the furniture. They are all a bunch of illegal immigrants that don't even speak English. I have to say though, that you find this problem with most furniture stores these days. Even Gallery Furniture in Houston can't get undamaged furniture to you. I've been to hell and back with both of these companies and am fed up with the lack of care for the thousands of dollars we are spending with them. Get the sale, take the money, and then it's bye bye.

May 11, 2009 12:18 pm

April 2009- I purchased a reclining microfiber sofa from Ashley Furniture on Center Pointe Road in North Charleston SC. When the sofa arrived, it came with no plastic or protection of any kind and was thrown around getting it into my house. I mean these guys man handled this thing. The sofa was looking a little beat up. I contacted the company who had all kinds of geniuses call me. The last of which was the GM/Partner of the N.Chas store named Jack. I told Jack that I needed a sofa that was going to last me a few years and that I had one shot at it. Since I am on a fixed income. I informed him that the sofa was roughed up and that the cushions looked abit flimsy and misshapen. Jack was too busy trying to brow beat me with his "40 years of business experience" Well whoopty doo, Jack. I have any extensive business background as well. Who cares? Lets make the customer happy, Jack, old boy! Save the disseration for someone who gives a crap.

I went to the store to try the floor model again and as I suspected it was firm and sturdy. Mine was mushy and sloppy looking. I ran into this Jack character and again told him my story. This time Jack had a bit of an attitude. Basically he was sending a repair guy to see the couch or he could just give me my money back and told me to "go somewhere else to buy a sofa." I didnt understand the attitude because I was willing to look at other couches at ashley.

The repair guy came and agreed with me. But offered me a repair that I declined. So I called Jack who had more attitude this time.
His only reply was "well pick up the couch and you can come in to pick up your refund" They didnt even have the sense to send a check with the driver.
They had to make it hard for me. So I went to the store. Jack refused to look at me or talk to me. I have no idea why he was so pissed off. Jack was trying to hit me up for the delivery (in vain) and was looking at the bill as if I never paid the full amount in cash. I laid the aw down for dear old jack. He then signed the check and I was leaving. I saw the poor salesman who lost the sale and I was trying to explain things. Jack came running in saying to the salesguy "Mark, dont you have customers?..."

This guy Jack was a partner with over 40 years experience. Cant you tell? LOL. It seems that Jack failed business 101. The Golden Rule of: Keep the customer happy.

Don't shop with Ashley. The products are inferior and they have a problem with customer service

Jul 19, 2008 4:22 pm

My first purchase was a bed for my wife. I was delivered and in good shape.

Because of the attitude I received on my first purchase I chose to return to Ashley Furniture, to purchase a recliner loveseat.
It was a good piece. Although when I purchased it, the price had
gone up but I was given the price that was on the floor model I was told it would be approx. two weeks. Well they were true to their word about delivery. I also purchased a amorie and a dresser.

When it came the amorie was assembled and dresser, but they only put the legs on the amorie but not on the dresser, didn't notice it until the delivery persons left. We examined the love seat. My son, who deliveres for Cort Furniture, told us that it was a floor model ( the Loveseat), We checked out and it has wear on the one side where customers have sat to test it out. I am still calling them about the loveseat, and have told them to and pick it up and someone was to come and re aline the amiore doors as well as check out the scratches. It is difficult to contact anyone and when I do I am either put on hold or told that my call will be returned. At this point I believe it is time to take them to a small claims court for the return of my monies for the loveseat. I paid them by credit card. So they already have their monies
I don't suggest that anyone purchase from Ashley Furniture unless you are at their warehouse and acutally see your purchases loaded on to the delivery truck yourself.

Jul 17, 2008 5:31 am

ordered a king bedroom set in may the bed arrive n the head board was damage they have been out 4 different times with the wrong piece i have cleared my schedule 4 different times now that hopefully they have the right piece they dont want to work with my schedule. im not pleased with ashley @ all.

May 03, 2008 10:09 am

Bought about $7000 worth of furniture off of Ashley homestore for our new house in Redding, Ca. The store is owned by the same owner based out of Chico, Ca. The main structural beam in one of the Sofa's we bought broke. They attempted to fix the sofa in our house promising to replace it if the fix did not work. They glued it. It broke again. Ashley backed out of their promise and told us they wanted to bring the sofa in instead. They brought it in and we are still waiting, four weeks later. The real issue is the time we have invested in getting this $450 sofa fixed. A total of 24 hours so far and counting. Ashley expects you to wait around 4 hours each time they want to drop something off or pick something up. They have missed three schedule appointments for a variety of reasons (12 hours invested). In the latest fiasco they were suppose to drop the 'fixed' sofa off. When the truck showed up an hour late (yea we waited 5 hours for them) they had been told they were there to pick up a sofa - can you believe it. We are exhausted.

