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Complaints & Reviews

Cot Set

Recently attempted to purchase a 5 piece cot set from Argos. Never again. The cost set arrived without any instructions or tools to assemble the cot. I then phoned Argos who sent me 1 Alan key and 2 screws!! I phoned again and was then told they would send a new cot set. The cot set would however not arrive for 2 weeks which was to late for me as obviously the baby needed somewhere to sleep. Argos then said they would send it in a week, this was not ideal but not as long so I agreed, however I received a further message stating that they could not deliver on that date. They told me they could not deliver for another week on top, so back to the original 2 weeks! Nice try, I have now insisted they pick the cot set up as I have had enough and could get a new cot delivered next day through someone else. This is not the 1st time the customer service has somewhat been lacking, they sold us chest of drawers which we had to pay a hefty delivery charge for as it was a 2 man job, only on the day 1 man easily carried the furniture to my house! Argos never apologised until I mentioned the lack of apology for the awful customer service. Will never buy anything from there again, speaking to other people this seems to be part of the normal service from Argos. Be warned...

Incompetent repair service with a Refund Policy to match

Three months before the
1-year warranty expiry my portable computer stopped charging. Local Argos store
sent away for repair, noting on the sheet that there was no physical damage.
Having not heard from Argos after over a fortnight I called the store, was told
that the device was back in and to come and collect. When I popped in store I
was shown the repairer’s (a company called D & J Henry) report which stated
that the unit had a damaged charging port which was not covered under the
manufacturer's warranty, and that they were unable to source parts, and cost of
repair would almost equal to the cost of the unit. Challenged the customer
services manager to show me the damage to the port but to no avail. Several
times I asked for a replacement or a refund as stated on their refunds policy
of which I had brought a copy, but it all fell on deaf ears. Ended up leaving
the store with my unit. Called the manufacturer on a Monday, they said that
they would repair under warranty ONLY if there was NO EVIDENCE OF DAMAGE or
TAMPERING. They arranged uplift on Tuesday, the item was returned back to me on
Thursday that week in working order. All they did was to repair the charging
port – UNDER WARRANTY! So there was NO DAMAGE after all!
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Was annoyed at fist as I
could have bought the item for slightly more from Amazon and save myself all
this trouble (based on a very similar recent experience) but I chose Argos
because I felt strongly about preserving the jobs in our high street. I still
feel that way but won’t be shopping at Argos EVER again because:

1. Judging by my experience,
their Repair service is not competent

2. ARGOS do not practice what
they preach in terms of their Refund policy (in my case –for faulty goods after
6 months of purchase).

3. ARGOS prefer to blame the
customer – or is their repair service a sham?

4. ARGOS senior management
(sent private letters to them but did not get a single reply) do not seem to
want to concern themselves with customer care.

Having read online feedback
on the ARGOS repair service it would appear that there are a lot of unhappy
customers who consider the goal of the ARGOS repair service to be “stopping
refunds” rather than “simply repairing”. If, after reading this, you do choose
ARGOS for your next electrical purchase and it does develop a fault, BEFORE
testing their repair service DO make sure that you have taken good quality
pictures of the ENTIRE exterior of the item, and DO make sure that the physical
condition of the item is described truthfully on the repair sheet. In view of
my experience I doubt that you’ll be successful if you have to argue your case
with ARGOS, but such evidence can be really useful if you do decide to take
your case to the Small Claims Court. Obviously it would be pointless for me to
do so after the item was repaired by the manufacturer, however I have reported
ARGOS to Trading Standards and I will also be writing to BBC’s Watchdog.


I bought a proaction washing machine over a year ago an have never had any problems it was a great little washer. But the other day as it was on its last spin there was this great big noise coming from it as it stopped I really didn't think much of it till I went t put another load in an noticed the door sticking looking at the seal as it was protruding an when I went an touched it I could feel the drum against the front of the washer, I then pulled the washer out an found TWO BOLTS an a lot of mess on the floor. I have spoken to Argos an cant find my details or there system as I have also moved but to top it off they only have a years guarantee On washers they have also said I would have to do a private assessment into it been a manufacturing fault can any one help or surgest anything I can do. Many thanks. [protected]@Yahoo.co.uk

  • Ma
    maureen e morgan Jul 27, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought 408/3621 BISSELL PETS LIQUID, I bought 2 packs at £16.00 a pack I also bought 408/3652 bissell cleaner formula 1 pack at £19.19 a pack. Catalogue states twin packs. I was expecting 6 bottles for my purchase and I only recieved 3 bottles

