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Complaints & Reviews

Ashley FurnitureSofa sleeper and bed

I received my order yesterday and was not happy with it. My daughter's bed had to go back to the warehouse because a pillar was not there. It's one of the main pieces to the bed. Also I noticed a tear in the front corner of my sleeper sofa. I paid a lot of money for this furniture and I'm upset that it's not in the condition I expected it to be in. And my daughter is very disappointed that she doesn't have a bed. The movers had a difficult time bringing up the pieces only to have to bring them back to the warehouse. We live on the 3rd floor and no elevator. Margaret Ingenito

Ashley Furniture Industries — Color of Sofa should have been Pewter was a beige color

On Jan 03, 2020 was at Ashley Furniture Store and found a sofa set in color Pewter . To my disappointment was the correct style (Femoy), but the wrong color, On 1/05/2020 got on...

Ashley Furniture Industries — 2 power rocker recliners

We purchased 2 power rocker recliners on 1/25/20 at Ashley Home store located at 10904 Trinity Parkway in Stockton, CA and were told by the sales representative that if we were...

Ashley Furniture IndustriesDining table insurance

I have been calling since Feb.4th to report a damaged table and no one can return my calls. I'm fed up at this point and just want my money back I've only had this table for 1 1/2 year and it already shows heavy wear and tear. I spent great amount of money at Ashley's and always purchase insurance for this very reason. This is the first time I have ever tried making a claim with the insurance and now it seems there is no one willing to help me. its very unfortunate how poorly they treat loyal customers. For those Wondering I spoke with David Rivera, once and have yet to hear back from him. My name is Cecilia Gomez and I would very much like this issue resolved.

Dining table insurance
Dining table insurance
Dining table insurance
Dining table insurance
Dining table insurance
Dining table insurance
Dining table insurance

Ashley Furniture IndustriesLudden Recliner

I bought 2 recliners at Christmas for my adult children: the power Ludden recliner I gave my daughter broke within a week, since the salesman put the " protection plan" on these recliners ( without my permission ) my daughter has been calling trying to get someone to fix it since Jan. 4
I cannot believe why Ashley furniture will not stand behind their products and protection plan. The people that my daughter has called has given her 2 different dates that someone would come fix it and no one has come to fix it and it has been almost two months that they have a broken recliner in their living room!

Melinda Abbe
Fort Worth Texas

Ashley Furniture Industries — larkinhurst recliner

I bought a Larkinhurst recliner and sleeper sofa and within a few days the recliner was having problems with getting it to recline and collapse back closed! I bought them on...

Ashley Furniture Industrieshorrible delivery service

I bought a dining room from Ashly Furniture in Houston, TX, and the salesperson told me that it is available, and it will be delivered in two weeks. So, on the delivery date, I only received the dining table without the eight chairs. No one told me that I will not receive the chairs until they delivered the table. Next, delivery date, the listed the eight chairs. However, when they came, they only had six chairs without the armor chairs. Also, I was not aware of the missing two chairs. On the third delivery, they brought one armor chair and the another one was broken. The fourth delivery, they told me to be there from 1 to 4p, and they came at 12 noon but I was not there, so they said they have to reschedule the delivery for another day even after I took off from work to receive the last chair, but the driver refused to come back. I spoke to their delivery department and to their manager, and they refused to ask the driver to come back to deliver the chair. I made my self-available for the delivery time, but it was their fault for coming early. If they are expecting me to be available all day, why would they provide the scheduled time. It is taking more than one month to get my dining room and they didn't care about their customer time, job, or need. I called their corporate customer service and complained, but they didn't do anything either, or did not receive any satisfaction from them. I will not buy another piece of furniture from Ashly anymore.

Ashley Furniture Industries — charges for order that was cancelled by store

My daughter pre purchased 6000 worth of furniture to relocate for her own first job in October for her move in November. Ashley cancelled the order a day before the delivery...

