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Complaints & Reviews

Refund errors

Purchased bed from argos for £179.00 in october 2007 paid additional £24.99 for extra 3 years insurance then in early march (6th or 7th) the top of the bed went through the base, it was then collected on the 14th march and a replacement one was left.then blow and behold no more than two weeks later it was same old problem top through base. Told by argos to find different bed that was in stock, did this and they gave me thumbs up. Nearly four weeks later and after many calls i was informed that they where waiting solely for date to collect and date for delivery to become available. When my partner called end of april told no bed in stock and they were waiting for delivery to them. We had by know slept unceremoniously on the floor for over a month. We asked for a complete refund and after some negative conversations with phone staff all was agreed and we would get back our £179.00 for the bed plus the £24.99 we spent on extra insurance.told within 7-10 days.
Then told week later no refund until broken bed had been collected.then on may 5th bank holiday monday it was gone and we counted the days. Now today may 14th 2008 we phoned to check and guess what no refund. Had to explain everything again to new person and again after negative conversation we were told refund in another 7-10 days that means a total of over 6 weeks we have slept on the floor thanks to argos and their wonderful service and we are still waiting.

If you really want a bed don't get from argos upon my experience you would do better to make one yourself from thin timber and cardboard if you have any complaints write to custom relations, acton gate, stafford, st18 9ar and good luck!

Terrible Staff Attitude and unwillingness to compensate.

I was shopping in november of last year with my then almost 3 year old who was at the time potty training. I...

Threatening delivery staff

Complaint sent to Argos sums it up:

I am writing to complain about the behaviour of your delivery drivers who today brought a new Servis washing machine to my home.
On page 1773 of the Spring/Summer 2008 Argos catalogue it states, under the section headed "Larger Items" :

"We'll deliver any item marked 'Home Delivery Only' to any room provided drivers do not feel there are any health and safety issues such as a staircase which is too narrow or there is a danger of damage to the customers [sic] property.
For all large kitchen appliances we will also unpack your appliance and take away all of the packaging for recycling."

The washing machine we bought was delivered to the kitchen, as requested, and my wife asked the men to unpack the machine and take away the packing as stated on page 1773 of the current catalogue, a request which they refused. My wife then stated that she would not sign the delivery docket unless the unpacking was completed, where upon the man stated he would take the machine back to the depot. At this point my wife asked them to wait whilst she phoned Argos customer services. At this point the men became aggressive and returned to their vehicle to bring back the equipment to return the machine to the truck. At this point my wife closed the door while she had chance to phone customer services.
When customer services reluctantly agreed to inform the drivers to remove the packaging, they were let back in and proceeded to do so.

I feel that this whole incident was regrettable and was only made worse by the two men being rude, threatening and intimidatory towards a woman alone in her own home with a small child.

Quite frankly I am disgusted, and have made notes to discontinue using Argos for any further purchases.

I await your reply to this matter, which I sincerely hope will include an apology for the shoddy treatment my wife has received at the hands of two rude and unpleasant men trying to intimidate her in her own home.

  • Ro
    Rob Jan 26, 2009

    I work for Argos Direct as an agency driver and i would like to point out the following:

    It is reasonable to assume that this would reflect on Argos themselves as their delivery drivers wear an Argos/Homebase uniform and usually arrive in an Argos lorry, but the fact is that Argos do not employ the drivers.
    The drivers are employed in most cases by DHL in the case of two man crews and sometimes have an agency driver like myself with them. Other drivers work for HDN (Home Delivery Network) and are single crewed.

