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Complaints & Reviews

Customer comes first

Been into local ARGOS to purchase an Engagement Ring, Looked through the catalogue and found one . I went to the counter and asked to look at item ... They showed me the ring in the only size they had in store . I asked if they could order me one in the right size .To the response well it all depends if they could get one . So i left my details and they said they would ring me . Also they said DUE to NEW CATALOGUE comeing out, i might not get the product at that price . Why Advertize this product at that price if you cannot buy it at that ...
A week has past and still not heard anything, so i rang them up . To my surprise they are waiting for the product to come in ...no phone call to tell me they could get this product ? But this is what is makeing me put this complaint in ...They keep going on about this NEW CATALOGUE . Rather then gettin me the RING at that price, I frist saw it and asked about it and wanted it ...I work in retail and we are always told to help the customer because they come first ...They buy your products !. Stick your ring where the sun dont shine because i dont care about your rubbish service ... Ill go to someone who actually wants to sell things and argos can go the same way woolworths went .

  • Mr
    mrs m guyers Jan 24, 2014

    bought 3 items in the past 3 months, fro food blender to v-tech bear. all these didn't work properly, on on xmas morning with my granddaughter the v-0tech bear didn't work. got my money back though, but still it has put me off buying goods from argos now. unless u can prove me different. very disappointed customer whoshopped at Ormskirk store and skelmesdale store.
    yours faithfully
    mrs m guyers

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Late delivery and Lies

We ordered a "Lincoln Table and chair set" from Argos - Order was placed on 26 March 10 after being emailed by Argos to tell us the item was back in stock with 35 days delivery.
This suited us fine. Delivery due April 30th. At the 11th hour Argos transmitted an automatic phone call telling us that they could not deliver until May 24th - not happy but we had no choice. On 18th May we sought from Argos an assurance that they would deliver on May 24th - YES they said (inwriting) - May 24th = no delivery. Fired off letters to the M/D (Sara Weller) and the Chief executive (Terry Duddy) - both of whom have not to date had the good grace to reply and apologise. We of course, like many other dissapointed and very annoyed customers got the customary phone call from the secretary
one Melissa "the messenger" Flatley. Though she is a very nice person who is obviously constantly having irate customer problems thrown at her by the erstwhile M/D and C/E
i doubt that she has discretion to even put the office cat out. We were told that our order would bedelivered on the 28thMay - ok fine - but on the back of that message we got an email from Argos telling us that they could not deliver until June 14th. Pooh hit the fan.
Told Melissa this and asked why but she told us to ignre the message - (so why send it)
Delivery was made on 28th May and we acquired £40 value gift card (which of course costs Argos nothing). Note that during all of this Argos continued to advertise the product with 35 days delivery -- ours took 63 days -- Worth noting that Homebase advertise the same product with a 21 day delivery slot. Our main complaint about Argo is two things.
1. Is the constant stream of lies we were told.
2. Is the Argos breach of contract for delivery (twice)
Argos = you need to address these problems ASAP - That's what you get paid a mega salary for Mr Duddy and Ms Weller ---- neither of you have responded, that speaks volumes.

  • Re
    Revolution59 Apr 02, 2011

    A - anything
    R - rubbish
    G - goes
    O - on
    S - sale

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  • De
    dermot kenny Apr 29, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to tell story about an incident that happened to me in ARGOS some time back, the first letter you see is a letter I sent to the ARGOS main office in England complaining about my treatment at the hands of this person.

    The next letter is what I got back form ARGOS, as you can see it is a letter to APOLOGISE to me.

    Next is the photo evidence that can not be disputed of the two DS NINTENDOS.
    The one I gave in and the one I got back, it is there for everyone to see that the serial numbers are different and that I was cheated, coned, and lied to my a member of ARGOS staff, and not just a member but a so called manager?.

    I would like to point out that the Arklow Argos store have not contacted me and don’t seem to have any interest in the way their customers treated.

    Dear Mr Downhill

    First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to investigate this matter, I am sure you are a very busy man so I will try my best to explain to you what happened on the day in question.

    My wife went over to the Argos store to get a DS Lite for my daughter, when my wife got home we put it on charge, after three hours it would not charge, my wife then took it back to the store and the girl told her that you have to charge it for four hours (((which is not true as a new DS is 40% charged when you buy it))) my wife then came home and charged it for another three hours and it still would not work so she took it back to the store again, again she was told that she had not charged it long enough by the same person.