Ashley Furniture Industries — damaged furniture and delivery

On 12/14/19, I puchased $6280.45 worth of furniture. This included a bed fram, mattress, dining room table set and server. The bedframe and mattress were delivered on 12/20/19...

Ashley Furniture — unethical behavior

I am so appalled by the "customer service" from your Lakeland office, the warehouse, and the customer care number. Hours spent on the phone being transferred around, hour...

Ashley Home Stores — living room sofas

I had my couch delivered at the end of november and the couch broke in the middle of the frame on christmas day when 2 people sat on it. Less than a month the couch broke. I...

Ashley Furniture IndustriesI bought ashley chair and sofa from crandall in owensboro kentucky

The chair in from started sagging took chair in they said they fixed I had company on Christmas someone ask me what wrong with the chair the 3, 000 dollar sofa I'll send a movie listen to how arm squeak the couch is linen type material not even dirty I weigh 126 lb my husband stays in his man cave there are no heavy peOple here this has been an on going problem for two years I paid them to deliver it they said I've have to bring couch in I have no way to do that they said if they are ever my way they'd pick up I about ready for small claims court I never had such terrible furniture in my life

I bought ashley chair and sofa from crandall in owensboro kentucky
I bought ashley chair and sofa from crandall in owensboro kentucky

Ashley Furniture Industriesb743-22

I ordered this item for a Christmas present and Ashley furniture for some reason decided to ship it UPS. When it arrived two of boards were busted and one leg is busted. I phoned Ashley furniture on 12/20/2019 and was told that a new one would be shipped on Monday 12/23/2019. I can't get anyone to reply to any of me emails concerning delivery. We will be in Florida for two months starting the 4th of January and no one will be here to accept delivery. this really ruined Christmas for my wife. Can some one please get back with me reagarding this matter????

Ashley Furniture — leather recliner and extended warranty

Glenn Mlynarek ASHLEY FURNITURE 6915 W. Briles Rd Broken Base Recliner Peoria AZ 85383 [protected] Purchased extended warranty when we purchased our furniture October 28 -...

Ashley Home Store — reclining sofa. 5yr warranty scam

I purchased a reclining sofa with a 5 yr warranty, the sofa recliner stopped working. I was not able to call in to receive warranty service for 60 days, now I am told my warranty...

Ashley Furniture Industries — confirmed delivery then they call same day say they don't have the product

So on 11/27/2019 I bought my pregnant daughter a sofa for her House she just bough. She going to have friends over for chritmas and baby shower. So i drove from Kelso to Portland...

Ashley Furniture Industriespoor workmanship and service


We have been customers of Ashley Furniture for a while now, thus far we were happy with the product & service.  Recently, our son bought a new home, and as parents, we wanted to gift a living room sectional.  To date, the furniture isn't a month yet, it's falling apart.  I have contacted Ashley online representative, to no avail.  The following is exactly how our unsatisfactory service has thus far been handled/addressed.  Before I attach this chain of events, the folks handling purchase online, are rude, short tempered, arrogant and surely aren't taught how to speak to CUSTOMER.  How disappointment, since they are in the service of "CUSTOMER SERVICE".  

Ashley Furniture Industriesdresser

The dresser was delivered and within a month began chipping and peeling. It's made terribly. When I emailed customer service, they did not even respond to me. I requested a response to see what could be done. I contacted my credit card to see what they could do about the charge, since the dresser is clearly defective and should not have to pay for merchandise like that. They responded quickly to the credit card company stating that you must submit a complaint within 72 hours. They do not care about how poor the quality is of the furniture they are selling.


Ashley Furniture Industriesservice

Recliner order on 10/26/19 and was told to call and schedule delivery. I call and scheduled delivery for 12/11/19, Ashley called and gave me a number to call to confirm delivery, I called and confirmed delivery on a recorded line for 12/11/19 between 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm. At 7:00pm I called and they said the truck had been delayed and they were looking at 9:30 pm. I never got a phone call or email or nothing just didn't show up. I called the next day and they said sorry for your loss, and by the way, the next date that we can deliver your recliner is 01/19/2020. The recliner was ordered back on 10/26/19, it's not like I can get my money back. THIS IS BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Ashley Furniture Industries — customer service and management

I purchased End Tables online after having gone into the Nashville/Madison Store to see what the tables look like in person. When I told the sales lady that I had actually put...