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Bad customer service

I recently purchased the Argos Value Range fridge freezer and wanted to buy the door seal spare part. The appliance is no longer under its warranty and so I wanted to just purchase the door seal spare part from Argos. I thought this would be a simple task but it turned out to be a nightmare due to the extremely poor customer service at the given Argos customer services helpline. Firstly, I phoned the number given for Argos customer support - as listed in the appliance's user manual. I was then put through to a company called 0800 Repair and was told that only they could supply me with the door seal spare part needed. I telephoned the company and they said that they would only let me know the cost of the door seal spare part if I gave them my full name, telephone number and residential address. I just wanted a quote for this item and I explained to the manager at 0800 Repair that I didn't understand why they could not readily quote me a price for such a common spare part - as Argos only gives out their company number for ordering this item, and that other companies are more transparent with the prices, i.e. by listing their prices for door seals on their website. The manager was not very friendly on the phone and argued that their computer systems were designed to log all such customer details first before any such spare part price quotes could be given, and he said bluntly that I could just shop else where if I didn't like it. So I telephoned Argos customer services team again and kept being transferred to various departments as no-one could tell me the price of the spare part I needed. The Argos management team told me the fridge freezer was an imported item, so they could not tell me who the manufacturer was so that I could try ordering the spare part directly from the manufacturer. I was told to just Google various spare parts companies, and find out for myself if any company's sold the spare part. I then telephoned 0800 Repair again and asked if they could tell me who the manufacturer was for my particular appliance but they gave me the wrong manufacturer details, because when I telephoned the manufacturer they didn't supply that product. After much searching on the internet and telephone calls I could not find a supplier for my fridge door seal spare part, so as a last resort I telephoned 0800 Repair to order, but they eventually quoted an unreasonable price for the item - in comparison to other similar fridge freezer door seals on the market, telling me they didn't have both door seals for the fridge and the freezer but only one component. In my opinion it was overpriced for a product which Argos claims to be part of their "value range". It is very misleading to advertise a product as being of cheaper value when a common spare part, such as its door seal, is overpriced and hard to find - so that the 0800 Repair company can continue to maintain its monopoly over the spare part and thus continue to over charge people on a whim, whilst also being extremely rude and unhelpful on the telephone to potential customers. I actually tried to explain to the 0800 Repair company and Argos call centre and management staff why such a system of poor service for ordering spare parts was unhelpful, but no-one was prepared to take note of what I was saying, or offer any solutions. They just said that the company systems could not be changed to be more customer friendly. After spending hours on the phone and spending a lot of money on calling their premium rate 08 numbers from a mobile phone, I had already spent tremble the amount on the phone calls than what the spare part was worth. It is a shame that 0800 repair is not more transparent in price quotation for Argos Value spare parts, but they say that their main business is in carrying out repairs and they don't think it necessary to advertise their prices for such spare parts, i.e. on their website. And they don't always have items in stock because they themselves need to order them from the manufacturer, or they get them free from Argos under warranty agreements. If they don't usually have a ready supply of parts, then I was also concerned that they may be trying to sell a fridge door seal taken from one of their used faulty appliances taken for repair. Because of such concerns, I decided not to purchase the spare part from 0800 Repair. I shall never contact them again for anything in future, and I will think twice the next time I buy anything from Argos. The customer service call centre staff don't even try to understand things from the customer's point of view, as they will only ever start to listen if customers no longer shop with them. So good bye to you Argos "rip off range" and "0800 arrogant repair" company, I pray that you don't give some old person a heart attack with your ridiculous customer service, and I hope that all your goods are no longer imported from overseas slave states, so that once again traditional good quality products and customer service is revived, and the call centre staff learn to treat the customer as a fellow human being, and that the company managers learn not to allow their computer systems to dictate how they should behave to customers, and they learn to act upon customer feedback instead of ignoring the issue and making excuses for their poor performance, or their obvious attempts to overcharge customers. I'm not even going to bother contacting the Financial Services Authority about this, because I'm sure they are well aware of all the scams going on - as they are most likely hardened globalists who would love nothing better that for all shops to be run by slave labour zombies, or killed like those poor women from Bangladesh slaving to sew clothes for UK Primark shops, under a collapsing poorly constructed building.

Farewell to you all from a born again ethical shopper!