    When my wife came home again with the DS I thought this was ridicules, it had now had seven hours charging and would still not work and she had been very rude to my wife with her very bad attitude, this time I took the DS back to the store but before I did I took a photo of the DS and took down the serial number, I asked to see the person that was dealing with my wife, when she came out I asked her why my wife was sent away when clearly there was a problem with the DS, she told me that my wife was not charging the DS long enough, I told her that the DS had been charged for seven hours and still it would not work. ((Can I say at this time her whole attitude towards myself was very rude and not really interested in what I was saying)).

    At this time I asked could I have my money back and she said no, I then said well can I have a replacement and again she said no and just looked at me, she then said that she would take the DS in and charge it herself and told me to come back in three hours, I said fine.

    When I went back to the store three hours later I asked to see this person, she came out with three staff with her, she came up to me and did not even look at me, she was playing the DS in front of me and after a short while she looked up at me with a smile on her face and said this is working fine, at the same time all the customers and the rest of the staff were looking at me,

    I then asked her can I have a look at the DS, she handed it to me in a very rude way, When I took the DS it was indeed working fine, I then took a look at the serial number and I could see straight away that this was not the same DS that I had handed in.

    When I took the serial number out of my pocket and compared it with the DS that she had given me it was not the same one, when I pointed this out to her everything changed, now all the staff and the customers were looking at her, she then said to me are you calling me a liar and I said yes I was and the proof is here for every one to see, she then seemed to get into some sort of a panic and out of the blue she said she was calling security, I said why are you calling security I am doing nothing wrong,
    It was quite obvious for everyone to see that she had to get herself out of this situation and that is why she was calling security, I then took the DS and walked out.

    Can we for a moment just move away form what was said and what was not said on the day, surely the focus must now be on the fact that this person tried to con and cheat me ((a customer)) in a way that is hard to believe, and the photo tells the whole story regardless what was said on the day.

    Kind regards

    Dermot Kenny.


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Do Not EVER Work for Argos!!

I would like to make a complaint about argos as an employee. I worked for Argos in my home town for Barnsley...

do not bye argos jewlery

I am fedup of byeing thing from argos and them being falty take my ereing for example.
i brount an earing last week and took it back and asked if they could do somtink and they said u are no telling thetruth because u did not bye it from us but ovcorse they hade to ask if i had a reciet before they acused me of lying i am furiouse. i got that money for hard work and basicly throw it away on a poxy little argos earing :@ DO NOT BYE FROM ARGOS!!!

Home Delievry - What home delivery

where do i start.
I have been so badly treated by this company I am never speanding any more money with them ever.

It all stared at the beginning of Januaury when myself and my partner decided to move into our new flat.
we purchased a fridge and a washing machine nearly £400.
we have also purchased £250 of smaller items.
then came the order for our bedroom furniture £240. the bedside table was not delivered on the day it was meant to. i lost £150 as I took a day off work to wait around for it to call them at 5.30 for them to tell me it was never going to be delivered on this day. again the second day it was not delivered and i had to in the end have it delivered to my work address. havign to transport it home myself.
after many stressful phone calls it was agreed that i put in a claim for the loss of earnings on day 1 and a £50 good will gesture would be sent out to me.
I had to chase the good will gesture 3 time asking when the cheque would be sent out. ''yes miss heasman i can see that the cheque still hasnt been done'' finally i recieve a £50 gift card for them. i dont want to give them another penny!
I called and i now have to send this in to the head office requesting for a cheque to be sent out? i do not understand why this was not done in the first place.
in respect to my claim for loss of earnings. they wont pay out for the first day. bloody useless. I am considering taking them to court for this!
what am i meant to do as a consumer i think this is disgusting! i want to let everyone know about it how do i get in touch with the papers!

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  • Wo
    wobblemonkey Feb 19, 2010

    These are made in China and questionable amounts of chemicals illegal in the UK are inside the hides on these models.
    I'd push for a full refund on any leather sofa from Argos because they know these product are not only substandard but in some instances hazardous to Human Health.
    Get your money back and do not re-purchase this model
    They are fully aware of this issue and yet the more you write it on the net, the more thier PR will read up on possible get out excuses
    In short these sofas are crap

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Store Manager Mr Gudge

i ordered 26 watches from Argos to be collected on Sunday the 24 December 2010, wen i went there i have been...

