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Tepperman's Ltd

535 Grand Avenue
Canada - N7L3Z2

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1877 777 5754(Chatham Store) 0 1
1888 270 0412(Kitchener Store) 1 0
1800 265 7987(London (Ontario) Store) 5 2
1877 777 5790(Sarnia Store) 0 1
1800 265 5062(Windsor Store) 1 0
+1 877 915 5170(Customer Care) 2 0
+1 877 315 5173(Credit) 0 0
+1 519 351 6034(Chatham Store) 0 0
+1 519 279 7810(Kitchener Store) 0 0
+1 519 433 5353(London (Ontario) Store) 0 0
+1 519 541 0100(Sarnia Store) 0 0
+1 519 969 9700(Windsor Store) 0 1
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Store Locations

Chatham Store
535 Grand Ave E, Chatham, Ontario N7L 3Z2
Kitchener Store
1415 Huron Rd, Kitchener, Ontario N2R 0L3

London (Ontario) Store
1150 Wharncliffe Rd. S, London, ON N6L 1K3

Sarnia Store
1380 London Rd, Sarnia, ON N7S 1P8

Windsor Store
2595 Ouellette Ave., Windsor, ON N8X 4V8

Tepperman's Complaints & Reviews

Tepperman's — dining room table

I purchased a dining room table and chairs March 17 2018.. at Teppermans Kitchener . I noticed 3 weeks ago that my table had many white pitted marks on more than half the table.I...

Furniture  · Oct 07, 2019

Tepperman's — washer

I went in two weeks ago to purchase a washing machine. At that time I was told there were none in storage that would have been Tuesday Sept. 17th the sales person at that time...

Windsor Appliances  · Oct 04, 2019

Tepperman's — living room furniture/ customer service

Due to the fact of the way your firm has treated my Family (Todd & Nikki McIntyre, 190 Lake Margaret Trail, St. Thomas) ordered a replacement for defective furniture and then told...

London Furniture  · Oct 01, 2019

Tepperman's — washer

Their Extended Warranty company The Walker Group has been giving me a runaround for 3 weeks. As long as they work with this Warranty company I will not be purchasing from any...

Chatham Retail Stores  · Sep 30, 2019

Tepperman's — recliner

7 months ago I bought a recliner the handle became loose a technician was sent out to fix it low and be hold a few months later it became lose again the tech came again said the...

Repair Services  · Sep 01, 2019

Tepperman's — media fireplace and console

I was sold a media fire place and console on July 10/2019. I was sold this by Daniel Good. He will not answer my calls. I was told by Daniel that my fireplace would be no longer...

Other  · Aug 07, 2019

Tepperman's — sales people

3 years ago my wife and I bought a lovely couch and chair and wine cooler and microwave from a very lovely saleslady at the kitchener store. Everything is good... Paid off on...

Furniture  · Jul 31, 2019

Teppermans — chatham teppermans customer service

I bought a couch from them that was $1000 on a plan and 4 months later they had it on sale for $400. I asked to see if I could have it switched to that deal but they told me no...

Furniture  · May 18, 2019

Tepperman's — couch and loveseat with three year insurance purchased

We purchased a loveseat and couch from this company and bought extended insurance. It broke once and was covered under manufacturer because it was within a year. It broke again...

Sarnia Furniture  · Nov 03, 2018

Tepperman's — security - performance protection plan-powered by w3 solutions

We called about for customer service on our Electrolux washer leaking water at the front of the macine. I We knew we have a 5 year extended warranty coverage and we felt it should...

1 comments Washing Machines  · Oct 05, 2018

Tepperman's — customer service and damaged products

Hello, I am looking to speak with someone that can assist me with some customer service issues or a manager that will take the time to hear out my concerns. My boyfriend and I...

London Furniture  · Oct 04, 2018

Teppermans — refrigerator bad boy furniture

I went shopping for a new refrigerator on tuesday I put money down to tepoermans to buy a beautiful refrigerator there!! As I left I thought i'd run over and just check out...

Furniture  · Sep 27, 2018

Tepperman's — tepperman windsor

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to complain about Tepperman's selling malpractice to have customers sign off on documents and options by misleading them. I purchased several item...

Windsor Business & Finances  · Jun 23, 2018

Tepperman's — samsung dryer.. 3.5 years old

I bought a Samsung washer/dryer 3.5 years ago from teppermans in London. 2.5 weeks ago the dryer is making a scraping noise when it runs so I stopped using it. I have been...

London Repair Services  · Apr 11, 2018

Tepperman's — credit builder plan

In August of 2015 I purchased a mattress on the credit builder plan, its a 36 month payment plan. Fast forward to March 2018 I went into Teppermans to pay off the remaining...

London Furniture  · Apr 10, 2018

Teppermans Delivery Service — bedroom set delivery

My wife and myself ordered a bedroom set just before Family day and set up delivery for first Saturday they had which was March 10. Was happy with our purchase as we have had...