Ashley Furniture Industries — 3 pc laf sectional

155891 I'm very unhappy with my purchase, the item I got was all damage and did not fit quit right one piece to another you can see through em... I did told the delivery guy (who...

Ashley Furniture Industriescustomer service

First attempt to order a part: 47 minutes on hold.
Got the part ordered: and received the wrong part
Second attempt to order the part: 1 hour and 6 minutes on hold after being transfered twice - to the wrong person.


Ashley Furniture Industries — the entire purchase

August 22, 2019 we went to Ashley furniture store to purchase bedroom furniture. We selected an entire bedroom set plus an additional dresser. We were told it would be 3 weeks for...

Ashley Furniture Industriesall of it

I am an Interior Designer...I purchased an entire house full of furntiure from the Lakeland Store for a Model Home. I was sent a text Sunday Dec 1st with the delivery info...The wrong address was listed on the text I received so I had to call to make the change to the correct address.

The delivery guys (who apparently are sub contractors and do not work for Ashley) showed up...Missing the bed rails...the TV console...a dining room chair...No notification was given to me at all that these items would not be delivered...I was told the day before everything would be there.

The delivery guys refused to take the 2 dining chairs they did bring out of the box...and also refused to assemble them...I had to get one of my helpers to put them together.

After many many phone calls back and forth with the store I was refunded the delivery fee...My sales girl who was very helpful did bring out the missing dining chair herself...from the showroom floor.

I was told I would receive the missing items yesterday Dec 3rd...I arranged for someone to stay late at the model home to recieve them...Once again the wrong address was on the ticket so the drivers went to the wrong house...I had to call the main number to track them down to find out where they were...

Finally at 6:30 pm last night the missing items were delivered...

I called the Lakeland store and asked to speak to the manager...who was busy...I asked for him to please return my call...I have yet to receive that call.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement...I spend a lot of money every year with Ashley Furniture...and this experience will definitly alter my choices for the next upcoming model I am working on. I have never ever had to deal with this kind of terribble delivery...or poor customer service.

Ashley Furniture Industries — the whole purchase

Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to inform you of my unhappy and unsatisfactory service your company has provided with regards to my recent purchase and later retired. Ashley...

Ashley Furniture Industriesfurniture

I bought $2100 furniture set on 2/2013 only to have it start ripping and tearing on 9/2014. First it started with 2 of the pieces, then it happened to all of the pieces. I put in a claim as we purchased the extra 5 year warranty and it was denied. I called the store, went to the store, complained to everyone but no one helped. It ended up that we threw out the furniture as my special needs son started eating the pieces of ripped leather. I am disgusted by them. I have a copy of the receipt, the warranty info and their denial email. they are horrible and I researched online and saw this same issue with all of their clients. ridiculous!!!


Ashley Furniture Industriesrepair service on warranty

my chair broke on nov.11, 2019. on the 12th i called for service and they had to order parts. no one came out to see what went wrong so i had to take pics so they could guess at what to order.i was told to recall when the parts got here and they would send a repair man out. parts came on the 20th and i called for a repair man.nothing untill the 29th but i am disablled and need it repair sooner. nothing but a problem. i then called ashley head quarters and 2 very good ladies tried to help. one told me to call repair again and if i had a problem to ask for a manager or supervisor. i talk to a dave, who was rude and non helpful so i asked forv a supervisor or a manager and was told i was talking to the highest person i will get to talk to. now its the 22nd and i ts not worth my health so i called to take the 29 or 30th and was told they are full. i am lookin into dec. but could only work with my original person and she is off till monday. here i am with a broken chair, that i really need, parts sitting in the living room and not even a person set my date. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER ASHLEY PRODUCT AND WILL GIVE MY ADVISE ABOUT ASHLY AND THEIR SERVICE TO ALL I CAN. DLS

repair service on warranty
repair service on warranty

Ashley Furniture Industries — bad service and unprofessional

My family and I have been faithful customers of Ashley furniture for many years. On November 7, 2019, I purchase a sofa chaise for my daughter to be delivered. Her address wa...

