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awful service from bartender

Typically, I enjoy spending the evening at Applebees. The food is usually good, and the prices reasonable...


My husband & I ate at our locale applebee's last saturday 5/30/09 β€” our bill was $26.# and we paid with our...

unfairly treated employee

My complaint is how applebee's pick favorites!!! There are certain employees that can get 57 hours in a pay...

poor management

My family and I went to applebees in orem utah. The meal was fine and the services was fine. When the meal was ready to be paid for, the manager (Sullivan picard) came to the table and told me I needed to pay another way. He was holding my debit card in his hand. I asked him if my card was declined and he told me I was not "privy" to that information. I told him I most certainly was because it was my card. He would not offer any explanation. I asked over and over what the problem was and he would not tell me. I then reached out to get my card and he jumped back and yelled and caused a scene. I told him he needed to give me my card or I will call the police. So I called the police and they came. They got me my card back and the card was not declined. I think sullivan was trying to steal from me or at best use his authority at applebees to be an [censored]. After multiple complaints to applebees for his conduct.. I was told it was a simple misunderstanding and mr picard is sorry... I am not pressing civil charges against him and applebees. Applebees offered me a coupon for a free dinner, but I will never return. Watch out for sullivan picard. He is a con artist at best!!!

  • Wh
    whistleblower Apr 20, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Being a con artist will only cause people to never go back there. Businesses who think they can thrive off of crookedness and corruption are fools.

    Personally, I will never go back to "CRAPPLEBEE"S: because they don't give you much food for your money(well at least here in canada anyways).

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worst food ever

Today my family and I oredered carside to go. We then sat down to eat only to be disgusted by the cold under...

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racist display

Why is it that Applebees completely overlooked the placement of a "wooden indian" inside its entrance at thi...

bloody steak!

Went to Applebee's on Valentine's day 2009; and the evening started out well. We only had to wait a few minutes to be seated and the server was prompt in coming to our table. My husband and I ordered an appetizer which was also delivered promptly so all was going rather well up to receiving our entrees...which was steak. My husband's came cooked nicely as ordered, medium. Mine on the other hand was "bleeding" when I cut into it besides the fact that it looked like it had been sitting on the plate for quite a while. I called our server to the table and she took the steak back to be "replated and cooked". By the time it was returned to our table my husband was more than 1/2 done with his food, (I'd told him go ahead and eat so his food wouldn't get cold) and I cut into this steak to find it was BLOODY just like the last one!!! By this time I was sick at my stomach, mostly due to aggravation, and ready to get out of this pitiful excuse for a restaurant. I told her I didn't want to return my food for a third "round" of cooking, just forget it!! She came back later and asked if we wanted to order dessert!!! LOL After being told "no not if it was like their steaks", we got our check, paid, and left. They took the steak off the bill, but added back the two sides I didn't eat. I sent a complaint to their feedback email address but don't expect to get a reply. Oh, yes, just an added FYI, the manager never once came to our table as is usual in most restaurants. Needless to say we won't be going there again and more than likely won't go to another Applebees.

  • Db
    Dbaucom Nov 01, 2015

    I went to a Applebee's today for lunch and ordered a steak dinner med rare and it came out well done, then whe they took it back and brought me another one it was completely rare cold in the middle. The third time they brought it out to me it seemed to be cooked to temp. But it was rubbery and did not taste like a steak, the texture was all wrong. It kind of tasted like togu. I don't know what Applebee's thinks they are serving to there customers but it is not steak. I think that someone should investigate the Quality of meat that they are serving. $12.99 for a rubbery piece of tofu is not ok with me.

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I'm going to make a long story short that happened on 02-14-09. Ordered 2 steak dinners, 1st time they came out sides were wrong. 2nd time they came out steaks and sides were wrong. The 3rd time they came out, sides were still wrong and the server brouht out same steaks for the third time. You can guess by the 4th time I was not a very unhappy camper, so when our order finally arrived
for the 4th time the manager came to our table, said he was sorry and would see us before we were through eating{ha ha}.Finally after an hour long ordeal, we could eat our supper with fresh steaks. WRONG our steaks and sides were wrong so we switched steaks with each other. No, we never saw the manager again and will not go back there or any Applebees.WE should have gone to Outback Steak House like we had planned and wait for a table.

  • Jv
    JVS Feb 15, 2009

    Woo. Valentine's Day out at Applebees! What a special night!

    Did you take her back to the trailer for some anal afterwards?

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  • MAC Feb 15, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer




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terrible place

No need to go all the way to Africa be one of the contestants on the next 'Survivor' - to be...


Husband took me there for lunch on a wedding anniversary date. Waited 20 min. to have anyone come around to...

false advertising

After eating at the Applebees on Southland Mall numerous times. My wife and I noticed an add on TV regarding...

bad food

I just returned home from dining at our local Applebee's. First I do not want any credit or gift certificate. I am contacting you only to make you aware that one of your stores is not measering up in the quality of food I have come to expect from Applebee's.
I purchaed a Burbon Street steak at the Jacksonville, Illinois Applebee's and it was without a doubt the worst piece of meat I have ever eaten. I did not complain at the time because the waitress was excellent and i knew she could do nothing about the extremelt poor quality of meat purchased at this restaurant. I am only contacting you because someone has invested in this establishment and needs to know there is a big problem at this location. I will not go back to this Applebee's!