On top of that the furniture is relatively cheap. The main support beam that broke (front of sofa parallel to floor) is a thin sheet of half to three quarter inch plywood. Completely inadequate for the span of the sofa.

Do some serious research before any big furniture purchase like ours. Once Ashley gets your money you are at their mercy.

Apr 30, 2008 11:04 am

All of you complaining about Ashley Furniture or any low-end furniture retailer are completely out of touch with reality. You are paying a very very low price for furniture imported from China! And you most likely bought it ON CREDIT! You are the problem with the economy and your attitudes make it worse with unrealistic expectations for cheap goods. Save your money, check yourself and invest in quality furniture when you can actually pay for it in cash! Otherwise, you get what you pay for and with Ashley, that's not much!

btw: I CAN'T believe that Ashley Cust Service people are trolling the blogs! That's pathetic!

FYI: Ashley Cust Service is KNOWN for not offering credits to their Marketing Specialists when one is requested for a customer. You see, that's how it works. You have a problem, you tell the store, the store calls the Marketing Specialist (stupid title for Sales Rep) and the Markent Spec must "request" a credit from Ashley Cust Service where people like Tammy are earning about $8/hr and LOVE to tell these guys working their butts off to stick it. Small minded people in rural Wisconsin on a power trip...


Feb 26, 2008 9:36 am

This is in regards to Michelle Fichter's post.

The independently owned and operated HomeStore in Carle Place, NY is working with Michelle to find a reasonable resolution. If Michelle has any further questions or concerns, we ask that she contacts the store directly for assistance or she may contact the Ashley Consumer Affairs department at [protected] ext 5013 and we will contact the Carle Place HomeStore on her behalf.

Thank you!

Tammy~Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.

Feb 09, 2008 7:52 am

I had furniture delivered by Ashley furniture on January 30, 2007. I live on Long Island and they just opened the store. I had ordered a dining room set. Out of nine pieces of furniture that were delivered five were defective, including the table. I wrote on the merchandise receipt that the chairs and the tables were scratched and uneven. Most of the legs on the furniture were uneven. I called customer service, as per the warranty and the extended agreement that I purchased, I am to get replacement. Needless to say it been three weeks now and they're sending the second guy who is a wood technician to my home. I don't want brand new furniture which is fixed, I want brand new furniture that is perfect. The first technician who came to my home wanted to put plastic disk on the bottom of my chairs to make them even. No way. Then as far as the way the chairs were stained, he said that the pattern. Do I have stupid on my forehead? One chair came in completely chipped. Now they are sending someone else because the first technincian who confirmed my complaint didn't take picutres. My next alternative will be to get a lawyer because they are full of sh*t.

Jan 05, 2008 7:22 am

I am having TROUBLE with pillows that came with the sofa and over sized chair purchased from Ashley Furniture Home Store in Tyler, Texas. Owners, Louis and Pat Mellius. One week after delivery, which by the way took 2 1/2 months after ordered to receive, I called and talked to the manager (owner's son) that the loop fringe on the pillows was pulling out. That was Nov.23, 07. I was told by the manager that a technician would come out to check the pillows and if they could not be repaired, they would be replaced. Dec 11, 07 a technician FINALLY comes out after numerous phone calls to the store by myself and husband. The technician took pictures and said someone would be calling me. Dec. 29, 2007 I called the store to find out WHAT they were going to do about these pillows. I was told new pillows would be ordered. On 12/31/07 I received a phone call from the woman who places orders for the store and she informed me that the owner wanted me to bring the pillows to the store BEFORE they could order new ones. I took the pillows in on 12/31/07 (all 8 of them) and the owner, Pat Mellius, insisted I leave them there so the Millenium Furniture Marketing Rep could inspect them. I get a call the next day from the Millenium marketing rep, Mark, who informs me he did not find anything wrong with the pillows. He stated, They are in show room quality condition. Iasked him specific questions about the pillows and it turns out the owner Pat Mellius made a switch. The marketing rep was shown a set of pillows that were not the ones I left there. I called the next day and talked with Pat Mellius. She stated, the marketing rep has inspected these pillows and he agrees with me that there is nothing wrong with them. I through a fit. I told Pat Mellius that I would be returning the two pieces of furniture and eat the 30% restocking fee. Mrs. Mellius stated that returning the items was not an option because there is nothing wrong with the set. Mrs. Mellius refused to set up another inspection with the millenium marketing rep while I was present for the inspection. BOY do these owners of this furniture store have a BIG surprsie in store for them. I am filing every complaint possible and reporting these owner's and this franchise to the State Attorney General's Office for fraud. I purchased these items WITH the EXTRA protection plan on each piece. I have pictures of the pillows, they have been filmed on my video recorder, and I WILL not allow these people to maneuver us this way. It is WRONG on so many different levels. So, BEWARE, because Ashley Furniture Home Store's may be the number one retailer of furniture today, but at the rate these franchises are going, I'll dare say, 10 years from now they won't be. What gets people in the door are the finance options. That marketing strategy only goes so far. If this particular Ashley Furniture location here in Tyler Texas were having a buy anything you want in our store for $1.00 and get the second item free sale, I would not buy from them EVER again.

