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After I went through training, one of my managers, realized how insufficient the training was. My training consisted of following around people who just used me as a second pair of hands. I was trained so badly that the following 2 weeks, as I was officially placed on the floor by the managers who knew how insufficient my training was, I had to ask for certain training. As I got to know people, I would never have guessed how discriminate the managers were. Apparently they fired a guy for the sole reason that he was gay and because of his personal life decisions. They are currently being sued. I just quit because of an afternoon shift that was extremely busy and since the managers are managers of all girls and I was the 3rd guy who worked there, and the girls get so panicked that they say things in front of customers and point blame and cry because it is busy. I saw the way the shift was going so I kept to myself, still doing my job, but not wanting to get caught up in the girls gossip and blame game. Then The General Manager Henri, brought me out back and yelled at me asking me if I wanted to work there. I didn't understand. He told me that our 1 hostess, who I asked, if it was possible, to skip my section for 1 rotation so I could bring all the crazy things that was happening to my manager. Without getting my side of what happened, the managers jumped to the aid of the hostess, who said I asked not to be seated, which wasn't what I said. Once I explained the matter was dropped but put my whole section 20 minutes behind. which may as well be an hour at a restaurant. Still I stayed 2 hours after my shift officially ended to do all the side work the other employees did not do, leaving the night shift unprepared. Only to be blamed for all of the girls problems, even though when I asked for specifics, it was only 1 girl. The same girl I wanted to have my manager mediate a conversation between us, because I wanted to clear the air. I am a professional, I owned my own business for 10 years, since High School, and I have excessive background as a server. It was clear this was not a professional place and the general manager is the biggest problem, along with the others. They play favorites and they leave their employees without the proper tools to do their jobs. Maybe why the girls get so upset. The problem the managers had at the end of my shift was the one thing I said to my fellow employee, who was barraging me all day, I only said very calmly in front of the whole of the kitchen staff that because she was in the section on the other end of the restaurant that we need not talk, because I wanted to wait until after the customers were set and our shift over. Apparently because I would not engage back or talk back to the girl who had nothing nice to say to me, I was the one who got a harsh talking to again by the same manager. Only for the manager to realize he only had one side of the story and the only thing I did was keep to my section, so I wouldn't get sucked into the girls craziness. They hired me, spent money training me, only to allow me to leave because of one girl who, everyone gossiped about, because of how vicious her mouth was. The Apple bee's in Walpole, ma, is the most unprofessional and unorganized management I have ever seen. The only problems my specific customers had was with things they would see and hear other employees do. Such as yelling across the room at each other, swearing non stop, and dirty dishes everywhere. Why and who would put 1 hostess on a double on a Saturday. How can you not have a dishwasher on???? EVER. I had customers who would ask for a manager only to say how wonderful I was as a waiter, but how disturbing the environment around them was. I saw employees eating off of plates that were going out to tables, , ect.. I would go on.. But I could write a novel about the complete lack of management at this restaurant. Whoever is the true owner of this applebees in walpole, ma on rt.1, should have a secret eater go in on a Friday night or a holiday, day or night. All you have to do is make sure no one knows your connected to the restaurant and observe. The second you walk through the door, everything I have said you can see for yourself. I'v never been relieved to quit a job, but restaurants are a dime a dozen and I already have another job at a place that is well managed, therefore actually has consistent business. I went back to school to become a teacher. Even when I worked at apple bees, I never recommended the place, because the food is good, but it would have been embarrassing for someone I know to see the way they handled rushes. There is no doubt in my mind that there is nothing good in the future for this specific apple bees. I am going to start a blog of my experience, so noone has to go through what i did.

Jan 16, 2017
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      Jan 16, 2017

    Applebee's is famous for it's bad service and it's high school like atmosphere. I don't recommend anyone over 21 should work there. I certainly don't if you are a professional and have adult bills to pay. If you like gossiping and being around little kids playing all day and acting immature and bratty, then Applebee's is the ideal workplace.

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