Failure to deliver

I ordered on line a "Cyberbike" from Argos for home delivery. This is a very popular item and due to the item being out of stock had to wait for them to advise me when it would be in. Which they did, so far so good. I ordered the item and paid by credit card. The order was duly acknowledged and I was issued with an order number and a delivery day. Still so far so good. Argos have an order tracking site which I visited and it showed that Argos had dispatched the item and delivery was confirmed as previously advised between 7.00am & 6.00pm. The delivery had not been made by 6.45pm so I phoned customer services and spoke to Paul who apologised profusely and stated that the item had been sent by mistake to Swindon. Not being happy with this I suggested that is was dispatched the next day from Swindon to my home.I was told this was not possible as it would be sent back to them. Not being satisfied with this I requested to speak to someone who could organise this. I then spoke to John of the Management team to be told that the item was out of stock and that Argos would advise me when the item was back in stock to see if I still required the item and anyway phone me after 2 weeks. When I asked why the bike at Swindon could not be sent on to me he astounded me by saying that the bike was now on a container back to the manufacturer.
To say that I am of the opinion that the story told is one of unbelievable fiction is to be kind to those relating it.
I can not understand the following;
How Paul knew my bike had been sent to Swindon within seconds.
How in these days of post codes can an item be dispatched so far from its proposed destination.
Why Swindon sent it back to the manufacturer without any reference to other s within Argos.
How the management team knew within minutes the fate of my bike.
Why Argos can not guarantee the next delivery of bike one is not sent to me.

I would not be so suspicious of the answers received had I not previously experienced problems with Argos on my only other home delivery when my wife was phoned by the delivery driver that he was minutes away and failed to turn up and then when she rang Customer services was told it was out of stock - it took a further 3 weeks for that item to be deliverer.

  • Ug
    uglyduckling6 Jan 10, 2015

    I ordered on the 6th Jan a food mixer that i really wanted after waiting for it to come back into stock since the beginning of Dec, i was thrilled to be able to order it for home delivery, which i don't like doing as i have had a problem before but if this was the only way to get what i wanted then so be it. My delivery was set for today which has not arrived, unfortunately i am not surprised and fully expect to be fobbed off with another one of their bulls!!! excuses for exceptionally bad service, but don't care because they know that people can't afford to pay higher prices and the convenience of the shops and opening times.

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Is UK's Financial Ombudsman Service a front for UK's Financial Services

I was approached by Argos to apply for their MasterCard on 23/4/09 with Email "Dayashankar Want money back to spend at Argos?"

I applied and got rejected instantly with recommendation to apply for Vanquis Credit Card with more than twice interest rate.

I made a complain to Financial Ombudsman Service, which was taken in, an Adjudicator was appointed who was completely ignored by Argos and yet the Adjudicator has written to me (attachment) that she is "unable to recommend [to who?] that your [my] complaint be upheld".

Dr D M Joshi

  • Ar
    ARGOSMASTERCARD Apr 13, 2010

    i applied for this card just for the sake of money back rewards, been doing timely payments had no problem using the card but the rewards never got one calling customer services is of no use, the only answer i used to get was there was a system error the reward voucher is on its way but never got one. but have been paying telephone bills calling 0845 numbers. AVOID ARGOS MASTERCARD.

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bad customer services

Argos UK Some years ago I purchased computer workstations from Argos. I'm disabled and had to pay to get...


