Applebees / service

My family and I ate at Applebee's in Wichita, Ks.
320 S. Ridge Rd.

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Our family of 4 arrived a little after 2pm. It took them 15-20 minutes to get us any water/drinks. The restaurant was not busy, there were plenty of empty of tables and we had no wait. When we ordered beverages it took the bartender a very long time at least 15/20 minutes. I ordered a mucho margarita, my husband ordered a beer. When our appetizers arrived we had to ask for plates, and table ware. When our food arrived and I ordered another margarita. I waited 10 minutes, our location was right near the bar. I kept looking to see if the bartender was making the drink. He was cleaning and washing glasses, mind you he had 3 people sitting at the bar. He looked up at me and said, yes I will make your drink. I thought that was kind of rude. My 17 year old daughter watched the bar tender make the drink. He dropped the lime in the drink and dug it out with his fingers. So, when he brought the drink to the table. I asked him if put his fingers in the drink he said, NO. The manger came over, I told him what happened. They removed the drink from my bill. I was really disappointed in the service. We typically eat at that place have never had that before--- ever.

Mar 21, 2017

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