  • Ap
    Appliancerepairs Jun 01, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you honestly think that buying a value machine that it was going to come from a high end manufacturer? The only reason we have imported machines is because people don't want to pay the prices for the higher end appliances!! I'm guessing that you had a budget and couldn't go over that?! And I'm also guessing that the appliance worked fine during its 1 year warranty? Fridge and freezer door seals don't just split by themselves so I'm thinking the reason they needed replaced is due to misuse? Given that fact I'm guessing that if it hadn't of been misused then your value appliance would still be working as well today as it was the day it was delivered!! Finally if you are so against these so called sweat shops (which I can assure you they aren't) then I suggest you start paying more money for your purchases in future (and this isn't just white goods)

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  • Rs
    R Steward Aug 07, 2014

    ARGOS are Bloody useless, , disgusting, , the most stupid staff EVER. I have never known anyone company so useless and still operating. People should get a petition up to get rid of them!!. I wont be buying anything else and i have a mattress coming and it had better be fault free or GOD HELP THEM!!!. Dont buy from this S**T company. They should be BANNED from selling.

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Service call out

On 1st February 2013 I brought a Bush BFFF55173W from Argos in Ashington. I paid cash and a premium for express delivery. The fridge/freezer cost £289.98. t was delivered and installed by the Argos delivery man on 4th February. On Sunday 5th May I noticed the f/f had stopped working. The fridge light cam on when the door was opened but the freezer had stopped and was blowing warm air into the shelves and the fridge door was cold but the cavity was warm.
I'm a type 1 diabetic with insulin which needs to be stored at cold temperatures. It is a life and death situation literally. Given it was a bank holiday Sunday I called the customer support number of [protected] on the fridge door. I spoke to a lovely woman who told me the engineer would call me on Tuesday to arrange an appointment.
Tuesday passed with no call. I had told the woman on Monday I am a type 1 diabetic and this is urgent.
On Wednesday morning I called again and spoke to someone called Michelle (I think).
She offered me an appointment for Monday next week.
I told her it wasn't good enough and she transferred me to an Argos number. An Argos delivery/order number which has no option for service call outs or complaints.
So having wasted call credit and about £150 worth of food I am now left with no food, no cold storage for insulin and no satisfaction. But maybe a call out from an engineer on Monday next week.
Go figure. I will instruct my family, in the likely event of my death due to the ineffectiveness of the insulin, to sue Argos. Do you think that might make them get the backsides in gear? They took my money quickly enough!

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Pheonix 6ft pool table

I purchase a pool table from Argos for my autistic son for Christmas at the end of October and a bike for my daughter.
On opening the bike i found that it only had one wheel, i telephone customer service and was basically told it was my fault for not checking the item on deliver, i explained that this was a gift for Christmas and would expect any bike to have two wheels, a redelivery was arranged and the problem solved. After this i thought it was best to check that they was not any faults with the pool table as it was for my son who has autism and he would be distraught if there was problems with the item on Christmas Day.
The pool table had a faulty side panel, so again i had to telephone customer service and arrange a redeliver, i was also told i would receive gift vouchers for my inconvenience.
Pool table number 2 arrived a week later, veneer to the main table was damage and a large crack, again i telephoned customer service and had to arrange another redelivery and yet again was told i would receive gift vouchers.
Pool Table number 3 arrived another week later, crack to the side panel, damage to a leg and damage to an end panel.
By this point by son had now seen the pool table so due to having to leave the item in the dining room because or the redelivering and the weight of the item, he has autism and was getting distressed because he has no understanding of why Santa is sending him a broken pool table, he was now asking is it because i have autism and sometimes i don't do things normal, this was very upsetting and i was heartbroken as a mother who is trying to ensure my son have as normal as a life he can with his disability to hear him question his own actions through no fault of his own but down to Argos. I was not in a position to return the item and ask for a refund due to this pool table being specifically the one my son had asked for and his understanding and none ability to adapt to change easily.
I telephone customer service yet again and asked while the pool table was still on the delivery van in transit would i be able to just exchange the faulty items from the one i had just returned, They transferred me to a manager who telephone transport department and arranged for them to return. 3 hours later i was still waiting so i telephoned customer service again to be told that the van had returned to the depot and would not be returning and would have to book another new redelivery.
I emailed Argos customer service and explain all the problems i was having and they telephoned to inform me a new redeliver was my only option that they were sorry and again offered gift vouchers.
Another 5 days later i received the replacement faulty parts and now have a complete table.
I was contacted by Argos also after sending them a final email and i have been offered £15 gift vouchers which i think is disgusting after what i have experienced, my son has been upset, distressed and his main present is now no longer a surprise, i have had to take days off work to wait in for deliveries, spent over £20 contacting customer services and been put on hold and transferred to different departments.
If it was not for the fact that my son wouldnt understand if he didnt receive that exact pool table, then i would have return this item the first time.
I am extremely disappointed with Argos

