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Ashley HomestoreDelivery

Was told 3-4 wks for delivery... no phone called on status or delivery, so called after 4 weeks.. Was told they forgot to call me ... So want to schedule delivery but only have on days I'm not available! must be after 3pm M-F.. so really needed a Saturday delivery.. Rep tells me then I'm going to have to take a day off work.. Really??.. So Unacceptable!!! No Delivery Date available for another 3 wks..
That's 2 MONTHS since purchase!!! You guys make an error and I get Screwed!!! Then Rep tells me if not there in time to accept Delivery going to charge me $75 redelivery fee.. So Fkng Rude and Wrong!! You guys SCREWED UP!!.. Have the right mind to Cancel Mattress Purchase all together!! Such [censored]!!! First and last purchase from Ashley I guess!!

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    Feb 24, 2021

    Ashley Homestore — return a broken bed that was supposed to be adjustable.

    From the start, my name is Rita Thompson [protected] West 80th Street, Los Angeles 90003. In October...

    Ashley HomestoreDamaged furniture

    Both pieces that I ordered were delivered damaged. I have been dealing with repairs, shipping parts, back orders, etc for several weeks. I went to the store in person for a resolution and they said that they do not have the ability to help anyone and the only way for me to get help is to call the phone number and go through their claims process. I have been in a repeating email loop with Ashley for over a week now. They email and say sorry for the problem send pictures, I send pictures and then they email saying they will get with me in 24-48 hours. This has happened three times now and I never get the follow up after I send pictures. At this point, I just want to have my items returned. Not worth the hassle.

    Damaged furniture
    Damaged furniture
    Damaged furniture

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      Ashley HomestoreProtection Plan-- not able to purchase before delivery date

      Purchased furniture 1/15 and was not offered protection plan. Once I realized I hadn't gotten the protection plan I called customer service and replied to an email that I want the protection plan. I never got a response and furniture was delivered 2/03. After waiting for a response and not getting one I finally called again only to be told I couldn't purchase the plan because the furniture had already been delivered and that I should have not accepted the furniture if I had really wanted the protection plan. I had already waited 4 weeks for the delivery and didn't want to refuse the delivery since I had already paid the for the entire purchase plus the $150 delivery fee and I didn't want to be charged another delivery fee. The fact that I tried to purchase the protection plan before the delivery date was not taken into consideration. And was told this was the policy because product could be damaged after delivery (so much customer trust) so I just don't understand why would I try to purchase the plan only to try and destroy the furniture I waited 4 weeks to get delivered

      Protection Plan-- not able to purchase before delivery date

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        Feb 08, 2021

        Ashley Homestore — Ripoff - waited almost a year, still not delivered

        On June 9, 2020, I purchased furniture for 3 rooms; King Headboard B776-158, king footboard w/storage...

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        Feb 08, 2021

        Ashley Homestore — Delivered damaged furniture

        On Nov 1, 2020 I purchased furniture at Todd Wanek's Ashley HomeStore. In Oxnard, CA. Todd Wanek is the...

        Feb 01, 2021

        Ashley Homestore — Couch delivery

        We purchased a couch for delivery january 2021. After countless reach outs to ashley furniture we found out...

        Ashley HomestoreRefusing to honor the warranty

        Bought a grey sectional in June 2020, was delivered a month later in July. Couch arrived in the color brown and with two holes. 5 months later, the curve of the couch won't even stand because the frame has fell. No either my wife or I weighs over 170 pounds, there is no animals, there is no jumping or rough housing on any furniture in my home. There's no reason as to why the sectional should already be broken. After a month of contacting Ashley (making the sectional 6 months old) they are refusing to honor the warranty. The warranty specifically states framework in upholster products is covered, not only that the salesmen said it was also covered.