    The customer is correct that Argos delivery drivers are expected to unpack and remove all packaging from certain goods at the customers request but are not allowed to assemble or install or disassemble items, apart from fixing the feet/legs onto sofas etc.
    There are many reasons that this may have been refused, the main ones being for health and safety reasons, lack of space or the danger of damage to a customers property but i suspect that the main reason for their refusal was probably due to time constraints.
    Drivers have to stick to a tight schedule and have to try their best to reach all customers on time and there is no way to please everyone.
    Customers treat drivers in different ways and although the vast majority of customers are happy to receive their goods and treat the drivers with respect, there are others that are only too willing to treat the drivers like personal slaves and bark out orders like "you have to do it because it says so in the catalogue!"
    With that kind of attitude, the drivers can get a little peeved to say the least.
    That said, it would have made more sense to have unpacked the item as it would have taken them only around a minute or so as opposed to returning to the lorry to get a trolley and then going back to collect the item, returning to the lorry again and securing it.
    If the reason for refusal WAS due to time constraints, it cost them even more time and would have cost them money as any failed deliveries count against their bonus at the end of each month. All the drivers that i have worked with are decent, hardworking and courteous individuals who always do their utmost to ensure that customers receive the service that they expect. Hopefully, this was just a one-off incident and should not reflect on Argos in general or on the vast majority of drivers who do a very difficult job and sometimes have the odd off-day. I am in no way saying that it was the fault of the customer but, please remember that drivers also have the right to respect from customers and that a polite request and a smile helps to prevent these kinds of problems. And you never know, you may just get a smile back. I:-)

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  • Sa
    Samstars Sep 08, 2009


    Sara weller, Managing director of argos

    [email protected] shes the ceo, then it will be passed to her executive response team.



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  • Sh
    Shocked by Argos driver Jun 05, 2014

    I recently had a bad experience with Argos driver. I complained but Argos refused to update me with outcome of their investigation because of data protection act ! Rubbish excuse they just don't care. It is only a matter of time poor customer service will catch up with them...ask currying...

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Delivery issues!

My daughter ordered dining table and chairs from argos on sept 28 2007.order was in stock and she paid in full. Was told delivery was up to 28 days. Oct 23had letter saying waiting for to arrive by nov 28. phoned on 30 nov told stock arriving in another 2 weeks. My daughter she will only get her order in jan 2008. argos has her money all this time. Only apologized after i e.mailed them. How can they take orders and monies when they don't have the stock. I am disgusted and amazed at how they can get away with this.

  • Na
    natalie mcfadyen Dec 16, 2007

    i would advice you to get your money back and go else where i am a 15 year old girl who has not got the money to be berdined i bought an pink mp3 player for me as i am a cadet we went to otterburn and the trip was long now i get home and my mp3 player deleted all songa and will not allow me to place more onto it and i have throwen the recit away and cant get my money back so i will just leave it and complain but never ever buy anything from agros again they dont dersive to be a company if there selling young children dodge products they should not be allowed open

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  • Rh
    Rhian O'Brien Aug 21, 2008

    I agree. I ordered a leather corner sofa from Argos which was guaranteed to be delivered within 35 days. Payment taken on order in full (£700).
    The sofa was due to be delivered by 7th August but on this date still had not received a delivery date or any correspondence from them.
    On ringing them (an 0870 number) I was advised that there was a shipping delay and we would receive the sofa by today.
    Today has arrived, and again NO correspondence from them. On ringing (and being put on hold for over 10 minutes), there is now another 3 week delay in the sofa arriving in the UK. I have asked for compensation but have been advised that it can only be given on receipt of the item and when we are satisfied with the product. They have not been able to give guarantee that the sofa will arrive in 3 weeks, hence I am heavily pregnant and due to give birth in a week (to twins) and have nowhere to sit with them.
    I would avoid Argos at all costs and shop elsewhere - in the time we have had to wait for the sofa to be delivered, I could have ordered a made-to-measure which would have cost the same

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No cash refund after 28 days!

I recently bought a hair clipping set do cut my partners hair at home, saving both money and time for us both. We had the clippers 4 months and had only been used 4 times. The last time i used them resulted in my partners ear and neck being cut badly by the clippers, causing him great pain! The clippers had a 2year manufacture guarantee so took them back to Argos in Beaumont Leys (Leicester). After waiting 10 minutes to be served I explained the damaged caused by the clippers. At this point Argos only offered us a exchange or Voucher. I asked for a cash refund as it has seriously marked my partner's neck and ear. We was told this wasn't possible!!! We replied with the fact that it had a warranty and only had it 4 months and had been working fine up until then. They still refused to refund us cash and became very rude and abusive! We then asked to speak to a manager whom was not there due to being hospitalized, so was offered assistance from the second dog's body. Who was a much use as a dead dog! We asked for names of people so as we could make an official complaint. We was fobbed off with first names only as they don't do surnames (Amy and Shane). We just want to WARN future CUSTOMERS to ARGOS that if you purchase an item that runs out after 28 days you will not get a cash refund even if it's cut your head off!