I purchased an American style fridge freezer on August 16th 2009. When it was delivered both doors were damaged. And we asked for a reduction in the price. We paid almost £800.00 for it, but we were offered just £30.00 which we declined we were then offered repalcement doors instead which we accepted. I waited until October for delivery of one door, the second door did not arrive with it, so I telephoned again and was promised delivery the next day, however after many, many more telephone calls, I did not receive delivery of the second door until 21st November 2009. During this time the doors were in our entrance hall and we had to climb over them to get into our room On the 23rd November I received a telephone call telling me to ring a local company who would fit the doors for me, when I rang them asking for an appointment and asking if they would remove the damaged doors at the same time I was told they would not. (these doors are almost 6 feet high). I then rang Argos again who said that it was our responsibility to have the doors removed. This assistant was abusive on the phone and declined to put me through to an assistant that I had dealt with earlier, I then asked to be put in touch with someone more senior who would be able to help me, when I spoke to "A manager", she had obviously discussed my case with the previous assistant who continued with the same advice, that I would indeed have to remove the doors myself. Eventually after my insistance that the goods were faulty, and that it was not my responsibility to have to employ a removal company to discard them, she said they would pay £40.00 towards the removal of the doors. Is it satisfactory that I should have to arrange removal myself, and what if the cost exceeds £40.00? I am disgusted with this shoddy treatment, the amount of money it has cost me to phone both Argos and LG ( the manufacturer) probably has exceeded £40.00 anyway. I have contacted trading standards and am waiting for their intervention. The doors still remain in my hall and have not been fitted. I should not have to be spoken to in an abusive manner, by a member of staff including the manager, or be left hanging on the end of a phone line. Can anyone advise me. The best thing I can do is never buy anything more from them again, and I will advise others to do the same. However that does not sort out my immediate problem. I am unable to find a complaints department for Argos, and I am not on my own judging by the amount of complaints I have found.

  • Fp
    FPB2 Nov 27, 2009

    How about emailing them from their Customer Services area on their website - See link below. Hopefully it will work for you :


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Fraud and Scam

This company - Argos Sports (UK) Ltd have taken my money, and not sent the goods. They are uncontactable- I have written, emailed and telephoned, and had no reply. They appear to be doing the same thing with many other customers - (see complaints on comparestoreprices.co.uk)

  • Qu
    quarry_6 Nov 13, 2009

    This has also happened to me. on 26th oct i ordered a snooker table for £69.99. nothing has been delivered. i cannot contact them. there business address is boarded up. the website is still active and taking peoples money. i have reported this to my bank.

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  • Uk
    UK Table Tennis Nov 26, 2009

    We are UK Table Tennis, sole authorised importer of Cornilleau Table Tennis Equipment, and Argos Sports was a distributor of ours. They also owe us money for invoices dating back to mid September and we believe this is around the time they stopped transferring customer orders to their suppliers. Their website has now been closed down but if you purchased goods from them and have not yet received anything then I recommend you get in touch with your bank and local trading standards office.

    Details of the directors of this company are available by searching the Companies House website.

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Do not even get me started on the unprofessionality of this company. Two weeks ago I had a fridge delivered be two lovely delivery men early morning charming guys. After they left I found that my Nintendo DS and 40 cash had left with them also!!! Called the police obviously and called argos to advise that they have these kind of people entering customers housing on their behalf. The first manager I spoke to was lovely and advised that they would investigate and replace my items which I thought was generous and fair. Since then everytime I've rung I have been advised that someone will call back within 48 hrs or by 8pm the usual mumbo jumbo. As far as I know the delivery men have been arrested but argos are still allowing them to deliver!!! Last night I finally got through to the rudest man I have ever spoken to (now i would like to point out I have never sworn, raised my voice or anything to a customer services rep) came on the line and shouted at me as he told me the police would sort it out and I am getting nothing from them as they had arranged for DHL to deliver on their behalf. Unfortunately for that young man I know his name and department and now I know the name of the CEO I am going to make sure he knows just how unprofessional his staff are.

Late delivery

I ordered a new bed with matching bedside tables and chest of drawers from Argos on 27th July 07. I was told it would be on a 5 week delivery. I waited and waited! To cut a long story short i kept receiving letters saying it was out of stock and to ring to get a new delivery date. By the first week of november i finally received a phone call saying my bed and mattress was ready but nothing else, so did i want the bed delivered. I said yes. On the morning it was due to turn up, the delivery men arrived with my bed and a box saying chest of drawers. Whilst waiting for family to come to help me put everything together i emptied my existing chest of drawers in a rush(as i hadnt been expecting my chest of drawers on that day-everyone would have done the same!!) i just quickly threw everything in black bags. When my family arrived we got rid of my old bed and chest of drawers. I live in a small one bedroom house so we had to move the old stuff out straight away to fit the new stuff in! After opening the box labelled chest of drawers, we realised some of it was missing. I rang the helpline who said-oh yes we only had some of it in so we just sent you what we had!! I then had to live out of black bags until i finally had the rest of the delivery 30th nov. The bed i ordered was a wooden storage bed and all the bases of the drawers were too big-i was advised by argos they had no more in to send me, so i had to send the drawers off to a carpenter who had to cut them down to fit. so i had no drawers at all for another couple of weeks!!!