  • Co
    Concerned_Indy-Resident Apr 07, 2010

    I can say from being a recent employee of Applebees they also force their servers to either work while they are sick which is against board of health rules or fire them I have currently filed an unemployment claim against Applebees after being fired for taking time off with strept throat. I showed up to work and was forced to work a 13 hour shift on a Monday and by the following day when I was due back in at 10 I was not able to make it. I called in and immediately followed up with my doctors the next morning at 8 am I took my doctors note into work by 9am and was fired since they were already running short handed and just could not afford to cover that many shifts. I had been told before by the same management that if I did not come into work I had to provide a doctors note but that if I showed up running a fever they would not ask any questions. The over all concern here is that they cover the floor weather it is with people who should be working or not so long as questions are not asked. They also provide no type of medical benefits but demand documentation if your sick at all. My problem is even after providing such documentation I was still fired. This was at a Indianapolis Indiana North Side location

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  • Se
    servergirl09 Oct 14, 2010

    I work at an applebees and have been forced to work while having the h1n1 flu virus, was written up for calling in when I had laryngitis, tonsillitis, and strep throat at the same time, and was also written up after calling in due to an injury that I got WHILE I was WORKING. All times I called with advanced notice. All times I was written up. All times not a single member of management tried to replace my shift, yet lectured me about the inconvenience of being short staffed. For Applebees, priority number one is making a dollar, and employee and food safety fall much farther down on the list. That is if they even care at all.

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  • La
    lady gaga Feb 01, 2011

    applebees is a peice of [censor]

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Stay away from this place!!! I've been to quite a few applebees and this is by far the worse. The...

profanity used by employees

While having lunch at Applebees my wife and i had to listen to an young gentleman using profanity.The words this man used in front of paying customers was very distastefull and embarasing for most that where subject to this.this young man ruined our lunch with his actions.He was yelling at employee .I did not know such language was allowed to be used to repramand an an employee.I feel someone should have a discussion with this young man about his choice of words and how to act in a profesoinal manner. I will never go into that resteraunt again.


The hostess opened the door for us and we got seated quickly. It was a warm welcome and everything was fine. We then sat down and as soon as the waitress came up she rolled her eyes huffed and puffed. Then she took the napkins and threw them down and asked as what we wanted to drink. Now this has happened more than once of how she was acting. Pam gave us attitude during the lunch meal. I am a regular customer and never had a problem once. There was no reason for the behavior what so ever. This does reflect on the company as well.

  • Am
    amanda jackson Nov 05, 2009

    i was eating at the applebees in hutch ks when a waitress named amanda looked real young was off to the side getting felt up but a much older gentleman in a corner, this is unexceptable if i wanted to watch that i would watch cinamax. really that was so nasty and rude and not something i should have seen while eating dinner with my family.

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  • Am
    amanda jackson Nov 05, 2009

    im sorry her name was amber.. .

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lack of nutrional information

It is unfortunate that Applebee's is unable to provide nutrional information regarding their menu. I guess it's back to TGIFriday's, who by the way provide excellent online nutritional informatiom. This fact leads me to GUESS that Applebee's should have the same capablity but choices not to offer.

Also removing the Orange Glazed Salmon from the menu was a HUGE mistake. Is it not possible to offer both choices, Orange Glazed and Herb Garlic since they are at opposite ends of the spctrum???? I guess I'm back to TGIFridays, who by the way provide excellent online nutrional information. This makes me guess that Applebee's should have the same capability.

  • Sa
    sandra Dec 13, 2008

    i have a sring air pillow top mattress, i bought it about 5yrs.ago.i payed 1000.00$ for it.it sinks in the middle, i turn it every month.i would like it replaced with adifferent mattress.thanks

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bad food

What has happened to the food at Applebees? They use to be pretty good for the money but after the food we ate there tonight, we will never go back. If you want a salad at lunch or a burger they are all right. But never go there for a dinner. The baby ribs we had were really awful, they had a bad taste and the fries and slaw was just as bad. And for the price for the amount of food we got was just a rip off. I know now that no matter what we will go somewhere else and never go back to Applebees.
And the service was bad, the young teenager at the door was rude, she was talking to another teenager that worked there, did not even say hello, we stood there for a minute and then told her that we would like a seat. To me they were all like teenagers, they were all dressed in jeans and white shirts. I think they should make them dress a little better then they do and tell them that customers come first before their friends. It's their job to put customers first not to stand around and talk to each other. And when we left there was three teenagers who worked there just hanging around talking at the door and not one of them said hope you come back or anything.
What kind of restaurant is that? It's just a place for those young people to hang out. I really hope that they get better. But either way, we are done with them and will never ever go back!!!

  • Ra
    ralph Feb 19, 2009

    Cold fries, cold everything, undercooked meat, horrible taste, no sauce on burgers. Gross, gross, gross. never again!!!

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  • Wh
    whistleblower Apr 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That's probably the reason why there so fast at getting people their food. They must not take the roper time to cook the food.

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  • Ma
    mary doyle Jul 18, 2009

    WE went to Applebees tonight it cost nine dollars a burger...Crazy to charge that much money.. And sometimes the waitress we gets never shuts up she goes on about her self like were there to visit her...then after talking to her then another person comes by to ask is everything okay... The beer is always stale.. One time we were there they had a waitress dusting off the lights that hang over the tables... that was rude cause the dust was getting on the other tables...

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  • Th
    Theresa Byrne Aug 01, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went there for Dinner tonight with a freind, We had ordered nachos with Meat, Our food had arrived and there was no MEAT... Just alot of chips for $10.00 each. We asked for the manger, he gave us a teaspoon of meat and that was it, , , really for $10.00 Dollars i dont think so, i work hard for my money. Get real AppleBees. What a RIP OFF...

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  • Ro
    Robin321 Aug 02, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

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terrible experience

On October 3rd of 2008, I went to my local Applebee's and order Chicken Parmesan to go, which I have...

manager very rude

Me and my two daughters visited the Applebees in Mt, Pleasant on Friday and we were seated promtly and the...

mediocre food

8/29/08 I had a $25 gift card for Christmas '07 and invited my friend of twenty-five years to lunch on...