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AcceptanceNow reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 30, 2015. The latest review An employee was posted on Apr 14, 2021. AcceptanceNow has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 66 reviews. AcceptanceNow has resolved 0 complaints.

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AcceptanceNow Complaints & Reviews

AcceptanceNowAn employee

My name is Christina Lampton and one of the employees by the name of Tashianna Bush who works at the Orland Park Illinois location has be threatening and stalking me. She retrieved my home address from the system at her job because a few years back I went through Acceptance Now to make a purchase from Bob's furniture. I filled a complaint. The police served her papers at her job. My lawyer will be soon reaching out to her for going through her job to search for me...

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    I applied to get another phone today from acceptance now via Rent-A-Center and was told I was denied. After speaking with customer service and being told my account was in good standing I contacted Acceptance Now and they refused to give me any reason or allow me to dispute it. I was told I would be contacted via email with a reason why but have yet to receive anything. I don't understand because I paid off early and had no issues. The only thing that I can possibly think of that is called this is because when I spoke with Rent-A-Center they said I had to have my roommate come in and sign the contract is well because the utilities were not in my name and I was not the owner of the house. Before I never had to do this and they allowed me to bring in mail to prove my residency. I feel as though Rent-A-Center told them to deny me so they did and I honestly could spit Nails I'm so livid over the situation. This was my last hope to replace a phone that randomly quit working that I bought from them last year. Everyone I've spoken to has been very rude, in no way helpful, and really seem to be inefficient at doing their job. I'm sorry but this is an unacceptable practice and they should really care more about the people they rely on to use their service because otherwise there is no need for them if there are no customers.

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      AcceptanceNowGlitch in system now trying to charge me late fee

      This evening I was called by a team member from acceptance now stating my automatic payment was declined. I quickly checked my account and saw that there is MORE than enough money to cover the transaction. She told me that many customers have had the same thing happen to them today as they had a glitch in THEIR system. She said she could take payment over the phone. I was unable to reach my card information at the time of her call, and asked her to call me back at a later time. Because I would not comply with her request right away, she said she would be charging me a late fee. She ended up hanging up on me, and saying she couldn't speak to me anymore. I called the number back and asked to speak to her supervisor. She then told me that she was the manager there, and her superior was unavailable for me to speak to. She was not only unprofessional, but also unreasonable. I have never missed a payment as the directly take the payment from my account. She ADMITTED IT WAS THEIR SYSTEM AT FAULT! And she still feels entitled to a late fee.

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        AcceptanceNowFurniture sofa and loveseat

        Purchased Sofa leased loveseat I made my payments and as of yesterday went in to make my payment of $250 my balance was $474 so after I made my $250 I was advised that my balance was $610. Contacted customer service and advised that I wanted to pay off the balance from the $474 it's ridiculous how much was added on. Then customer service was calling and every time I would say hello about (3) times no response. My furniture was even delivered until September which had a tiny hole in it. This can really mess up a persons mental health especially all that is going on right now. I reached out to someone named Mitch district manager waiting to hear back. It's like Im paying $1, 500 for a freaking loveseat Acceptance Now is not the route to go it's a complete rip off.
        My email is [protected]@yahoo.com

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          Dec 31, 2020

          AcceptanceNow — Furniture

          I went in to a furniture store in Jacksonville, Florida by the name of Furniture Sources and was told that I...

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          I've been bullied and threatened by a lady named tracy the regional a manager named scott did not tell the truth a girl named erica in one of their locations was talking to my boyfriend with my information pulled up discussing terms on furniture without me being in the office
          Then tracy lied to the corporate attorney I have text messages and voicemail when I questioned this I'm threaten by an attorney I do not have account.. Do not do busy with this company they are own by rent a center 1500 in furniture will cost you 325 a month.. Thats crazy I had told that girl over the phone at the location in daytona beach I didn't want to pay that much it was crazy so for her to even bring my information up in any conversation is wrong

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            AcceptanceNowMisrepresentation / scam / ripoff and lying to customer

            On May 5, 2020 went into High Point Factory in Florence SC to purchase a sectional I paid 1500 down I was told that I can do 90 days same a cash went over to table where a lady name Lauren I was never told anything about a rent to own lease was not able to read the contract didn't have my glasses the only thing was talk about was the 90 days after about 3 months I went back to see what my balance was I was told that my 90 days has expired on 08/03/2020 I never got email from the company of the lease or arrangement . I went back into the store on 08/26/2020 and 08/27/2020 trying to pay off the balance please help with this matter it not fair that this company is scam people out their money and taking back furniture that has been over charge I want stop complaint about acceptance now until this matter is solve

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              Jun 21, 2020

              AcceptanceNow — Account

              I have called the local store in order to get proof that I paid my account off. I am currently buying a home...