non delivery to me

On tuesday ordered an electric scooter online from Argos for my
grandsons xmas, was was told it would be delivered on wednesday, this
morning i emailed them and told them i had not received my parcel only
to be told it was delivered and signed by me on Wednesday night at
21.44 when clearly this was not the case, they gave me the number of the
courier Yodel mail when i phoned them they confirmed my parcel was
delivered to my address at 18.31 and signed by someone called Wallace.I
telephoned Argos and told them this and they said well sorry about this
but your parcel has been delivered and signed for and that is
it, anybody got any advice of what i should do next as £148 is a lot of
money for me to pay for nothing

Delayed deliveries

I placed an order via telephone for 2 pieces of bedroom furniture - a chest of drawers and a desk. I paid the order in full over the telephone and was given 2 dates for delivery as 1 item was taking longer than the other to be delivered. In order to save taking 2 days off work - upaid i might mention - the option of waiting until both items were available was given. I agreed to this and agreed that i would wait 2 weeks. The day comes for both items to be delivered between 10am and 2pm and they dont arrive. I called Argos to ask what was happening and was told they were to be delivered on this day but it could be anytime up until 7pm. I had a later appointment that day and was not impressed. I then received an automated telephone call asking me to call argos to arrange a suitable time for delivery. I called them back and was told that 1 item was out for delivery on the particular day and i had to arrange another delivery for the other item. I am now having to wait another 2 weeks for the second item and am incredibly anxious to find out if it will actually arrive or will something else go wrong. Customer Services are incredibly unhelpful and i certainly will not be using Argos again in future.

They are very slick and must be stopped

Received letter and a check for $1992 to do research as a secret shopper. I had responded to an internet ad some time ago to be a secret shopper, so I didn't think anything of it when an assignment came in the mail.
I deposited the check which cleared my bank the next day (Saturday). I went shopping Sunday and sent a Western Union wire late Monday, then faxed the results to Argos (?) [protected]
All seemed to have gone well, and I called the Argos number, [protected] on Wednesday [protected], to verify transaction. I got an answer and was told my survey was received and, I should receive my next assignment in the mail shortly.
Then today, Thursday, I received a bank alert, that my account was short; the Argos check had bounced.
I called Argos again and got the same person; He said he remembered me calling yesterday and they would be getting back to me soon. Then I ask him why his check bounced and he hung up.
I called back but got no answer, but found out this is a cell phone.
I called there second number, [protected], and it answered with a foreign langauge message. I stayed on the line until it hung up, and moments later, I received a call from a foreign female voice, but I could not communicate and she hung up. [protected]).

They are very slick and must be stopped!

  • Ma
    maldik Apr 02, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Argos Market Research hired me as mystery shopper and sent me check for $2000. I cashed it and followed all the instructions. I ended up sending most of the money to them. Few days later bank contacted me and said that check was fake and that I have to pay back full amount.

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Poor goods & service

I ordered a Kentucky style kitchen table with chairs, the delivery time was to be 4-6 weeks, the order was placed in September as we would require it for Xmas. By the beginning of December it still had not been delivered so after making threatening phone calls it was delivered on the 17th December. Half why through assembling it I discovered that the folding out leaf hinges were broken and could not be used. I immediately complained to the customer service team who could not give me a date when it would be replaced. I explained I needed it before Xmas due to having family around. I got passed from pillar to post not getting any where. I then found a email address of one of their company directors shortly afterwards I was contacted by their customer service department and the broken table was collected but the replacement won't come until the new year (thanks Argos for spoiling our family Xmas). The replacement arrived in February, and on assembling it I could cry the table support had not been drilled properly and I had to drill another hole myself so that the table was firmly fixed (unbelievable) a few months on and we now discover it has wood worm. We will never ever order from Argos again.

service is appauling and goods still faulty

The washing machine was purchased and plumbed in by argos, however in December 2011 the washing machine...

Birmingham Appliances

Roger Black Treadmill Spares

I would recommend not buying a Roger Black Gold Treadmill from Argos. They seem to struggle getting parts for them when they break down and then never call you back when they say they are supposed to.

They don't even stock spare parts for the old version of the Roger Black Gold Treadmills, even though they are available from another company, they don't advise their customers of this so the customer is left with a treadmill they can no longer use.

The way the treat customers after they already have their money is just appalling! I'd never buy anything from them ever again after my experiences.