Ashley Furniture Industriesmerchandise and online service

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to inform you of my unhappy and unsatisfactory service your company has provided with regards to my recent online purchase of a dining room set. Ashley Furniture has a great reputation for quality furniture and service and this is why when I bought my first home last month I chose your company for my first big purchase. Not only is your delivery policy (and pricing) overpriced, it doesn't make sense with regards to what happened in my case.

On October 14th I purchased a Sommerford Dining Room Table and Chairs online. The Confirmation# is [protected]. The cost was $1136.95. Due to the fact I went online to shop after work at 9pm the stores were closed and I had no option to run to Ashley shop near me or to call to see if I could pick up the items and save the delivery fees on the table. The sale was in place until midnight and I had no one to contact before it ended. I paid a $199.99 delivery fee for the table! The chairs were sent separately. Three chairs assembled perfectly. The fourth had a bolt that would not connect the back to the chair piece. I emailed and the company said they would be sending a new chair back shortly.

The table was delivered yesterday afternoon by a very courteous driver. He was very professional and had the table set up in no time. I showed him the chairs and explained what I was told by Ashley about the fourth chair and he said it seemed to him that it is not the back on the chair that is the problem - it is the threading within where the bolt connects on the chair portion. So, at this point I am waiting on a replacement part for a chair that most likely will not fix the problem and I still cannot have company to my new home because I don't have seating for everyone. He suggested that I contact the company to send me a new chair. This may not sound like it is a major problem to solve or worthy of follow up but this is very important to me. This was my first big purchase for my home and it has turned into a negative first experience and completely changed how I feel about supporting your business with future purchase. After the driver left, I attempted to call customer service last night and after being on hold for an hour I was connected with a customer services rep who could not help me. He said they would NOT send me a replacement chair because they are only sold in pairs. I don't care if they are sold in pairs. My chair is defective. The phone rep said they "may" take off my shipping charges but I would have to speak with upper management to get that credit and he would connect me. I was on hold again for another 20 minutes and then the call was dropped. This is not only annoying but customer service practice at its worst! I have never felt so completely disregarded and that my patronage of your company was insignificant.

To add insult to injury, I went on the website today to attempt to find someone to email and I see my entire purchase cheaper today. My total would only be $1173.83 instead of the $1453.93 I paid. Plus, delivery is now stated to be $99.99! It sickens me to see this. I paid $280.10 more and I still don't have a complete working set!!!

I trust this is not the way that Ashley Furniture normally does business and that you will bring my concerns to the appropriate management in your Customer Retention Department. I would like to continue to be a loyal customer of Ashley Furniture and hope that you will follow up via email or phone with me. Since I am just starting my life as a "homeowner" I'm sure I will be needing many more furniture pieces in my near future. Please contact me. My phone number is [protected]. You have my email address. I would like compensation for my ongoing problem and I would like assurance that I will receive my fourth chair part (or entire chair) as soon as possible. I do not want to go through this again if they send the incorrect part. Please advise as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

**I got a one line response saying ___The delivery fee is not refundable as the table was delivered and assembled. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you,
Caitlin, OCC Agent****

Really? Terrible Customer Service responses and lack of any type of empathy for problem.

Ashley Furniture Industries — lettner collection

Oct 13, 2019 my husband and I purchased the Staymore bedroom set. After I got home I decided to call our sales person (Alice) to change our purchase to the Lettner Collection...