  • Th
    thebitch Dec 13, 2009

    not a single part of you thought 'lets check its all there' before you went all nutty with the black bags??

    you thought that far ahead to move your clothing and move stuff out of the way that not a single person between you and your family members thought even for one second to check the parts were all there????

    doesnt the entire existence of the 'flat pack' teach us all to check that you have all the correct screws and fittings before you get started!!!

    i am amazed that you needed a carpenter to cut down the drawer bases, thats simply hilarious, not a single member of your family owns a saw?? not a single relative is a fan of DIY, nobody knows anyone who would possibly be a joiner???

    sent off to a carpenter, thats the best thing ive read in ages, well done

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i went to argos to buy a bed, i then went to the counter and i placed my order.i was asked my name and i said justin oneill.the counter attendant smirked and asked how would you spell that .after several non existant oneill spellings..i told him.i asked has he never heared of that spelling..its the biggist name in ulster.he said no?..my order was not in stock and i was told they cant sell me anything thats not in stock.which i believe.i picked another bed.i stood for a while and the guy previous that took my order wispered to a another guy that then served me.i was told to take a till right beside an other employee that was fixing a light.the employee took my order and same again asked me to spell my name.the all laughed.i really find it hard to believe that anyone from ulster, northern ireland cant spell one of the biggest names.sports pages oneills on every gaelic top.not to mention surfing, skiing, i just happen to have a name thats been in clonflict with their past..because of this i was treated like a second class citizen ...nothing will come of this.but if it happens again please bring this up ..



I purchaed a koochi galveston stroller from Argos. I have twice been stranded at the supermarket when it will not fold away. After contacting the c/s dept I was given a returns number and asked to take it back to the store. The store manager advised me that I was folding the chair incorrectly because upon there testing it would go up and down. To me this is unfit for purpose because it is jamming. Regardless of whether they can put it up and down in store. The product is not fit for purpose if it is jamming sometimes and leaving me stranded.
Refund was denied.

Argos complaint

Dear Sir / Madam, Customer Services Argos Uk Id finally like your reply in writing. I have been passed from...

argos manager

Hi, I work in Argos, the walthamstow branch. All the employees are not happy with the stockroom manager. so...

washing machine

i ordered and received a washing machine from argos and paid to have it delivered and fitted. The delivery man said it could not be fitted because the waste pipe was too short. I contacted the council and they sent a plumber who said that was rubbish, the pipe was fine so I had to employ another plumber to fit my washing machine. I am not happy with your delivery mans attituude. I got the feeling he was in a hurry, and didnot want to take time to fit the machine. I hope you can do something about this.

Beware! Argos has started distance selling fraud with their customers

I found a Samsung E250 blossom mobile phone listed @ £34.99 with store pick up option at Argos website. I successfully got its reservation (number 296804), also received an email confirmation from Argos that item is available in the store for collection against the above reservation price. After traveling about 15 miles I visited today Charlton Argos with confirmation print of my reservation but to my surprise when staff refused to sell the item @ £34.99 pretending that they are selling only to those customers who are able to spend a further £10. The staff also confirmed that the details of extra £10 are not shown on their website but it is imposed in the stores. I therefore decided not to purchase from such daylight robbers who are the demolishers of the distance selling rules as well as the UK's E-commerce Regulations.

Mrs B. Simon

  • Sa
    Samstars Sep 08, 2009


    Sara weller, Managing director of argos

    [email protected] shes the ceo, then it will be passed to her executive response team.



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  • Em
    emmet81 Nov 26, 2009

    I can see where your coming from but the extra £10 presumably for a top-up is a policy set by the phone companys 02 orange etc. This is to try and deter box breakers (ie people who unlock phones and use a different sim card costing the phone companies thousands.

    And you reserved the item not the price. There is different terms and conditions when you buy on the website and not instore even different laws eg distance selling regs etc.
    I blame the fraudsters unlocking their phones.

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  • Th
    thebitch Dec 13, 2009

    sort ur head out and get with it, as said above the extra ten pounds is a top up which is, like said, imposed by most phone networks, not argos themselves

    you would be running back to the store moaning if you got 15 miles (you kidding?) and found that the mobile wouldnt work because you didnt have the credit to activate it

    be happy they were trying to save you money on petrol

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  • Ka
    KARAOKESTAR28LEEDS Dec 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with thebitch and emmett well said.

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