So, I would stay very clear of Roger Black Treadmills if I were you!

Damaged item and customer service very slow and unhelpful

Dreadful company, waited 3 weeks for delivery, damaged item and customer service very slow and unhelpful.

never got sale products in stock

it seems like argos does a lot of false advertising on there sale products, whenever the product u r after...

Harlow Other

Refund (lack of)

I bought a Flymo lawnmower, then on opening the box decided it was too small for my garden, so returned to the store for a refund. They examined it and told me it had been used and there was no refund. I told them It wasn't me had used it. May as well have talked to the wall. The assistant had this smug look on her face as if she was accusing me of lying. So, off to email customer services. Huh. Fat chance. Now they have my money and sold me a second hand mower that's of no use to me whatsoever. Will never but from them again. Amazon is cheaper.

Faulty goods

I bought an Acer Aspire One Notebook on 8th December 2010, at the time of purchase i was informed that it was exempt from the 30 day guarantee, but that if a fault developed I could either, have a replacement or a refund, which I thought was fine. It has since developed several faults, on 22nd of January 2011 my Husband took it back to the store I had bought it from for a refund, as I did not want a replacement in case the same faults developed on a new one. He was told in no uncertain terms that a refund would not be given nor would they replace it. They would however send it away to be fixed but that I would have to pay all costs. My Husband was told that this was the new policy of the company. If this is the case I for one will think very carefully about any future purchases I make from Argos, if I make any at all.

  • An
    Anne-Louise Jan 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The faults are sticking keys and the mouse not working, because of bad arthritis I can`t push hard enough on the sticking keys to make them work or get my hand around a external mouse to use one, all of which was explained to the Manager of the store

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  • Cr
    Cranky Old Lady Jan 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought an Acer Laptop, Was Junk rite out of the Box, Called Tech Support They Could Not Trouble Shoot my Laptop Over the phone Or On-Line They told me to Box it up send it back after 3 Weeks They Contacted me to inform me that they could Not Fix my Computer & Would be Shipping me out a new Computer, They Shipped me back the same Computer with the same Problems &When i shipped it back the 2nd time i told them to keep their computer & Send me a check.Which they did.Some Computers are just Junk.

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Leather Sofa

Hi brought a leather sofa and the seating area is peeling away (colour) Argos will not repair or replace my sofa and was still under waranty when I made the complaint to argos direct.

  • Ma
    maria reid Jun 05, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a corner leather sofa from Argos in September 2009, it's the biggest pile of crap I've ever wasted money on, the colour has all faded, it looks about 13 years old instead of 3yrs old. it is still under warrenty, I took out extra cover on it, they still won't do anything about it.the suite I had before this was 2nd hand, I had it for 4yrs and it was still in better condition than this heap of rubbish, never again wiil I buy a suite from Argos.

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non delivery from argos after 54 days

my husband ordered a sofa from argos online, they said it would be delivered by the 8th of oct, which is 35 days from when we paid in full for it, on the 5th, 3 days before delivery date they phoned to say they have not any in stock and that they will have it to me by the 27th, which is 54 days after we paid and ordered it. now today THE 27TH, they phone to say they still have none in stock and wont be getting any. i think after waiting 54 days we should have been informed earlier than today, its disgusting. the service is rubbish, the people on the phone are rude and not at all helpfull, and they have the cheek to refuse me a refund as my husband ordered it. i will never buy from them again and advise all who read this to do the same

  • Je
    jennywren26 Oct 27, 2010

    argos were supposed to call me back within 1 hour to discuss the situation, 3 hours and still no phone call, what a load of rubbish

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I went to the retail park on london road on [protected]. I gave them (management) 5 games, he looked at all of them and said that they all had finger prints on them and that was a bad thing. Funny how they all work and a few seconds it took me to clean them when i got home made them look fine. Anyway i took them to CEX and they gave me over £10 more for them, so the manager at this argos store did me a favour. I now know where not to take my trade in games as argos don't have a glue about trade in games. Don't take your games to argos !!!

tassimo coffee maker

I returned a broken Tassimo coffee maker for replacement under a 3 year insurance cover. The service given by the staff was ok, except that the person had to check with her supervisor whether I would have to pay the difference between the old and new price. The price for the Tassimo has increased by 23% in 18 months. In addition, I had to rebuy insurance for the replaced item. There is functionally no difference between the two items, one is not better than the other.

I'm very annoyed that in a recession Argos are able to increase prices by 23% in 18 months. I will limit my shopping with them in future.

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