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Bought a double bed divan and fridgemaster (And Hoover That was delivered)from Argos. There was enough stock. I paid in full. I also Paid for Saturday delivery. As I work for a living In a New Job I cant do week deliveries. No work no pay.
Wont deliver on a Saturday, Had a wednesday slot after 4 in the afternoon, so I could be there to take the order. Argos didn't deliver as they could only do it in the morning so no delivery took place. Arranged a time for friday 12 Dec. Cancelled on wednessday. No Stock. Computer errors etc. Could only contact me in a weeks time to arrange a new delivery.

This is a month after I paid. The bed was supposed to be delivered in 14 days and the fridge in 14 days.
I feel robbed.
I dont think Argos have any intention to deliver my Already paid for bed and fridge. Now I live in a home with no fridge or double bed to sleep on. They wont even replace it with another model. It is costing me a fortune to eat every day as I dont have any where to store food properly and need to pay for expensive take out etc. Not to even mention how uncomfortable it is on a blowup matress.

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      Sep 08, 2009


    Sara weller, Managing director of argos

    Sara.[protected] shes the ceo, then it will be passed to her executive response team.



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  • Th
      Dec 13, 2009

    where is your old bed??

    not got any friends or relatives who can store a bit of food or help you out??

    you say you ordered a bed, did you order a mattress or where you planning on using the blow up on the divan?? from what ive read here you didnt even have a mattress to put on the bed, now that would be even more uncomfortable!!

    14 days for delivery is a guideline and is always based around those willing to be flexible with their time to actually receive the goods. many people will take a few hours off work when it comes to receiving such important goods because it actually matters to them, it reads here as if you would prefer to sleep on a blow-up mattress rather than request a half day off work to receive your lovely new bed

    delivery schedules are hard to build when people are crying out about being economic, the delivery services of argos have improved greatly since this and they also offer weekend delivery too

    atleast you could vaccuum your home

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