              May 09, 2020

              AcceptanceNow — Mistreating the disabled different from everybody else during covid 19

              Dec 2020 I called Room Store in Fay NC spoke to the acceptance now girl she said My balance was 1000 dollar...

              May 07, 2020

              AcceptanceNow — Finance agreements 90 same as cash

              This is so messed up. What they don't tell you is if you don't pay off within the 90-days, you...

              AcceptanceNowCustomer service dissatisfaction

              I've been a customer since 2019, NEVER missed a payment and the balance is almost complete. We are now in a state of turmoil due to Covid 19 and no one in upper management has made arrangements to defer payments for those who are now unemployed or furloughed. All stores are closed and the "customer care line" can do absolutely nothing about this. The rep I just spoke to was very unprofessional and unfriendly after I was on hold for over 50 minutes. I made my payment ON TIME once again but had to jump through loops to do so or my credit would have been impacted. Those of you who are considering borrowing from this company do yourself a favor and DO NOT lease from this company. There is nothing you need that bad that is worth the headache of dealing with this unprofessional company. New management is needed quickly.

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                Mar 29, 2020

                AcceptanceNow — I am complaining about acceptance now not giving me options to pay past due debt.

                My name is Robert Carr Jr and I have been a customer of Bob's Discount Furniture since June of 2018. The...

                Acceptance NowAcceptance now customer service

                I called to pay off my a Account before a another payment went through . They didn't answer so left a voicemail and they never called back so the payment though. When I called them today they said If they refund me the money for they payment then my account becomes past due and I would have to make a payment to my account can go current so I can do my pay off and they said there nothing they can do and it's not there fault that they phones weren't working that day ! Worst customer service I've ever dealt with !

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                  AcceptanceNowServices / late fee

                  My payment was due on 11/29/19 my cell phone was disconnected. I attempted to contact Accpetance now at the store at [protected] and no one answered the phones. I contacted the store to learn that accpetance now had 6 customers in front of them and for me to call back later. I called today to make the payment to learn that I was assessed a 20$ late fee. I dont have an extra $20 to pay. This is terrible.

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                    Nov 23, 2019

                    AcceptanceNow — Rude, condescending, egotistical, manager who abuses his authority

                    In August I broke my ankle, as I told Acceptance Now when they routinely contacted me regarding making my...

                    Nov 11, 2019

                    AcceptanceNow — Constant phone calls on 2 lines even after I spoke to them as late as 9pm

                    I purchased furniture from Bobs in 2018 which was a king size bed a two leather dinning room chairs. I made...

                    AcceptanceNowFinancial manager of acceptance now

                    Yes I have several complaints of acceptance now manager Ms. Shipley. She used her position to get into my account and pushed back payments on my furniture without my authorization. She has also been on personal calls while taking customers credit card numbers which is invasion of personal information. She also continues to harass me and I'm in fear of retaliation.

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                      AcceptanceNowI bought a dual electric recliner and washer with dryer set... well

                      I was reviewing my credit with experian and I see "acceptance now" reported me 12/31/17 delinquent balance showing on the experian report I owe $4603.
                      #1 who is acceptance now? I googled and well it wasn't good because evidently they backed out with conn's, oh also supposed to be affiliated with ashley furniture and aaron's /or rent a center...#2 the amount whoever is claiming or trying to claim $4603 is way way I mean way off because the dual electric recliner was only $899 because I was looking for a bargain and also got a washer $399 dryer $299 which totals $1597. So I ask how did this amount $1597 which I was making payments on so when I advised the conn's manager kenneth that my mother and I wanted to surrender the recliner, washer & dryer before we left texas may 2017 and offered to deliver back to the walzem rd location but was advised I would need to keep the merchandise even though I explained I wouldn't be able to make payments after I left texas may 2017 so I only did what basically was advised
                      Sternly and pressured to feel guilty and felt bullied and really intimidated into having to keep the merchandise because the recliner was bought for my stroke victim paralyzed mother which kenneth proceeded to use my handicapped mother's health situation to his what he thought she needed the electric dual recliner. I used to do collections and these people violate any and everyone over the phone. As per fdcpa still to this day a reference I put on my application in 2016 is still being harrassed in 2019 and as per the fdcpa law I can legally get an attorney because they are and have been breaking the law by still after 3 years of being told they didn't know my number and please delete them (my reference) from my account and guess what that is a major penalty and violation against conn's, acceptance now, aaron's rent, ashley's furniture because in theory they still call everyone and that is way way illegal, they have violated many consumers not just myself we do have rights and I am contacting experian, to find possible answers and a attorney to file harrassment, badgering, defamation of character and slander against...
                      Acceptance now
                      Ashley's furniture
                      Aaron's rent to own
                      Because remember I was intimidated and pressured into keeping everything even though I expressed my financial expectations before leaving texas and how I would rather surrender. Well you know what is so mean so stupid and/or very unprofessional to advise and guilt me... Here's the funny part, I tried and was guilted into keeping the merchandise because of my mother so we left may 2017 for mo guess what july 2017 kenneth calls me to ask where his money was... I started laughing and said I informed you in april 2017 and may 2017 but he didn't want to hear what I was advising him so now here I am in another state 900 miles away demanding I bring his merchandise back to the walzem location. I advised kenneth that I have mucy documentation that I would have them under a audit that he wouldn't win and advised I tried and from this point forward do not contact anyone or me I tried and I gave up so I quit paying and now supposedly owe
                      $4603 - $899 - $399 - $299 = $3006
                      $4603 - $3006 = $1597 and whose pocket does that $3006 drop into? That's definitely ballooned payment or even as interest? Not paying especially when last conversation with kenneth I only owed little over $400 so I think I need to get this resolved and taken care of.
                      Who knows maybe I can get legal justice and have my attorney put an addendum to hire a strict, adhere to procedures and follow through correctly collections trainer. Unfortunately it's not just employees running amuck on the phone and threatening, intimating and trying to put fear in us. Sorry debt collector's don't and never did scare me what can they do, really? Unless you're being repoed then that's legit, but the stupid, immature, disrespectful threatening bullied verbal assault... If you have asked them to stop calling people from your reference and they continue... Keep a journal and video of when you advised no contact please delete and if they are a intimidating and continue to call you make a police report and hire an attorney and take them to court and take all their money and walk away and don't look back!!!
                      Fdcpa is out there for a big reason.
                      Good luck to everyone