Nov 27, 2007 9:01 am

I am having the same issue the couch, chaise and child's bed are 1 month old and we picked up the product at inspection fine. The couch is collapsing and the chaise is leaning to the left. I have been told that due to us moving the warranty is void. We told the salesperson we were and he said nothing to us. The bed we had to get instructions for the bookcase headboard none in box we did but the holes are drilled wrong. How can you inspect that at pick up unless you assemble there. I have spoke with a Marsha whom will not give me a supervisor, tells me I have no warranty. I am filing a complaint with the Consumer protection agency and thru my credit card company. They are frauds and this store should NOT be allowed to operate anywhere at anytime. I was honest with them now they should have been with me.

Nov 25, 2007 1:08 pm

I agree completely. I buy a sectional sofa, its frame is damaged. can any body advise me how to deal with them...

Oct 20, 2007 11:54 pm

I agree completely. Buyer BEWARE! They are extremely hard to work with and they won't ever admit that they did anything wrong. As for the guy who is defending them, why are you on the complaints to Ashley page? You sure know a lot about the company for just being a "customer". It sounds to me like you work for this terrible company. How much did they pay you to say all that crap?

Oct 07, 2007 6:13 am

We had similar situation. Delivery truck arrived, they had wrong couch on truck. They tried to get me accept the wrong couch. Customer service offered to redeliver in 2 weeks. After alot of complaints and talking to the sales rep and Asst. Manager, they said they could deliver sooner and would call me. Several days later a delivery truck was at my house to deliver another sofa in the middle of the day when I was at work. I talked to Cust. Service again and they said too bad. Asst. Manager of store was of no help either, lots of promises and no resolution. Finally on the following Saturday after waiting 4 hrs, the delivery truck appeard, but there were no legs for the sofa on the truck. The back of the sofa was also severly damaged. Deliver guys said they couldn't take it back that day. So we loaded up the sofa in our truck and delivered it to the front door of the store we purchased it at. We did get a receipt for credit, but we are not feeling possitive that the credit will actually post since they don't seem to know what the heck they are doing. I do not plan to ever shop there again or recommend it to anyone I know!

Oct 03, 2007 6:29 am

We have the same situation with Ashley (North Brunswich). We are just fighting with them for our right.

Jul 22, 2007 5:33 am

To say that Ashley Furniture is a bunch of thieves or that they don't care about their customers is ridiculous and shallow. Each store is independently owned and just because you have trouble with one store doesn't mean they all have the same customer care. Ashley Furniture stores have become the #1 furniture retailer in the country this year and they can't do that by mistreating people. Furniture is made of wood and cow hides and much of it is shipped from overseas so there will be damage and imperfections with furniture no matter who sells it. If you are not getting proper help then you are not speaking to the correct person at the store. They usually have plenty of managers and there's one that can help. I've got a house full of Ashley Furniture and it has been exceptional the past few years. At the price I paid I could even tolerate an imperfection if there were any. Anyone with a complaint should talk to a manager in a friendly, understanding way and you'll get results. Give it a try.

Apr 24, 2007 6:06 am

Buyer beware of Ashley's. I recently bought a leather sofa and loveseat that costs almost $2600 with warranty and delivery. My wife accepted the delivery and was rushed to sign the delivery papers and the guys left. Afterwards, we checked the furniture and found issues with both the sofa and loveseat. The technician came out to our house and fixed the sofa issue but after 2 months I am still waiting for them to exchange the loveseat.

The leather of the loveseat was apparently cut in one spot, probably at the factory, and was finished so that you could not see it from far away. When we saw that defect in a new piece of furniture, we called Ashleys. I have talked to the store manager, they cannot help you as it is a customer service issue. I talked to customer service and that was a regular texture of the leather. I have escalated this but nobody from Ashley's has bothered to get in touch with me.

So, please check your furniture before accepting delivery, otherwise it is your luck if you run into issues. I have filed a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau and I recommend everybody that has issues do that. Maybe we can get somewhere with them.

Good luck...

Apr 06, 2007 7:49 pm

Ashley Furniture are a bunch of thieves. I had a similar situation where Ashley Furniture put the blame on me. I have done some research on this company it turns out to be Levitz furniture. I agree with the complaint above. Don't do business with Ashley furniture if you have to get everything documented and be cautious.

Apr 03, 2007 10:17 am

Contact them and say you have spoken to your lawyer regarding this issues and that you have all necessary documentation (both in video as well as pictures). Also mention you are attempting to file a class action law suit. this will put a little fire under them, ans see what they do.


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