  • Ri
    Rick Mar 13, 2008

    This isnt actually true, the staff at your particular store were incorrect, you can have a full refund by the way in which you paid, be it card or cash if the item is still in guarantee, you should only get vouchers after the guarantee has ran out.

    If this item has caused injury as well then the store should have filled in a Haznot report and sent the item to head office for a QC check.

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  • Sa
    sarah powell May 05, 2008

    buying a bike for my daughter being bought on the 2/05/08.and put away untill her birthday on 6/5/08 opening on the 5/5/08 and found that the wheels were all dirty the seat ripped and every thing else was out of the packets .not knowing what to do becauase my daughter who will be 7 will be expecting her bike .but some body has already used it.i payed a lot of money for the bike to make my daughter happy and am so upset at the perchase i have got my poor daughter now wont be getting her new bike but a second hand one i will be looking into this matter further to find out why argos has the right to upset a little girls birthday and memories of her first bike being broke.

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  • Al
    alison May 25, 2008

    I bought a samsung mobile phone from Argos in dec 07, by April 08 the screen was unreadable, i hadn't dropped it, got it wet or anything, it literally went potty on its own free will. Argos sent it away saying it would take 14 working days to be mended, oh yes they then contact me after I have waited two weeks to say they would charge me £74 to fix it or I could graciouisley accept it back unfixed! I think not! I will take it up with head office and then use my customer rights and statratory rights.
    Exactly what is a guarantee for these days??

    Alison itsworthasking.com

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  • St
    Stephen May 31, 2008

    Re: The Samsung Mobile - if you do not take out additional insurance coverage on the mobile phone, then your guarantee is in the hands of Samsung. Argos complied with this by sending your mobile off for repair (the same thing has happened to me with a Sony Ericcson mobile). If the technicians at the repair facility determine that the mobile was damaged through the fault of the owner, then you have violated the guarantee, which only covers faults which develop due to the phone itself. The fact that they request payment for repair indicates that they have determined that the phone was damaged due to the user. Sorry, but you must have inadvertently broke it yourself - not covered by manufacturer warranty!

    So, to answer your question - a guarantee covers faults which develop in products without any fault on the part of the user. If you still claim that the phone was not damaged by yourself, I would suggest paying for an independent evaluation - and, if they agree with you, then claim the money and repair costs from Samsung. Hope this helps!

    Ps. Not meaning to be smarmy but... they fixed my phone.

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  • Ti
    tianna Aug 23, 2009

    under the sales of goods act argos should have fixed the phone if the fault was none of your own im having this exact problem with my daughters phone at the moment where i have phoned trading standards and they have advised me what to do

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Lousy customer service

My wife bought a garden gazebo, not an expensive item,at the local ARGOS
We set it on the lawn and after about three weeks we came down one morning to find one of the metal legs had collapsed.
She complained at the local store.
Nothing we can do we don't have any more. Anyway, that was a windy night...we've had lots of complaints about this happening, accidental damage,
I wrote to Richard Joyce, Customer services at ACTON Gate, about 3 weeks ago, no response not even an acknowledgement. Finding his name and avoiding an 0870 number is impossible. I rang an 0800 number i found to be told it was really an 0870 line, but I got his name and address. Why should you pay a premium rate call to complain about goods which are unfit for purpose?
A gazebo which cannot resist a summer breeze is as useful as a chocolate fireguard, the company selling them even less so.
I have asked my wife not to shop at ARGOS again. They need treating with the same contempt they hold their customers in!

  • Da
    daryl clucas Oct 22, 2007

    Argos are the most inept, crudely run company I have had the misfortune of dealing with. They have cost me £1,000 in bank fees by not refunding money due back to me on the day they promised and instead of informing me of the delay I was forced to chase them for the refund which turned up 5 weeks later and 1,000 worse off in bank fees as the £400 refund was not paid in and therefore did not cover DD's that were due after the date they promised me - eventually the money went in and left me £600 overdrawn.