Ashley Furniture Industriesservice

On September 15th I went in store made an order for a two sectional. My scheduled delivery was October 8, 2019. I called to check on the status of the delivery and my order had been canceled. I did not cancel the order I'm not sure who did. Then I had to go re-sign paper work get another delivery date for November 5th. When I called to get the time frame I was told the sectional could be delivered on the 2nd then within minutes I got a call back and was told that wouldn't work and the 5th was still the delivery date. Then I got another call saying that wouldn't work and they could do Wednesday. I've been getting the run around all for a sectional. Not to mention nobody explained anything about my payments or the credit card I received. Everything was really really vague and everybody is all over the place with no answers and I've been waiting and waiting for the sectional. I haven't even gotten the sectional and I'm having problems already. I just had a bad experience with this and I probably will never return to that store and particular because I'm not all the way sure it's the actual company. This is really upsetting.

Ashley Furniture Industriesdelivery

We had a delivery scheduled and when we set up the delivery we were told we would get an estimated delivery time with a 2 hour window we got a 10 minute call before arrival and then showed up in like 5 min we missed it by not much and then was told they should still be able to deliver that day but then called and said they wouldn't and we would have to schedule at least 5 more days out when our bedroom was already torn apart waiting for the delivery. They made no attempt to work with us. We have cancelled the order and now will not be doing business with your company. You should really remember that you are providing a service that as the consumer we are paying for we were not unreasonable in our request. It is extremely disappointing.

Ashley Furniture Industriesfurniture protection plan

Be warned. DO NOT purchase the furniture protection plan from Ashley Furniture. It's a total rip off. We were told by the salesman that it covers pretty much everything except cat damage. They cover all spills, stains or damage and if it can't be cleaned they replace it. Well that's total BS. My dog had an infection and pee'd on my couch. I made a claim and after so much aggravation they finally agreed to send someone out. A so called technician showed up with a cheap we worn out bissell carpet cleaner that was less powerful then the one I own. They did a quick pass over the stained pillow and said all fixed which it wasn't. When complaining and trying to have them replace the vision I was told I was out of luck and not covered. Be warned. The protection plan is total bogus. Don't purchase anything from Ashley Furniture. Not a happy customer here.

Ashley Furniture Industriesshay furniture collection

My husband and I moved recently and purchased a living room set pindall the salesperson talked me into it I personally have bought Simmons before. Now when I went back to big lots for the shay dresser and chest I was told it's a old style they don't have it so I looked on line target had a excellent price I purchased the items WHAT A MISTAKE. The chest is so chipped up and scratched up now my dresser is here and a very large dent in front I will not return theses items first my husband and I are in our sixties,
It took all we could to get it in from our garage. I'm have to get the night stands so all bedroom pieces match. I will never buy Ashley furniture again. I work in customer service so rest assured I will give my opinion of your product. I know nothing will be done because you will tell me just return it. After two flights of stairs and giving old set away, we will use these pieces of damaged ugly furniture.
Karen Bassaro
2490 Evergreen Drive
Indiana PA 15701. [protected]

shay furniture collection
shay furniture collection
shay furniture collection
shay furniture collection
shay furniture collection

Ashley Furniture Industries — the entire 8200.00 order

155891 I bought 8200.00 worth of furniture, and asked the saleslady if they took ebates rewards she said no, upon an online check after I left I found out that they do, it would have...

Ashley Furniture Industrieswon't deliver mattress on the correct date

Bought a mattress on Saturday. Took over 2 1/2 hours for them to figure out paper work and for the people doing it to bother to get back to the Store off break. After paying a delivery fee of almost $60, i was told it would be here Wednesday. I took a Vacation Day to be here for the Delivery. Afternoon, and still not here, i called the store to be told by the Rude Lady with an accent, that it was in fact NOT on the truck Today and wouldn't be here until the 30th! Needless to say, i am getting a refund and going somewhere else. This place is a joke!

Ashley Furniture Industries — supposed leather loveseat/sofa faded after 4 months

155891 We need help. Spent around s $11, 000 with ashley to have our furniture replaced within 6 months then the replacement pieces to be worse than originals and need replaced now...