        Refusing to honor the warranty
        Refusing to honor the warranty

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          Ashley HomestoreOrdered couch/love seat/dining room table

          I am making a complaint today against Ashley Furniture. I ordered a kitchen table on Sept 15 and was told to expect delivery around Dec 8. I ordered a couch and a love seat around Nov 13 and was told to expect delivery around Dec 9. It is currently Jan 29 and I still have not received anything. I received a text this week telling me that part of my order was in and to be home today (Jan 29) between 3 and 6 for delivery. Well, no furniture came. After calling to find out what happened we were told that they hadn't even received the furniture at their warehouse yet. Why would you set up a delivery on furniture you don't even have? We cancelled our plans and stayed home to be here. Now they are telling us it will be here Tuesday, February 2...even though it is not yet in their distribution center. This is beyond ridiculous. I am sure they used to be a good company but not any more. Do not buy anything from them because you may never get it. I think 4 1/2 months is plenty of time to build and deliver a table.

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            Jan 28, 2021

            Ashley Homestore — Product not received

            On August 3rd 2020 I went in to the Idaho Falls, ID location and purchased a couch, ottoman, table and...

            Ashley HomestoreProduct purchase and delivery

            On 12/13/2020, we went to the Ashley Homestore on Buford Drive in Buford, Georgia to buy a new mattress and foundation. We went with the dimensions of our California King bed. We settled on a Tempurdic mattress and settled for delivery on 12/16/2020. Delivery was for WRONG mattress and base - King not Cal King. Re-delivery of "correct " order set for 01/26/2021. Right mattress, wrong base delivered. Still waiting for correct base.

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              Jan 14, 2021

              Ashley Furniture — Failed to deliver goods

              I sold my house my deceased husband built after living there for 65 years. This was a very emotional...

              Ashley HomestoreService at your Pewaukee, WI Location

              My husband and I were in your Pewaukee location on Saturday Jan. 9th 2021. Our complaint is how belittled we felt working with your associate Doug Campbell. We were wanting to purchase a new mattress, had a budget we wanted to stay within. Doug at many points, told us to "SAVE OUR PENNIES" in order to get a good mattress. We told him, we have the money, we want to stay within a budget because we had other things we needed to take care of. I dont feel like we should have to explain WHY we wanted to stay within a budget to him or to anyone else. I had also tried many of the mattresses and wanted to make sure we had the correct one for both myself and my one point I made a comment that one of the mattresses was FIRM and he said "No its not, its plush" I said, well it feels too firm for me, he proceeded to once again say "NO, its not" We looked at the name of the mattress that we liked, and he proceeded to tell us that the other stores that deal with this name brand, will not be allowed to sell this name product if they are under selling, because Ashley Furniture is the lowest price that we will get. Once again, he made us feel as if he were WARNING us to not try looking elsewhere for a better deal. We also wanted to purchase a reclining rocker and night stands...but we walked out without purchasing any of it. We did not appreciate the fact that we felt very belittled and small due to your associate Doug Campbell. Doug asked at the end if we wanted his business card, but the only reason we grabbed it, was so we were able to keep his name for this email.

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                Ashley HomestoreSofa Sleeper

                Ordered Sofa Sleeper on 9/19/20. It was promised to be delivered end of October 2020. It was not. Then it was promised to be delivered in November. It was not. Now they say MAYBE March 2021. They want to charge a 25% restocking fee to cancel order and will not give me my money back. I have been in contact with customer service several times, I get disconnected several times, they are unable to answer questions for an alternative solution, supervisor is unavailable.

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                  Ashley Homestoredelivered damaged dresser and misrepresented service plan

                  I ordered the furniture over the phone on 6-30-20 with Aaron Brown the sales rep. He added in the protection plan, with out my approval. I called on 7-2-20 to discuss why this was added in. Aaron stated the protection plan would replace any furniture that would break over the 5 years and if we didn't use it, it would be used towards a credit on our next purchase. I never received the protection plan information. I texted him multiple times and called and would not respond.

                  At the time of the order, Aaron assured me that all pieces would arrive by 7-28th and that the one dresser and headboard may be delayed 2-3 weeks, but all should come in. This information is WHY I chose to go ahead and order the furniture as we had sold our current furniture and coordinated that sale based on this information. We received all pieces 7-28 except the headboard and tall chest dresser.

                  I was notified that the headboard and dresser would not arrive now until Sept. by me calling customer service due to never hearing back in August. Due to all the delays and misinformation, we were forced to sleep on the floor for 3 months.

                  I was then notified it would be October. I received tall door chest and headboard on Oct. 10th. The dresser two doors will not shut. The delivery man tried to fixed and stated we will need to order you a new one. I signed that the hinges did not work and they would replace. See attached photo on bottom right. I never got a call so called a week later inquiring when this would be replaced.