    Thanks Argos and thanks for ignoring every attempt I have made to speak to non-loony tune in your crap company.

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  • Na
    natalie mcfadyen Dec 16, 2007

    i am a fifty year old girl who just wants to waste money on goods i bough a mp3 player and i faulated i took i back but they said nowt we can do its your product and you dont have a recit and you could hav found it and pleaded money outa this argos store in jarrow i wish never to shop there again

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  • Ah
    Ahms1 Nov 09, 2015

    Argos is very upfront with promises to customer to walk in spend money on a product with warranty guarantee and 30day money back. Unfornately may all public be aware shopping with Argos and not update with their false statement inadequate customer service can cost more than expected up refundable and the vendor to keep the damage item as a result of a manager or lousy staffs decision. Customer service needs to meet up inline with update revised relation towards their policy and service. My opinion shop with John Lewis as they have almost or more than Argos choice better service guaranteed replacement, slight dearer but safe shopping. Argos is not a reputable shop you want to waste resources with as numerous complaints have been updated on the consumer throughout whole uk. The directors need to wake up and understand it doesn't take minutes to go into liquidation as we customers are their money having products on shelves and online would not benefit the company if there is no sales and disappointing customers with their products.

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Misleading of the company

I am writing to report some very underhand behavior by the store Argos. I saw an offer on the Argos website for a new phone -the Orange Sony Ericsson W810i, I then went to the store on the 02.07.07 to purchase it, with it I purchase a Micro SD 1Gb Memory Card (546/4029) as suggested underneath the add for my phone. When I got home and tried to insert the card I discovered it was the wrong size. I complained on the 05.07.07 that I had been mislead into buying the wrong simcard for my phone, by the internet advert on their site and the on stores quick pay kiosk which said the card was suitable for the phone. The store manager at the Cardiff Bay store said to call customer services to sort it. When I got home I tried to call it and found out that she had given me the wrong number. When i finally found the correct number I got through to a member of personnel called Dennis, who brought up the deal on the Orange sony Ericsson w810i offering "Save £5 when you buy Micro SD 1Gb Memory Card (546/4029) with Orange Sony Ericsson W810i (547/3924). To receive this offer, add both items to your trolley. Offer ends 4th July 2007." Dennis agreed that this was misleading. He put me through to a department that dealt with internet enquirers, but it was shut. I then phoned back the next day, and spoke to Karen Taylor of 'store customer services "support"' she denied all knowledge of the offer's existence, when I looked for myself I discovered that the offer had been taken off the internet! Luckily for me unluckily for Argos I had saved the page with the offer on to my desktop.

  • Ju
    julia hollis Jun 17, 2008

    I brought a gazebos end of april 2008. I then wanted to return because the top had snapped of. This was not under the guantee 30 days. They would not replace my item because I used it in a public area. Even When I told them the item was used in my garden when broken. They all so kept my receipt. Which they said I never left. I have no proof. any way they would not replace the item. The Woman was very bad manners to my self and even more bad manners to my husband. You must have cameras in your spalding branch of proof they kept my receipt. I dont think I will be going to the spalding branch again. Why on earth they want to keep my receipt any way.

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  • Ic
    Iced Earth Jun 20, 2009

    Russel, Argos store operations and Internet sales are handled independently. The fact that you saw this offer online and reserved it in store to pick up reads to me as it was an internet only offer...Which are different from instore prices and availability.

    Promotions and sales start and end on tuesdays. It is possible that the offer you attempted to purchase had rolled over and ended at that point if you reserved/bought on that day.

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  • De
    dermot kenny Feb 15, 2010

    My wife went over to the Argos store to get a DS Lite for my daughter, when my wife got home we put it on charge, after three hours it would not charge, my wife then took it back to the store and the girl told her that you have to charge it for four hours (((which is not true as a new DS is 40% charged when you buy it))) my wife then came home and charged it for another three hours and it still would not work so she took it back to the store again, again she was told that she had not charged it long enough by the same person.