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                        On April 15, 2019
                        I went into Value city because I have caught a sale on a nightstand for $399.99 each. So I decided to get two nightstands which my total was $798.00.

                        I had show acceptance now two of my pay stubs which I get paid every 2 weeks. The lady told me I could not setup my account for a monthly plan, because the way of their computer system operate. So their system put me on two days before I get paid, soooo you mean to tell me they couldn't see that I was going to be late🤔🤔.

                        Acceptance now put me on days that I do not get paid, if I get paid every 2 weeks on Thursday why would they setup my payments on 2 days before I get pay, so how can I make a payment without money being in my account which it costs my bank account too overdraft, because the money was not in there until Thursday morning.

                        The manager at 4300 Portsmouth Blvd Chesapeake Va which I cannot remember her name call me and ask me why are you always late on my payments???

                        I said, because you guys put me on every 2 weeks on days I do not get paid and overdrafting my account!!! I ask acceptance now too make my payments on a monthly plan, which they told me no because I get paid every 2 weeks. Like why they couldn't work with me along time ago 🤦🏽‍♀️

                        That's when they decided to switch my account to monthly payments for $163 a month. So I came in on July 12, 2019 to make a payment with cash, they told me that they cannot take $100 in cash I have to pay if they take my money $68.00.

                        I said HUH if I pay the $100 my balance will be $116.56 it should not matter how I pay you cash or credit card as long as I am making payments on the two nightstands my balance was 216.56 almost my 90 days is up July 14, 2019.

                        They told me to pay the hold thing off when I just tried to give them the $100 in cash, but they told me no they can not take it, but we can take $68.00 in cash 🤬🤦🏽‍♀️.

                        Then they told me it will be 35%!! Sooo I am thinking like ok $8 or $15 dollars helllll no they hit me with $400.00 never explain it to me!!! hey you will be hit with $400.00 if you dont pay the $216.56🤬🤬🤬 their 90 days rule suck.

                        I just paid $1, 200.00 for two nightstands that was on sale for $399.99 each what a rip off.

                        All because I call headquarters too make a complaint and Acceptance now has been playing with my account because, when I went into the store again to make another payment my account again as been switch back over to every 2 weeks 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️.

                        I will never go back to Acceptance now again and they need to shut it down for robbing people out of their money like people don't have other bills to pay.

                        They need to switch there 90 days policy rules if people are coming in with cash in their hands take the money because they are still making payments on their items, credit card ask well and their computer system need to change and you can clearly see I am back on every 2 week again.


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                          • Tr
                            Trexon Aug 13, 2020
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            I will not do a 120 same as cash, I cancelled, because a $700 item ends up costing you $600 more after 120 days, and 3 times as much if you go the whole ten yards. I don't think so. That's foolishness. I can put my money to better use that this. Savings, and just going without until you can purchase it. ITS A FURNITURE PAY DAY LOAN.

                            0 Votes
                          Aug 16, 2019

                          AcceptanceNow — Rep Rashika Kelly

                          you all need to get better employees. Rashika Kelly at the Rooms To Go at 1201-A HAMMOND DR NE Atlanta, GA...

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