London Employees  · Mar 13, 2018

Tepperman's — return policy

On the 8th of March I went to Tepperman's in London and cancelled an order and requested a refund of my money. I was able to cancel my order however when it came to receiving my...

1 comments London Furniture  · Mar 11, 2018

Tepperman's — damaged furniture

My wife and I purchased a new bedroom set on 01/14/2018. At the time we were remodeling our bedroom as we had just bought this home recently. When it was delivered on 01/25/2018...

Sarnia Furniture  · Feb 19, 2018

Tepperman's — couch delivery/customer care team

I bought a couch in full a month before my delivery date. No one told me that I had to be home the entire day to receive my delivery. I had it lined up where I got rid of my old...

London Furniture  · Jan 26, 2018

Tepperman's — unethical behaviour and total dissatisfaction with product, staff and overall teppermans experience

We have been paying off our account generally mid month for the past several months. Today I received two calls at 2:07 pm. Then the next call was to my mother in law immediately...

Sarnia Furniture  · Jan 16, 2018

Tepperman's — delivery fee charged for replacement of faulty sectional

I am writing to express my absolute dismay at the current situation I am going through with Tepperman's Windsor. I am not usually one to go to these lengths, but I am so disgusted...

Teppermans — fridge

We purchased a fridge and stove couple weeks ago, during the delivery the fridge was completely destroyed and your delivery driver was verbally abusive and threatening to my wife...

Tepperman's — washer

I had purchased a washer and had to call for service, that was taken care of, we had to call again for a second service call, this time the washer locked and started to spin at...

Tepperman's — furniture

We built a new house and being new to southwestern ontario we had never heard of teppermans. Show room looked beautiful... But what terrible quality and brutal customer service!...

Tepperman's — samsung dryer

We called Teppermans on Monday August 28th because our dryer stopped heating, the first thing they told us was to try troubleshooting everything ourselves before making a claim, I...

Tepperman's — delivery for mattress exchange

Staff that DOES NOT CARE I have a sleep beauty mattress that has been approved for an exchange, as the mattress is 5 years old and is garbage!! The problem is I was told I have...

Tepperman's — 40' smart tv (samsung)

Will not honour the warranty I was sold. Does not contact back. Will never get anything from teppermans ever again n neither will no one I know. I paid good money for the tv and...

Tepperman's — couch

Bought a new couch from wharncliffe rd. Locationon on march 16 2017 paid in full that day. Within a week of purchase heard the first loud noise come from inside of couch, afew...

Tepperman's — palliser leather sofa and loveseat

On may 20th 2017 I purchased a palliser sofa and love seat the deal on was save 2x the tax, so as I was talking to the sales person about the set, she told me that palliser wa...

Teppermans — kitchen/dining table and chairs

We purchased a Kitchen table and 6 chairs from Teppermans in August of 2016. We were looking at a few and one my husband liked more, and one I liked more. The salesman made our...

Tepperman's — unethical behaviour

My parents bought a 55" Samsung TV that was too big for their cabinet, they needed a 50". They wanted that particular make. They needed to exchange it. We had called about the...

Teppermans — finance

teppermans finance department added life and dismemberant insurance to our account without informing us at the day of purchase excited about our purchase we signed the contract...

Teppermans — lied to about payment

I bought a tv and air conditioner from teppermans with no interesr for 2 years on tv and no interesr for 1 year on air conditioner I asked the fianance department to calculate my...

Teppermans — customer "I don't" care department

Here is my story and why I will never shop this store again and tell all of my friends and coworkers who are thinking of buying stuff for their house to go someplace else!!! In...

Tepperman's London Ontario — does not honour flyer

If you think you will get everything you are promised, think again.. I received a letter from Tepperman's stating I am a preferred customer and I can receive a free product (with...

Teppermans — delivery charges

2/5/2014 Here is my story with Tepperman's, and I'm still dealing with it. I purchased a Bed frame, a 2 piece box spring, a mattress, 2 dressers and a night table on Nov 24th...

Teppermans — delivery fee

Here is my story with Tepperman's, and I'm still dealing with it. I purchased a Bed frame, a 2 piece box spring, a mattress, 2 dressers and a night table on Nov 24th, 2013. The...

Teppermans — superior furniture care

My husband and I purchased a 3 piece sofa, love-seat and recliner and where pressured into purchasing the extended furniture care plan. They claim that it covers pretty much...

Tepperman's Furniture — life and property insurance charges

I have just gotten off the phone with a manager in the London location of Teppermans and I am steamed. My wife and I purchased a washer and dryer set in August of 2010. At the...

Tepperman&s Furniture — being charged delivery fees to replace poor quality item

A couch was ordered and delivered and the quality of the workmanship was very substandard. I was told to notify the sales rep within 7 days and picked out another couch. When...