                  Customer Service stated that they were not aware and would place an order. Later found out by calling again, that this dresser is discontinued. They then said they would replace the doors and they would be in 2 weeks. Made 2 additional calls and stated it would now be two months. At that time, I stated I do not want this set as it is NOT a complete bedroom set with one dresser unable to use. I cant resell the set for what I paid and would like them to pick the whole set up and provide me a credit. Customer Service stated all sales were final and they do not accept returns. I said, even those that I signed damaged and was told would be replaced??? I even have a protection plan, and that can't cover it? I didn't damage this set, you sent it damaged. They said all they would do is sell "as is" for a 10% off. A bedroom set needs to match and having a major piece where the doors will not shut, they pop open, it a huge issue. I cannot find another piece to match it, which brings the entire value down of the set.

                  I have never seen such horrific sales practices and a company that does not stand behind their products and services. I spent over $3600 on a set and can't even use it as well as the protection plan. I asked to cancel this protection plan and they said I would have to do this on my own. I called and left messaged with the service plan and never heard back. So again, the integrity of their products, services and gross manipulation of sales practices has left me the customer not getting what I purchased.

                  I will not accept paying for this entire purchase. I need the credit of the service plan($282.16) and the dresser($899.99) that is non-functioning at the very minimum. I have made over 20 phone calls to their customer service and spent endless hours trying to resolve this on my own. I am finding that after hours of calls and 6 months of trying to resolve this on my own, I have no other recourse then to file a dispute. The sheer arrogance and lack of acknowledging that they mislead me with false information at the time of purchase and then to later keep manipulating and providing false information to make sure I didn't cancel the order is unbelievable. NEVER once was I told this was a FINAL sale. Even when delivered, the delivery team said not to worry that the piece that the doors didn't shut, will be replaced. They ASSURED ME.

                  I received a call 2-3 weeks ago. The Ashley customer service representative inquired if I would be willing to accept 20% off the dresser and sell "as is". She was aware of my dispute and said that this would be what they would want to offer as a resolution. I was appalled at the offering and said, no I am disputing this for the reasons I mentioned above.

                  I will look forward to the final resolution and appreciate you working with the vendor.

                  See below and attached invoices. The below is what is needed credited at a minimum. The phone calls and signed delivery sheets stated that this was delivery damaged and should justify a credit for both. The service plan needs to be credited as well as I never received it and was sold that this would replace ALL damaged furniture for 5 years, which is fraudulent as it isn't correcting this situation.

                  B8712-48- $824.99
                  Service Plan: $282.16

                  delivered damaged dresser and misrepresented service plan
                  delivered damaged dresser and misrepresented service plan

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                    Dec 28, 2020

                    Ashley Homestore — Sofa delay

                    DO NOT BUY!! We all know this is a different time (COVID). We went to the store on the beginning of August to...

                    Dec 21, 2020

                    Ashley Homestore — They don't deliver on time!!!

                    My wife and I decided to purchase some new living and dinning furniture and with the expectation to receive...

                    Ashley HomestoreOrder transaction #0-5YD73070TP5907647

                    I have tried several ways to cancel a $1, 291.45 order placed via my PAYPAL account dated 11/10/2020, without success. Your order has NO cancel button on the PAYPAL menu page. Please cancel the order immediately. My name is Jon Williams, my phone number is [protected]. My email address is [protected] do NOT recall making this order. Please cancel it immediately!

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                      Ashley HomestoreDelivery

                      We paid for two separate deliveries: 1 chair and 1 ottoman. I want a refund for delivery fees.

                      This is our second order with Ashley. Again, our delivery date promised was December 17. Now, it is January 6 and 23. Ashley offers a poor customer experience. If they quote a deliver date, and tgis changes, they should contact their customers. Horrible service.

                      Unless resolved, this is our last purchase with Ashley. We are highly disappointed.

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                        Dec 16, 2020

                        Ashley Homestore — Told I won't receive my couch until the end of feb

                        Hello Ashley I am Distraught we purchased a Leather Couch & Loveseat Aug 30th. When we purchased it we...


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