Ashley Furniture Industriesdown to the delivery to my pics of furniture being damage.

delivery was done was sloppy and not very well .Put my furniture together wasn't done right on a lot of what I bought . Some was damage and some was not put together with the right tools or not put together at all . Furniture wasn't brought in to my home with care . The furniture doors came open carrying them in and got my wall in my home while carrying them . My night stand have hot glue and wood damage on them as well . On both night stands . My bed has a leg that is not straight on the under neath part . My night stand came with charging port that where never installed. Had tags on a lot of thing that where
Never cut off . There were staples in under my night stand end tables . Kitchen table was put together with a electric drill not with the tools they suppose to put it together . I even said that's not the tools you put that together with . So am sure my screws on the table are stripped. They left plastic and part of furniture all threw my home . They never took pictures of any of things I bought to put on file . Now to my store order of lamps I never new when I would get those and never was given a tracking number . Finally received my lamps last week . I have a cow hide rug that I do not have a tracking number for . I was told by costumer service I should have been provided with tracking numbers for drop shipped items . Your store I was dealing with they were helpful when I order my furniture and was professional. After I started having problems I felt like I was dealing with adult children who did not know how to do there job or communicate with me . I do feel I should not pay for delivery fee or Assembly fee as well . I do feel I should pay for any of the furniture that is damage. I do not know what else is damage in my furniture that I receive. The delivery people never took pictures of my furniture to put on file and was very unprofessional on how they did things . I don't feel I should pay for this furniture after being ran in circles . This has been going since I had the delivery. The damage furniture I didn't find until yesterday. I had part of furniture all threw my home and they left a big mess . I would like this to be taken care and made right . I don't feel how I was treated was fair . As of right now I will never do business with Ashley furniture again . I spent 11 grand and financed it. I don't feel after all the run around I have been given I should have to pay for any of this now . I hope you can make it right . Thanks Sara

down to the delivery to my pics of furniture being damage.
down to the delivery to my pics of furniture being damage.
down to the delivery to my pics of furniture being damage.
down to the delivery to my pics of furniture being damage.
down to the delivery to my pics of furniture being damage.
down to the delivery to my pics of furniture being damage.

  • Updated by Miss 208 · Oct 21, 2019

    Not very happy with Ashley furniture. As of right now I’ll never do business with you again

Ashley Furniture Industriesbroken dining room tables - terrible customer service

I ordered a dining room table and 2 arm chairs and 4 dining room chairs, via the website. The chairs were delivered to my by UPS, one of the arm chairs had stains on it and one of the dining chairs were not go together because the holes were not lined up properly. They had to resend new chairs. The table was delivered on Friday, Oct. 11th, when the delivery guy opened the box, the corner of the table was crushed. They rescheduled a delivery for Oct. 15th and when that table was delivered, it was missing the brace to hold it together at the bottom. It was also delivered in a box for a TV stand. The delivery person told me "that sometimes when they attempt to deliver something to someone and they return it because it is the wrong item or something, the box might be damaged and so they put it in another box, which is probably why the part is missing". I was dumbfounded that they were bits and piecing a table together to give me. I also noticed at that time that they legs of the table were scratched. They told me that customer service would contact me in about 24 hours to reschedule a delivery. I called customer service, on hold for 25 minutes, spoke to one person, transferred to another person and was told that there was nothing they could do until the delivery people brought the table back to the warehouse and someone would contact me in a day or so. I called back later and they offered to get a table out to me by Sunday, Oct. 20th!! I cancelled the order and will never use Ashley Furniture again and will make sure I share this story with everyone I know so that they don't get taken by these people. Still have to wait 3-5 days for my credit card to be credited for the table that they went ahead and charged me for. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

Ashley Furniture Industries — won't accept payment over the phone.

We recently purchased, paid for, and scheduled delivery for several items in-store. We also ordered and placed a down payment on other items to be delivered in the near future, a...