    When my wife came home again with the DS I thought this was ridicules, it had now had seven hours charging and would still not work and she had been very rude to my wife with her very bad attitude, this time I took the DS back to the store but before I did I took a photo of the DS and took down the serial number, I asked to see the person that was dealing with my wife, when she came out I asked her why my wife was sent away when clearly there was a problem with the DS, she told me that my wife was not charging the DS long enough, I told her that the DS had been charged for seven hours and still it would not work. ((Can I say at this time her whole attitude towards myself was very rude and not really interested in what I was saying)).

    At this time I asked could I have my money back and she said no, I then said well can I have a replacement and again she said no and just looked at me, she then said that she would take the DS in and charge it herself and told me to come back in three hours, I said fine.

    When I went back to the store three hours later I asked to see this person, she came out with three staff with her, she came up to me and did not even look at me, she was playing the DS in front of me and after a short while she looked up at me with a smile on her face and said this is working fine, at the same time all the customers and the rest of the staff were looking at me,

    I then asked her can I have a look at the DS, she handed it to me in a very rude way,
    When I took the DS it was indeed working fine, I then took a look at the serial number and I could see straight away that this was not the same DS that I had handed in.

    When I took the serial number out of my pocket and compared it with the DS that she had given me it was not the same one, when I pointed this out to her everything changed, now all the staff and the customers were looking at her, she then said to me are you calling me a liar and I said yes I was and the proof is here for every one to see, she then seemed to get into some sort of a panic and out of the blue she said she was calling security, I said why are you calling security I am doing nothing wrong,
    It was quite obvious for everyone to see that she had to get herself out of this situation and that is why she was calling security, I then took the DS and walked out.

    Can we for a moment just move away form what was said and what was not said on the day, surely the focus must now be on the fact that this person tried to con and cheat me ((a customer)) in a way that is hard to believe, and the photo tells the whole story regardless what was said on the day.

    I have 48 people working for me and they all deal with the public, the most important part of any business, if any of them ever did something so deceitful to a customer they would be dismissed on the spot and I would be with in my rights to do so.

    Can I just say once again Mr. Downhill thank you for assistance in this matter and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Mr. Dermot Kenny, ireland

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Taking money for products which are not available

On Monday my 17 year old daughter ordered 6 items of jewelery from the Argos website for home delivery. Stock...

No response, no delivery!

I ordered a wardrobe for my granddaughter - delivery slot chosen 7am-1pm - At 1pm no wardrobe - i rang their customer services 3 times and was told each time word for word - 9it is quite clear that they read from a script), that the order was being delivered by a delivery company Homedirect network and the drivers cannot be contacted. At 3.30 i rang them again still same response - despite requesting their customer service to chase this up and ring me back they did not. I rang the delivery company who tell me their contract with argos is from 8am-7pm which contradicts their delivery policy and what is confirmed when you order. At 7.30pm still no wardrobe - when i rang i was told that they had attempted to deliver at 3pm and put a note through the door - this is a lie and despite the fact that i was ringing them at this time wanting to know where my goods were - no - one knocked at my door and i definitely do not have a note also as the delivery company is closed there is nothing they can do - Also they deliberately put me on hold indefinitely, bearing in mind this is a 0870 number -they have my money but i do not have a wardrobe.

I have checked with advertising standards and they tell me that if a company advertises their delivery information in the catalog but operates a policy outside this then they are in breach. if anyone sees them advertising a timed delivery service on any media apart from their website - report them to www.ASA.org.uk

  • Ga
    garry robinson Nov 16, 2007

    Ш went on money supermarket .com to find who had the cheapest digibox . Agros =14.99 so Ш reserved online went to collect to find its 17.99 , it s in the reservation slip that they can charge you what they want in the store you chose. 3 pounds isn't much, its the principle. They got me and many others like me in their shop through deception, if its 17.99 they should say on moneysupermarket.com that price to be honest like other retailer do!

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  • Ai
    ailton sena Aug 13, 2018

    I applied for get money back no for take money out so please send my 15.00 pouds back soon as possible Or I will to police to report this

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  • Ti
    tim1951 Sep 02, 2018

    do not work

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  • Ea
    eastereggs50 Nov 11, 2018

    bought the fridge since i.ve had it food has gone off as its hard to control .and the shelves in the door have started to crack, very poor quality.

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